last week’s antique finds…

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Last week, I just needed to get out and away from my desk.  I had plenty of work to do and the weather was terrible, but I was determined!  I had planned it and I was going to stick to my plans.  I’m also finding that if I use “I have work to do” as an excuse, then I won’t ever leave the house!  There is always some sort of work to do.

So, I went to my PT appointment to have my shoulder worked on (it’s getting so much better) and then I hit a few of my favorite antique and second-hand shops.  There is not a ton of antiquing right here in Rochester, but there are a few spots I like to hit every now and then.  I have been looking for a few things…a mirror for the living room, a large basket, and a buffet-sort-of-piece for a tough spot in our bedroom.  (There is an air intake grate that can’t be blocked, so I need to find a piece with open legs.)

Anyway, I hit a couple of thrift stores and came up empty.  I then went to Collin’s Feed & Seed.  As it sounds, it’s a feed and seed store, but that’s only about 25% of the actual retail space.  The rest is an antique store.  And it is packed.  You feel a bit like your might topple a large stack simply by moving through the spaces, but there is all sorts of cool stuff and it’s pretty well sorted.  They try to put like-things together and also have sections grouped by color.  I always enjoy picking around and discovering things I may have missed before.

I ended up finding a great basket with a lid.  I love these to put on top of wardrobes or to even use it as a side table/coffee table or a trunk.  They’re just so handy.  This one is pretty dirty, so I’ve stashed it in the sewing room and, when the weather is warm and sunny, I’ll take it outside and hose it down.  Once it’s clean, I’ll most likely use it to store pillow forms and upholstery supplies.


I found another large basket that is so sturdy!  It has metal straps around the top and a wooden base.

And it’s a great size!  It can be used as a wastebasket, a decorative holder for a large plant/small tree, for storage, etc.

I also bought a few little things…  some wooden spools for $1/each (they just need a cleaning and some Hemp Oil)…

…a bag of sewing needles in little wooden cases…

…and a travel screwdriver that was just too cool not to purchase…

I love little useful things like this that are practical and unique.

I bought an unusual dip pen, too, but I forgot to get a picture of it.  I’ll have to share, though, because I’ve never seen one like it.

After Collins, I went to Kismet, a local consignment shop.  They have a very high rate of inventory turnover, which I love.  There is a completely new selection every time I go there.  I spotted a wood-framed mirror for $28 and decided to get it.  I wasn’t sure if it would be too small for the living room, but it was worth a shot for that price and I can always use it in another room if it doesn’t work there.

I’ve had it leaning up against the dresser for a few days, mulling it over.  It’s right on the edge of being too small.  I had this idea of putting some shutter behind it, which I think would look really cool, but the shutters I have in the garage are way too big.  I might head back to Collins to see if they have anything that would work.  It would add another layer of texture and also visual bulk.

The mirror is the perfect tone of wood, though, and a pretty shape.

I also bought an antique medicine cabinet that was marked down to $48, which is a great price for a piece like that.  It would be at least triple that in most antique stores.  We’ll hang it above the toilet in our bathroom.

There’s me in my slippers and my shadow following me around…

And, lastly, I bought a cool handmade wooden box for $24.  It’s a beautiful old piece with dovetailed joints, a lock, and a slot on top.  I’m guessing it may have been used for collecting payments or offerings, perhaps?  Maybe ballots?  It’s the perfect size to use as a file box in my office, though.  I put it on my bookshelf and I’m still deciding if I like it there or not.  I have a feeling it’ll get moved around a few times before it finds a home.

While I was out, I also had all of the wood cut for the built-in studio shelf.  Jeff and I are planning on building that next week.

After being out of commission for so long because of my shoulder, it’s been nice to start working on home projects again…even small ones.  I have some bigger ones coming up that I’m excited about, but January has been an unusually busy month, so I’ve just had to chip away at smaller things here and there.


last week’s antique finds…

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29 Comments on “last week’s antique finds…”

  1. The baskets are really great!! And the small needlework items. Seeing your guitar, hanging on your wall, made me wonder if you have been able to play at all with your shoulder out of commission…?

  2. What beauties you found!

    And could the little medicine cabinet be turned “on its end” and be hung with the door opening either way? And turn the drawers over? Maybe you want the door opening away from you versus toward you, and maybe hanging it on the wall EO ther way would work. Would be cool if it could! That little guy is soooo sweet!

    Glad you’re mending well!


  3. Nice finds! Glad that you got out and about. Definitely helps one’s physical and emotional health, as well as the creative brain, to move a bit and get the oxygen and blood flow going. It’s so very gloomy today here in the Pacific North Wet, but I am determined to at least go over to the gym and get on the treadmill today…

  4. p.s. I really like the curlier ‘do you sported in the Blue Apron post:) More importantly, do you like it?

  5. Love it all and I think the mirror is a good fit. You could almost just put it under the plates the way they are! The wooden box is very cool and it reminds me that I have one my dad made as a mini file cabinet and I have no idea where it is! Time to shop my house.

  6. I love the baskets……my father says I have some sort of obsession about baskets, but I can’t help myself, they are just too handy. Can one ever have enough????? I think not. Your other finds are wonderful as well!!

  7. I totally agree with the medicine cabinet being upside down! I’m pretty sure the lock would have been under the knob.

  8. I appreciate your love of baskets. They are so handy…I have at least one in every room and closet. I was curious to see if you thought about putting the birdcage from the shelf on the dresser and the horse on the shelf where the birdcage is?

    1. Yes, yes, I agree. The birdcage with some plants in it on the chest. It’s lost now, it seems too bare and being so close to the wall it loses the airy feeling it should have (IMHO). Plants would die from lack of sunlight where it is now, but they would do fine on the chest I should think. The darling horse will never get lost anywhere- he’d be great in the bookcase.

  9. You have a great eye for finding treasures. The round basket is a perfect find for a smallish tree as you suggested or a fig plant. The basket currently in the sewing room is super! How will you clean it? I too am fussy about “where did they come from” concerns. This is just a random thought but what if you placed a basket under your pony, the size of the chest. A large oval would be interesting with a three inch edge. This would create texture and corral your Pony. Fresh greens laying around him or her would be fun at Holiday time but how about magnolia branches for Kentucky Derby Day in May!

  10. I love the baskets and spools. I have a lot of spools. They are just one of those things I have a hard time of passing up as a sewer . . . that and buttons.

  11. Love all of your finds. I really love the mirror. I have one of similar proportions on a dresser and added a candlestick either side and it works well. That lidded basket is so divine! Im so pleased that you’re recovering well and able to tackle a more things. That must be such a relief.

  12. What great and unique finds!! I’d say that was a super successful day! I agree with you. I think the mirror is a but small for that space, but I LOVE the idea of adding shutters behind it for size and texture! Getting it for $28 was a steal. Time to make another thrift run.😁

  13. First of all, so glad you are feeling better. I love your recent finds. The baskets are my favorite because I love wicker!!! You are sooo lucky to have special special places to go to that offer a great selection and reasonable prices. Keep sharing your ideas. Thank you.

  14. All nice finds, Marian. I wonder if the mirror were hung on the wall so it was higher above the dresser if the size would look better. I don’t know why I think that but it came to mind as I was looking at the picture of it that you posted. Might have to adjust the height or configuration of the ironstone, perhaps hanging some to the sides of the mirror. I think it could work. The mirror is such a nice shape and like you said the color is right.

    My other favorite piece that you found is the medicine chest. It looks to be in such good shape and I love the shade of the wood.

    All in all, I’d say you had a successful day “junking”.

    1. Oh, the mirror isn’t hung right now. It’s just leaning up against the wall for a visual. Yes, it will look better if it’s hung. 🙂

  15. Marian,
    Gorgeous antique finds!
    I do believe your wooden box on the shelf is indeed a ballot box.
    I’m lovin’ that mirror with the dresser!
    Thank you for sharing that shopping local can be profitable!

  16. Ths spools really caught my attention. A few years ago I found some wood pieces that are longer and slimmer, with metal encased ends. The ends also have cut-outs that appear to make them part of a larger machine. I did a little research, and from what I could determine, they might have been bobbins used in the South in a manufacturing facility years ago. They were so unusual I bought them, oiled them, and love to display them. How they made their way from the South to Southern California is mystery to me!

  17. Great finds! As a lifelong MN resident it is so fun to see posts featuring shops I visit. If you’re interested in shopping in the surrounding area, I’d gladly offer my recommendations. Great locations for plein air painting as well! (I live 35 minutes from Rochester-most antique stores I frequent are within an hour of Rochester. )

  18. GREAT finds, Marian!!!

    How about painting a darker “box” on wall then hanging the mirror? Paint as the frame for it to fool the eye?

    Just a thought – have seen it done before, and always looks cool.

  19. My favorite is the medicine cabinet. I have one similar and it hangs on the wall in my laundry room…

  20. I like the mirror (hung up, of course 😊) but I think the horse in front of it is too big compared to the size of the mirror.
    Maybe try the horse somewhere else, and something smaller on the dresser??

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