last minute present-wrapping inspiration

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Shopping for Christmas wrapping paper is usually an exercise in frustration for me.  Why doesn’t anyone make simple, blue and white paper for Christmas?  Is that too much to ask?!  Well in previous years, it has been.  This year, though, I was able to find the best collection of papers and ribbons that fit my style.


The blue and white plaid is from the Sugar Paper line at Target.  I bought enough for this year and stocked up for next year (and perhaps the year after that, too!)

I found the green and white polkadot, blue and white snowman scene, and craft papers from TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.  The ribbon and twine are from Hobby Lobby.


(I found the wooden horse at TJ Maxx and decided to snap it up.  I’ll paint it to sell at Lucketts this May.)


I prefer to use ribbons from the non-holiday section.  I found some particularly great plaid ribbons this year that convinced me to add a touch of red to my wrapping scheme.

I also use tags from the scrapbook section, instead of the Christmas wrapping aisle.  I like that they are more neutral, but I did find some fun ones, like the little flag-tags with denim backing and even some cute gold tags.


Wrapping is usually a bit of a slog for me, but I genuinely enjoyed putting together each present this year…matching just the right paper with a ribbon and tag.  It probably helped that I didn’t wait until the last minute and I spread the wrapping out over a few days.


Before I sign off, did you notice that I finally finished the “deconstructed chair” that ended up not being deconstructed?  I love, love how it turned out and it was totally worth the wait.  I’ll share a full reveal and a tutorial on the double-welting in a future post.


And guess what that black streak is…


…or who it is, shall I say?  He just can’t help but be where the action is.


We filming our Christmas song for you this evening…

last minute present-wrapping inspiration

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