January 2021 Favorites

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Before February comes to an end, I thought I would share my favorites from January!  Instead of just sharing a book for each week, as I did in 2020, I am going back to sharing a little bit of everything…what I’m watching, what I’m listening to, foods I’m enjoying, experiences, projects, etc.  It’ll be a little mixed bag of things I enjoy that you might like as well.

Here are some of my favorites from January 2021…

On Pointe on Disney+

As someone who went to a performing arts college and was involved in theatre and dance for the first half of my life, I was so tired of seeing the same narrative about performing arts schools in TV shows and movies…  Everyone is petty and hates/sabotages talented people.  Everyone has an eating disorder and is on drugs.  Every professor is abusive and demeaning.  I know these portrayals are for the purpose of dramatic entertainment and are rooted in some truths, but I fear that it has painted the entire education system for creative youth as one that is widely dangerous and detrimental.

On Pointe shows what a positive environment it can be and how hard dancers specifically have to work at their craft.  They don’t just flounce around all day in pretty shoes and tutus.  They have to not only work on the physicality of dancing, but they have to learn how to manage and nurture their bodies and talent as their asset.  They have to learn how to audition and land jobs.  Professors are, in large part, encouraging mentors who want to see the success of their students.

This documentary on Disney+ shows all of those aspects of pursuing a creative career in a way that’s much more fair and realistic.

On Pointe | Disney+ Originals

On Pointe follows a season inside the School of American Ballet, which feeds young talent to the New York City Ballet.  It’s specifically focused on the casting of the 2019 Nutcracker along with the subsequent practices and performances.  They follow the stories of very young children who go to the school all the way up to juniors and seniors in high school who are full-time students and boarders, hoping to become apprentices in the New York City Ballet.

Living with Color

I don’t remember many specific classes from my elementary school years, but I do remember an art class in 6th grade when we studied color theory.  I vividly recall the color wheel, learning how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors, learning about white and black.  I was captivated by color from that introduction, but it’s only been in recent years that I’ve come to recognize it and explore that interest even further.

Anytime I find a book on color, I’m pretty much sold.  I spotted this book at Barnes & Noble a while ago but always passed it up.  Honestly, I didn’t like the cover and the style represented in the book isn’t particularly appealing to me.  (I know this sounds like a ringing endorsement!)

living with color book review | miss mustard seed

But, when I made a trip to the book store in January, I picked up this book once more and took a bit more time to flip through it.  The information and content is wonderful, so I finally bought it.

living with color book review | miss mustard seed

It is a great book on color, specifically in the realm of decorating and design and I really enjoyed reading through it.  If you’re interested in color, as I am, this is a good book to browse.

Canyon City

I love listening to songs and artists Apple Music recommends to me based on the music on my playlists.  I have found so many new-to-me artists that way.  Recently, I found Canyon City and I love their/his acoustic vibe.  There are so many great songs like Alone with You, Between the Stars, Be Still, and the cover of Fix You. You can find the Canyon City playlist I listen to on Apple Music HERE.

Discography — Canyon City

Sorel Boots

I bought these boots with my Christmas money and I have absolutely loved them.  I have a pair of Sorel boots that are insulated calf-high, fur-lined snow boots, but those can be overkill to wear out to the grocery store when all of the snow has been shoveled and plowed.  The Women’s Out ‘N About Plus Sorel Boot is a much better option to wear out when it’s cold and wet, but I don’t have to wade through snowdrifts.

sorel women's out n' about boots | miss mustard seed

I wear them with wool socks to make them warmer for the winter, but they would work well as gardening shoes in the summer, too.

sorel women's out n' about boots | miss mustard seed

Do you like my shoe modeling?  Oh my…awkward.  Anyway, they are great boots, they come in a wide array of colors, and they are on sale.

More veggies

One thing I started working on in December is eating more fruits and veggies.  I really like them, so there is just no excuse to not eat a lot of them.  The more I eat, the more I crave them and I can already see my diet evolving after a year of delving into comfort foods without much discipline!  I’ve been adding them into every meal, including breakfast, which has been surprisingly enjoyable and satisfying.

You can find the vegetable & egg breakfast stir fry recipe HERE.

breakfast vegetable stir fry recipe | miss mustard seed

Jamaica Inn

I just love period dramas, as many of you know. I watched Jamaica Inn a while ago but revisited it in January.  It has a Poldark sort of vibe to it, maybe a little Brontë thrown in.  The heroine is a young woman sent to live with her closest relatives – an aunt & uncle who run an inn and a little smuggling business on the side. It’s a little dark and moody with good people getting caught up in a bad situation.  If you’re looking for a good miniseries while you’re stuck inside, this is a good one.  I think I was able to buy the entire series on AppleTV for $5.00.

Jamaica Inn (TV Series 2014-2014) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

blog posts you may have missed

And, since you may have missed some blog posts in January, here are a few of my favorites and ones that might help you on a project, inspire you, etc.

Easy Crochet Cat/Dog Bed Tutorial

easy crochet cat bed tutorial | miss mustard seed

Helpful Resources for Beginner Knitters

helpful resources for beginning knitters | miss mustard seed

My Favorite Home Projects of 2020

refinishing hardwood floors | miss mustard seed

What are some things you enjoyed in January?


    • Anne

      Thx for mentioning that Pamela. I will definitely look for that Hitchcock. Cant believe I missed it.

  1. Mimi

    I tried your veggie egg breakfast thinking, ‘This will be good for me’ but it turned out to be one of my favorite breakfasts and I have it several times a week. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marian Parsons

    I had the same experience. I thought it would just be something to add in more veggies, but it’s a breakfast I crave and really enjoy!

  3. Elizabeth

    Also the book by Daphne du Maurier is a good read as are all her books. This one was published in 1936. It is also on Kindle.

  4. Debbie Trafton O'Neal

    I have these same boots and LOVE them!!! They are great for rainy day walks in Washington, camping with our kids and just pulling on to check out how the garden is growing!

  5. Karen B.

    I really enjoy this kind of post, a little this and that. 😊💙
    Thank you.

  6. Kim

    Is this your favorite book on color? I know you’ve recommended a couple of others before which I have in my Amazon cart for gifts. Just want to choose the best option for an art student and beginning painter.

  7. Char

    I enjoyed both Living with Color and Living with Pattern. If I can only choose one, it would be Living with Color.

  8. Anne

    I love this fun hodge podge post. Gonna check out that book and Jamaica Inn. Anything Poldarkesque and I’m in! Thank you!

  9. Irene Kelly

    I donated my sorel boots last yr. They were old worn out. I replaced them with LLBean slip ons. So much better no laces and warmer than the sorel’s. We are lucky to have an LLBean store near us great for trying on shoes and boots.

  10. Betsy

    I can’t find the fireplace surround tutorial. What kind of paint dis you use?

  11. Linda

    I have the same boots and I love them!!

  12. Mildred

    Check out the Netflix movie Dig.
    Set at beginning of WWII, in English countryside, a self taught archeologist digs for treasure. Based on a true story.

  13. monique

    Thanks for telling us about the Jamaica Inn, it is exactly the type of stories and period movies I love so much. I just check with NETFLIX , nope no luck with it and I will not buy. Maybe one day it will be in their listing, I hope.

    Oh oh, weren’t telling us that February is the no shopping month? Oops, you show your comfy boots and entice us by saying that they are on sale now, ah-ah, got you! Fifteen more days Marian, Just joking.
    I stick to not buying a thing, aside from food of course. But I really, really need, (no frivolous purchase), a new pair of winter sleepers, mine, not old are really falling apart. And tax time is coming, living in NYC is VERY costly!

    • Marian Parsons

      Ha! I tried to make most of my picks free for that reason, but I figured some people, who aren’t doing a no-spend February, would be interested! Those who are can just wait. 🙂

  14. monique

    Sorry, Monique again. My mother was a big fan of Daphné du Maurier, with such a first name and last name we ( I ) did not know that she was from England, her very popular books were translated in French. Because of your post, I checked Wikipedia to read about her, learning some little things every day is great!


    • Bonnie Kilgore

      Thanks for your breakfast veggie recipe! I have it almost every morning, and I’ve taken off my “holiday pounds” plus a little extra!

  15. Julie Muller

    Quilts, quilts and more quilts. I have had the time to design and make them. I closed my business about six months before the pandemic began and finally got two puppies (brother & sister) that were very bonded so we happily kept them together. Not exactly sure of their age or breed but I know they are affectionate and fun and we love them. I am now planning my wood lathe projects for the Spring as the wood from the birch, maple and oak trees will be dry and ready. Retirement is daunting and filling it with creativity is a luxury. And spending more time in our old farmhouse is giving me time to rediscover the charm I have been taking for granted.
    Your blog is the only one I have kept and look forward to through the years and it is wonderful to see how your creative mind has lead you in so many directions. And your sharing of your ideas is extraordinary and so welcome. Thank you, Marion. You are a true gem!

  16. Bethann Heisey

    You are such a kind and generous person! Thank you for sharing your gifts and finds with people like me. I’ve been on the edge of the pool too long. I’m jumping in!

  17. Teresa

    LOVE this post!

    Yes, the movie “DIG” is great! The scenery is so wonderful; the English countryside………..ahhhh! I felt like I went on a long weekend there. The story was superb; based on a true story. Twas VERY interesting and I learned about some ancient history!

    Also, been watching ( got my hubby hooked!) now and again, after cleaning up from late dinners, “Call the Midwife”. This series has the most heart-warming stories in each episode, that sometimes triggers some past emotional memories of my own children’s births or similar life situations of someone I have known or know. Great drama without a lot of fake hype and has subtle humor mixed in to even out the emotional scenes. Very well done.

    We just learned last pm (hadn’t paid attention before), that it has 9 seasons! We just started season 3, so are looking forward to watching many more episodes!

    Also been watching lots of Nature documentaries while whipping up baked goodies or folding laundry. Love the natural world……….

  18. Michelle

    I was catching up on reading some of your blog posts today and had to laugh because we seem to gravitate toward the same things and I have the exact pair of Sorel boots. Love your posts as always! Michelle


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