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I took some time the day before I left for Montana to work on my “new” art cabinet.  The hardware I ordered off of Etsy had arrived and I was eager to start transforming it.


I also added some antique wheels that I picked up at a local antique store.  I wanted something unique, but I’m still deciding if I like these or not.  I’ll reserve judgement until it’s all done, though. Casters are easy to change out and I can always use these for another project if I decide not to use them on this piece.


Here is how the piece looked with the hardware and label holders removed.


I decided to paint the piece in MMS Milk Paint Grain Sack, leaving the top wood.  I usually paint pieces with the drawer in, but the drawers had quite an overlap, so they needed to be removed.  Since there are so many, I lined them up in order to prevent confusion when it was time to put them back in.



I’ve shared this before and I’ll share it again…  The first coat of milk paint almost always looks ugly!  Just keep going.  Stopping at this point is like leaving the salon with the foils on your head.


As the first coat was drying, I could see it was going to chip and it really chipped!  I was hoping for some chipping, but this went a little too far for me on this piece.  I feel like with the hardware I selected and all of the drawers, the “high contrast” chipping would just be too busy.


The bottom left drawer is more the look I’m going for.  So, I roughed it up with some 100 grit sandpaper and sealed the chipping surfaces with Tough Coat (the sides were fine).  I had to walk away at this point, because it was time to go home for the day (and to get ready for my trip), but I’ll pick this back up on Monday and work on it until it’s just right…


  1. Kim

    Love the cabinet. The wheels, not so much. Maybe better on a different project.

  2. Jan M Brunette-Hunyady

    Agree that it needed wheels but maybe not those wheels. They are unique but maybe too industrial for the vintage wood.

    Looking forward to the finished cabinet.

  3. Jay

    What a difference the paint made in regard to how the wheels look to me. The raw wood made the wheels stand out. The minute you painted it made the wheels fit right in. As always it is So fun to see step by step progression.

  4. Stacey

    Thank you so much for sharing the process. I used to totally panic at a point like this thinking I had done something wrong! I now realize it’s simply part of the process and sometimes having to rethink or problem solve is when the real beauty begins. Makes me feel better to see this happens to you too!! I love your work & have followed for years. You continue to inspire me, so thank you for giving us a peak into your world each day. I hope you enjoyed Montana & come back to the west again sometime. Enjoy finishing your cabinet I look forward to the reveal!!

  5. Gay Van Beek

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  6. Julie

    I love this cabinet, so cool. I think the piece deserves a more industrial set of casters, something more beefy since the piece of furniture is quite large. I can’t wait to see the finished piece.

  7. Connie Peterson

    Wow … it’s going to be so cool! I am liking the casters, but you will know more when it’s finished. Well done, Marian! I can’t wait to see the hardware and the finished project!

  8. Pamela king

    Marion those industrial wheels are the type found on antique wooden rolling bakers racks from commercial bakeries…quite unique!

    • Paula J Runyan

      Also on shop creepers…for scooting under vehicles to work on the,

  9. Lisa from Montana

    You came to Montana?? And I missed it? UGH!!!

  10. Debra

    “Stopping at this point is like leaving the salon with the foils on your head.” Great line that I know I’ll find a use for!

  11. Chris Moore

    My only comment about the wheels is they look as if they could damage wooden floors. Maybe they don’t, but when the piece is heavier from drawers being full, it is something to watch out for. Maybe?

  12. Tammy Gilleland

    It will turn out beautiful once you finish it. I hate those ugly wheels. It needs something better for sure.

  13. Mildred

    Those casters are a little wonky…

  14. Teri Perry

    Those wheels are too small for that piece. They’re cool, but not for this. Looking forward to the finished product.

  15. Wendy York

    Ha ha! I loved your analogy about leaving it after the first coat being like walking out of the salon with the foils on your head! Probably more so today after having my hair colored this morning, and walking outside to see one of the other customers — with the foils on her head! — standing on the busy street corner visiting with her friends! Oh well, to each his (or her) own ? Hope your trip to Montana is wonderful ❤️

  16. three stones

    Recently I painted an old beat up bureau of my Mom’s when she was little. When I pulled out the drawers they were all numbered (for placement). It also had the names of whose drawer it belonged to. Pat’s drawer KEEP OUT! : ) So funny to see.
    Numbering is an easy way to put a piece with a lot of drawers back together.

    Looking forward to seeing the final look!

  17. Natalie in Ohio

    Loving the cabinet, but not these wheels with it. I vote to save the wheels for another project.

  18. Suzen

    Love the cabinet painted but needs some different wheels.

  19. Teresa

    Looking good!

  20. Reem

    I am always impressed about your choices, love the cabinet.

  21. Gilda Stigliano

    it’s chipping because the piece is REJECTING the idea of being painted!!!! listen….

    • L

      I know. My heart hurts a little seeing that natural patina covered by paint.

  22. marylisa noyes

    It’s going to be awesome! Grain Sack is my favorite color of your line. I’ve used it on several pieces. It is always a reliable look and never disappoints me.

  23. Colette J.

    My five cents: not digging those particular casters on this piece. Wooden ones would be lovely though.


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