ironstone brush boxes & grandma Shoemaker’s pitcher

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It’s no secret that I love ironstone.  It’s my favorite thing to collect and I am totally honed in on it when I’m out shopping for antiques.

I get excited at just about any piece of ironstone, but uncommon pieces especially get my heart pumping just a little faster.  Such is the case with brush boxes.  I own a couple and have sold a few, but they aren’t very easy to find and usually they are a bit pricey ($50-150).


They are long, narrow boxes with lids that would have originally come in a “wash set” that contained a wash basin, pitcher, chamberpot, slop bucket, etc.  The brush box would hold toothbrushes and perhaps razors.


I found the most amazing brush box when Kriste and I were out shopping earlier this week and the price was definitely right!  I think it was $18 or something crazy like that.  I spotted it and impulsively reached across Kriste, practically lunging to grab it.  I held it like it was a baby bird.  Kriste had been running my picks up to the register and I handed it gently to her.

“Carry this very carefully…”


The pattern is so unique and it’s in beautiful condition.  The crazing is perfect.

mms-5710 mms-5713

I don’t have a hallmark book, but I know some of my readers do.  If you find anything about this mark, please let me know!  It’s nice that the lid and the base are marked, which isn’t always the case.


Some other unique pieces I found were these bowls…


The pattern isn’t unusual, but I haven’t seen bowls this size.  They are almost like small serving bowls.  I had never seen any like them, so I had to grab those, too.


I also found this really pretty pitcher with the clovers around the handles…

mms-5716 mms-5717

I didn’t realize until I got home that the pitcher had been marked as “Grandmother Shoemaker’s” with a piece of masking tape…


Aw, Grandmother Shoemaker, I may not be your granddaughter, but your ironstone is in good hands.


If you’d like to learn more about ironstone, you can check out my posts about one my favorite things…

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I give you fair warning, though – it’s addictive.

ironstone brush boxes & grandma Shoemaker’s pitcher

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