I don’t know if I can…

by | Aug 11, 2010 | Painted Signs | 70 comments

…let this one go. 
I’ve been working almost non-stop to get ready for the Lucketts Fair and today I had a rare thing…hours during the day to get uninterrupted work done.  My mom offered to pay for me to hire a babysitter, so I could get work done.  Thank the Lord for mothers, more specifically, my mother.  So, I took her up on the offer before she even finished her sentence.  Today, I had six hours of painting, sanding, staining and cleaning.  I’m tired, but it was awesome.  This “fresh berries” sign is one of the things I completed today.  It started out as a dry, dirty door.  I stained it, painted the lettering, distressed it, and then sealed it.   
I had every intention of painting this to take to Lucketts with me, but…I don’t know if I have the strength.  I love it.  I mean really, really l-o-v-e it. 
I know I can always paint another one, but not on this great paneling, with these great strap hinges, and the size is perfect.  It is all around yumminess. 
Oh…decisions, decisions.  Will it stay in my home or end up for sale? 
Miss Mustard Seed


  1. Geezees Custom Canvas Art

    Oooh, i love that blueberry sign. I hope you keep it you did such a good job 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    It is really neat. Love the hinges and the lettering looks "aged to [erfection".

  3. Our really empty nest

    ooohhh, i would have to say KEEP IT! IT is adorable!! Sue

  4. Kristi

    Yes, keep it! It's so pretty!

  5. janet

    Love the sign! Your lettering is fabulous. When is the fair…might take a ride up there, I love Lucketts.

    Your friend,

  6. Lisas Creative Designs

    If you love it that much you should keep it!Especially since its a one of a kind. I've made things in the past, loved it, SOLD it and then kicked myself. Seller's remorse!

  7. Mikal

    Yep, it would be staying home with me! If it speaks to your heart like that, it needs to stay with you for a while at least.

  8. KATHY

    That's a keeper.I really love it….Kathy

  9. Christine

    I vote yes for keeping it…so nice!

  10. Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing

    No,no…don't sell it!
    Don't you love having the choice of keeping any beauty that you creat and can't part with?
    This IS so unique. Yea… make another one to sell. Keep this one for yourself.

  11. Sarah. . .myyellowhouse

    It's perfect…you did a fabulous job on it! It looks like it came right out of an old store – definately keep this one for yourself!

  12. judi

    keep it! it is so yummy and your work is so authentic.

    judi 😉

  13. Jessica

    Yumminess, indeed!! It's adoreable. Wish I lived close so I could visit { buy } your booth at Lucketts. 🙂


  14. Jen@Notes From the Heartland

    Oh I just LOVE the berry sign!! Just the right amount of distressing….beautiful little door….just perfect! When you say that you "sealed" it…what product do you use?

  15. Erin

    I love this, it is beautiful! Since you love it so much, keep it for now, later if you want to sell it, then you still have that option. I agree, seller's remorse isn't good.

  16. Janell @ Isabella and Max

    Is there anything better than a caring mother? LOVE the sign! Janell

  17. Cheryl

    love the sign. You have been sharing some really lovely, creative things for this Luckett's Fair you are doing. this is by far the coolest piece I do believe…and I think you should keep it if you are having a hard time letting it go.

  18. Sixty-Fifth Avenue

    Adorable sign. I am in need of having one single day to myself. I'm hoping sometime soon. Sounds like you got a lot done.

  19. Formerly known as Frau

    Gorgeous! I can see why it's a tough decision…take it and price it so high no one will buy it and then you will have to bring it home! Or make another to sell there.

  20. fairyrocks

    I feel your dilema, it is a one of a kind treasure.
    Would love to visit that fair and see your things IRL.
    Have a great sale!!

  21. Amy R.

    I have this same problem! I just love that sign and wish I could be at the fair to buy it from you. If you LOVE it, keep it and sell it later…

  22. Amy Kinser

    My vote is that you keep it. 100% awesomeness.

  23. Susan

    Oh…I LOVE that sign….I think I would have to keep it or sell it to me, lol ;o)

  24. Sherry

    I would keep it if your really love it. My husbands family had a blueberry farm and that sign would really speak to us and we would snap it up. Your work is great.

  25. Amanda Hervey

    Selfishly, I want you to sell it. It would look fabulous in my kitchen 🙂

  26. Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

    You have a thoughtful Mom. Some things are meant to be enjoyed. If you really love it and have the spot for it, keep it. I'm sure you'll think of something else creative to make up the money difference you would have made if you sold it. The same lettering on a different sign will still be really really awesome and will sell for sure.

  27. Linden Townhouse

    Do not, I repeat, do not sell that sign! It is just too pretty to sell. In the grand scheme of things, would the money you make on this really make that much of a difference? You may never find such a sweet door again. Your mom sounds like she is just the best. How great to have someone like that in your corner!

  28. Stephanie

    I agree that you should put a HIGH price on it, and if it sells, you won't feel so bad, and you can take your mom out to lunch with the proceeds! And if it doesn't sell you can take it home and enjoy it. You did do a wonderful job on this! Stunning.

  29. Vicki K.

    Oh, you are right…it turned especially particularly wonderfully!

  30. Taija

    Your mother is one smart lady! Alone time to get stuff done in invalueable!! So glad it was a great day, the sign is INCREDIBLY adorable… you're amazing!

  31. TheVirginiaHouse

    Wow, that would be a hard one! It is so neat! On the other hand… my mom might be able to make it to Lucketts this year…Hmmmm 🙂

  32. Simply LKJ

    That my dear is DEFINITELY a keeper!! Beautiful.

  33. Molly @ A Bit O' Shine

    That looks beautiful! I love how you made it out of an old door.

    Hmm can you have fresh cupcakes without fresh berries? 😉

  34. Shel at Dreamy Nest

    Gorgeous! It's a keeper, but I'll take it if you need me to. 🙂
    Awesome work! I wish I could hand-paint lettering like you.

  35. Little Lizard King

    Then ask a fortune for it, so that if it sells, you'll be thrilled to see it go!

  36. Nana's Fun Stuff

    Oh I love it!! You have a big hit on your hands with that one 🙂

  37. Little Freebirds

    LoVe, lOvE, LoVe it!!!! And yes, I'm also curious as to what you "sealed" it with.

  38. Southern Lady's Vintage

    If it is calling your name, keep it! Great that your Mom can help out with the kids. Such a blessing!

  39. Lisa

    *keep it* !

  40. Cindy

    How do you decide what to keep and what to sell? You make such great things that it must be difficult at times, like this for instance. I make signs and such for myself and my daughter, so much fun. I, too, love the Fresh Berries sign, I would keep it.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  41. Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

    Marian, I can totally identify with your dilemma. It seems that almost everything the Yankee and I create &/or buy to sell is something we end up wanting to keep. I think that's because we create amd buy only things we really like.

    Your sign is a beauty! Hope you time at Luckett's is blessed!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  42. Miss B.e.e.

    Oh, so funny! My parents had those same cabinet doors in that horrible orange stain pine of the 60's(?) – even had the same hinges! I DESPISED them and seeing something so beautiful come out of one is nothing short of a miracle:) LOVE it! You are truely gifted.

  43. Miss B.e.e.

    Oh, so funny! My parents had those same cabinet doors in that horrible orange stain pine of the 60's(?) – even had the same hinges! I DESPISED them and seeing something so beautiful come out of one is nothing short of a miracle:) LOVE it! You are truely gifted.

  44. ♥Amber Filkins: Silver Lining♥

    Keep it! It really is so pretty. I have a lot of those "keep or sell" moments. Sometimes, I keep them around for a week or two, to see how I like it in my home. Some of the time I sell it. Sometimes it stays! Then I just force myself to swap it out for something else. 🙂

    And yes, mothers really are wonderful!

  45. Devin & Nikki Choules

    I think you need to do a tutorial on how to make it! I heart it!!!


    I hear the longing in your soul. For some reason you have connected with the door's history. You'll beat yourself up from now till eternity if you sell it! Keep the sign!

  47. Ms. Bake-it

    It looks great! If you really love it and have the room for it, keep it. If necessary, you can always sell it at a later date.

  48. Karin

    *If* you decide not to keep it, and *if* you decide not to take it to Lucketts, I would be honored to buy it. I have just the place for it and my three kids would love to line up for fresh berries under the "Fresh Berries" sign. It is such a yummy sign.

  49. sissie

    I say keep it! It's wonderful.


  50. Elizabeth and Gary

    I would keep the sign for sure! its so pretty and vintage looking and since you love it so much you should keep it!….
    Have the sweetest of days, hugs~Elizabeth

  51. Funky Junk Interiors

    I think I know why you love it. It's the same reason I do. This sign has more of a story than a simple board. It's an actual item in itself. The sign is icing on the cake, not the other way around.

    This one is wonderful! Find more old doors (or make them) and keep pumping them out! Hinges and all.

    When you have more than one, the decision will be less difficult. 🙂


  52. Gina

    I would definitely keep it! Unless of course I was going to Lucketts, then I would say to sell it so that I could buy it myself. lol

  53. Tonia

    You know what Miss Mustard Seed, sell it you can't keep everything. If you still have it after the sale, then it was meant to stay with you.

  54. she dreams big!

    Keep it! I know I sure would!


    This is gorgeous. I would buy it from you!


  56. Allison

    I'd say keep this sign! It's fabulous with the hinges and the detail on the door. It's perfect! The next one you do you can sell. It already looks like this one has a good home right where you have it.

  57. Ann On and On...

    I think you should keep it for a while then make a decision… You need to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 😀

  58. Teresa

    This is so cool! I love it!

  59. Elisabeth

    Keep it! You work so hard you deserve it, and it's so cute. I don't know how you sell any of your stuff, it's so darn cute!

  60. LuLu

    Oh i'd have to keep it but then i couldn't buy it ~giggles

  61. freckled laundry

    I'd have a hard time letting that one go, too! Beautiful.


  62. Holly @ Roller Coaster Life

    Eh, its not that great!! You should take it to Luckett' fair… =) HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE because someone (I) will be there and buy it! I'm going to have a million signs of yours in my house haha my husband is going to be like what the…..

  63. Lauren -HCP

    Love that sign!! I'm tempted to buy it, but worry that it would be out of my price range?? any idea what you're charging, plus shipping to OH?


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