How to Make a Fall Wreath

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Disclosure: This post on how to make a fall wreath is sponsored by Walmart.  As always, all words and opinions are honest and my own.  This post also contains affiliate links.

Let’s talk about some fall crafting!  I have a confession…I have had the same artificial boxwood wreath hanging on my door for the past year and a half.  I didn’t even swap it out for a Christmas wreath last year!  I haven’t gone bit with pumpkins or anything else, but I decided to make a fall wreath and share how to make one yourself.

For supplies, I shopped on  Not only does Walmart have a wide array of home products, but they have a robust craft section, which I’ve shared in past posts.  (You can find some of my Walmart craft projects HERE.)  No matter the time of year, I’m drawn to the supplies they carry that allow me to make something that’s perfectly “Miss Mustard Seed.”

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

All of the materials and products are from Walmart with the exception of pinecones I gathered and some faux rosemary bunches I already had on hand.

how to make a fall wreath | the materials

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

how to make a fall wreath | the steps

one | gather your materials 

Start with a wire wreath form and florist wire.  From there, select a variety of faux greens, berries, flowers, artificial fruit, dried flowers/branches, collected items (pinecones and seed pods), and wired ribbon.  Consider a color palette, size, and texture while you’re gathering your items.  You want a nice variety that looks cohesive together.  All of the things I used are linked in the materials list above.

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

two | arrange your wreath and bundle together “base greens”

Take your large, fluffy greens (I used eucalyptus) and bundle them into groups of two with florist wire.  Arrange the bundles around the wire wreath form to make sure they are evenly placed.  The nice thing about the wire wreath form is that you can slide pieces around when you’re in the early stages of making the wreath, which gives you some flexibility with the spacing. Trim off the excess wire stems with wire cutters and set them aside.  (These ends will be used.)

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

three | create “filler” bundles

Clip individual flowers off of the mum bush with wire cutters and bundle with one bunch of berries, 2-3 dried yellow flower stems, and a bunch of faux rosemary.  Wrap them in florist wire and secure them to the wreath form, tucking between the fluffy greens.  I used about 6-7 bundles to fill out the wreath.

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

four | add artificial fruit 

Bend the trimmed pieces of stems (from step one) into a U shape and insert them in the bottom of foam pears.  This will make a place to insert a piece of florist wire to secure the pears to the wreath form.  Add 5-6 pears to the wreath, evenly spaced.

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

five | add ribbons

Make bundles of wired ribbon with 3-5 loops each.  For this wreath, I made two with 3 loops and three with 5 loops.  It’s a little hard to explain how I made these, so you can watch the video below if you’re not sure!  When the wired ribbon bundles are fluffed, they fill out holes in the wreath nicely.  I also think these ribbon “bundles” are easier to make than bows.  Bows can be fiddly if you’re not a confident bow-maker!

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

six | add pinecones

Wrap a piece of florist wire around the bottom of a pinecone and secure it to the wreath form.  Again, look for gaps you can fill with the pinecones to make sure the wreath is nice and full.  The wreath might look a little sad at first, but will come together as you add each new layer.

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

Add a piece of florist wire or a ribbon for hanging or you can also hang the wreath from the outermost ring of the wire wreath form.  That will hang nicely over a hook or a large nail.

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

This is a wreath that reads as fall because of the color palette, the pinecones, and the pears, but it can easily be tweaked for winter and spring.  If you’re going to buy faux greenery, why not buy pieces you can rework for other seasons?  It’s less to store and stretches your dollar a bit further.

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

To transition this wreath to winter, for example, swap out the mustard-colored ribbon for plaid or checked ribbon in Christmas colors.  Replace the faux pears with bells or ornament bundles for shine and sparkle.  Tuck in some evergreen florist picks to add winter greens.  Sice nothing is glued down, it’s about a 15-30 swap that gives you a fresh look for a new season.

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

But, this tutorial is about how to make a fall wreath, so this wreath speaks just enough to fall, but it is still very much my style.

how to make a fall wreath | miss mustard seed

Because tutorials like this are sometimes easier to watch than read, I also made a video tutorial showing how to make this fall wreath…

how to make a fall wreath | video tutorial



  1. CathyR

    Very nice. I’m sure I can tackle this; are all products (save for apples& rosemary) available at Walmart?

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, everything is linked and is from Walmart except the pinecones (collected) and faux rosemary, which I already had.

  2. sandi m

    Yes, video is the best ‘instruction’.
    This would look nice on your front door.

  3. Sandi C Ownby

    Looks lovely. Light and airey with a hint of autumn mixed in.

  4. Sheri

    I love making wreaths!! But thanks for some tips I have not considered doing before!! 😀

  5. Ginger K Evans

    Lovely wreath. I also want to say how much I am enjoying your new book! The pictures and the text size, and yes I am reading it. I really appreciate the quality of the book, the feel the clarity of pictures. Great tips!

  6. Terry

    Great wreath. I must admit here in California we rarely need faux materials but your tutorial is great for faux or real, thank you.

  7. Anita

    Went to my local Walmart today,Very few faux materials. Very disappointing.

    • Marian Parsons

      I ended up purchasing these materials from Walmart online. I knew I would have a broader selection.

  8. Teddee Grace

    Beautiful. I like the touch of gold in the ribbon.

  9. Cheryl

    Marion, your wreath turned out so beautiful!

  10. Babs

    Thank you for sharing your techniques for wreath making…so generous of you. It turned out darling.

  11. Joyce

    Lovely! Would you please share how much of the faux eucalyptus you bought to create an 18” wreath?

    Thank you!


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