house hunting with the Parsons

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Decorating | 464 comments

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful and encouraging comments on yesterday’s post.  We are very excited!  So, I have been waiting for weeks to spill the beans about our new house, but as with the purchasing process of our MN house, I didn’t want to share all of the details in real-time.  Job searches and house hunts are some very stressful life events full of twists, turns, steps of faith, and sometimes disappointments.  It’s just too much to bring blog and social media followers along.  We even kept things pretty general with our friends and family for a while to keep the riders in the rollercoaster to a minimum.

But, behind the scenes, we were looking at houses with a realtor, making an offer, and then going through several different inspections since we were buying an “as-is” home.  I’ve also been working on all of the paperwork for closing day.  I must’ve blocked out how much work goes into buying a house even though we just did it five years ago.  Anyway, we looked at a bunch of houses online and with the realtor until we narrowed it down to one.  Here were three that were near the top of our list.  Let’s see if you can guess which one we bought…

petersburg, VA home | miss mustard seed

(This home is in my Opa’s old neighborhood in Petersburg, VA.)

NOTE – I’m showing pictures of homes I’ve photographed in this post, not pictures from the actual listings or houses we considered.  That might cause some snooping and cheating!  So, enjoy the pictures, but don’t take them into account when you are voting.

house number one | early 1800s home

I was in love with this house from the moment I first saw the listing.  It was the old historic home I was hoping for, so we had to give it a serious look.  This early 1800s house had some amazing original features like a center staircase, large windows, a sun porch, a back staircase, hardwood floors, and trim work.  The house was a good size and the property included several outbuildings including a climate-controlled workshop and a small guest house with potential to be a great studio.  This house really got my wheels turning and I was giddy at the age of the house.  It did need some editing, love, and updating, but it had a beautifully renovated kitchen and other updates that balanced out the work left to do.

The big downside to this house was a 30-minute commute to the church (also Jeff’s place of work) and the boys’ school.  It was also smack on a pretty busy road.  I mean, there was a tall hedge of evergreens that provided some privacy, but the front porch was feet from the road.

We had to weigh if the long commute and road noise was worth the outbuildings, 200-year-old features, and more acreage.

fort snelling home | miss mustard seed

(This 1819 home is a part of the Fort Snelling compound in Minneapolis/St. Paul.)

house number two | 1970’s brick rambler with a pool

I was surprised that I even wanted to look in this house, but it had good-sized rooms, was in a beautiful neighborhood, and had a pool, which is something that was on my boys’ wishlist.  (I wouldn’t mind it too much, either!)  Even though it was built in the early 1970s, it had a traditional feel with nice trim work, a woodburning fireplace, and beams.  You could tell this home had good bones and I was actually excited about the fact that it needed cosmetic work including a kitchen renovation.  I have been itching to rip out a kitchen and start from scratch, so this appealed to me.  While it didn’t have separate outbuildings, it did have an oversized two-car garage and a large living room that could be used as a studio.  This house was also in close proximity to the church and school and was one of the least expensive homes we looked at.

The downside to this house was that it wasn’t as old as I wanted and it needed a lot of work.  It also didn’t have outbuildings I was hoping for to accommodate my business.

rochester, mn home photographed in Feels Like Home | marian parsons | miss mustard seed

(This is a 1970s home in Rochester, MN that I photographed for Feels Like Home.  You can see more of this beautiful home HERE.)

house number three | the charming 1940s four square with a workshop

This house had so much going for it because it ticked a lot of the boxes on our wishlist.  The house was charming with a central staircase and a traditional foursquare floorplan.  It was in a historic neighborhood close to church and school.  It also had a large garage workshop and another workshop space above the garage.  As a bonus, there was a well-maintained pool, a poolhouse, and an amazing patio.

The downside to this house was it was small.  The extra workshops provided space for my business, but the house would be a tight fit for our family and for entertaining.  We would also have to do quite a bit of work to the outbuilding to make it work for us.  Not only would we need to do cosmetic work, but would have to take on bigger projects like running a water line and adding climate control.

charleston, sc home | miss mustard seed

(This charming brick home is in Charleston, SC.  I took the photo during a carriage tour in 2021.  You can read more about that trip HERE.)

So, which house did we choose?

 One – The early1800s home with outbuildings?

Two – The 1970’s traditional brick rambler with a pool?

Three – The charming 1940s four-square with a workshop?

Leave your vote in the comments and I’ll let you know which house we bought tomorrow…


  1. Monica

    I’m voting 3 for the location and the pool!

    • Barb

      I think #1. Most of your living is in the back of the home so noise might not be a huge factor in comparison to all the pros. No matter which house it is, you will make it beautiful!!!

      • Susan

        I think they all have wonderful pros. Old character houses make me swoon, but traffic does not, so 3 is my choice.

    • Lisa

      I think House #1 Whichever one you chose, it will be perfect! ?

    • Margarita

      One. Is the perfect house for the family, and enough space for the pool in the future.

    • Jane Frazier

      I think it will be property number 2! Sounds like the perfect canvas for your creativity!! Can’t wait to see the new kitchen! ? ~ Jane

    • Mary Jane Everett

      I’m guessing #3.

    • Trish

      #2. Perfect and practical!

    • Susie miller

      I vote #3

      • Liz

        I think # 2.

    • Brenda Flower

      My vote is House #2. The ranch rambler sounds like it will work for your family. Location means a lot and outbuildings can be built to suit your needs. You will love adding a kitchen to your specs. While House #3 sounds nice the fact that it is too small eliminates that one and House #1 has the close busy road and location going against it for the pick. I will look forward to your renovations on your Ranch Rambler as we have a ranch and we are considering an addition which will in effect make ours a rambler.

  2. Kimberly Westby

    Is it #1?
    If not I would be shocked , well it is 200 years old almost, sigh.

  3. Gayle Stewart

    I feel like you went with #2, because of the challenge to take on something different and make it your own.

    Whichever you chose, I know it will be classic and beautiful!

    I’m so happy that you have found your home, in all aspects of your life.

  4. Shari

    I am picking #2, the 1970’s house. I know you can customize any era to fit your taste. Location and size are more difficult to change…

  5. Angel Craig

    I’m going to say #2, Marian will work her magic and it will be the charming house she wants!

  6. Laura


    • Patti


  7. Denise Collins

    I’m going with house number 2 being it’s has larger rooms and a pool and more entertainment space. With your husbands job and growing boys I can see that as a plus. You know you can make a newer home work with your esthetics and decor. You’ve wanted to take on a kitchen reno and being it’s the lowest one of the three, gives you more bang for the dollars. The 1st house was my first thought because of the age but then you said there was a commute, house no. 3 you stated was smaller and not enough entertainment space.

  8. Donna R.

    I’m voting #2. Space & proximity are very important. And I believe you will love the challenge of designing a beautiful new kitchen!

  9. Laura F

    I vote #3, but #2 is a close runner-up

  10. Marla

    My vote is #2 as well. Whichever you picked I CAN NOT wait to see what you do with it. This is bigger than Season 5 of Yellowstone!!!! IMO . . . lol

  11. Sharon


  12. Dolores

    I’m going to say #2!

  13. RAinNC

    A 30 minute commute to church when you are staff gets old really quickly. (Ask me how I know. ;>) I guess #2.

  14. Susan Bryant

    I agree with most of the other voters. I think you chose #2. One level is different for you, and I think you are excited to design your own.

  15. amy

    #2…sounds like a good fit for the family…and you can make anything work 🙂

  16. Trish

    Oooh – I was going to say 3, but with No 2 being under budget you can build outbuildings. So, I’m going with Number 2- the 70s house. !

  17. Theresa

    Oh Marian, I can feel your heart all over #1. With the commute and location re the school and church I’m thinking possibly #2. I’m so excited to follow along. Whichever you land in I know with work you and Jeff will make it perfect for your family.

    • Kathy

      I am going with #2. Location and price and creative challenge.

  18. Naomi

    #2. You could add a studio over the garage

  19. Winkoo

    I’m guessing 3 but golly what beautiful homes. Oh boy do you have some adventures left in this whole moving event. Everyone should have a pool home once. Your boys are a great age for that.

    • CathyR

      I don’t think any of the homes pictured are in the running or even in Maryland.

  20. Vicki

    #2! I wish my husband and I could purchase #2! It’s just what we have been looking for in our Chicagoland area!

    • Tanja

      I’m thinking #2

  21. Pakster

    I had “Three, pick number three, milord” from Shrek repeating in my head, but I think number two would better fit your lifestyle. I vote for #2.

    • Kim

      #2 and build a studio. Definitely.

  22. Andrea D.

    I’m guessing #2 as well. Can’t wait to find out your pick ?

  23. Katie Mansfield

    I’m going with #2. The pool and the size cinch it for me.

  24. Brenda

    I vote #3
    You seemed so excited for an older home.
    I’m sad that #1 is so far from school & church/work and surprised by how many readers have picked #2. But I could be way off
    …and just wanted to join the fun of guessing.

  25. Kris

    I think if you could move #1 closer, that would be your pick …. but practical things like distance really do matter, so #2 is my ultimate pick. This is fun! Can we see the real pictures of all 3 locations tomorrow? Pretty please?

  26. Peg Churchwell

    I look forward to seeing what you do with any of these houses. Thank you for sharing your faith story. Wishing you all God’s blessings in your move.

  27. Penny

    If your sons like the pool, #2 it will be. Ramblers are great to live in with sprawling charm for you to create. Convenient location, convenient location, convenient location is priceless if in a good neighborhood.

  28. Sarah

    I vote #2!

  29. Becca P

    I vote Three!

  30. Paula Senghas

    I vote #2! I know you enjoyed your basement family space in your previous house and this house probably has a usable basement if built in the 70’s. And it has a pool! I can’t wait to hear about your choice! 🙂

  31. Angela

    I think you chose #2 but is the 30 minute commute Hwy driving? No #1 sounds perfect except for that. Oh the suspense is killing me.

  32. B

    I think it was not #1 since the busy road was one of the main (only?) things you didn’t love about your first PA house. I don’t think you would do that again.

    I’m kind of thinking #2. I just bought a home built in that era and have been surprised by how much I love it. I thought I would change everything, but now I’m pacing myself because I want to keep a lot of it. Plus, as you mentioned, everything was roomier in that era! I love the space in this house. I think you chose #2 for the space, the pool, the price, the opportunity to turn a 1970s rambler into a Miss Mustard Seed Special.

  33. Elizabeth

    I think #2! I can’t wait to watch you create a wonderful home for your family.

  34. JeanFB

    #3 I’m thinking it sounds like the perfect blend of historic character, projects to make it your own, extra spaces, and pool!

  35. Connie

    #3, the 1940’s four square that is in the church & boy’s school district – almost a must for a pastor & teenagers – could fill your history loving, period distinctive heart very well! This type of home is so charming & could easily be enlarged, a decorating, design, & planning adventure you’ve not yet undertaken! Plus, a four square lines up perfectly with your dreams of a federal style, almost always has real wood floors & wonderful trim work, real wood windows & a real sense of history & place. You’ve basically already done #2 & #1 is too far away to be practical, as is all the land & property upkeep it demands. Can’t wait to follow your next adventure!

  36. Glenda Snyder

    Just like “House Hunters”!

  37. Tanya

    While #1 sounds beautiful, it really is a shame that it’s so close to a busy road. You can change a lot about a house, but not the location. So I’ll guess #2. But no matter which house, I’m so excited for you and your family to finally have a space of your own again, and I’m looking forward to watching you Miss Mustard Seed your new home.

  38. amy Mogish

    oh my gosh, all so wonderful! #3…. 🙂

  39. Linda

    I’m thinking #2. House in MN wasn’t your dream but you made it Marian style. Being close to work and school is a plus. I think you took into consideration your boys wish for a pool. Can’t wait to see what u do!!

  40. Kate

    House #3, while small(er), sounds ideal!

  41. Shanna

    Number one!

  42. jenw

    I bet it is #2. It sounds like the practical choice and you can change the cosmetics to fit your preferred look. No matter the choice I can’t wait to see what you do!

  43. Susan

    I want to say 3, but think you might actually surprise us with house 2! Whichever house it is, I look forward to following your journey.

    • Jody

      I think you purchased house number one, because it sounds like everything you’ve always wanted and you said you’re buying the house “as is” 🙂 A 30-minute commute isn’t bad, but I can see how the road being close to the house might be a deal breaker. If so, my guess is house #3.

  44. Kemberly

    This is a difficult one…..but I’m going with #3! I choose this one because it has the location that is perfect for your family, the setting of a neighborhood, the charm and the pool!!!

  45. Tiffany Binkleu

    I’m gonna go with 3! There’s just something about those “extra” spaces! Excited no matter which one! It will be amazing!

  46. Kemberly

    Also, the sneak peek of the arbor and the words in the note says #3 to me as well.

  47. Lila

    Door #2…I mean, House #2 !!

  48. Lynda

    House #3. Totally charming with a pool and workspace.

    You could have adapted to the busy road with House #1, but all the driving back and forth to church/school would get old fast. Esp with you running a business and making improvements to the house.

    Just didn’t have the “old” vibe in House #2.

  49. Leila

    I’m voting for #2 although #1 sounded great.

  50. Sandra

    I think you picked #3. It sounds like a great house!

  51. Jan

    I’m voting for House #2

  52. Jessica

    Based on the descriptions my guess is #2! Close to work & school and sounds like a workable size for your family, plus the pool.

  53. Amy

    #2 seems like the best fit even though it is not as old as you would have wanted.

  54. Kim Lane


  55. Debbie

    I think it is number 2 on the list. Lots of options

  56. Emily

    I think it’s #2! Space, short commute, pool – the historic home sounds lovely, but I’m sure you’ll make any home look and feel amazing!

  57. Dale Ballard

    I suspect Number two with the pool and Reno options to be made to your taste.

  58. Pam

    I think #2. It’s different so it will be a challenge and I believe you said the least expensive so maybe you could do more. All 3 sound like a possibility and wonderful. Best of luck! Can’t wait to hear and watch.

  59. Jamie O.

    I vote 2! You’ve talked about designing a kitchen from scratch for awhile! And the commute sounds to long on number 1 and too small of a home for 3.

  60. Mindy

    I think #2 because you can make it into the house that you want. Also, it’s close to the church and school. Can’t wait to see what you do with any of those houses.

  61. Kara Ziph


  62. Cassandra e

    This is really tough! I think your heart wants 1, but it’s just too far away. I was really thinking 2, but 3 does have a pool-house which would be great for entertaining. I really couldn’t answer without knowing if 2 had room to build a studio, or if your options are the living room and garage. I’m going with 3, with a strong lean toward 2. Good thing I don’t have to be right! Just excited. I cried when I read your post yesterday. I felt the lump then really lost it. I had to go outside and water the garden just to pull it together!

  63. Karyn Carpenter

    Honestly, I’m thinking #2. I’m hoping #1 because it sounds as though it is everything you always wanted (hey, being feet from the road could be advantageous in that respect). But #2 seems to fit the entire family’s needs more. And we all know you are not afraid of a little hard work.

  64. Karen

    Thinking house #3. Which ever you chose will be beautiful for your family-congratulations!

  65. Linda

    Number 3

  66. Susan


  67. Terri

    I’m guessing #2 also. The downsides for #2 seem more manageable. I’m very excited to follow your adventure with a new to you house.

  68. Marsha

    I think you chose house #2. You can’t change location. You can work your charm on this.

  69. Vickie White

    I’m voting for #2. No, wait…maybe it’s 3. Is it 3? I don’t think it’s #1, but it might be. Is it #1? 2? 3? I’m so confused. I’ll just have to wait for the declaration. But I really think it’s #2. Maybe. *bites nails*

  70. Chrystal

    I adore the description of the first but am voting that you purchased house #2.

  71. Susan G

    #2 Best for the space, location and pool.

  72. Deb

    So very excited for you all!

    I’m picking # 3 ????

  73. Sandy

    Going with #3! Sounds lovely!

    It ‘s charming, while small. Has a great patio – which will double as outdoor dining and entertainment along with the pool house.

    Large garage workshop perfect the biz.

    The additional room over garage – perfect for the boys rec room, library, study room etc – so bedrooms can be smaller with having this space available.

    Bonus Pool.

    So, work to have plumbing and wiring, climate control done to garage workshop…. likely less $$ than a kitchen redo.

    Sounds like it could be move in ready now… with updating coming to the additional spaces in very near future.

  74. Mary

    3. You are just too “old home” to go elsewhere…or maybe not

  75. Pamela P. Bold

    I vote for #3. A 1940s Foursquare has so much flexibility from a design standpoint. It is handy and convenient to church and school, there is an outbuilding for practicality, and if you negotiate(d) with the seller on the water line and possibly the climate control, it sounds as if it could be a winner! I know you will be blessed wherever you chose. How exciting for your family!

  76. Dee

    #2 is my choice…….it’s my gut feeling…..those boys want a pool!!!

  77. Rachel

    I love #3 but 2 may be a better fit.

  78. Mary Beth

    House #3!

  79. Heidi

    The 1970s house is my guess ?
    Whatever house you did choose- it will be fun to watch you as you personalize it for your family

  80. JoAnn

    House #3!!!! I think you would love to put a small addition on to the house to give you the space you need!

  81. Sherry

    I vote #2

  82. Naella

    I would say home 1 but possibly 3. The only thing 1 doesn’t have going for it, is the drive.

  83. Lin

    I am in the minority but I think y’all went with 3. It has a pool and location and oh my the charm!

  84. Kathy

    House #2 is my vote. All were great but that would be my choice!

  85. Jen

    I’m guessing either #2 or #3 although #1 would be my pick as we are also looking for a historical or old house with property. My guess was based on the note left by the seller about the home being his mother’s dream home?. While my dream home would be the early 1800s home, her home was probably the latter two of the three!?

  86. Linda

    I think you chose #2

  87. Penny

    I think you went with number 2! It has the space, location, and most importantly needs a lot of cosmetic work.

  88. Susan Dobyns

    #2 – neighborhood, size, proximity, pool – all big ++++ You can transform this house!!

  89. Judy

    I think #2. It will be a challenge.

  90. Lynette

    I’m going to guess #3. Only because 1/2 hour of school commute may be a bit much considering the activities of your boys. Can’t wait to see pictures and follow along!

    • Samantha

      My guess is 3 or 2. My head is thinking commuting for work and school in winter?? SO no for 1. ?

  91. Durell

    I’m going with #1 or #3!

  92. Chris

    House #2 seems to be the one that ticks the most boxes with space for the family, LOADS of potential to transform it to make it yours, and the best location for all.

  93. Gina

    House #2. Guessing this house because I think you’ve posted before about how you were looking forward to a complete kitchen renovation.

    • Colene Finney

      House #2. The kitchen remodel sounds too inviting to pass up.

  94. Connie Simon

    Wow three great choices that I can see you making your own! I will go with#2 because of the pool and the boys want that. Excited to see which one!

  95. Suzanne

    I think #2 sounds great. My heart would go with #1, but perhaps there were just to many down sides to it. In California a 30 drive to work means it just down the street. But it is something that you have to deal with every, that’s not going to change

  96. Janet

    House #3–The 40’s four square

  97. rebecca

    I am going to guess #2

  98. Karen D

    I think it’s #3 ?

  99. Pamela Chasse

    My guess is number 3… I hated the 70’s… but if you selected it… I am sure you would transform it into something beautiful.

  100. Patty

    I think it’s going to be #2 🙂

  101. Carolyn Dietrich

    I think you bought #1. I would have save #3 but it’s small so I don’t see you buying a house that would be a tight fit. I’m looking forward to finding out! I’m excited to see what you do with whatever house your purchased and I am glad the hunt is over and the make over begins!

    • Pat George

      #2. When you said “big” downside to #1, I figure the street ans commute is a deal breaker and #3 is already too small. God is good and provides. Have fun unpacking and renovating. Excited to see what you end up with.

    • Barbara

      I’m guessing #1 because you are absolutely busting with excitement and have been intent for years on owning a very old, large property. It seems most in keeping with your recent antiques purchases and growing affinity for oil portraiture. I figure your oldest son will be driving before too long and there might be some carpooling and work from home opportunities to help lessen the distance challenge for the others. Can’t wait to find out!

    • Marcia

      First off, I am very happy for you and your family and so excited to see what you do to make it beautifully yours! The were 3 great options and of those 3 I think you chose #2, the 1970s home. It has the space (and pool) for your family and is close to work, church & school. That alone increases the quality of life. The house may not have the old character now but that is something you can add to nicely like you’ve done with your previous home. Plus you can scratch that itch of a brand new kitchen from scratch. Can’t forget the old adage location location, location – a beautiful neighborhood isn’t something you can change the way you can update a house. Lastly it was the least expensive which gives room for remodeling.

  102. Julie

    I think #2 is the one you went with. It seems to make sense from the whole family’s perspective.

    • Debbie

      Number 2

    • Kristy

      I also say the 70’s rambler. Good fit, nice price, great location. You are probably up for the challenge of all the updates.❤️

    • Margo Arel

      I too, vote for number one since your enthusiasm clearly shows through your description. Since your work and studio are such a big part of who you are as a family, I think you may be willing to put up with the commute especially as your boys are getting older.

  103. Judith

    Number two!!

  104. Marianne

    I am thinking you chose #2. I know the others tug at your heart strings, but being too far and too small can make a huge difference in the future and may have you move again.

  105. Susie kolle

    I think the first one would have been perfect, but maybe the road noise and commute would be a con. So, I’m saying you chose the second one.
    Whatever one you did choose, I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  106. Vicki

    I think house number two!❤️

  107. Colleen

    I think you chose house #3!

  108. Debby

    I think number three. It sounds perfect. Maybe it’s too small but so bet you can make it work.

  109. Janet in Kansas City

    I think you chose house #2!

  110. Kim

    I am thinking #2! It will give you all some built-in fun (pool for boys, kitchen reno for mom and dad), have more up-to-date spaciousness for today’s families, and provide blog readers with more inspiration for personalizing our own modern homes! Throwing in the close proximity to daily activities, and lowest price (which means more money to spend on reno!), #2 seems like a no-brainer for this stage of life!

  111. Trish Woods

    I think you chose #2! Close to the church and having that pool area to entertain would be so fun. And I think you need a new challenge…a newer home to mold into yours. 🙂

  112. Jessa

    Number two!

  113. Jenny


  114. Eileen F

    I think you chose number 2.

  115. Mary

    Number 1 or 3 but leaning 3

  116. Carrie

    #2 It seems like it checked more of your boxes but #1 seems to be the perfect dream house for you so it was hard not to choose it.

  117. Janice Kennedy

    You loved all of them but I think you bought house #3- although smallest of the houses there will come a day when you will be empty nesters. You have an area for tour business-this home checked most of the boxes.

  118. Maribeth Thomas

    #2 is my first guess and #3 is my second guess. Wishing you the best as you begin life in a new location.

  119. Sandra Gibson

    None of these, same as I feel often when watching House Hunters, mainly because none fit just right, but they can all be fixed. I would want you to have #1, but my guess is #2.

  120. Debbie Skewes

    Number 1

  121. Jamie

    #2 the 1970s. Because you can’t change location of #1 and it would be hard to increase the living size of the 1940s but if you have good bones of the 1970s, you can always work with that. Plus pool for kids!

  122. Colleen Day

    I think you bought #3 because you know you can add all the old charm you want.

  123. Sandie Steadman

    #2 is my guess. 🙂

  124. Mary Virlee

    #2, I must confess that I came to this decision by “cheating”, or maybe on-line sleuthing. I think I found the fence from your Monday post in an on-line listing. I think family space and “a blank canvas” for you to do your magic would have pushed this one to the top of the list. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see your transformations?

    • Libby Miller

      I’m hoping for #1. If you already love it, you’re always gonna love it. The road noise will not be an issue after a week or two. You won’t even hear it. Loved 6 feet off a main road and probably 100 yards from i80. 1/2 hr is nothing in this day & age. Would be more problem with kids. But couldn’t he drop kids off on the way to work?! Good luck!

  125. Jamie

    Number two! Too many pros and you could work your magic!

  126. Christina

    I’m going to go with #3. It seems like it checks a lot of boxes but it seems a lot of people are leaning towards #2.

  127. Jenny

    I’m guessing you surprised yourself and went for #2. If I’m right, it’s going to be a lot of fun to follow along with your renovation journey!

  128. Lisa F

    Number One. It made you Very giddy and you knew the problems. Big spaces. Very much your family style. Great space for studio. I’ve worked 35 minutes from work, it was my decompress time.

  129. Debi Masperi

    I think you bought #1. I believe that you want to fill it up with your antiques & art. So put all of us out of our misery & tell us which house you bought & show us some photos, please!

  130. Jennifer W

    Wow, really hard….I think I’ll go with the majority and say house 2, since you could already visualize the changes needed and it had a pool for the boys.

  131. Cathy


  132. Linda H

    I’m guessing you chose #2; commuting is a pain.

  133. Nicole

    I think #1…. Or #3. Those are my top two guesss

  134. Violet

    I think you chose house #2.

  135. Betsy

    It’s #2. It sounds like it works for the whole family.

  136. Sandi from Wisconsin

    Hello Marion, my vote choice for your house is #2. I chose it because I know you have talked about how you would love to rip out a kitchen and start from scratch. Other pluses for this house are the closeness to school for the boys and closeness to work for Jeff. The house sounds roomy and has a pool, Even though it needs work, you are up to it, and would do a beautiful job!

  137. Bridget

    I’m picking 3! It seems to have it all.

  138. Rebecca

    I think #2, the boys wanted a pool and the house seems to be big enough for your needs. You have had older homes before so this may be a compromise this time but you can make it the way you want on the inside.

  139. Kellyk


  140. Vickie Buenger

    #2 is what I think you bought but #1 sounds perfect if it wasn’t so close to the road.

  141. Michelle

    I’m going to guess you bought house #1! They’re all beautiful though and I’m excited to see what you do to make it your own! Congratulations

  142. Rebecca

    I’m thinking house 2 as my first guest and house 1 as my second guess! Best wishes that everything goes well!!

  143. Jane

    Number 2

  144. Lorraine

    I’m guessing THREE. It seems to be the closest to what you’re looking for, even if it’s a little smaller. Besides, you’ll have the pool and extra studio space to spread out your living space and entertaining. All sound really nice though!

  145. Linda Burbage

    House # 2.

  146. Kris F

    House # 2

  147. Patty Boyd

    House #2!

  148. Jennifer

    You picked #3. It has challenges, but that’s where your talent is!

  149. AK

    You brought #2 as it is a middle ground to what you wished versus needed. Best wishes!

  150. LS Cummins

    #2 close to school and the church is a huge deal.

  151. Wendy

    I’m thinking #2. Super excited to see what you do with whichever one you chose! I’ll be standing by for further posts!

  152. Mary Jorgensen


  153. Anna Teague


  154. Lynn S

    I think you went with #3. The first one is too much of a commute for church and school, and the second one is too new. You already made over a new-ish house and I think you really want something older even if it is smaller.

  155. Donna

    Number 2 because you can give a 1970s home character. Congratulations to your family.

  156. Julie in Florida

    Seems to me house #2 is the winner here….it’s all about the pool.

  157. CJ

    #2 because it’s the least likely and that’s what I live in so it would be great to see how you work your magic 🙂

  158. Scout

    My $ is on #3!

  159. Shannon

    I’m going with house #2

  160. Matilda

    #2 even though I would love #1 – the noise would be a deciding factor for me, I can see your vision making #2 your “forever” home – good luck

  161. Carol

    I think 2 house -you will get to do the kitchen and larger rooms

  162. Sandi from the Cape

    I’m betting on number three, the ‘charming’ one. It might not be large but you seem to adapt beautifully to your surroundings and children do grow and move out! Best of luck in whatever you bought!

  163. Sharon Dobbs

    #2…because of the pool for the boys. I think you are going to have fun renovating this and you can always add outbuildings.

  164. Mary Ann

    I vote for number 2, as I know you’d like to do an kind kitchen renovation and it would be fabulous! Also, it’s not on a busy street and it’s close to church and school.

  165. Frances K.

    1 or 3

  166. Kathy

    I’d put money on #3, but of course I could be wrong. LOL No house is ever perfect but #3 has so much potential for home & business. The key is having a home close to your everyday life. Church & school is a big part of your life. It’s wonderful to move your business out of your home space if at all possible. Also, all the amazing items you’ve been purchasing will seem to push me towards #3

    I eliminated #1 because of the commute and the noise, #2 was eliminated because I think you had your heart set on an older home but I will say all of the homes were beautiful. Glad you’er settled and excited.

    • Jan Newton

      #3, Marshall isn’t far from heading to college!

  167. Kathy

    Number 1!

  168. Debbie Hibbert

    I think you chose house #2!!

  169. Clorinda

    I’d say #3.

  170. S Gaines

    I think it’s #2

  171. Beverlee

    I don’t have a clue. The all sound like you, but I am also thinking….pool for the boys.

  172. Becky


  173. Mary Lees Gunther

    Pretty sure you have your heart set on an older home, but #2 seems to be a good fit for everyone
    If you need any help, I’m only an hour away. Best of luck!

  174. Jo Ann

    Oh shoot! Buy all 3!!!! #1 for real life, #2 so you can renovate a kitchen and #3 for weekdays and fun days. Try them all out and then sell one or two.
    Good luck. Can’t wait to find out. I’ll set my clock, what time will you post?

  175. Kristine

    I’m guessing #2! The road noise with #1 I think is, imho a huge issue. And clearly #3 is out, since it is too small.

    • Kristine

      Oh, and will you share with us all 3 listings AFTER you have made your choice?!? I, for one, never get tired of on-line house shopping !!

  176. Terri Spencer

    Since you are tending to go more formal in this time of your lives, the 3td house seems to fit that criteria best from the outside. Of course, the first one is a Southern Lady’s dream but I do not think a few trees in between a busy road and front porch makes sense. No. 2 is beautiful, formal and traditional and seems to fit where I think you are headed stylistically. One must always consider the work and the school situation-and since it cost less you could afford to doing more to make it have the other things you need. So, I vote for number 2. It is gorgeous! What a wonderful time all of you will have, no matter what the choice is, because you will receive the answer you need. Amen?

  177. Mary

    Three – The charming 1940s four-square with a workshop

    It may be small for a while, but your oldest will soon be off for college.

  178. Becky

    I would guess no 2

    All sound like great choices.

  179. SUSAN

    Number 2

  180. Anita

    My guess is # 1

  181. Ruth

    I think #2

  182. Colleen Robison

    I’m going to guess the 2nd house, for your boys, the closeness to work and school and the challenge to yourself.

  183. Cathy Zuehlke

    #2, just seemed to make the most sense.

  184. Dianne


  185. Nancy F Lambert

    House #3

  186. Rhonda Stilwell

    Number 2

  187. Faerie Pabich

    Well, they always say location, location, location, so I’m thinking #2!

  188. Rebecca - NC

    Definitely #2. You will turn it into exactly what you love in the other homes and it will have your stamp on it! And we can come along for the journey!!!

  189. Martha

    I think your heart is with #1, but I bet you bought #2 because it will work better for your family and it also gives you a lot of opportunity to customize it to your liking. You can always get an older home later when the boys are out of school.

  190. Lisa

    #2 because it’s the one I’d have picked based on descriptions.

  191. Suzy

    I think that you will go with #2. It seems to have most of what you want in a home. Where something you wanted isn’t there, you can put your touch to it.
    I do love #3, because it is in Charleston. It is just about the most beautiful town in the United States! We lived in the Charleston area for several years when my husband was in the Navy.

  192. Traci

    I think you went with no. 1, it may be a little further out but it’s what you’ve always wanted and dreamed off.

  193. Kimberly


  194. Cindy

    What a hard decision this must have been! I think you chose #2.

  195. judy

    #2 would be my choice

  196. Joanne Vest

    Reading your explanations, number 1 hands down!
    It is very pretty!

  197. Maria Grimanis

    I guess #2. Living with road noise and a longer commute is not preferable on anyone’s list but #1 is my 2nd guess.

  198. Kris M.

    #2 (I hope) A 1970’s built house has good bones. 200 yo house would end up being costly especially with outbuildings and too far from Jeff’s church. Being close to a busy street is a drawback. #3 is too small.

    #2 will provide you the opportunity to put your stamp on it with the kitchen reno. Your boys will love the pool. And that’s a plus for church functions too.

  199. Andrea


  200. Wendy

    Home #2

  201. Janis

    The Minnesota house was not your style at first. You will work your magic on this house also.

    • Vivian Robinson

      I vote house number 3

    • Kriss

      I also think #2

  202. Katrina

    #1. A 30-minute commute is not much of a commute; may be on a busy road but your kids aren’t toddlers, yet it has the age that you have been wanting.

    • Andrea Trueba-Anderson

      I think number 1

      • Vallie

        1940s house

    • Dawn Wendel


    • Linda Greiss

      #2 It has pool, is close to church & school. The house itself is big enough for family & entertaining. The oversize garage, large living room & challenge of kitchen redo cinched the deal.

      • Jenna

        #3! It has proximity and charm. You guys are pro at taking things from wild to wonderful; you’ll do it here, too!

    • Jean


    • Catana West

      I think you chose #1

  203. Addie

    I think you are tricking us….none of these!!!
    #1 It says at the bottom…”this home is part a compound in St. Pau; MN”…..???? are leaving to go to east coast.
    #2 This is in Rochester, MN….you blogged about it!!!!! Same…not east coast.
    #3 Is in Charleston South Carolina. Computing through 2 states would be TOOOO far.

    But it is a little confusing because you said in #1 it was in your Opa’s old neighborhood….Virginia. Virginia is a reasonable comute IF it is ONE of these I am going with #1. It is what you are dreaming of age/style wise and the out building are a big plus.
    I am thinking it might really be the opening picture on the blog cover page!!!!! They are all very nice.
    You are killing us!!!!

    • Nancy Bennett

      She explained that these photos are not of the actual houses she considered, for privacy purposes.
      The explanation was a bit confusing.

  204. Marianne Miller

    I am thinking #2 , the pool would be great therapy for your broken foot,and a reno would work for the blog. I am sure you probably do a lot of entertaining as a Pastor’s wife , so #3 wouldn’t work for that and the first one’s location both on a busy road and close to the road is thumbs down.

    • Irene Kelly

      Number 2 is my vote Good Luck Marian and family I know tonight you all are rambling around your new home and exploring every nook and cranny which I know you will renovate it all and cannot wait to see the results !

  205. Linda


  206. Claire

    Hmmm, this is hard, and fun. My first guess is #1 but I think maybe you chose #3. #1 looks just like you but you seem to not like the commute. I bet you chose #3.

    • Laurie McLaughlin

      I think you chose
      #2. This one is a great place for the boys (the pool), your husband, short commute, and most of your needs are met. The rooms are large enough, unlike #3. The neighborhood is beautiful and you are not next to a busy road. The historic house can come later!

      • Carolyn


      • Jill


  207. jill

    My money is on #2 – I know the Petersburg area and it’s unfortunate that the surrounding city/suburbs are less than desirable now a days. It’s been decline for several decades. It’s truly shameful and sad because some of the historic homes are simple stunning!

    • Ann

      I’m thinking #2. It has potential for a lot of creativity not major Reno’s . Pool for boys … close to your husbands work … who knows though you may have gone for the vintage and extra extra work ! All the best in whichever place you transform to a welcoming haven !

      • Erica

        I’ m guessing #2! I can’t wait to hear!! Congratulations!!

  208. Julie N.

    How exciting!!! I’m thinking #2.

  209. Jo-Ann

    I think you bought house number 2.

  210. Patty

    I think house #2

  211. Jeanne

    I am thinking 3

  212. Susan Blair


  213. Irene Kelly

    Yes you are tricking us because you said you are moving to MD and Petersburg VA is not MD so I am opting out of voting ! And you were supposed to make settlement today Sept 13th Will check in with you on Wed Sept 14th to find out where you have landed !

    • Debra

      Number 2 and you will creatively make it beautiful with your artist eye!

    • Kay

      She said, “NOTE – I’m showing pictures of homes I’ve photographed in this post, not pictures from the actual listings or houses we considered…”

  214. Kathy

    I have no idea why I think it is house #2. Maybe because it doesn’t have the negatives of the other two. I really think a long commute would eliminate #1 and #3 doesn’t seem to have enough room(s).

  215. Susan


  216. Susan

    #3 for the win!

  217. Krista

    I think #3 even though your heart was with #1. Will be so fun to see!

  218. Becca

    So happy for you and your family at finally being able to move into your God-appointed home!! I’ll guess #3, another 1940’s home in a lovely neighborhood.

  219. Alice Anne

    #2 is where I think you will work your magic!

  220. Elizabeth

    2 or 3 but leaning to #2, however with 3 you can entertain by the pool!

  221. Connie Jones

    3 great choices! I went with #3 for the historic neighborhood, 1940s charm, pool and convenience to work and school.

    • Rmbourne

      I think you guys chose #2! Can’t wait to hear!

  222. Carol Sapp

    #1 and I can’t wait to see your new studio!

    • Kidron

      I’m guessing #3.

  223. Marie

    #1 30 minutes is nothing nowadays to drive to work. 20 years ago my husband had an hour because the traffic was so bad, we only lived 17 miles from his job. (we lived in south Florida) . The other two houses just don’t seem like your style.

    • Kay


  224. Diane

    #1 has my heart.

  225. Michelle A

    I’m going with number 2, but they all sound great.

  226. Diane

    But, I think house #3! I love a historic district.

  227. Katerina

    I think you bought house number 3! You will have your own studio and a pool!

  228. noreen

    i think number 2 because you would like the challenge!

  229. Bettye Greenwood

    I say #1 probably because I want to see you redo a really ole house!

  230. Lisa Wells

    I’m thinking Number 2

  231. Donna Doble-Brown

    I love them all and can’t wait to see what you chose!
    I was thinking of you earlier today Miss Marian . . . .I am at a HUGE fork in my life road at 61 and I was contemplating my situation and starting to stress which doesn’t help anyone, when I remembered the day you showed us your “creating color charts” video and mentioned it felt like therapy! I thought well let’s give it a try! I had some new watercolors I wanted to try out and so I sat and made a chart. It was SO fun and just what I needed! So thank you ?? ?? much love to you all on this exciting time!

  232. Kathe Neat

    Hey there Marian! This is so exciting for you and your family….Congratulations!!

    I am going to guess y’all decided on House #1

  233. Robin Drewes

    I say#1 cause of the pool
    But I wouldn’t be surprised if you pick#3

  234. Karen L.

    #3 because it can be changed to be just right, even to adding more room, but you can’t change the location which sounds perfect.

  235. Cathy

    I found it! I’m not spilling the beans though ? Real estate and research are my jam! All blessings to the Parsons family in this next chapter ??

  236. Cathy

    I know which one! I’m not spilling the beans though ? Real estate and research are my jam! All blessings to the Parsons family in this next chapter ??

  237. mary

    I’m guessing either 2 or 3! The busy street and 30 minute commute would be my deal breaker. They all sound quite charming and appealing for different reasons. Can’t wait to see what you have chosen and all the wonderful changes you will make!

  238. Rose P

    You’ve waited long enough for that old house. I’m going with #1 even though it has a newly renovated kitchen! I think “old” outweighs a new kitchen. Lol. Can’t wait to see

  239. Carol

    #2 sounds like the best fit

  240. Helen

    I’m aiming for house #2 – sounds like it’s a charm.

  241. Jackie Schnell

    # 2

  242. teri

    #2 Really enjoying this blog!

  243. Jenifer Mathewson

    #2 You are not afraid to put in the work. It has most of what your looking for.

  244. Kim Krause

    I’m picking #2!

  245. Carolyn Sands


  246. Barbara

    I’m going with #2

    • Linda

      I’m thinking #1

  247. Kathleen

    I’m thinking #2 but think #1 might have won out. Can’t wait to hear and see the next house you’re going to make a home.

  248. Helen

    House #2

  249. Becky Jacobs

    I’m thinking the 70s rambler. The other two sound more your style but the commute is a con and the last one is too small. So although it’s newer I think the 70s is the sun and you will make it look awesome!!

  250. Denise P

    #2 1970’s rambler

  251. Janet Johnston

    I am thinking house #2, because it’s close to husband’s work, kid’s school and a pool for them , and needs a full kitchen renovation which is something you’ve always wanted to do!:)

  252. Olivia

    I think number 2

  253. Norma

    I think that you selected #3. #1 also seems like you, but perhaps too far for your husband the boys. #3 is a real challenge, I believe just your style!

  254. Leah

    3 for so many reasons! I feel like it gets you everything you’ve wanted and you guys decide to maybe add on or just create a more cozy lifestyle for your family. Charm is an invaluable quality.

  255. Martha Weber


    I wanted it to be #1; however commutes can be tricky. I’m looking forward to finding out your choice!!!

  256. Suelynn

    Number three for sure!

    • Lynda

      I am gonna govwith house #2. The Rambler.

  257. Karen

    I think #2

  258. Sandy

    It has to be #3

  259. Carolyn Kellam

    I feel like maybe it’s house #2. Sounds like it has the right challenges for you and money left in the budget to build just the outbuildings you want. And the pool for the boys!
    Whichever, I know you will make it lovely!

  260. Susan K.

    I believe it’s between 1 and 3, but I’m voting #1!! Can’t wait to see it!

  261. Tammy

    #2 for sure. Your boys will love having a pool and you will love a new kitchen.

  262. Nan

    I’m going to play it safe and say it’s going to be either 1, 2, or 3.?. I can see you going for any of them. I will be pleasantly surprised tomorrow?!

  263. Betty

    #2 because that is what I would have chosen ! I live in Winchester and I know the area.

  264. Janie Bacon


  265. Jenn Anderson

    I guess #2. Whatever it is, it will be fun to see you work your magic!

  266. Jan Cohen


  267. Patricia Kasparian

    After reading the descriptions twice, I think you guys chose House No. 2. You can fix it to be your own “era” and it has the space and the outdoor features sounds great. Plus, you’ll do that kitchen we’re all waiting to see!!

  268. Mary

    House #2

  269. Phyllis Runyon

    It seems #2 has the most votes and I agree. I can see the love you will give it!

  270. Holly Binns

    I’m guessing #3 – some historic charm, outbuildings, a pool for the boys, close to church & school – seems like other than being a bit small it checks all the boxes. Excited to see which one you chose!

  271. Karen K from Buffalo


  272. Carolyn


  273. Mary Kaiser

    I think you picked # 1

  274. Carol

    My guess is #2 the ranch rambler. I don’t see you living that close to the road no matter how much you like that first house and the last one is too small. The ranch makes the most sense. Cant wait to see real house you chose.

  275. Carrie Purkis

    house #2 sounds like the house for you and your family!
    Enjoy the pool.

  276. Liz Thomas


  277. Margaret


  278. Sher

    I vote #2 also!

  279. Kristi

    Number two

  280. Jean Elliott


  281. Bobbi

    70s Rambler with Pool

  282. Cathy Molen

    I will guess #2. It has a pool for your boys and is close to church and school. It has great bones and can do your magic and turn it into a beautiful home.

  283. Cathy

    I will guess #2. It has a pool for your boys and is close to church and school. It has great bones and can do your magic and turn it into a beautiful home.

  284. Fonda


    • Fonda

      OOPS! I forgot that it was far from school and church. I change my mind to #2.

  285. Kelly

    #1 is my hopeful guess. You make this so much fun for us.

  286. Molly

    I vote house number 2!

  287. Sandra

    My vote is #2…sure it’s close to work & school & it even has a pool. But the fact that you can create your own kitchen, that’s the clenching selling point IMO!

  288. MaryLynn

    I say number 2 b/c it seems the least likely. I would have gone with 1. We have always lived in the country and are about 30-40 minutes from town. It never bothers us and most people in our community commute to work. You will make anything better and beautiful. Congrats

  289. Cheryl

    Number 1

  290. Barb


  291. Debby

    House 2, a beautiful rancher in Spring Valley. I have lived in Washington County all my life. So glad to welcome your family to our county

  292. Bonnie Kilgore

    I’m going with #2 where you can work your magic on the kitchen!

  293. Cheryl


  294. Debbie Rejmer

    Number 2
    I think you would like being closer to the church plus get to redo the kitchen.

  295. Marilee Reyes

    No. 1, just because it appeals the most to me.

    • Susan

      Number one!

  296. Bea

    This was tough but I’m going to guess #2.

  297. Lynnett


  298. Judy W


  299. Julie

    #2, 1970s home. Being close to school & church is important.

  300. Becky

    Oh I’m thinking you chose the 1800’s home. A rare find . A 30 minute commute is a minor issue for having your dream house!! ?

  301. Linda DeHart

    OMG, you chose the one with the pool! It needs a lot of work. I’m excited to see what you do with it. Definitely not your typical style. It’s going to be fabulous, I’m sure!

    • Janet

      Hope #1!

      • Louise Alexander


      • Patricia

        I love voting ! I’m picking number 3!

        • Kathy Nelson

          My guess is #3

      • Jennifer

        I’m tempted to say #3 but I’m thinking it’s the really old #1. Lots of challenges and opportunities to make it just the way you want it.

      • Wendi Unrein

        Ugh!!! The way you described the first house seemed that it was the one but 30 minutes is 30 minutes. I’m torn. Pool is definitely cool. I can’t see you with a 70s home. And a tight home can be miserable. I know how impt it is to have that business/studio space. I’ll say 3

      • Bambi


      • Susan

        Hoping for 1 but think you choose 2. Either way I can’t wait. I’m so excited for your family.

    • Terry from New Hampshire

      I think you chose #2 for the convenience and the pool. Plus, with your boundless creative skills, I know you can turn this house into a home you will love. Which ever one it is, congratulations and I wish you and your family many years of happiness there.

    • Olivia

      Oooo this is like watching House Hunters but way better because it is YOU! My vote is that you chose Number two!

    • Terri Day

      I would expect you to pick #3. That’s my guess. This is exciting! I love how you take us along your creative journey! ???

    • Terri Day

      I would expect you to pick #3. That’s my guess. This is exciting! I love how you take us along your creative journey!

    • Hannah

      #3 – The kids would love a pool. It’s got of things for you to do! 40s vintage could be fun, and workshops!!

  302. Lennie Albers


  303. Mary S


  304. Michelle

    House #2

  305. Peggy Spencer

    Hope it looks like #1,so I am guessing house one

  306. Carol Ivy

    No. 2. I choose the ranch because even though the first house sounds amazing it does come down to location, location, location sometimes. You also will get to redesign the whole kitchen, have a space for your studio, enough space to entertain and everyone gets the pool. So happy for you know whichever one you chose it will end up being amazing!

    • Rhonda

      I think all those who chose #2 are probably right–so many good reasons to buy that house. But I’m really hoping it was #1. 🙂

  307. Helen


  308. VickiCooley

    This is confusing! I thought I read somewhere you were building a house! I don’t think #1 is in the right area. I’m thinking if it’s out of these three it could be #3. I guess we will know tomorrow!

    • Molly

      I want it be 3 but it’s probably 2.

  309. Rebecca


  310. Tracy

    100% going with the 1970 rambler. I read decorating challenge in the description and I think you are up for it! Also, one floor living is so ideal with aging parents close by.

    • Kim

      Number 1 – what’s a 30 min drive when you have the house that’s already a home…
      You need that feeling when you walk in the door

  311. Becky Peterson

    2, the boys need that pool!

    • Lottie


  312. Sally

    I love the sound of 1 but for location I’m thinking you picked 2. Whatever you pick you’ll make it fabulous !

    • Sally

      I’m going along with Sally and the others on #2 as well! Whatever you choose I am looking forward to you sharing your journey as you make it your own.

  313. Alice Blackmer

    I think you picked #2

  314. Mary

    Desire to rip out a kitchen! Yes!
    And a pool for all. Close to work and school.

  315. Teresa

    I am pretty sure I found it but won’t let the cat out the bag. You gave too many clues…lol. If I am right, the name of the road is the name of my old high school. It is very well built and has great bones. I can’t wait to see all the upgrades you do to transform it.

  316. Lori

    House #1

  317. Beth Bricker

    #2 location, cost, size, renovation potential and a pool!

  318. Michelle Abel


  319. Trish Hatler

    My guess is #3

  320. Cindy

    I guess number 2. I can’t wait to see what you bought.

  321. Robin


  322. Danae

    House #2

  323. Vikki

    I am voting for #2. Sounds more like a challenge which I think you’ll like. And it’s close to work and school.

  324. Kim


  325. Lynne

    #3! In a historical neighborhood!

  326. Tracy

    House #2

  327. Beverlee

    I reread this…number 3…..all the boxes.

  328. Cindy

    I’m thinking #3 oooorrrr #2, but mostly #3. Can not wait to find out!

  329. Beverlee

    I reread this….#3 checks all the boxes. That style will be fitting!

  330. Krista

    I think you chose #3. It’s old and needs work (for you), has a pool and close to school (for boys), and close to church (for Jeff). Glad you all are able to settle into your own space soon.

  331. maureen

    #2 It fits more of the boxes than any other!

  332. Stacey Ingalls

    I’m going with house number two!

  333. Connie


  334. Kristin

    I’m guessing house #2!!

  335. Kimberly


  336. Barbara Y.

    house #2

  337. Joy Frank

    Weighing the pros and cons it’s still a tough decision but I think you went with house #3. The square footage was smaller but having lived in Maryland I know you can use the outdoor space 3 seasons and the outbuildings require work but that can be done over time. Truthfully any of them sound wonderful and you will make them feel like Home!

  338. LL

    My vote is #1

  339. Diana Green

    #2… commuting takes away from family time.

    • Mary D

      I think #3 historical neighborhood & outdoor entertaining area plus workshop/studio space!

  340. Roberta

    I pick #3, wish it was #1 but I think distance and proximity to the road eliminates it.

  341. Sandy

    House #2

  342. Rosemary


  343. Heidi Demasi

    I’m thinking house two. You aren’t one to shy away from a challenge.

  344. donna

    I hope you picked 3 but I believe you picked 2. Your family needs are most important to you. So the first home meets your dreams, but isnt good for hubby so you didnt pick 1. Three is great for you because it has character but it was small so I think you picked 2 because it fits your family needs. Plus, you know deep down you can make anything home and you like a challenge. Cant wait to find out. Sooo excited for you!!! And also me…cause I get to see what you do with it?

  345. Beth

    I think house #3 is your choice.

  346. Nathalie Corniel

    I Say 3! looks adorable…

  347. Deanna


  348. Christine Irvine

    I think you picked number 2 for your family, and to make your own mark on it. Happy for you no matter what!
    God seems to answer us at just the nick of time. May you be blessed in your new home.

  349. Tonya

    #2 – good bones, good price, good location, good size…all the things you need and want…everything else can be changed…and a kitchen reno to take us all along for! You can make anything beautiful if it has the right bones and size for family AND business! 🙂

  350. Sue


  351. Tammy


  352. Regina

    The order of my votes: 3,2,1
    Proximity to church is key. The pool, extra space for you, your business. Yeah, #3 is small, but you sold a lot….. and you’d get to make it your own.

  353. Melody Migas

    #2 but I have to admit I love looking at real estate so I did some digging. I couldn’t help myself, lol. I could be wrong but if I’m not, WOW what a house! I dig the color of the bath fixtures in the spare bath. Lots of work but so much potential. You are so brave. Good luck. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  354. Carol Parks

    I’m thinking #2. The pool, the opportunities…

  355. Mona


  356. Kathy

    Number 3

  357. JC

    I’m going to say #2. You can change the house, but you can’t change a location! Excited to see pictures!

  358. Sharon

    I vote for #2.

  359. Deborah Raney

    I’m thinking #2. The pool for the boys and for entertaining, and I am guessing that living in a newer home last time, you came to appreciate having everything work, and not too many of the less desirable quirks of a historic home. I can’t wait to see you turn another house into a home! I almost breathed a sigh of relief that your wandering can cease and you can settle in to HOME. So excited for you!

  360. Cheryl

    I feel like #1 based off of the things you have been purchasing for the new home.

  361. KCarson

    I’m guessing House number 3 or House number 1.

  362. Karen Johnson

    I’m going with number 2, even though it isn’t what you dreamed of, it’s hard to deal with the location of #1 and the lack of room in #3. You can always fix up a house with good bones! And with it being the least expensive, it will leave you more budget to make it your own. Whichever one you chose, I’m sure you will turn all the lemons into lemonade and then some. So excited for you!

  363. Donay Clawson

    I’m guessing number 3! Why go to all of the work with a 1970s house they were never made well and no old growth wood! Number 1 sounds nice but the old adage of location, location, location! The plus is that you could sell retail on a busy road and of course the age and outbuildings! It’s a hard pick between 1&3!

  364. Becky

    I think it’s #2!

  365. Sandy

    Ok kiddo, I’m guessing it is house number 2-although number 3 sounds pretty amazing too! Y’all will make whatever you chose very special with your creativity the Lord blessed you with.

  366. DianeH

    #2, its so out of character for you; but you will have fun gutting the kitchen.., and you have said before character can be created !

  367. Lindi

    I hope you chose #1 but I’m thinking you probably went with #2. Whatever house you pick will be lovely once you’re done with it!

  368. Alyson

    Is it bad that I’m thinking AND hoping it’s number 3, because then you can post about how to make a smaller home work for you which is what I’m desperately seeking inspiration for? It’s bad isn’t it.

  369. Victoria

    House #3

  370. sandi m

    Found it .. looks perfectly lovely. 🙂

  371. RNL

    House #2 – location and size are things you can’t change but the style of a home can definitely be manipulated.

  372. Nancy Johnson


  373. Dianne Glass

    I think ya’ll picked #3.

  374. GeNell

    They all sound great, but going with #3.

  375. Elizabeth Bird

    House number 1, that’s the one I would have chosen.

  376. Ruth Newton

    House number 2

  377. Mary Smart

    I pick number 3!

  378. Marti

    I live in a four square house and love it, so I hope #3. In your hands though, any house will be lovely and I am looking forward to the transformation. Congratulations!

  379. Bernie Darter


  380. Andrea Hanulec

    I am thinking #2, and would love to see your transformation of that style home .It sounds just perfect !

  381. Jean

    Wow – tough choices but I’m guessing number 2. Location, location, location! And everything else can be changed.

  382. Karen B.

    I wish it could be #1 but commuting is a bear, especially when there’s weather to consider. I think #2.

  383. Amy Garrison

    I’m voting for house #1, but all three sound like great options! Wishing you much happiness in whichever home you chose.?

  384. Lynn Florence

    They all sound wonderful. Each house offers great possibilities and I know you would be up for the challenge. I’m guessing you picked #3.

  385. Colleen T

    Number 3 sounds similar to your house in Pennsylvania except with a pool . So I am going with that one. Number 1 sounds great though. Number 2 not sure.

  386. Michele M.

    All 3 are amazing – I think you would choose #2 – the 1970s one with the pool.

  387. Karen

    My pick is #2! I think it is the best compromise between the three!

  388. Barbara


  389. Barb

    I am guessing #2!

  390. Amelda Shaw


  391. Vicky

    House #1


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