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by | Apr 27, 2020 | a slice of life | 45 comments

As I’ve shared on my blog over the past few weeks, I’ve been the recipient of some pretty awesome “happy mail.”  I always love getting mail and packages, whether they are gifts or things that I’ve ordered, but that sentiment has been amplified during this time of isolation.  Every little thing is precious and the connection with the people who made it, sourced it, packed it, shipped it, and delivered it is appreciated even more.

Opening each package is like Christmas morning, filled with anticipation and excitement.  And I have found so much joy in finding the perfect spot for all of my new treasures.  Just the act of moving things around to find a home for whatever arrived on my doorstep that day has been a happy distraction from checking the news or feeling overwhelmed at managing the boys’ schooling.

Last week, I received some more happy mail…

A few extras tucked into an order I placed with White Flower Farmhouse, a store I’ve long admired, but haven’t been able to shop because of distance.

In my order of twine, a scrub brush, and wool sponges, they added in a vintage postcard of a place that shares my name, a few antique tins, and a bar of handmade soap.

One of my Mustard Seed Mentoring members, Marilla of Hearthside Comforts, sent me a bunch of cream and gray wool yarn…

Along with a lavender eye mask that she makes and sells…

One of the coolest things about her masks is they are made from scraps from Linen Bee!  The ladies at Linen Bee sent their scraps along to Marilla in order to support her business.  Her happy mail then became my happy mail in a different form.  It’s a lovely sort of maker’s circle of life.  Businesses supporting businesses and creatives supporting creatives.

I also received more happy mail from Maria of Dreamy Whites, but I need a whole other post to share the gasp-inducing things she sent me.

In addition to these recent gifts, my dear friend, Cheri of This Cottage Life, delivered toilet paper, a rotisserie chicken, and a big bag of grapefruit from Costco and even brought me flowers, although the pickings were slim (baby’s breath and thistles).   And I knew I could count on her to get flatleaf parsley for me, which seems to be confusing for most people who are packing our online orders!  (We end up getting curly parsley and cilantro typically.)  Another friend from church brought us fresh fish and potatoes for dinner one night – the first time I haven’t had to cook dinner in over a month.

I’ve been so overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of friends, acquaintances, and strangers that I am inspired to do the same for others.

So, last week, I started making a pile of happy mail to send to others – small original oil paintings, some crochet dishcloths, and hand-painted color studies on antique linen.

I’ve already sent some packages out including over 30 masks to people who are high risk or working in essential positions.  And I’ve been working on more mini paintings and making dishcloths when I’m watching TV, so I’ll have even more to offer and send out.

I’ll be sending some to friends, but I am also going to have giveaways here on the blog and on Instagram to send happy mail to my readers and followers over the coming weeks.

On Friday, Shaunna and I talked about happy mail in our podcast (that will air tomorrow) and decided to start using #happymailmovement to share what we’re sending and receiving and inspire others to do the same.  Just imagine happy mail crisscrossing the globe, bringing joy to both the sender and the recipient.  Imagine all of the bright spots that will come from a simple handmade or found item or a handwritten card.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

So, what do you think?  If you’re in, just send something to someone!  Use the tag #happymailmovement, so I can see it and share it!


  1. Jo Nelson

    Yep, it’s fun receiving and even more fun giving! Are you going to post last Friday’s painting class? I didn’t get to see it. Thanks.

  2. Tammy Marquardt

    I have been happily digging into my stash of wool and pretty threads to create sweet little gifts for the special people in my life. Happy to be able to spend time at home and create.

  3. Susi Miller

    I have made over 100 jars of jelly and delivered about half that many in my car using social distancing and wearing masks! The rest we have put in the mail to my son and many of his friends in NYC. It just makes me happy all over to see people enjoy what I love to do. Thanks for what you do!!

  4. Debra Ponte

    Yes, Happy Mail we not only need BUT it helps the POSTAL SERVICE in trouble now w/no gov. help!! So we should all do our part. Send a card, mail, bundle to someone. And your kind as many businesses Can Afford to do this, a giveaway to thank all and give back!? #happymailmovement

    • Vanessa

      True! Exactly what I thought! ❤

  5. Evie

    What a sweet way to bring a smile to a friend! We all could use a hug right now !!! Thank You

    • Denise Hess

      I am a MN beekeeper, after harvesting my honey last year I collected and cleaned my wax. I just made a some friends some food wraps with some of my Beeswax! The following week I found on my front porch a homemade lavender infused cake with rose liqueur buttercream frosting, a small bottle of Prosecco and on top of the cake was an oragami swan made from one of my beeswax food wraps! Made my day! Such Love and talent out in this world 💕 I did take a picture of it but don’t know how to attach it…?

  6. Patty Michalko

    This is such a great idea. You feel good surprising someone with happy mail but, it could mean the difference in them having a good or bad day. Just like a smile! You never know what people are going through and, receiving an unexpected package can completely change a persons day. Bringing happiness to others through the smallest gestures of kindness. I hope everyone takes a few minutes to think of someone else and share some kindness.

  7. Rhonda

    I love the happy mail idea!! My Mother (80 y/o) is 3000 miles away and no family around. I have sent her packages every 2 weeks during this COVID19 crisis to keep her spirits up and get her needed essentials. One box was of toilet paper, organic hand sanitizer and food along with some goodies and uplifting reads. Her last box included a bible and lots of Psalms tagged to give her encouragement. Chocolate and lavender are always included.
    Just last week I was put on furlough with my job (I am a nurse) and I had to apply for unemployment. The gal at the unemployment office that helped me on the phone was SO nice. So I sent her a box of my lavender goodies (linen spray, sachet, roll-on, culinary). I just got off the phone with her before I read your blog today. She was so excited. It made my day! Right now I am doing a card for two very sweet people in my life-they are turning 80 and 85! Don’t want them to be forgotten since we can’t all get together.
    Thank you for reminding us all that kindness is so powerful and beautiful. It comes in many forms so everyone can do it no matter what their skills or abilities. And now we have time to do it. Thanks for sharing your gifts received, they are all so beautiful. Loving the grain sack bags you got and the lavender sachets and the recent load from Dreamy Whites (ohhhhhhh!!!)
    P.S. I started making a dishcloth from directions on your tutorial.\”/

  8. Cynthia

    I love this idea all the time… little surprises~. When I moved 3 years ago I sent many little packages to friends and family of note, photo’s, cards, and little extras that we had sent each other, things they had admired of mine, handmade or not. It fills up my soul, especially now, seeing such beautiful acts of love.

    I love Marilla’s masks from the Linen Bee and can smell it resting upon my eyes~

    Stay well everyone,

  9. Andrea

    It’s special to receive anything in the mail! I send packages often & eapecially love the brown paper-wrapped Linenbee’s packaging with pretty lace. Just got back from the PO where I sent a spring package to my granddaughter in London!

  10. Cheri Dietzman

    I’ve been working on dishcloths and will be doing some watercolor painted cards to send out soon I love the #happymailmovement !! Anyone who receives your happy mail will be beside themselves!

  11. NORA

    This is fantastic idea. It’s always nice to brighten someone’s day. I’ve been the recipient of kindness lately due to health issues. ( meals cards etc ) And now I’m trying to give back.
    And I loved how your one friend sent you something that shared your name. I recently purchased Nora Murphy’s. Country House Book you posted as your book of the week. Murphy was my maiden name. And as I was reading the book last I noticed her husbands name is rick. MY husbands name is Rick. We got a good laugh out of that last night.
    Anyway….have a wonderful day. Stay safe.

  12. Dianne Morris

    Thanks for your great ideas! I re-learned to crochet following your videos and am giving away dish cloths and pot holders! Folks love to receive them! Comfort gifts!

  13. Carole

    I want happy mail…it sound delightful. Yes, I know the idea is to send it, but I am greedy. I will try to suppress my based nature and surprise someone.

  14. Lin Shultz

    I have spent a good portion of this quarantine making facial masks and offering them to my community. I haven’t been charging for them but some people have been so kind to leave a donation which I’ve used to replenish my stash of fabric and notions. I haven’t made as many as some people but so far I’ve done around 90 and I have a good number cut out and ready for the sewing machine!

  15. Michele Osterbur

    This is a wonderful idea!! I’ve been sending quite a few packages to friends and family all over. An with “May Day” coming up… I’m even more excited. ♥️

  16. Janis

    I love your idea. I have sent cards to some of the seniors in my former church. Since I am not creative, do you have ideas for inexpensive items that would bring pleasure and could be mailed?

    • Victoria

      Hi Janis. You could try nice hand cream, a craft kit or paint by numbers, a pack of fancy cookies, nail polish and cuticle cream, candle or reed diffuser, eye mask, a slightly more expensive version of something you know they love (like the $8 vanilla essence instead of the $3), face mask, a recording of you reading a poem or a poetry book (you could print a poem and add a note of why it made you think of that person or what you hope they get from it), a picture of a beautiful sunset, a miniature of nice whiskey or prosecco, a small piece of jewellery…

  17. Janis

    I have mailed Karianne Wood’s craft book for girls to my granddaughters.

  18. Argelia Brown

    Your generosity and kindness knows no bounds and what a blessing for all your many talents! I bake so I’ve been making and delivering sourdough bread and other baked goods to my friends! I have been attempting to make dishcloths, needless to say my family was wondering if I was crocheting face masks since I can’t seem to make them into a rectangle shape and look more like a pyramid without the point! 🤨 if nothing else it provided much needed laughter!

  19. Julie Condra

    I’ve lost both of my parents in the last nine months and while I’m still dealing with the grief and struggle of that, I’m breaking free by sharing mail with others. Short notes of encouragement, longer letters of catching up, and small boxes of surprises. I’ve also been delivering little gifts to friends on their door steps. I would love to recieve hugs, but I’m hoping the things I give are recieved as a hug. Thank you for sharing what you and businesses are doing, it made me happy, too.

  20. Mary

    To hear of the kindness is a gift in itself. Happy that good people are busy being good neighbors

  21. Vicki

    Love the HAPPY MAIL idea and had been thinking about sending out some creative small scale work. Any kind of mail except bills is a welcome surprise for your day. I’m sure we all are missing come human connection – so this is a must do activity and I’m going to get started today!

  22. Bea

    What a great idea! I also love getting packages in the mail. You have inspired me to start giving little sachets filled with French lavender. I’ve been making these to at the shop where I have several booths. Now I plan to make more to give as gifts.❤️

  23. Vicki

    Thanks to you Marian, I have been making crocheted dishcloths and sending them to family and friends around the country along with a note letting them know how much they mean to me. I haven’t handwritten a note or letter in years. That’s one of many changes I plan to make going forward. There’s something exciting about receiving a letter in the mail! Do you have a good pattern for a face mask? Would you be willing to share?

  24. Pam Phillips

    this is wonderful s as t the least! Thank you for everything you and all
    That you inspire!!

  25. Cheryl

    What an awesome idea!! I will do the same thing. I have been crocheting your dish clothes and will start sending them to others, thank you for the great idea!! Have a blessed week.

  26. Rita

    I can probably whip up a little mug rug, pencil pouch or journal cover to send to someone. I know I always love to get a card or something special out of the blue. Plus a great way to use up some fabric stash.

  27. Sandy A

    Love this post…all your happy mail is so fun to see…but the message is so important. My husband makes walking sticks from tree branches and he has given and sent so many to family, friends and some for those who need a little help. Its amazing how much he enjoys working on them to turn them into something of beauty, yet so functional. It is so fulfilling to see how thrilled people are to receive them. I make cards, bake and cook and enjoy sharing. I’m now working on your dish cloths to share. My sister made them for us sisters for years, and since she passed I think it’s a good thing for me to learn!

  28. Helena Dias

    It’s a wonderful idea and a neat way to stay connected. Look forward to your posts. Thank you.

  29. Corinne Avery

    #happymailmovement <3
    What a wonderfully loving idea…Miss Marion! Throughout this Pandemic, I have been making masks for people I know who need them, as well as neighbors and friends…I've made over 50 made so far! I keep getting more orders. So I'm sewing, sewing, sewing!
    I also created an ink drawing of daffodils last week… then just for the fun of it, I did some gentle watercoloring over them. They came out so pretty, I decided to print up a few to send to friends who are having a difficult time through this lockdown pandemic! What a joy to bless others…and you just inspired me to make more JOY by being a part of your #happymailmovement! Thanks for being YOU! <3

  30. Crystal

    Well, that is just beautiful…good stuff Marian!!!

  31. Ruth McGrath

    What a great idea!
    I’ve been wondering what to do with the 20 plus cloud studies I’ve been doing since I started painting with you.
    See what you started, ❤️☁️

  32. Rachelle

    I have been sending homemade cards and little trinkets to my 28 art Club students. I teach elementary art and have around 500 students total. I am currently working on cards for all of my 5th grade students who will be going to middle school in the fall. It crushes my heart not to see them (except virtually) participant in our traditional 5th grade party and graduation where they “Walk the Halls” of our elementary school for the last time as students. Most of the students have been coming to art class since kindergarten! I wish I could do more but I’m learning how to teach virtually (even made a YouTube channel for the students)…big learning curve for me! I do love my job and the students I serve. 💜😊

  33. Debi Angilletta

    I have been meaning to send out some mail to family and friends. This “Happy Mail Movement” is inspiring. Thanks, Marian, for the inspiration. I’ll get those out this week! Debi

  34. Melissa

    Can you share your mask pattern/instructions? Still searching for one that I like…………or maybe do a post on it?

  35. Sandy

    Last Friday was my birthday and the cards that I received brought so many tears to my eyes. They were definitely Happy Mail. Your post and comments gave me several ideas for things I could send to friends.
    Those white buttons reminded me of my glass jar which is filled with white buttons from my grandmother’s and my mother’s sewing boxes. One day I will use these buttons and form a heart to frame.

  36. Debbie

    This is a fantastic idea. I’m making beautiful cards for everyone at our local nursing home. I can’t imagine how lonely those residents must feel being isolated from their loved ones during this pandemic. I’m also planning on including a little something special for each one of them to brighten their day and let them know they’re not alone. After reading your post, I think I’ll send the package to the residence, everyone loves getting mail! Thanks so much for the wonderful idea 💕

  37. Mildred

    So what do you do with a wool sponge?

  38. phyllis

    You’ve made me happy today just reading about your generosity and the lovely thoughtfulness of your friends. The beautiful images were a bonus. Thank you for making my day.

  39. Diane Lanford

    I am having so much fun reading your posts. You continue to inspire and lead with happy mail. I am sending scrub hats now! I am sending embroidery pins to my sweet friends.

  40. MaryLisa

    I love the support you each give to one another.. @white flower farmhouse is one of my favorite shops. I had the pleasure of visiting there last summer while seeing family on Long Island. I purchased the linen sheets I’m using to redo my chairs you wrote about a few weeks back. Loved this post.

  41. Mary

    How did you place an order with White flower farmhouse. It says the retail shop is closed. Her pictures are beautiful so I’d love to be able to see what she has.

  42. Nancy

    You inspire me every day, and especially on days when I’m feeling stuck, you seem to post just the right thing. That in turn reminds me to reach out to other creative friends who are struggling, and boost their spirits with a picture or idea, or virtual “meet-up.” (I am away from my USA home now, but feeling very lucky and happy)
    Thank you!


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