“Can I pull it off?”

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Disclosure: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Magnolia Pearl.  We received a great response from our last collaboration, so we decided to work together again!  As always, all opinions and words are my own.

I saw a pair of shoes in an e-mail from Magnolia Pearl a few weeks ago and right away, I was smitten.  They look like antique leather baby shoes, but they are shoes for adults!  Oh my…I couldn’t send Red an e-mail fast enough to see if they had them in my size.

magnolia pearl shoes miss mustard seed

While I was waiting for the reply, doubt crept in…  “Can I pull them off?”  I’ve been marinating on this question and how I squashed my own excitement for a pair of shoes I was immediately drawn to and excited about wearing.  And I realized I do that to myself all the time.  

Can I pull this off?  

What is that question really asking?  Will other people think it’s weird?  Will I get made fun of?  Am I confident enough to just love what I love without asking for the approval of others?  

That question is all about self-doubt.

And I also realized I didn’t use to be that way.  When I was a teenager and into my college years, I wore what I liked.  Yes, I cared about what people thought of me.  I wanted to be well-liked, but I really didn’t care if people liked my clothes or not.  They were a reflection of my style and I didn’t see that as something that needed input from others.  And I wore some crazy things!  There was the “mirror ball shirt”, the “salad dress”, and the “nun shoes” to name some of the most memorable articles.  Even into my 20’s, when I worked in the corporate world, some of my co-workers called one pair of striped corduroy pants I wore “the seizure pants.”

When you wear clothing that gets nicknames, you know you’re off the beaten fashion path!

I ordered a new Pick Box from Magnolia Pearl, so I could at least try the shoes along with a few other things.  I haven’t been clothes shopping since the last pick box I received in December.  I’m not a big clothes shopper, anyway.  I’ll go a few times a year to buy things, but you’re more likely to find me shopping for books or my home than clothes.  But, I have a stash of birthday money from April and I’ve been missing going to a few stores to try things on.  So the Pick Box is the perfect way to find some new, pretty things to wear!

magnolia pearl pick box miss mustard seed

Opening this box felt like I had discovered a trunk in an attic and it was filled with well-preserved dresses and slips from the 1920s and ’30s.  Embroidery and lace and dainty details.  Their clothes are so exquisitely made; works of art even.  This craftsmanship and attention to detail are why their clothes are priced as they are.

magnolia pearl pick box miss mustard seed

Let me pause for a moment and explain how the Magnolia Pearl Pick Box works…  You can select items you want to try and then they will select a few other pieces for you.  They ship the items to you and you have a chance to try them all on in your own home, pick what you want, and send the rest back.  (There is already a return label inside the box to make it really easy.)  I love this method of shopping, because I can try everything on with all of my clothes and accessories at hand.  There are so many times I’ve bought something I really like only to discover that I don’t really have anything that works with it.  I can try each piece on, experiment, and take my time.  This allows me to make a strategic purchase instead of an impulse buy.

This is also a nice service because Magnolia Pearl’s clothes are one-size-fits-all.  It sounds a little crazy, but everything I’ve tried on has fit me and I’ve seen people larger and smaller than I am, taller and shorter, looking awesome in these clothes, too.    A lot of the garments are adjustable with ties and multiple buttoning options, so you’re able to make them work.  But, there are going to be some pieces that fit better and are more flattering than others and you have a chance to really try them to make sure you love the look and fit.

magnolia pearl pick box miss mustard seed

I have learned to try on every single piece whether I think I’ll like it on or not.  There have been pieces in the past that have really surprised me.  I loved so many things in this box that it was really hard to pick what I wanted to keep.

magnolia pearl pick box miss mustard seed

I was absolutely in love with this dress, but decided that the length wasn’t as good on me as some of the other shorter shirt dresses.

magnolia pearl pick box miss mustard seed

I didn’t take pictures of everything I tried on because I am an awkward model!  But, here are the pieces I decided to keep…

magnolia pearl pick box miss mustard seed

This shirt is one of my new favorites!  I love the polka dots, the pleating, the length, and it even has a little cross-stitched MP at the bottom of the buttons.  Of course, it stands for Magnolia Pearl, but it’s a happy coincidence that those are also my initials!  The shirt is oversized and comfy but still looks sharp and put-together.  It’s called the French Cotton Poplin Cordelia Night Shirt in Freckles.

I also loved this cream cotton poplin shirt dress.  The asymmetrical collar is visually interesting, I like the chunky cuffs that can be rolled up, and the A-line shape is flattering for a figure like mine (even after the quarantine weight-gain!)  It’s the Cotton Poplin Isobeth Shirt with Quilted Asymmetrical Hem in Natural.

magnolia pearl pick box miss mustard seed

And, I was dying laughing at my transparent legs when I was editing these photos!  We had beach plans and pool plans this summer, but none of those have happened, so my legs have not seen even a little bit of sun!  The scarf is from Magnolia Pearl, too, but I ended up not keeping it.  I have tons of scarves and I try to be very selective about the items I keep.

magnolia pearl pick box miss mustard seed

The shoes are what started this whole thing, so let’s talk about the shoes.  I loved them as much in person as I did in the pictures.  They are so unique and, the best surprise is that they are sooooooo comfortable!  I was afraid they might feel stiff or wouldn’t provide enough support, but I’m pretty sure I could easily wear them all day long.  I used to dance and they feel a lot like jazz shoes.

I really took my time making a decision on the shoes.  I kept circling back to those initial doubts and insecurities about what people would think.

magnolia pearl shoes miss mustard seed

In the end, I decided that I am going to pull them off!  Whether I do or don’t isn’t going to be in someone else’s hands!  I’m just going to wear them and enjoy them.

If you’re interested in trying a Pick Box from Magnolia Pearl, send an e-mail to red@magnoliapearl.com and she will get you squared away!  I met Red a few years ago at a book signing event and she was the most delightful person.  She’ll take good care of you.  Their products sell out so fast, so not all of the items I shared are listed on their website, but just reference this post and Red can help you find a piece.

You can find my other post about Magnolia Pearl HERE.


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