hanging a butcher’s rack over the stove

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When I received another box of goodies from Maria of Dreamy Whites, one box contained a long metal rack with pointed hooks.  I wasn’t sure what it was, so I asked Maria and she told me it was a French butcher’s rack used when making sausages.  No matter what it was once used for, I could pretty quickly envision many different uses for it in our home.

The most obvious one was hanging it above our stove.  It looked like it might be the perfect size and I have always wanted to hang something there.  It seemed like it needed something.  I’ve tried signs, ironstone platters, breadboards, a tole tray, and a large silver platter and none of them seemed to work right.  I had always wondered about the idea of hanging a small rack to hold a few small copper pots, but I wasn’t sure how I would mount it.

When I held this rack up, I knew it was perfect and I needed to figure out a way to make it work.  I did a bit of research and found some heavy-duty mounting tape that holds up to 30 lbs.  I figured that was my best bet, so I ordered it.

Since the hooks are riveted onto the metal rack, it didn’t sit completely flat against the wall.  The tape was holding it, but I didn’t trust it 100%.  So, I puzzled out a way to support it using wire suspended from a nail strategically placed between the range hood and the tile.

It ended up being just enough to provide some extra support as a back-up for the mounting tape.

And you really don’t notice the wire too much when you’re looking at the kitchen overall.  Of course, when I’m zoomed in on it, pointing it out, it’s obvious!

And, oh my goodness, I couldn’t love it more.  It is absolutely perfect.  It made me wonder if Maria had this in mind when she sent it to me or if it was just serendipitous.  I hung a few small French copper pots, an antique breadboard, and a small colander.  It adds so much warmth, character, and interest.  It just works.

It was a small change that made me love my kitchen even more.  It pushed it over the edge.

Maria also sent a few other gifts, but those deserve a post of their own.  In this post, the rack is the star of the show.

Here’s a little peek, though…

And, I forgot to share…  I finally painted the inside of the trim around the bottom of our cabinets.  That has bugged me for a couple of years and I primed and painted it when I was painting the shelf in the studio.

It only took me about 15-20 minutes total and it’s a small thing, but it removed something that was distracting.

Yes…much better!

For a few months late last year and earlier this year, I felt a little stalled when it came to working on our house.  A lot of it had to do with physical limitations due to my shoulder, but I think some of it also had to do with decision fatigue.  I was just tired of making all of the little decisions to finish off a space or to start working on a new room.  Now, I feel a renewed energy and excitement along with some fresh ideas.

And that feels really good…


  1. amy Joanne Mogish

    It’s wonderful how one small ‘thing’ can give you a whole new outlook on your home and life itself. Love when the love for your home ‘kicks’ in again and again…..the ‘rack’ looks beautiful.

  2. Arlene

    The rack is perfect, like it was meant to be.

  3. judith

    I love your kitchen, too, and the little rack is perfect. I must ask, doesn’t anything you have hanging there become a greasy mess, assuming you actually use your stove? If so, do you just wash whatever it is frequently?

  4. Jeanne

    It is definitely perfect for this spot. And I love it that you already had copper pots, a colander and a breadboard to make it really perfect! Very serendipitous!
    P.S. I thought it was some kind of meat hook! 👍😎

  5. Irene Kelly

    It looks great fits in that area very well ! Now will you please do a tutorial on making masks. I now have all the necessary materials and need your guidance. Thank You in advance for your instructions.

  6. Judy Karlson

    Love the new rack also! And if the wire that is holding the rack (along with the tape) is bothering you, why not wrap some of your beautiful grey yarn around it? Or what ever color would match the tile background. Thanks for sharing your home and ideas!

  7. jackie

    Looks great. How about leather ties to add additional security?

  8. Cindy

    I LOVE the metal rack and it is the perfect spot for it!! Since you’re a lover of twine and have the sisal runner in the kitchen, the wire “safeties” could be wrapped with twine. Just a thought. 🙂

  9. Linda

    This looks amazing, it really does add a lot of visual interest!

  10. Jaclyn

    I love the rack but am wondering if you moved it up just a bit couldn’t the nails go right thru those holes? This would eliminate the need for the wire.

  11. Sam

    Exactly what that space needed, appears to be custom made! How serendipitous the size was correct.
    I am heading to her website now to check out her goodies.

  12. Maria

    You’re right it is perfect!!! Not only does it look like it was made for that space, it is also functional which is so important. I’m so glad you adorned it with some copper:)

  13. Dodie

    The rack looks perfect there, and I love your copper pots hanging from it. Looks like it was just meant to be. I have a question though…..do you have a microwave? I see an appliance on your counter there in the corner. Is that a microwave or toaster oven? Apologies for being so nosy…..I have a microwave over my stove as so many folks do and I would so love to have it someplace else. I am exploring other options.

  14. Mona

    Hello! That location is perfect for the meat hanger!

    I do have a question about how you place your mugs on top of cabinet s. My cabinets have space at the top so things that I put up there are not level to the top of the cabinet. How did you get your mugs level to the top of the cabinets?


    • Marian Parsons

      They are sitting on top of cans of pineapples! That got them to the perfect height.

  15. Marylisa

    Such a perfect spot! So glad you added wire because I don’t trust those tapes alone when weight is added. I love Maria’s posts especially how much she loves her items. Enjoy your new focal point!

  16. Sheri

    Like it was meant to be all along! It’s the smallest details that make us happy isn’t it? Your kitchen is perfect 🤗

    • Bea

      Your new rack has turned out to be the perfect addition to your kitchen. It fills that empty space perfectly! I love the look too.

  17. Jane

    Mona, try placing your items on thick books!

  18. DBLori

    My dad was a sausage maker who learned the sausage making business in Austria in the 40’s. (He was from Croatia). So now I’m on the lookout for a rack myself. hahaha

  19. jean kirchner

    That really seems to provide a finished feeling – quite lovely! And I’m sending your way happy energy for your next projects. You have such great ideas and vision.

  20. Terry

    My o to is fishing line instead of wire. Just a thought. LOVE the look with the copper.

    • Marian Parsons

      yeah, that’s a good idea. I was just working with what I have!

  21. Sandra Vigil

    It’s so unique, I love it! What about a thin chain similar to the style you have on your pot rack in place of the wire? Not that the wire looks bad, but just as a possible option.
    Stay safe and Happy Springtime!

  22. Gloria

    I love your kitchen. I love the oil painting classes. My index card was a bust. It was so small and reverse was confusing (I just painted it reversed). What size index card do you use? My daughter said it looks like one of the old fashioned paintings. I told her it was a success. I want to do another but am still bust making masks (over 1000 as of today). I have ordered new brushes as they were problematic for me with the gesso. You amaze me with all you accomplish and with your desire to share your knowledge with everyone. Thank you so much!

  23. Julie | Home On The Hill

    Looks lovely – but I’m not a fan of the wire sorry, it doesn’t look finished enough to me.
    Disguising it with twine as suggested would make it hard to clean & catch grease etc.

    Maybe instead try making the supports a feature? I could see a simple piece of thin width aluminium metal flat bar with a hole drilled at top for the nail & a hook bent into the bottom to go through the hole. I would round the ends off the bar for a more finished look. This could easily be cut from sheet aluminium by your local metal supply if they don’t have it in a small enough width to fit through the hole in the rack. Easy to bend to shape but strong enough to support & would look like it was more part of the rack, you could paint/age it to match the colour of the rack if you didn’t want it to blend?

    • Marian Parsons

      Ha, well, this was called working with what I had and that wire was what I had! I might replace it with a wire that has a duller, darker finish when I can shop at stores again. For now, it’s fine! It really isn’t noticeable except in a close-up photo. 🙂

  24. Addie

    Ha!!! I knew it!!! And mentioned it on Instagram……That it was a sausage rack …..come from a family of butchers!!!

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes! I remember your comment! 🙂

  25. Laura

    The little rack is perfect. I love your kitchen!

  26. Karen

    I am sorry, all the suggestions are good… But the wire would be my choice as well. Twine would stick out as yet another ‘visual’.. to draw the eye.. And the focus should be on the bar and copper. So, I think it is perfect as it is. Love it!!

  27. Nancy

    I love your blog and how creative it is.
    I look at it on my IPhone. I have to tell you that I understand you need revenue. However the pop up ads are so completely annoying. I avoid your blog because that are maddening. I start to read something and one pops up at the top, then another at the bottom of the screen.
    I can’t be the only one it bothers.

    • Marian Parsons

      Sorry, Nancy. Yes, the ads are the worst on a mobile device, because space is at such a premium. They are much more out of the way on a desktop or tablet. Ads used to sit quietly on the sidebar, but they have unfortunately gotten more intrusive over the years. Sometimes ads do “go rogue”, so if one isn’t closing or is covering the whole screen, playing sound, etc. those are not supposed to be there.

  28. Anne

    Like everyone else, I love the addition of the rack above the stove! To me, the wire extending up gives the appearance that the rack and hood are a “group”. I think a small chain might look more purposeful (?), but either way, it’s a winner!

  29. Cynthia Johnson

    I love how your ‘new’ rack shows off your cherished copper pots. It looks complete!

  30. Suzette

    I just love the rack!! It finishes off your kitchen!
    Lucky You!!!

  31. Debbie

    I think the wire is perfect! It actually could “tarnish” as your cooking steam, etc. affect the finish. I have a roll of wire that was in the tool box of my husband’s father (who was a commercial construction worker) and it has a wonderful patina.

  32. Paula

    Love the rack, so perfect for your cute little pots!
    I just got a smooth top KitchenAid range and I think you have the same one in gas. Does the stainless steel panel on the front top scratch ridiculously easily? I haven’t even had mine a week, am a careful cook, and I already have several scratches. I’m so sad!

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh no! No, my panel hasn’t scratched and I’ve had it for almost 3 years.

  33. Betsy

    The rack looks great! I was wondering if at some point you can give a lesson on caring for copper pots. Do you actually use them for cooking on a regular basis? Do you use a low heat? I’d love to start buying them . Thank you.

  34. Melissa

    The rack is fantastic! I think the wire adds a nice touch.

  35. Kate

    We moved into our new house in October and looking around the house I still see so many decisions that need to be made. So much of the decorating looks temporary and halfhearted. Part of the procrastination was the holidays and then a winter of illnesses. Now that we are well into spring, I’m motivated to finally make more permanent decorating decisions. Yesterday, I worked on our bedroom and finally got it looking the way I want and making it more functional. A new area rug is coming today from Wayfair for the living room! (Hurrah, 80% off sale!)

    Don’t get hung up (no pun intended) about the wire. Think of it like the Amish do – the creations of our hands need some little imperfection to keep us humble.

  36. Doris D

    Would a magnetic strip attached to the wire with a piece of metal or wood (with patina) placed on top of the magnet hide the wire and look like it was meant to be?

  37. Michele M.

    Love love love love it. Maria knows you all too well. It couldn’t be more perfect – and boy oh boy are you ever right- it
    really does push perfect over the edge. It is amazing right there, just like that.

  38. Amy Ottensman

    Wondering what size copper pots and pans you use the most. Ready to start my own collection but want to be able to use them.

  39. Don Wilson

    Hi, Late to this party, but hope you can answer my question. Doing a remodel with a French range and LOVE the look of the coper over the range. We cook daily, bake, and even deep fry (Oh my… yes… We deep fry) and wondering if you have any issues with keeping the pots clean or if they heat up when you are cooking? Thank you!


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