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Last night I asked Jeff if I could leave early for handbell practice, so I could pick up some paint on the way.  He gave me a look.  “What do you need paint for?”  I answered casually, “The guest room.”  Usually me buying paint isn’t a questionable event, but I have a lot on my plate right now and painting the guest room doesn’t really need to be on that plate. It can be served with the cheese course or dessert if there’s room left when the entree is done.

But, I really want to shoot the bed for the MMSMP look book and my in-laws would like to visit eventually (if it ever stops snowing around here) and I need to get the room put back together for them.

There’s DIY shrapnel everywhere at the moment.



Deciding to paint the room started with patching the walls.  This room was the worst room in the house when we moved in.  Well…the second.  The old kitchen, now the home office, was the worst.  This one was pretty bad, though.  I think it was occupied by a teenage guy who had tacks and glow-in-the-dark sticky stars all over the wall.  The floor was splattered with paint here and there.  One of the attic doors was used as a dart board.  Nice.  To make matters worse, the walls are plaster, so they are really hard to patch.

I decided I should really work on the walls while I was changing things up.  I went around with a hammer to pound in weird protrusions and places where the plaster popped out from a nail.  (Jeff was trying to talk to me as I was beating the wall.  He didn’t understand what I was doing, so he kept stopping to ask if it was really necessary that I pound the wall with a hammer.)  Anyway, then I patched the holes.  A lot of holes.


And I patched where the old bedside lights were hung to get ready for the new brass sconces.


And I sanded and scraped the walls once the patching plaster had dried.  The walls still aren’t perfect, but they look better and the light wall color is forgiving.  At this point, I was planning just the touchup the existing paint, which was a gallon of “oops” paint in Crisp Linen from Sherwin Williams.  I went down to the basement to get the can and realized it was all dried up.  Since the paint was an “oops” color, it may have been off a little, so I decided I should go with a fresh coat of paint, which the room really needed anyway.

I liked the creamy walls in this space, so I stayed in that world, but went with a cream that was a little cleaner and has less yellow in it.  I chose Mascarpone  by Benjamin Moore.  It’s a beautiful cream and looks nice against the bright white of the trim and the colors going on in the fabrics and painted bed.


I wanted to add a little extra something, though, so I’m going to paint the ceiling a pale blue – Top Sail by Sherwin Williams.  


I spent most of today on computer work and phone calls, but I had about 20 minutes before I needed to pick up the boys from school, so I cracked open the can of Mascarpone and started painting.  It’s looking really nice and I hope to get some more done tomorrow.

Oh, and I found the fabric I want to use on the duvet!  It hasn’t been made for over 10 years, but one of my readers has some in her fabric stash and is willing to sell it to me.  Score!!

As a side note, the woman I hired to help me get ready for Lucketts started today.  It happens to be Cari, the retailer of my milk paint line in Chambersburg, PA.  She stripped down two chairs like a machine and took home the fabric to cut the pieces out for me.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have the prep work done and to know my time is being multiplied.  I should’ve done this a long time ago.


So, I took a gamble and bought some ironstone online last week, which I don’t usually do.  For this reason…


Yeah, a piece of my ironstone-loving-heart broke when I unwrapped this compote.  The Etsy seller is giving me a refund and was great to work with, but I was so sad a pretty piece of ironstone broke.

In happier news, I received the cake pedestal I bought and it was in perfect condition.


I’ll share more about this later, but I had to snap a picture of it…


…maybe two.

Guest Room & Ironstone

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38 Comments on “Guest Room & Ironstone”

  1. My favorite thing is imagining your husband’s expression when you said you needed to get paint and when you were hammering the wall. Best chuckle I’ve had all day.

  2. Love the blue ceiling idea. This has been a subject of much discussion in our home. I love blue ceilings. They make me feel like I am waking-up outside. My husband, the purist, believes ceilings should be white. So, the ceilings in the kids’ rooms are blue and ours is white….so far. And, the Tradewind color beneath your ceiling color is one of my all-time favorites.

  3. You always find the most beautiful ironstone!! I got dibs when you decide to sell that cake plate!lol

  4. I have lived in my home for 10 years, can’t even tell you how many times we have repainted each room.
    I love the little bird picture. The colors are really interesting. can’t wait to see it all come together!!!

  5. I have a couple pieces of iron stone that say made in japan, is that possible?
    its “federalist Ironstone” it was VERY inexpensive, so I wont be upset if its not , just curious. thanks

  6. I thought you’d want to know that I’m getting a pop-up ad from Salvation Army that is covering up your text as I’m trying to read it. Annoying since it has no X to close it.

  7. Love the look of the blue for the ceiling…funny thing too is that I had the same exact thing happen to me when I purchased an ironstone soup tureen on Etsy…she had it packed so good that I couldn’t believe it when I first heard a “tinkling” then when I unwrapped and unwrapped the packing, it ladle was broken in so many pieces and the base was broken…was also given a refund.

    The only thing I could say that there was no “fragile” written on the outer box, so I’m thinking that even with a ton of bubble wrap and newspaper filling the box, it can still break if not handled carefully!

  8. So happy for you that you found your fabric! The blue ceiling will be so calm and serene. I liked ceilings that are colored also. Your blue silverware looks so good with all your other treasures. I can’t wait to see your room when it is done. You amaze me…you must sleep very little to all done that you do!

  9. I swear, is there nothing that you don’t or can’t do? Handbell practice?! Where on earth do you find the time for everything – blog, paint, remodel, care for your family, play the guitar and sing beautifully with your husband…I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and everything you do — I’m even copying your clothes…plaid shirts under my t-shirts! I think there are hundreds of little MMS minions running around behind the scenes………

    1. LOL! I played handbells as a kid and our church puts a choir together a few times a year, so it’s just a once-a-week commitment for a month or so. It’s the kind of thing I do just for me (like working out or getting a massage). It isn’t about work or the kids or the house. It’s just about me doings something I enjoy. So, I make time for it when it comes up, because I really enjoy it. It also gets me out of my bubble!

  10. Totally am loving the “DIY Shrapnel” phrase of the day! That may have to go in the soon to be published but as of yet a work in progress Miss Mustard Seed “Marian Says….”

  11. Can you please tell me what is the use of the oval lidded box above the cake stand? I have one, but it was sold to me as a toothbrush holder. I didn’t think that was right.

    By the way, I love your blog!



    1. Yep, they actually are called “brush boxes”, so that is correct. There were toiletry sets sold that were made in ironstone – think water pitchers & basins, chamber pots, shaving mugs, soap dishes, etc. The brush boxes were a part of those sets.

  12. I cannot wait to see the guess room finish!! Sounds like your hubby is a lot like mine!! 🙂
    I picked up Aria Ivory from SW today, cannot wait to start mustardizing my dining room!! 😉
    Oh, BTW, I receive the boxwood wreath I ordered from you and it looks beautiful on my kitchen window! Thank you so very much for shipping it so quickly!!
    MPS!! 😉

  13. I live in southern California, but my family is in Chambersburg. I loved your blog before I knew you lived in Gettysburg, but love it even more knowing you’re so close to my old home <3 I always wonder if you're hitting all those antique stores off Route 30, or going to Kenny's auction! (love, love, love Kenny's auction!)

  14. I Love the all colors in your guest room! I am glad to see your guest room gets all the leftovers stuffed in it like mine does! I love having guests but I always have to set aside a 1/2 day before they arrive to get the room cleaned out and fluffed.
    Thank you also for the info on preparing for a fair. It has been so helpful to me.

  15. Hi Marian,

    You purchased a small door while a Cari’s shop a couple of weeks ago…I’m so curious what you plan to do with it as it came out of our carriage house here in Mon Alto!

  16. I too am getting a pop up from Bonefish Grill that covers your text as I read. Finally saw an X on the far right of the page, clicked it and ad went away only to pop up a few minutes later. Thought you should know. I so enjoy your blog everyday, you are an inspiration to me!

  17. Hi

    I really love reading about your projects. I am amazed at how much you can accomplish!

    I love the picture of the birds! I would love to have something similar in those colors for my living room. The shades of green are the accent color I am using.

    Is that picture a one of a kind?

    Thank you!

  18. You are making a great choice on paint. I just bought paint from your same paint strip to paint my hall bathroom. I chose “Rain”. It’s beautiful!

  19. What a terrible shame about the compote, I can imagine how you felt :(. Like you my guest room is in a mess as all the furniture from my office is in there at the moment while my office walls get painted. I am truly having paint colour mania at the moment so I understand your dilemmas. I am looking for a pale grey with just a hint of blue to it but can I find one that is right, after about 20 swatches and 7 paint test pots I am still undecided and now leaning towards a white, white. Unfortunately we don’t have the same brands of paint as you do in the USA or it would be easy for me to work out as there are so many bloggers that seem to have that perfect colour in at least one of their rooms.

    I just can’t wait to have my office finished and blog about it, I have just bought the most amazing vintage, overdyed rug for it and sitting and staring at it as I type, its just so beautifully worn in soft greys/beige/touches of duck egg.

    Can’t wait to see your final shots of the guest room. You will style it beautifully.

  20. I bought my first order of your Milk Paint from Cari. She was so nice and helpful with my order !

  21. Funniest event of the day? I’m reading your post and notice how dirty my touch screen is. I grab the electronic wipes to clean it. Still looks dirty and splotchy. O wait, that’s the patches on your wall! I don’t think my husband is going to let me live that one down.

  22. OMG!!!! So glad someone else has rooms like mine!!! Looking forward to seeing the room when you get your finishing touches on it.

  23. OH that bed – that gorgeous from what I can see of it headboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I painted my upstairs landing in a very similar blue – it’s so pretty!

  24. When we moved into our house 10 years ago the wall behind the door of one of the bedrooms looked like someone had used it for knife throwing practice!

    I vote “DIY Shrapnel” as the most cool name for a new blog.

  25. I can’t wait to see your guest room redo! The blue ceiling will be so calming! I love that your mom reads your blog the day prior to get an idea of what you two might be working on. So cute!

  26. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! I so loved seeing pictures of the “DIY shrapnel”. My kitchen, daughters bedroom and front porch look very similar right now as I paint my kitchen table to sell to a friend, and then paint a “new to me” kitchen table from another friend, and help my daughter paint a dresser for her bedroom!

  27. I have been told that writing “FRAGILE” on a box for shipping is not advised. Nowadays, it is an invitation to kick it, toss it, etc…just to be ornery… very sad but probably true. And BTW….I liked the paint colors and post…

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