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Last week, my mom and I needed a break from hanging wallpaper and installing box molding, so we went to an antique mall (Countryside Antique Mall) and to a local consignment shop (Kismet) to see if we could find a few things on my “wish list” for the room.  One thing that was at the top of the list was a dresser.  The bed was flanked with antique washstands from my last house, but they looked a little dinky in the room.  I wanted to replace one with a dresser and the other with a desk.

I didn’t find the desk, but we found the dresser!

It’s a pretty oak piece with a serpentine front that works well with the other pieces in the room (the oak bed frame and the antique German wardrobe.)  I thought initially I would want to paint it, but now that I have it in the room I’m not so sure!  The wood is pretty and in good condition, so I’m going to leave it as is for now.  (Who am I?!)

I ended up filling the wardrobe with shipping supplies (for my paintings), so it’s nice to have a dresser with empty drawers for guests.  My mom especially likes to unpack when she’s here.

The dresser was a good price at $168 and I also bought this mirror for $68…

It is a beautiful, old, heavy piece.  I wasn’t sure if it would play nicely with the wallpaper pattern, but I figured I could use it other places in the house if it didn’t work.  Well, I leaned it up on the dresser and it definitely worked.

This corner gets the title of “most finished corner in the room” right now and I love it.  I can’t wait to get the rest of the room completed.

I’ll be sharing more details about the wallpaper, the bedding, and the chair rail and box/picture frame molding soon…

guest room dresser & mirror

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115 Comments on “guest room dresser & mirror”

  1. Beautiful! I just love this. And the scale and shape/design of both the dresser and mirror are perfect. I can’t wait to see the rest.

  2. Beautiful. I love it. The dresser is lovely. And the mirror. It is all just right. Thank you for sharing your life and inspiring us.

  3. When we lived in Rochester I always visited Kismet! It never failed providing me something! Rochester is a treasure for great finds as so many Mayo docs have traveled and collected respectable pieces of art, furniture and decor pieces. Estate sales by Candace were my go-to as well! I schedule visits to friends around her estate sales!

    1. Oh, I’ll have to check out the estate sales. I do love Kismet. They ladies who work there are so nice and they have great turnover of their inventory.

  4. It looks perfect. Don’t paint the dresser–I love how all of the pieces tie together! I wanna stay in your guest room! 🙂

  5. The wallpaper looks so good! Lovely dresser and mirror; it gives warmth to the room. I know that little swatch of fabric on the headboard is part of your pondering to reupholster the headboard, but I like how the original fabric plays with the wallpaper. I have to admit I’m not a stripes or checks girl, so that probably plays into my prejudice.

  6. Beautiful! The wallpaper looks fantastic! I have that very same dresser, had it since the 80’s – great piece!

  7. The dresser looks great as is. It’s one piece of furniture that doesn’t need paint to make it better.

  8. I think it is lovely (as usual). If you really want to paint something, you could paint the base of the lamp, it looks like it is made of wood? Just a thought.

  9. I love a decent-size bedside table, and this is a beauty! Gorgeous with the mirror and paper. I’m with you … usually I’d think about painting but this combination plays well together!

  10. I have several dressors like the one you purchased, I treasure them.
    Where did the bedding come from, such a rich color with the wallpaper?

  11. The dresser & mirror add so much warmth to the room. Both are gorgeous, but I especially LOVE the mirror!

    Keep on creating!

  12. So pretty!! I tend to be anti-wallpaper (because of a handful of painful experiences removing tough old wallpaper, not because of looks), but your room is making me change my mind! I have almost the same dresser (still in need of refinishing, even though I’ve owned it for 14 years) and I still go back and forth about the idea of painting it! 🙂

  13. Another warm, welcoming, beautiful room.! The serpentine dresser & floral mirror were absolute
    “Steals” and they look perfect in this guest room . Can’t wait to see the bed reupholstered in the gold stripe….your sense of color in this room makes it look gathered over time❤️

  14. Your extraordinarily finished corner became a metaphor for your heart; openly beautiful and hospitable.

    Diney on Camano Island

  15. Oh my! Can I come stay with you? This is beautiful! The dresser is gorgeous the way it is. It’s so refreshing to see a wood piece especially up against the wallpaper. I love it and can’t even comment on the mirror. Unbelievable bargains!!!!

  16. The room looks lovely. May I ask how you wallpapered the inside corners? Did you wrap it, or cut and butt?

  17. The room looks gorgeous! Don’t paint the dresser. Some things look great in their natural state.

  18. So pretty! Love the warmth the oak dresser brings to the room. And the mirror looks perfect–it looks European in a way–so “you”.

  19. Did you do all four walls? Could you please show all four to give us a feeling for the results?

    Looks like something changed window covering-wise! Nice.

    Wonderful finds! Amazing price on the mirror!! How lucky that the dresser wood looks so nice when it seems to have been the wood used under a long gone veneer!

    Are you going to add moulding to the top of the walls? That one that was used to hang pictures 100 years ago would give them a nice ending point.

    I just saw a photo of a wall in the guest room below this comment section that wasn’t in the body of the post!

    1. Yes, I did all four walls above the chair rail and I will show the entire room in a final reveal. Yes, we installed plantation shutters like the ones in my office and dining room and they look so much better than the old brown blinds.

      I’m not planning on adding crown to the room as of yet. The paper looks nice along the top of the ceiling. I agree that crown would be a nice finishing touch, but I don’t feel like it looks unfinished without it.

  20. Sigh. The beauty of this whole room. Your eye for putting together beautiful pieces is always an inspiration to me. Thank you so much.

  21. Your wallpaper turned out perfectly. And you have one sweet mom to help you like she does!!

  22. Loving the dresser and especially that mirror, no paint on the dresser! They look wonderful in the room.

  23. I’ve been in love with oak for 30+ years. I love your painted pieces when they are in bad shape but this must not be painted….it is gorgeous! I just bought a similar mirror for $60. This room is perfect. Love it! Patti

  24. Can I come and spend ONE night in your guest room???!!!! I will share with mom!!!
    THAT mirror!!!!!! AND such a great price. LOVE it all….perfection…as usual!!!!

  25. Amazing finds! Trying not to be jealous. 😉 And good call on not painting that dresser. The wood tone is so warm and inviting.

  26. I was tickled to see your new dresser. I have the same one & used it for my son’s baby dresser years ago. We refinished it in a similar warm stain & I still love it. I have to fix one of the drawer slides & then I’ll use it beside my bed also.

    I always get excited when I see something I have on a blog or in a magazine. I guess it validates my taste! 🙂

  27. I LOVE oak! What a beautiful piece. I have some very similar to this, using one very close to this also as a nightstand in a guest bedroom. I’ve been blessed by being handed almost all of the furniture that has been in our homeplace for 6 generations and some even from some other family. Some of the pieces may have been in the family for even longer than 6 generations. For the few pieces I needed after restoring the homeplace and moving in I had the Amish make them from oak. Unfortunately one order was misunderstood and they did a pair of nightstands in a more reddish oak which I’m not nearly so crazy about but maybe one day I’ll pass them on to another family member if I see something I like better. I consider the handmade Amish furniture the antiques of tomorrow. Let’s face it, I don’t care what anyone says, your pieces of furniture from Value City or even Ikea is NOT going to be around in a 100 years, my furniture I had made will be assuming people treat it with the respect and care it deserves. I love the mirror. I would like to get one similar to this to place above a mantle in the common room at our family’s retirement community we own. It would be the perfect piece to be there during off season when I don’t have a massive wreath to hang in the spot. I noticed a reader asking where did you get your mirror. The best place to find these at reasonable prices are at auctions. I have bought so many “treasures” there for a little bit of nothing. For anyone who loves antiques, THIS is the way to go. Most of these young people today have no appreciation of furniture like. I’m lucky in that my nephew, only 24, would rather have an antique than something new. He has a great appreciation for the items. But because those under the age of 40 for the most part don’t want the furniture or the crystal or china or silver and other things of their relatives when they pass they sell them for a little bit of nothing. It’s a shame really. This new junk coming from China can’t hold a candle to the quality and the beauty of items made years ago. It’s a hard and expensive lesson for some to learn.

  28. I have a dresser in the same finish and style as yours and I love it just the way it is.
    I can’t tell you how much that mirror melts my heart. Perfect over the dresser!

  29. I think the wood adds warmth. It also picks up the gold in the quilt and pillows. The mirror is soooo pretty too!

  30. I inherited my Mother-in-Law’s same-style dresser and have placed it on my side of our bed. It’s a darker finish and suffered being stored in the attic, so there are some small spots of damage. I love the form and “waviness” of the drawers and it’s the perfect scale. I think I’ll paint it at some point, but for now I’m just enjoying having it in our room. I don’t have room for a mirror, as the window is too close. Good taste Marian!!

  31. Absolutely beautiful! I really hope you don’t paint the dresser! I’m not one of those who think you should never paint wood, but in this case the warmth of the wood really completes the look and adds richness to the space, and I adore the wallpaper.

  32. Both the dresser and the mirror look beautiful in that corner of your guest bedroom. I wouldn’t paint the dresser. Leave it as is. Love the wood!

  33. That mirror is a beauty. I think the dresser blends wells with the color of your bedding. It all looks like it is coming together wonderfully. And a big shout out to that super mom of yours helping you make her, oops I mean your guest room into such an inviting space.

  34. Wow!! Such a beautiful transformation. I love that dresser and mirror – absolute perfection! Thank you so much for sharing the progress along the way. Kudos to you and your mom!

  35. You have wonderful insight on what works together. The guest room is beautiful…I can’t decide what I like best! Installing a chair rail was brilliant. The wallpaper is so luxurious and the dresser/mirror is lovely! So glad your mom was part of this memory.

    1. Me, too! She was such a huge help. I would’ve had a tough time doing this on my own and Jeff would’ve hated being my tool-passer-upper!

  36. Very beautiful! Yes, the oak dresser does not need to be painted–it’s perfect as is in that room. I hope you publish another book with photos from your lovely home.

  37. I love the dresser, in fact i just bought one a couple of weeks ago, i have been looking for one i could afford for a long time, mine cost less then yours, but is just as beautiful and also in my guest room.

  38. Marian, I hope you don’t paint the dresser. The room has a warm European feel. The mirror echoes the tone of the dresser and the lamp speaks to the wood on your headboard—serendipity! With the wallpaper’s mood, I think painting the dresser would not look or feel as pleasing. Now, it just needs one or two of your oil paintings!

    1. Well, I’m leaving it alone for now. Believe it or not, I don’t paint pieces unless I’m sure! It’s harder to “unpaint” something if you change your mind. 🙂

  39. I LOVE how you’re not going to paint the dresser! That wood is so beautiful, in great condition. I just want to run my hands over it. I love the wallpaper but I thought you were going to use the yellow stripe because it matches the coverlet and wardrobe? Are you going to use that stripe? I love that!

    1. Yes, the stripe is a fabric and I’m going to use it to recover the bed panels. I am not brave enough to install striped wallpaper!

  40. So VERY BEAUTIFUL! It ALL works so well together. This room is just so LOVELY…. The wallpaper is over the moon and I don’t like wallpaper! A real HIT!!!

  41. I absolutely love this! When you first showed the wallpaper I thought it would be too busy for my personal taste but it is amazing !

    1. Thank you! I love how it turned out. The wallpaper was a risk for me, but it is a beautiful pattern and I think that it’s very neutral and low contrast helps.

    1. It really ended up being perfect. I almost didn’t buy it, but I had a gut feeling about it.

  42. I’m sure you never will, but I keep picturing that beautiful mirrors flowers individually painted. So pretty.

  43. That corner almost looks like a “still life” to me, with the wonderful coordination between the dresser, mirror, and lamp base, rounded out by the flower-filled ironstone, bedside clock, and vintage book. Beautiful!

  44. Hi Marian! I adore the wallpaper! I beg you, please don’t paint that beautiful oak dresser, pretty pleaseeeeee! It is just too beautiful to paint! Find a piece in need of rescue. That piece does not need any help to make it beautiful. My rule of thumb is, I never paint over oak unless it’s in bad shape and could use some beautifying, lol. They just don’t make furniture like that anymore. It just Makes that bedroom too. It plays up the wallpaper so nicely! I can’t wait to see what the whole room looks like when you’ve finished! Great score on the dresser for $168.00 , by the way! Have a great day! 😊

  45. Love the room so far…I think I might have missed it in the comments, do you have a source for the lamp? ♥

  46. It is perfect, as your choices usually are. I am always so glad to see your Mama with you. She is a motivator. (you don’t really need one, but she seems to be good at that)
    How many rooms in your house are used for your business? It seems like a lot more than just your office and studio. Nice to have!

  47. I have a dresser exactly like that! Serpentine Tiger Oak. Mine has a mirror attached. Love it.

  48. Fabulous finds, I love the dresser and the mirror – beautiful! And the wallpaper added so much interest to the room. Great job Marian!

  49. Splendid!!!!!! Just splendid…I actually sighed ,out loud,when I saw the photo of the dresser n mirror…mmmmm!!!!

  50. Really love all the golds & warm woods with the grays & creams in the wallpaper! Know you already had the yellow-gold quilt & pillow covers ( that I have always loved! ) and they look wonderful – even custom made for the new room! Can I come stay in this beautiful new space? ( when your Mom leaves of course!).

  51. You always find such ‘perfect’ and affordable ‘steals’. Unfortunately there aren’t may shops in my area that offer such selections. The dresser looks perfect for othe spot. I’m to sure that I would add paint as well. I have gone through a season of painting many items but currently am appreciating the natural look of wood. (IF, it is a match and in good condition, of course.). The mirror is beautiful and perfect for the size of the dresser. So far, the guest room is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Blessings! Deb

  52. Wow! Both pieces are beautiful! Don’t paint the dresser. It is gorgeous and both pieces really go well in the room. Very nice!

  53. You have the best eye for picking out pieces for your rooms! I love painted furniture, but that oak bureau is perfection just as is. Everything looks lovely.

  54. That dresser is gorgeous and what a steal! Don’t paint it. You’ll be glad you let that beautiful old wood shine.

  55. I like that you are leaving the piece as is. I think each piece in my home speaks to me, some get painted some don’t. You made the right choice the tone of the wood, in that setting is beautiful.

  56. It is absolutely stunning! I enjoy your posts and get inspired each and every time. Eye candy!
    You are such an amazing woman!

  57. I would leave the dresser as it is…it adds warmth to the room. I would not change the bed fabric to the stripe. The current fabric on the headboard is perfect with the wallpaper. This room is beautiful and looks peaceful and restful…if you add too much color and pattern it will lose that. Great job!

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