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I tend to get a little bit aimless around the holidays.  Those aimless times are when it’s hard to be your own boss.  I have long lists of things I want and need to do, but I don’t have anything pressing.  (Actually, I need to finish my Christmas shopping and that’s getting pretty pressing…)  When I start to feel aimless, I usually do one of two things.  One – I’ll give myself a break and have an easy day.  Or two – I’ll start knocking stuff out.  I chose the latter today.

Knowing that I had lots to do, but wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I went upstairs and unclipped the fabric at the guest room window and threw it in the car to finally sew them into real curtains.  I started right into pinning and pressing when I got to the studio.  When Kriste showed up, she seemed to be in a “knock stuff out” mood as well, so we made some huge progress in the studio…cleaning, organizing, rearranging.  We want to get the studio ready for workshops (two are scheduled for January and listed in the online shop) and for drop-in customers.  After just a few hours, things were really coming together.  She then worked on painting the $40 church pew we bought a while ago and I finished the curtains.

I didn’t make a tutorial for these, because it was as simple as folding a double hem on all four sides, pressing them, pinning them and then sewing a (mostly) straight line.  Since this fabric has the pattern on both sides, they didn’t need to be lined.  I hemmed the sides first, then the top and bottom.

They didn’t look bad before, but they were carefully tucked into place to hide the raw edges for the pictures.  If anyone brushed against them, breathed near them, they would reveal their unfinished, fraying secret.  The bottoms were getting stringy and it was time to take an hour and get them checked off the list.

Now, they look sharp and are functional.  (And I’m just loving the raspberry buffalo check, so I took a bunch of pictures.)

Miss Mustard Seed-3753

Miss Mustard Seed-3756  Miss Mustard Seed-3755 Miss Mustard Seed-3764

I wish I could share a source for this fabric, but it was a remnant given to me by my aunt and there isn’t a maker or pattern listed.

The guest room is a tricky one to photograph, because it’s small, oddly shaped and has low, sloped ceilings.  Today was also a dreary, gray day, so it was gloomy inside.  I had to drag the shutter forever to get it to look light and bright.

Anyway, I also found a little framed print (on the left) that was a match to the one I found in my Oma’s attic (on the right.)  I actually found one exactly like the one I have, but since I already have it, I listed it in the online shop.  I kept the one on the left to make a pair.  I’ve always loved the little print from my Oma, so it was an exciting find.

Miss Mustard Seed-3761

Miss Mustard Seed-3763

The beautiful oval Bavarian bowls are from my Oma as well.  She had them in her dining room as long as I can remember.  The dresser was a $100 find on Craig’s List and I purchased the mirror frame on clearance and gold-leafed it.

Miss Mustard Seed-3762

It’s so great to get another thing checked off the list.

I’m planning to do some more work around the house tomorrow and I’ve got to get to that Christmas shopping…


  1. Jan

    I was wondering about the round pillow on the bed? Is it a vintage fabric? Was it something you or a family member embroidered. (I LOVE red work embroidery!)
    Just Wondering.

  2. Kelly - Talk of the House

    I hope this doesn’t get kicked into your spam because of the links. Love those drapes! I was soooo hoping you were going to list a source because I have been looking for the name of the company that makes that fabric. I made my kitchen and dining room drapes out of a large red buffalo check fabric. You can see them here: The fabric came from Forsyth Fabrics. It is their 4 in. red check, but I am in need of the fabric for another room and had hoped to find a discount source somewhere. No luck anywhere. What is the weight of your fabric? Is it soft like a sateen or heavy like a woven cotton/linen? Mine is heavy. I ordered a sample of a buffalo check in claret from Decorative Fabrics Direct, but it is not it. The background is much more yellow. Guess I will have to bite the bullet and order the more expensive one…or you can send me your drapes. LOL

  3. susan

    These curtains are fabulous. The red check adds that perfect dash of color that finishes the space beautifully.

  4. kristin

    I am obsessed with buffalo check! That and gingham, and dots, and plaid–most fabric. 🙂 I do love buffalo check though! A great resource for lots of buffalo check choices is Calico Corners. They have them in their sample hanging section and the price is very reasonable. Like about 20?/yd. I have some gorgeous cinnamon/toffee (can’t think of the exact name) check from there. I am still trying to figure the perfect spot! What is great about Calico and the buffalo, is the sample gives you a few sizes of the check to choose from. You can pick your fave or work it in with other prints that may have a larger or smaller scale. An FYI for any interested readers. 🙂

  5. JeanFB

    Beautiful curtains, and I love your dresser! What an absolutely marvelous find – for $100 to boot! And the gold leaf frame looks amazing. Your guests are so lucky. 🙂

  6. Teresa

    Such a lovely guest bedroom and it definitely has a European flair to it. A former boss of mine was from Germany and she gave me a beautiful oval Bavarian painted dish similar to your Oma’s. I need to bring that back out again in her memory.

    She was a war bride and I often think of her as she had one of the most spotless homes I have ever been in. She even put dish towels on her refrigerator shelves! Is that a German thing?

  7. Christina

    I love LOVE that buffalo check print! And the whole room is just beautiful. Thanks so much to your other readers for providing sources for the fabric. 🙂

  8. Ellen McHale

    Simply stunning. All the color combos – blues, yellow and raspberry.

  9. Cynthia

    I like the too~ Another Marian gem!

  10. Cynthia

    I sure wish I could EDIT the above~

    I like THEM too!!

    Happy Holidays!

  11. maryS

    That room turned out absolutely beautiful. At first I couldn’t get the marigold throw but it is so perfect with the blue and red. You’re a genius!! 🙂 Come to Saint Louis and help me!! 🙂

  12. Alicia

    This room is beautiful! I love the mix of colors…it’s so cheery and warm and inviting.

  13. Danielle

    Your guest room is so lovely! I’m excited to see how your church pew turns out! I just got one for $75 and I thought it was a steal! But $40! That’s amazing!

  14. Olivia Juenke

    The room looks great and I love the curtains! But what really caught my eye was the chair by the dresser. If you ever sell it, I’ll buy it. It should definitely go to the person that has the right initials…. ME!

    I’m in Houston, but seriously, I’ll even pay for the expensive shipping (or come see you). I NEED that chair!

  15. just marc has red buffalo check curtains and fabric. I actually have them in red (mine need hemming too!)

  16. Carol

    You grabbed me at your first words, ” I tend to get a little aimless…” because this is so much like me. I guess that’s why I love your blog, as you are so real, not pretentious. Thanks for sharing your life and that wonderful guest room. If you ever need a guest to fill it, just let me know. I had a neck roll pillow that I loved, but wore it out. Just yesterday I was shopping and trying to find fabric for new ones. You have inspired me to go into my stash of fabric which dates way back to my grandmother, great aunt, mother, and aunt’s collections that I inherited. Not to mention what I have added over 50 years. I’m sure to find something. I’ve been sewing since I was six years old and have always made do and made better on limited funds. I love the creative energy that comes from frugality.

  17. Eileen

    Love the guest room! Sehr Deutsch! I found a similar buffalo check at Online Fabric Store…Kal Plaid in Garnet. It is $30 a yard but I waited for a sale. It is a heavier weight and has a little khaki border to the garnet stripes. Now to find the time to actually make the curtains…..:-)

  18. Donna Marie

    I love gingham and the buffalo check fits the bill. I really like what you have done with the guest bedroom. I also like the way you decorate. So here’s to a kindred spirit—Happy New Year!!!

  19. Nicole

    Would want to know where to buy the beautiful gold throw.
    I just love this guest room !

  20. Merrill

    I love the marigold medallion quilt throw and pillows in your buffalo plaid guest room
    Trying to find one similar. Any ideas.? Love the entire room


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