grain sack chair – before & almost after

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I’m stingy with a few of my finds…ironstone, grain sacks and French chairs mainly.  I do part with them, but it’s always tough.  If you ever buy a piece of ironstone or a French chair or something made out of a European grain sack from me, you can know I really, really loved it and it was very tough for me to put a tag on it. 
Today, I took two of my favorite things and made something for myself. 
Two European grain sacks…
…one French chair…

…and voila!  (Well, almost.  I ran out of trim and I need to touch up the paint in some places, but I was too excited to save this reveal.)
I painted the frame of the chair in one sloppy coat of Annie Sloan’s Old White and distressed it.  I wanted a soft, worn look, so I didn’t wax it.  I then upholstered the chair using only two grain sacks.  One of them covered the seat, back and arms and the other covered the seat back and wings of the chair.

I finished it all off with some bright white trim.  I’ve had some doubters about the white gimp I like to use on my furniture.  It’s just a personal preference.  I think it frames out the flax colored grain sack fabric, but that’s just my take.  If you like your trim to blend in with the fabric, then go for it!  You have my blessing. 

So, where to put the fabulous chair?  I slid it around my house and tucked it in a few places, but it looked best in my living room.  The problem is that I already have a great pair of French chairs for the living room.  I slid one of my new yard sale chairs into the room to pair with my new grain sack chair.  It worked.  I love the eclectic, somewhat quirky look of it, so I’m going to live with it for a while.  Don’t get in line to buy my other French chairs, yet.  I put one in my guest room and one in the home office.  I told you I’m greedy with them. 

So, what do you think?  A little quirky? (Above.)
Or a little more traditional? 

I linked up to Sarah’s Before and After Party.  It’s a hoppin’ place.

grain sack chair – before & almost after

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110 Comments on “grain sack chair – before & almost after”

  1. Well, I'm a little bit quirky myself. But, for some strange reason(maybe because I've been gone for over a week and I'm tired and glad to be home)I like the traditional chair look. It feels very inviting and restful. Love your stuff! Thanks for giving us such wonderful ideas and getting our creative juices flowing! Blessings and Hugs from Louisiana!

  2. Wow what a beautiful chair….I wish I could just happen across something like that! I love the quirky set up…your living room is so cozy and inviting. Where do you find most of the grain sacks?

  3. so many comments! i couldn't read thru them all. looked like a lot of votes for quirky and one person telling you to loose the piano. (don't do it).

    I really liked the quirky – but – when i saw the traditional, wow. It was as if my soul sighed a contented sigh.

    As for the piano, if it's an important part of who you and your family are (which i'm guessing it is as a theatrical music major) then it doesn't matter if it doesn't go with the french theme. Nothing needs to "go" that much. I thought the room was beautiful including the piano.

  4. I’m wild for that chair. As a matter of fact, I’d like to find something similar for my dining room and would need to locate two. I’m not having any luck so far. Do you mind passing a long a couple of sites where I might stalk this chair? I think the fact that its a wood frame with an upholstered wing makes it ideal for what I want to do.

  5. What a beautiful chair…….. Where on earth did you ever find it? Very beautiful transformation, as always!!!

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