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Now that the floor sanding is behind us, I cannot wait to start decorating the house for Christmas.  I walked past live wreaths, garland, trim and tabletop trees at the store this week and was just longing to put one in my cart, but I’m waiting until Thanksgiving passes.  I don’t want my live greens to be dried to a crisp by the time Christmas morning rolls around!  I’ve been satisfying the craving with Pinterest, holiday magazines and some Christmas tunes.  I also started on a few projects, like the upholstered Christmas banner and the mason jar snow globes.  I also whipped out the MMS German Glass Glitter to use on a few things…

I found this plastic deer at an antique store for $5.00 and knew it would look amazing glittered.

Miss Mustard Seed-3168

It actually looked pretty as is, but you know how I am.  Can’t leave well enough alone!

I brushed it with Elmer’s glue and a 1/2″ artist brush.  It was a little challenging brushing over the fuzzy body, but it wasn’t too bad.

Miss Mustard Seed-3174

I then sprinkled on Tiara glitter.  I like to work in small sections, so the glue is fresh and the glitter can adhere best.

Miss Mustard Seed-3170

I’ll also do most of a piece like this, let it dry and then finish the rest, so I always have a place to hold.

I glittered a small plastic deer as well and they look so sweet together.  I love how this glass glitter makes little plastic figures look high end.

Miss Mustard Seed-3186

I also tried out the glitter on a papier mache house from a craft store.

Miss Mustard Seed-3200

I used the same method that I did on the deer…

Miss Mustard Seed-3201

Miss Mustard Seed-3203

…and I glittered a little plastic cow for the front yard, too.

Miss Mustard Seed-3205

Why have a dog or a cat when you can have a cow?

A glittered cow at that.


  1. Charmaine

    So cute!! I have a house like that I’ve been dying to glitter but wouldn’t let myself do that project until after I finished projects for a holiday craft show I did last Friday. You’ve inspired me to try my hand at glittering tonight! I’ll give it a go!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. jeanine C

    Love that German glass and glitter! You gave these new sparkly life <3

  3. Anne Morgan

    Oh how cute, Marian…the little cow looks just Like Eulalie!!!

  4. ellery

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family, Marian. These deer make me want to play in glitter instead of cooking today! Also, would you be willing to share the Etsy vendor who sold you the vintage velvet for the upholstered letters?

  5. Eileen

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been glittering a few things. A great find. Two little salt and pepper deer…after I glittered them, I put little dogwood branches for antlers in the top openings. Absolutely adorable. I put it with my glittered trees. I also bought a beautiful resin elk at CVS for $10. A great buy! I actually sprayed it with a bronze spray and it’s stunning. What fun!

  6. Anita

    Yep, glitter makes just about anything better, but glass glitter makes it perfect! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  7. Connie Eyberg

    I love glitter! It can transform a number of things. I’ve done this with deer and the look is wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Bambi Mayer

    Every house needs a glittered cow in the front yard!

  9. Jill Flory

    I love using your glitter on stuff! Just did a couple plastic plants in cute pots to put in the store.

  10. Kristi

    Love the way these turned out! I especially love how you set up each shot- the way you fuzzed out the Christmas lights and the shot from your floor against the chalkboard wall. The photography looks very high end (as well as the deer)! Im off now to run around gittering things in my house! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Linda

    this is just too cool, love the look!

  12. Ellen T.

    I have to admit, when I read the title I thought you were referring to the glitter that makes it’s way all around the house and not glittering a house! Pretty.

  13. Lisa @ Lisas Creative Designs

    Love the deer! I love glitter and always have. When I was a child I LOVED it when my art teacher gave us glitter, glue and paper and just let us go to town with it. I love working with glitter and Christmas is the perfect time to let things “sparkle”! I just did a pair of thrift store cherubs in pink glitter and a pink Christmas house.

  14. Lee

    Love your glass glitter, I have just emailed your suppliers to see how much to ship some to NZ as I would love to do a project for my blog.

  15. Kim @ Cozinest

    Happy Thanksgiving! Something so simple turns out just exquisite! I love the deer. I can’t wait to look for two of my own!

  16. Betsy @ Happily Ever After Etc.

    I absolutely love the glittered animals! I recently found two small glittered deer heads (the type you would mount on the wall), everyone in my family thought I was crazy but I fell head over heels in love! It’s nice to know I live in a world where others appreciate a great silver glitter deer… and your little cow is precious!

  17. ashley o

    Everything turned out lovely and who wouldnt want a cow?…….a glittery one for sure……=)

  18. Lori

    I KNOW!!! Black Friday (to me) means the start of CHRISTMAS decorating!!!! Great ideas today —gotta get Décor Steals to run your glitter again!!!

  19. Rebecca

    Hi! What color is the glass glitter on the house? Fallen snow? Thanks, Rebecca.
    Love this blog/website!

  20. Barbi Hale

    I read somewhere to save the old broken glass ornaments. Would this work ?


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