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Some of you have mentioned that you notice my style evolving, especially over the past year.  I have been making an effort to get rid of things I don’t really, really love and that editing has made a big difference in my home.  Most of the furniture is the same, but stripping away the excess is putting the spotlight on the special pieces I own.

As I’ve been thinking through decorating for Christmas, I am taking the same approach.  I want to edit, so my style can shine through.

I’m carefully selecting everything from the papers to the ribbons to the candles and I can’t wait to start putting it all together in my house.

I’m pulling inspiration from my childhood in Europe and want to have an advent wreath this year.

(via Mad & Bolig)

I’m planning to mustardized it, though, and make one using an antique ironstone ring mold.

And I want to fill the house with lots of fresh greenery…some purchased and some pruned from local trees.

(via French Country Cottage)

I want to bring in a lot of simple, handmade European-inspired ornaments and decor like these cinnamon hearts (and some stars, too)…

(via Katy Elliot)

…mixed with glass glittered and milk painted ornaments.  This year, felted wool garland will replace the sheet music bunting, that’s getting a little ragged after 4+ years of use.

Usually my Christmas decorating is focused on 2-3 rooms in the house, but this year I plan to sprinkle the holidays all over.  I would like to get a tree for the boy’s room that can be decked out in colorful lights and playful ornaments and I have been itching to get a few tabletop trees to put in buckets, baskets and ironstone.

The decorating starts on Sunday and I can’t wait…

(PS – the pictures that aren’t mine are linked to the source.  Please pin from the original site.  Thanks!)


  1. Caroline Longstaffe

    Beautiful! I love white and green together at Chistmas, so simple and fresh, thanks for sharing your lovely ideas

  2. Teresa

    Cant wait to see it all pulled together. I enjoy seeing you bring in more European touches in your décor especially at Christmas. Today we will be working in our yard getting it cleaned up before the wreaths and other decorations go up.

  3. Anne Boykin

    Dear MMS, Your style is evolving and editing is the way to go to get there. I love what you’ve been keeping. I’m so looking forward to your Christmas decorating because I am editing my decorations this year and hoping for a more simplified and unified look. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  4. Jelena

    Sounds like you will be having lots of fun decorating this year. Can’t wait to see the final result!

  5. maryjo materazo

    i love the glimpses at your christmas decor. i agree, i would like to pair down my things as well. sometimes it’s hard & you know it’s the right thing to do but i love so many things. lol tfs- MJ

  6. Marianne Davies

    I like your new style of all the things you love!

  7. Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    I LOVE how your style is becoming so focused. That is my goal for 2015. To really focus on one style. to get rid of (or paint or reupholster) those things that I don’t love. I’m going to take it one room at a time. And then have a MASSIVE yard sale come Spring! Merry Christmas! Melissa

  8. Sherrie T

    Ok! I absolutely love that felted wool garland and I have spent the last 2 hours looking online for it but I can’t find it.. Could you tell me where you found it. It would look great in my home! Thank you so much and I love the way your style evolved. I liked it before and now. There hadn’t seem one thing of yours I havent just absolutly loved. Thank you for always sharing!

  9. Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    I too have noticed your style changing and becoming more refined. I have noticed things lighten up both in color and quantity. Congratulations! That is a hard feat. I have tried to scale back recently too but I have a husband and children who think the same $5 decoration I bought when first married needs to grace the same table in our home every year. I applaud you!

  10. Kim @ Cozinest

    Dear MMS, I have already decorated for Christmas, but this post makes me want to take it all down and start over! I am at that age where I want to scale back, but, we have so many things that I love for sentimental reasons, that I’m afraid I’d cry if I got rid of them. Great inspiration from you, though, to take a hard look and re-do.

  11. Nicku

    We did a living tree in a bucket this year too and it is gorgeous! I couldnt love it more!

  12. Linda

    There is beauty in simplicity of the blue and white with greenery, leaving room for peace and clear reflection. This year my editing will be passing on decorations to adult kids this year. I am still in love with the Christkindlesmarkt style! In case you missed it, trees of all sizes are on sale at Michael’s this week. I hope to a get a couple of small ones for use around the house. Linda

  13. Tonya

    I’ve been trying to simplify to just things I really love…hard to let some things go. 🙂 Your house is looking so cozy and comfy and tidy. I love simple ornaments, too. I made cinnamon ornaments last year: discovered they are very much like clay and can be manipulated into creative ornaments. Here’s a post I did about a winter scene I did on one of them. 🙂 They are very durable once they dry as well!

  14. Evelyn

    Love your site & can’t wait to see how you will decorate for Christmas! So exciting!

  15. Lee

    Can’t wait to see the finished results, whatever you do it will be lovely as always 🙂 I have just started decorating my home, usually it is only where guests pass through and into the living area, however this year as I have just about finished my bedroom makeover I am adding a little festive cheer there too.


  16. Anne

    I would love to hear more about your experience in Europe! I am from Virginia, but living in Sweden for a few years and enjoying their Christmas things like advent wreaths and heart-shaped pepparkaka. It’s giving me perspective on my personal decorating style, and I kinda needed an outside force (moving overseas with my decorations in storage) to help me distinguish between things I love and things that are just for sale in stores. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. teresa

    Simple yet elegant…thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas

  18. Ginger

    I love this. I really like adding all the greenery to the home for Christmas.


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