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Since I work out of my home, most days I’m, well, at home.  No surprise there.  I’m a homebody, so it really suits me.  I could probably stay in the house for a week straight and be totally fine with that.  It would drive Jeff nuts, so he’s usually the one who runs little errands.  But, there are days when I just need to get out!  It’s good for me creatively and it prevents me from getting into a rut. So, Thursday was a get-out-of-the-house day and my mom and I went shopping.  I hit a couple of my favorite local antique shops and found some really amazing things…

A vendor had just put out these corbels when I walked by and snatched them up.  Talk about chippy goodness…

Miss Mustard Seed-8752

Miss Mustard Seed-8751

Miss Mustard Seed-8749

I usually don’t like this style of scale, but the color of the paint on it was really beautiful…

Miss Mustard Seed-8709

Miss Mustard Seed-8707

…and I was immediately smitten with these concrete pieces…

Miss Mustard Seed-8703

Miss Mustard Seed-8704

I also picked up a wooden hat form (it just needs a little Hemp Oil to bring it back to life)…

Miss Mustard Seed-8711

…and a beautiful 1865 leather bound hymnal.

Miss Mustard Seed-8713

This tote was a little on the pricey side at $38, but I love the detail on it and the paint color…

Miss Mustard Seed-8715

It was just one of those pieces that spoke to me.

Miss Mustard Seed-8714

And I picked up some small glass milk bottles for a special project…

Miss Mustard Seed-8742

Miss Mustard Seed-8741

I found a lot more that I’ll share in a follow up post.  Some will be kept for props/photo shoots, some will be sold in the online shop and some will start the stash for the Chapel Market in October.  Yes, already. I want to have a really great booth, so I’m going to spread the shopping out over a few months, like I did for Lucketts.  It allowed me to be more relaxed and picky when I shopped and I think that resulted in a better show.  I’m still learning to only buy what I really, really love, not just what I think will sell.

To help me out with that, I’m going to stick with a theme that will be the theme for the next MMSMP look book (the first one is about to go to print) and for the Chapel Market.  I’m really looking forward to the creative process and my mind is already buzzing with ideas.  I appreciate those creative tasks so much more now that they have to be laced between conference calls, e-mail, management stuff, plus all of the things I need and want to do as a wife and mom.

The balancing act continues…

get-out-of the-house-day

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30 Comments on “get-out-of the-house-day”

  1. Great finds!! Do you share where your favorite stores are??
    Surprised to see your not at Haven this year.

  2. Marian,
    I can relate with you about getting out of the house…I’m okay with it…but the hubs goes crazy and he too runs must errands. The corbels are awesome…I am hoarding a few here…I know I should let them go…but it’s soooo hard. Happy to hear that you have started buying for the chapel market 🙂


  3. Those concrete pieces! Perfection.

    I can see some great fall and Christmas vignettes in the making.

    So I am the always doing something kind of girl. Doesn’t have to be away from home, still, always busy.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your finds.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. now what’s the deal with that chipping paint on the scale? Is that lead based paint? Is that safe to handle? I know in our home (built in the 1930’s) any chipping paint or paint that chips off in hard sections like that means it’s lead based…do you paint over it? ignore it?

  5. I have a demanding career and work out of a home office. I get being a home body. I have to make myself go out and do something because I love being in my home with my family. Like you, I find it refreshing to hit beloved favorite shops. Most of the business owners know me and it’s fun to visit and buy something new.

    Love all of your great finds especially the concrete pieces. They are gorgeous!

    I love that you venture out with your mother. How special to spend time doing something you in enjoy with a special person in your life. Just lovely!

    Now about the new book….can’t wait!!

  6. Marian, I’m just starting out buying vintage items with the idea of selling them in the future, and I’ve avoided going into antique shops (except for my own personal stash!) for those things because I figure they are already at retail prices. I’ve been buying mainly through yard sales and thrift stores. It seems you buy quite a bit from antique shops, though. I know some are for props or your personal use, but how much would you say you are able to resell from those shops? I remember you said you buy some antique store items even if you will only make a little profit because you make a bigger profit on other items and it all evens out. Did I just answer my question? LOL How do you decide what is a good idea to buy for resale from antique shops? Thanks!! 🙂

    1. Hi Marian!
      My name is annmarie,I met you in New Hampshire at the sage farm show and sat in on your business seminar. I was so excited to meet you my husband thought I was crazy!… haha!… oh well, I am like you,I need hours to go through home goods!!!… that an Tj are my favorite stores ❤️ I actually have that pan !… the houses are a huge hit with the adults in my family (big kids!!) My children are getting older so I have passed some of our traditional goodies on to them for their new apartments so now I’ll have to replenish my stash!!! I love the mix of old with new and nature thrown in … love everything on your table. It was so nice to meet you, hope you and your family have wonderful holidays!

  7. I live in Hanover, PA and I was wondering what stores you go to up here in Pennsylvania? I am always looking for some good stores to go to! Especially ones that carry the great pieces like you found! I am very much a homebody too but when I do go out I like to go to places like the ones you went to.

  8. Great finds Marian! I found a few nice pieces of Ironstone when I was in PA last month visiting family but I seem to have limited success with antique malls and stores.

    Instead, I do much better at shows and fairs with my next trip being the Madison/Bouckville show in upstate NY in August. I came up for the first time last year and was blown away. Its held in the beautiful countryside of upstate NY in different fields and tents. One of the best shows is the “Big Field” show which opens at the end of the week on Friday. They do have a website if you want to check it out and it might be a great buying trip for you.

  9. You have such an amazing eye!! Could you do a tutorial on how to replicate the beautiful finish on the concrete pieces? I would love to have a formula for white with a suble subtle aged wash that looks authentic and know you would do it way better than I could!!! Just a idea . . .

  10. I love your finds! I wonder if you can provide some guidance regarding lead paint and other toxins that might be part of things we find in salvage and antique shops. I don’t know enough to be able to assess the safety of things I want to bring into my home. Thanks!

  11. I love staying at home and at times that worries me. After retirement last year, it’s been wonderful to stay put. I do try to make it a point to work out most everyday and I’m around others for a short time. Love your finds, Marian. I don’t seem to have that kind of luck or more likely don’t have the “eye”.

  12. I work out my house too, and this reminds me that I need a similar day!! Keep on with your awesome inspiring self Marian!!!!

  13. I love when you go shopping & share the latest goodies! I have a concrete pineapple that’s about 2feet tall. I have painted it white & that’s as far as I have gotten with it. Need some fresh ideas. Love the hymnal~~~especially with a name & date inside. Have a lovely weekend 🙂 .
    Oh, I’m a homebody too!

  14. The more I learn about you the more we have in common. (No wonder I like you so much!) 😉 I began my vegetarian path, during a vacation of all time, in Feb 2013. I’ve save and picked up old interesting items for years…just like you say, they speak to me. I have a handful of little bottles that used to sit on my paternal grandmother’s kitchen windowsill for years. I also have it sitting on my windowsill now just the way she did. Somehow it gives me the feeling of a connection with her and the past. My father recently gave me a big box of old books and papers from his mother’s side of the family some of them dating back to the 1700. It astounding and so exciting to look through these pieces. An old wooden box somebody carved to hold special spoons….things like that.
    Then you said you are a homebody! With all of the things you do I would not have guessed it… But I can also spend the entire week at home with all kinds of things to keep me busy and my husband simply can’t understand it ! But then its like I have to bust out and go explore. There’s nothing I like more than going down little old roads that go who knows where and just find and see things that aren’t on everybody else’s daily path. I enjoy hearing your about journey so much. I can’t wait to see what you do with your little milk bottles because I have several as well. I frequently use them as a little flower vases sometimes at each individual place setting, others as a cluster in the center of the table. I hope you all are getting to enjoy the wonderful Firefly shows going on each evening! Happy summer!

  15. I NEED those corbels!! I’ve been searching high and low and those would be perfect in my daughters room for her new little vanity!!!! If you happen to put them online I’d LOVE to snatch them up!!!! Loving that scale too!! Great finds!!

  16. Would love to have more info on Chapel Market, I live in SC and would love a road trip to see all your great finds!!! Will you please post the info soon so plans can be made!! :-)!!!l

  17. Can you share the name/location of some of your favorite places to shop? I just moved east of DC and would love some tips on where to go. I’m not against driving an hour or two (especially when my sister comes to visit!). Beautiful finds!!!

  18. I am in love with the clocks!! I have bought a couple from you before – my Dad is a clocksmith so he is fine tuning them for me!! If your clock doesn’t “tick” – “tock” to me is his motto!! Love that man!! Great eye as always in all that you do – thanks for sharing!!

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