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French Chair Makeovers - Miss Mustard Seed

I told you there were lots of furniture makeovers on the way!  Here’s another one…


Remember this pair of French chairs?  I found them on Craig’s List for a good price and they were in really nice condition.  A reader asked why I don’t just leave them alone.  It’s true, I could probably sell them as is, but they aren’t really “me.”  Why does that matter if I’m selling them?  It matters because people aren’t just buying a French chair or a dresser from me.  They can buy those from any vendor at Lucketts.  What they can buy from me is something with my style stamp on it.  Plus, I want my booth to be full of things I love and would use in my own home, not things that are just nice.


So, Cari stripped them and pulled out the thousands of decorative tacks to get them ready for me.  The foam was in fine condition, but it was a little hard, so I added some more batting.  The nail head trim was also in grooves around the arms and I didn’t really like how that looked, so I filled those in to make the chair seat look fuller…if that makes sense.  I upholstered them in antique grain sacks with a French General blue & white fabric on the backs.  I like adding that little surprise in the style of chair.  They are trimmed out in ivory gimp from, which is just hot-glued on.




The wood frames were a little worn, but still in beautiful condition, so I left them alone.  I really like how the wood plays against the cream grain sack and contrasts the painted pieces in my booth.

As a recap – before…


…and after…


If you’re interested to see my process, you can check out all of my upholstery-related posts HERE.

Off to do more…

the French twins

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