French Market Basket

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I love French market baskets and have bought several over the years, but most of them have been sold.  I have kept three for myself, though.  I like to use them on top of tall pieces of furniture to fill the space visually, add some texture, and provide some storage for rarely-used bulky items.

Before setting out for Gold Rush, I had a fleeting thought that I would buy another one if I found one at a good price.  Well, wouldn’t you know…Cheri and I came across an entire stack of them.  They were $55/each, which is a good price for this style of basket.

I ended up picking a basket with a pretty weave and wood runners along the bottom to put on top of the wardrobe in the sewing room.  It’s a perfect place to stash extra pillow forms.

I haven’t shown this piece in a while, but it’s a good one.  I found it on craigslist when I first moved here and I jumped right on it.  I store my fabric and sewing machines inside.

The basket adds just the perfect amount of height.

I was hoping my mom and I could get some work done on this room before we leave for Europe late next week, but I have so many other things I actually need to do that it’s looking doubtful.  So, my roll of toile will just have to wait a little longer…

French Market Basket

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45 Comments on “French Market Basket”

  1. Marian, the pop-up ads and your pop-up video tutorials block 90% of the screen on my iPhone when I’m on your website. This is a new problem. I took a screen shot—let me know if you’d like me to send it to you.
    Love those baskets! Great price, too!

    1. Susan, while it is annoying you can tap on the “x” or “close ad” where the ad/video appears and that should clear your screen. It’s what I do so that my view isn’t interrupted. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks, Jamie, but the ads just keep popping up again and again after I click x to close them! I get around it in reader mode, but reader mode isn’t available for every post, nor for reading the comments. This is definitely a new issue. Appreciate your kind reply though.

    2. It’s happening on Bloglovin too and it’s really annoying. You get the video slotted in on the page where ads usually are, then when you scroll past it turns into a pop up top right. It mans you can’t scroll back and forward through a post because every time you go past the video it pops up again.

  2. What a beautiful sewing room. Love everything in it. Going to be even more beautiful with the toile on the walls.

    1. What make of sewing machine do you have Marian? I’m planning to buy a new one before I retire in the next couple of months. I usually sew decor – pillows, curtains, slipcovers – like you do.
      Thanks so much. Patti

      1. Patti, I hope you are this. 😁 Marian has a Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 Basic. If you go to Sailrite’s website and sign-up for their emails, they often have good sales. The machines are not inexpensive, but are a good price for what you get. (I amazing up for one!) Just go to 😉

        1. Good lord, look at those errors! Dang Kindle! 😣 It should have said, “I hope you see this” and “I am saving up for one!” Lol!

        2. I was wondering what was the sewing machine make. I have never heard of Sailrite. What a lovely machine. I don’t do much home dec sewing, but this machine is something to investigate.

    2. A power hose works wonders, but wedge in a corner otherwise you will chase it around the garden. If they are mis-shaped soak in a bath of water for an hour then gentle push back into shape and tie with strips of rag until dry. They are normally made of willow which is soaked when woven.

    3. If they are just dusty, you can vacuum them with a brush attachment. If they are really dirty, you can take them outside and hose them off. Just let them dry on a sunny, breezy day and they’ll be good to go!

  3. I often wonder how long vendors will be able to collect and sell these vintage beautiful items, like dough bowls and grain sacks, like will then not run dry one day? Then this thought came to me….one day someone will be cleaning out my place and my grain sack pillows, dough bowls and ironstone, all a new found love because of you 😊 will find there way into someone else’s home to love…I hope.

  4. What do you call the round wooden bowls behind the market baskets in the picture? What were they used for? What’s a good price?

  5. I think I did that wrong, I’ll try again:
    What make of sewing machine do you have Marian? I’m planning to buy a new one before I retire in the next couple of months. I usually sew decor – pillows, curtains, slipcovers – like you do.
    Thanks so much. Patti

    1. I have two sewing machines. The one on the sewing desk is a Sailrite, which is all about power. There are no bells and whistles, but it will sew through just about anything, so it’s great for working with heavy fabrics (like hemp and multiple layers of upholstery), which I often do. My second machine is lighter-duty but has some of the bells and whistles I use like a buttonhole function. The Sailrite was about $800 and the other machine is a $150 Singer.

  6. Hi same problem for me Marian as Susan has. Very discouraging and rather annoying. Sorry but thought you would like to know.

  7. So glad Susan brought this issue up. The pop-up ads and your pop-up video tutorials are blocking much of the screen on my iPhone when I’m viewing your website. I thought it was just my iPhone. ☹️

  8. Wow, those baskets sell for $150 where I live. I have wanted one for YEARS, because they are just SO beautiful, especially in person. I can’t justify that price at all, ever. I sure wish that I could get one for $55!

  9. I hate to add to the negativity, but much of the joy of reading your website is diminished by the pop-up ads and especially the videos. I use a laptop, and as soon as I get a few sentences in, the whole process freezes. I cannot view the whole post until I refresh the page so the video loads, and then when I scroll by it I immediately close it so I can continue to read. I’ve noticed this problem with several blogs I read and I’ve tried many solutions to block the videos but none is successful. I wish the commercial aspect of writing blogs would not interfere so much with the joy of reading and scrolling.
    Have a great trip and know that even with the slow blog loading issues, I’ll always be a loyal fan.

      1. Hey Marian…..Just letting you know… I read you on a Mac desk top and it is, on somedays, almost impossible.
        Today not too bad but yesterday was the worst ever!!! Pop up videos came right in the middle of your writing content. I would click the little “X” in the corner and it would come back even faster. Videos would repeat themselves many times.
        *** I am not trying to be a complainer just informing you for your tech staff.
        Love the baskets and the wardrobe

        1. No, I appreciate that! It’s interesting, because I look at my blog on a macbook and that’s not happening to me. Is the video popping up one of my tutorial videos? Just trying to figure out the culprit!

          1. The videos have nothing to do with you or your products. It was the other day and as I remember, it was for some kind of a cleaning product….Swiffer? or maybe Mr. Clean Pads? Fabulousa? I clicked it off fast and it came back instantly…..I did it 3-4 times!!! Then I just scrolled down and tried to read but the ad kept jumping in…in the way. It was crazy.
            Today’s (09/02/19) blog post was fine…just on the bottom ads for clothes….not disrupting.
            Thank you for not thinking I was a complainer!!!

        2. I use an android phone and tablet, so I’m not sure if apple products have the option of downloading and using kiwi browser? It blocks all ads! If you need to access a pop up for some reason in a particular site, you can unblock ad for that site (and re-block as needed) I use it instead of the chrome browser
          because some blogs were impossible to read, which caused me to unsubscribe from several just from sheer aggravation.
          At any rate, I find it makes for a more friendly blog reading experience!
          Love you blog Marian, and I hope this helps some of you other readers!

    1. Phyllis, If I might add to avoid ads on ALL websites and even emails….I have had AdBlock installed on my laptop, PC and even my PC at work for literally years. It is totally Free to download. I never have the problem of ads showing up on pages…at all. Yes, there may be a pop-up to sign up for something on someone’s site, like this one, but all those annoying ads are gone. BTW, my browser is Google Chrome. Hope this helps….

  10. Oh my goodness it’s so beautiful!! My question is, what distinguishes it as a French Market basket as compared to some other basket? What details should one look for, in other words? Were they actually used at markets or is that just a term to describe a certain style of basket ?

    1. They are a rectangular shape with flayed sides and handles. The weave for each can be different and some have wood runners or side supports and others don’t. Some also come with lids. These baskets were basically the cardboard boxes of today. People would use them to move stuff and haul it around.

  11. I looked at a similar basket today in an antique mall in Franklin, Tennessee. $125!!!
    You got a bargain.

  12. In reference to the ads, and Dr. Marty are the two most annoying. I don’t know if they are sponsors of MissMustardSeed or not, but they have multiple ads with no x-out option. And they don’t go with your content at all. Yucky.

    1. The ads that you see depend on your search history and my content. So, if I’m sharing about linen dresses, there are more likely to be clothing ads, but if you’ve been shopping for a camera, you’re going to see more camera ads. What you see will be different from what others see.

  13. Marian, Just remember – a role of toile at home is like money in the bank. Just gives you a good feeling. Love that blue and white.

  14. Just wanted to answer your question about what kinds of videos… always your tutorial videos… whichever one has embedded itself in that post pops up as I scroll past. Usually leaves me alone after I’ve scrolled past.

    Have a wonderful trip next week! I’m excited to see posts from your travels!

  15. I’ll add my two cents. I read your blog from my home PC. I don’t get any ads, but I do use Ad Blocker Ultimate. I don’t like reading blogs from my phone because I prefer a larger format to see pictures and for reading.

  16. Where did you get those fabulous porcelain knobs on your sewing desk? I am having trouble finding some that big for a dresser I am refinishing with your hemp oil. The only ones I can find are small like cabinet knobs.
    Thank you!

  17. Love the basket. I use a French Market basket when I go to the grocery store. Is this room different from your guest room? Im working with only 2 bedrooms inn my cottage so it’s a bit cramped as I am realizing.

  18. Beautiful baskets, but the actual antiques are French laundry baskets which were used by laundry houses and services in France many, many years ago. I own a real antique one that still has the original metal plate attached, with the laundry bin number painted on it. The number was assigned to the customer’s laundry order. I believe many of the baskets that have popped up to be sold recently are reproductions, but they are just as pretty and well made as the real antiques and are offered at a much lower price.

    1. These are antiques, definitely. I know there are reproductions out there, but there weren’t reproductions. And yes, laundry basket is probably a more accurate name. From my understanding, these were used for a variety of purposes, though.

  19. Hi Marian! I love those baskets. I have a basket fetish so i hope to never come across one. I would have to buy it and that is not in my budget. Hopefully someday i won’t need to be on a budget. Again, thank you for sharing your little outing. Sunshine is good for us.

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