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A few months ago, I curated some collections on eBay and shared them on my blog.  Now, I’m refreshing the ones that were the post popular…adding even more inspirational goodness and, this time, including vintage and antique finds that are similar to those I use in my home.  I found a set of French cane chairs almost exactly like the ones in my dining room…


…a similar stool and the exact paint and fabric used in my master bath…


…an ironstone soap dish

missmustardseed-86 (568x800)

…and the exact alarm clock and locker baskets I use on the shelves.

DSC_1665 (424x640)

It’s been fun to “shop my look” in these collections and find things I love and enjoy using in my home.

For more inspiration and curated collections, click HERE.

One last thing.  eBay has launched a new campaign called  Curate for a Cause.  You can check out the full details at, but for every curated collection created with #ImBornTo, eBay will donate $1.00 to March of Dimes.  You’ll also be entered to win a $5,000 shopping spree on eBay.  I can think of a few things I could spend that money on!  So, join in and curate for a cause!


Disclosure: This is a paid featured post.  My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay #followitfindit and Style Coalition.
soap and brush gallery

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22 Comments on “soap and brush gallery”

  1. Marian,
    I am very disappointed in your previous post about the new flag bracket your husband installed. You showed a picture of a cute winter flag that you hung and that you will eventually hang your redskins flag too. What about the American Flag ?????? Do you even own one??? Shame on you if you don’t.
    You have many followers out there who have or had family and friends that served in the military. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we have the privilege to live in this great country and hang our flag proudly. Yet you never mentioned that hanging the American Flag was even an option. Please tell us that you will hang your American Flag and not just on the 4th of July and Memorial Day.

    1. Of course I’m going to hang the American flag and I do own one. Are you really offended that I didn’t specify that?

      My dad served in the military for over 20 years and I grew up on military bases, so I have an appreciation for all of those who serve.

  2. OMG seriously “All American Girl” please relax. Out of all the problems in the world, this is the one that you pick (and it’s not even a problem)? I also very dislike hearing the phrase “shame on you.” My husband and I were in the process of adopting (rescuing) two special needs cats and the adoption lady said “shame on you” to us for some trivial reason and it really took us aback. I wish people wouldn’t use that phrase so lightly.

  3. Really All American Girl, that was silly. It’s just a flag holder installation tutorial My son served twice in Iraq and once in Afghanistan and returned home an injured retired veteran. We fly the flag here and at camp and I’ll tell ya I would never criticize a person for not displaying a flag. If they did it improperly or defaced our flag that would be another story. Have some tea and try to figure out what set you off today! It certainly should not have been this post! Try to look at things with just a bit more lightheartedness. Smile inserted here!

  4. I didn’t know you currated a collection for Ebay! What the heck! I went over there and found too many goodies… uh oh!


  5. I have NEVER replied to a negative comment before. I am going to make an exception here. To American Girl, I admire you. I really do. If you have NOTHING better to do other than offer rude, inconsiderate comments that are so offending to so many (obviously) as a reply to a delightful person, earning a living and doing good for so many people every single day then Yea! for you. You idiot. Find something worthwhile to act ignorant about.

  6. Whew! That felt so good. Maybe I should do that more often.

    Just wanted to say I didn’t know you had anything going on at Ebay. I’m going to check you out right now! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

    Your fan, Linda

  7. Well said Linda.

    I’ve never posted at all – but All American Girl really seems to have touched a nerve…and I am happy/relieved to read that it’s not just my nerve! The words “shame on you” are uncalled for and unfair. I also come from a military family background and my father and uncles (who have served in Afghanistan AND Iraq) would never echo your sentiment of shame or disappointment regarding a photo shoot and a blog about decorating.

    And news flash from the founding fathers – that ultimate sacrifice has been made by many to preserve the right to fly any flag we would like to in front of our houses.

  8. And Marian – I love you thoughtful blogs and pictures…always a delight to read! Thank you.

  9. Marian, I am fairly new to social media and the blog world. I enjoy your blog along with about 10 other blogs written by some really kind and talented women such as yourself. I do because you make me smile, because you inspire me to try new things in my home. It seems to me there is another side of social media that is negativity. I really don’t understand it but please don’t let it get you down. I think our time is so much better spent lifting each other up. I think your flag looks cute as will your American flag. How sweet of your husband to put it up on a cold day. Have a blessed day.


    We live in a military community of 120 houses for higher ranking officers. My neighbors are all Commanding Officers of ships, destroyers, submarines (and you name it) which means we all have close to 20 or more years of service for our country. I took a walk after reading the mean comment of the All American Girl and wanted to let her know that of the 120 houses, only 4 display the American flag. So mean lady, are you still going to say shame on us to the 116 of us who don’t display the flag?
    Some of my fellow spouses own one flag, the one they received at the funeral of their fallen soldier. This flag stay folded and will never be flown on a pole in front of their house. Are you still saying shame on them?

    Every day on base, at the levellie of the flag at sunrise and at the retiring of the colors at sunset, I stop whatever I am doing, look toward the flag and have a tear in my eye

    but I don’t own a flag

    Every time I go to the movie or sporting event, I stand up at the sound of the American anthem and have a tear in my eye

    but I don’t own an flag

    Each year that my children spend a birthday without their father who is deployed, I have a tear in my eye

    but i don’t own an flag

    I don’t own an american flag but I respect my people. Respecting your flag starts by respecting your people

    PS: to All American Girl, don’t forget to bring your flag inside at sunset everyday because on June 22, 1942, the Congress advised in its guidelines that the display the flag should, I quote ” be from sunrise to sunset on flagstaffs in the open” and do it the right way I quote” it should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously” and oh, quote “It should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement”. Do you respect all the guidelines, the list is long but I hope you do.

  11. I served in the Army for 8 years…. and I don’t own a flag. My husband wanted to up a flagpole we inherited but I know you are supposed to take it down at sunset and frankly, we would forget half the time. To honor the flag, we have decided not to fly one because we would somehow mess it up. And as other comments have stated, no one should be shamed for not owning a flag. Seriously.

    Lovely goodies Marian! I hope to someday be able to afford some ironstone – it’s beautiful!

  12. Are you kidding me???? This is a blog about decorating…. DECORATING!!!! That’s what this is about. If Marian wants to hang a flag in front of her house with a pink unicorn on it that would be okay too! I am flabbergasted and annoyed when this happens online.

  13. I agree with you Jan! Marian does not have to tell us anything at all, let alone when and what type of flag she does or does not plan on flying at any given time. Geezz….

  14. Marian’s blog is more than just about decorating and that is why we keep reading it. She shares stories about her life, her family, her thoughts. It’s part of her blog, her story.
    Today, she chose not to erase the comment about the flag and shared her response with us like if she had to justify herself. She must have been really shocked by this comment.

    Marian, I want to show you my support for both your decorating adventures and life story. You are a good person. I appreciate you for your talent and for the person you are (and sorry for the long comment I left above, I didn’t mean to get involved or bother the other readers with such a long comment. The comment section is definitively not the place to start a feud. It’s funny, the same way you felt you felt you had to respond to her, the same way I felt I had to justify myself).)

    So now, back to what matters

  15. Ok Ladies, lets all be forgiving here…we are all human…lets let this go…tomorrow is a new day and lets not be negative. Marian is a special person and we all want to defend her but lets let it ALL go…that is what she would want…to forgive means it is like it never happened…I think that is what we need to do here….enough said! Good night ladies…

  16. Ladies, I really do not comment much on any blog. It takes away from my being able to keep looking and reading up on all the decorating, recipes, funny stories and things I so much! But this particular post has made me feel the need too. And I will start by saying Its not that I don’t necessarily think the one bloggers comment was not so nice ( because I do) its more so because I feel the need to say that even though we may take offense to something. Maybe we just don’t need to be so unkind and gang up on that person over and over again. Marian expressed how she felt about the comment. And that’s who it was directed too. Some subjects could be discussed for hours. Especially subjects such as things that have to do with our rights and freedoms. Lets just remember we are all here to enjoy each others company and learn new things all the time. So lets just forgive and move on. May God Bless us all!!
    Shawn… Follower of Marians in Maryland
    ps. I do own a flag and appreciate all of the insight on how to fly it. You learn something new everyday and I realize now that I was not flying my in the manner that I should have. And now because of this discussion I can. Thanks once again to all!

  17. Love your curation! I went back and looked up the ironstone soap dish- I had one a few months ago that I sold, and now I so regret it. It would make my kitchen sponges look so much better! 🙂
    Anyway, random question….Your chair seat covers. I love the fullness of the ruffle, and doubling the circumference never gives me the look I want. Do you triple it?

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