my first MN antique haul

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I have felt a little bit like I’ve been in a bubble since we moved here this summer.  I have the places I know and can get to without a GPS and then there is the rest of Minnesota.  When I lived in PA, I made a point to get out and about every couple of weeks.  It was important for creativity to step away from my computer, studio, and home for a while.  I’ve made little trips here and there, but there has been so much to keep me busy at home, that I haven’t done as much exploring as I would like.  So, that bubble is pretty small right now.

I decided I really needed to get away from the house this week, so I checked out a local antique store and I am so glad I did.  Not only did I find some great stuff, but I found a place that is likely to be a favorite spot when I just need to get out and dig through piles of old things.  Of course, these shopping trips won’t be anything like the ones in PA, because I’m not doing retail at this point.  I’ll just be buying things for my house.

Anyway, here is what I bought…


I’ve been looking through Craigslist for a small, antique table that I could use in the studio as a desk or photo surface, work table, etc.  This one was the perfect size, I loved the rustic top, and those turned legs and just lovely.

That drawer also has a zinc-bottom, which is just cool!

Now, I wish more of that green paint was showing!  I might try to sand off more of the brown to expose it, but we’ll see.  It might just get repainted, but I’ll put some resist on, so that green will still show through.

The top does need some light sanding, just to smooth it a bit.

It was a great find and just what I was looking for.

A piece that was a total impulse buy was this hand-made wooden barn!  Isn’t it so sweet?  It was $28, so I couldn’t leave it there at that price.

It will definitely be painted, which will be such a fun project.

Some other smalls I bought were this unique hand broom…

…a wooden pig cutting board…

…and this other uniquely-shaped board.  I just liked the detail on it.  Anyone know what it was used for?  Maybe fish?

I also picked up this wooden utensil…

…and brass bird clip…

…and this amazing basket…

The weave of it and hardware caught my eye immediately.

It does need some rinsing, but that’s an easy thing to do.  The only problem is that I would usually just hose down something like this outside, but it’s just a wee bit cold outside here in Minnesota. It might have to get a rinse in the shower.

And, I found ironstone which made me feel even more at home here.

I bought a cute pitcher for $12.  I also bought a bowl for $15.

I bought a pretty pine dresser, too, but it’s still in my van!  I’m not 100% sure where it’s going, yet, but it’s one of those pieces that could work in five different rooms.  I was in love with it and it was a good price, so it came home with me.  I’ll share that when I find a new home for it.

One more find…  I didn’t get this locally, but bought it off of eBay a couple of weeks ago…

It’s a Civil War era quilt with beautiful indigo-dyed fabric and detailed quilting.  It is faded in some places and literally a little rough around the edges, so it was well priced at $70.  I just fold it to show the best side.

It was musty, so I threw it in the wash.  I’ve shared this before…if I can’t wash it and use it in my home, there is no point in having it.  I wash it and just keep my fingers crossed!  In the case of this quilt, it was a happy ending and another beautiful blue & white quilt is added to my small collection.

It was a successful antique shopping trip and gave me encouragement to seek out more local shops, so I can continue to find “my spots.”

my first MN antique haul

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63 Comments on “my first MN antique haul”

  1. The color of the blue fabric in that quilt is “to dye for”. So sweet. I agree with you about washing – I collect vintage wool blankets and ALWAYS run them through the washer on the hand-wash cycle, then air dry. 99% of the time they come out looking like new and smelling nice and clean and ready to be loved again. If one occasionally doesn’t make it, then I figure the dirt was the only thing holding it together, and no one wants to curl up with that!

  2. Glad you are getting out and exploring a bit! I love the quilt and was glad that it stayed intact after washing it.

  3. So wish you would reconsider the retail thing. There are many wonderful occasional sales in Minnesota. Or Junk Bonanza, one of the very best shows! I live in Des Moines and am a vendor at both Junk Bonanza and at Junk Jubilee in Des Moines. Would love to have you join either show!

  4. Fantastic finds, every one of them! Glad you found a place that can be you go-to spot for recharging your creative batteries.

  5. So refreshing to hear you say it must be washable or else! Too many people keep things stored away and unused because they’re keeping them for “good”. Then they’re never used and that is a waste. I wash my mother-in-law’s family quilts from 80 years ago. If they don’t hold up, at least they were loved…and they’ll become pillows or wall hangings!

  6. I ordered a Wallace sleigh bell off ebay and it arrived – it is so sweet; I paired it with a red ribbon! I am so happy you introduced us to them.

    Thank you and may the sweet baby Jesus bless you and your family during this season and always.

  7. Love all you treasures, especially the beautiful ironstone…you’re hitting your stride again ! Thank you for your post on Wallace sleigh bells…My daughter and her husband are celebrating their first Christmas married… so I ordered one for them…when the bell rings it’s magical ! Merry Christmas ! ……Smiles…..Anne

    1. Yes, they have a beautiful ring and I love that you can get one to commemorate special years or any year.

  8. Love the quilt. I’ve made lots of quilts and they are very strong, the cotton fabric being the same as what clothes are made of. Machine wash in cold and tumble dry them on low. Never hand wash them or hang them to dry as you can’t get enough of the water out and the weight of the water will pull them apart. It could have new binding put on it but I would leave it as is, its old and shows it. Enjoy it.

  9. Love that you are getting out and about! So many wonderful treasures to be found here in Minnesota! The unusually shaped breadboard is a Scandinavian bread board – Swedish I think – originally had words and designs woodburned on it. My mom and I both have one 😁. Great find!

  10. Love your finds!
    Quick tip for the quilt…if you wash it on a sunny day when the grass is green, lay it out flat on the grass to dry, flip it over every half hour or so. You’d be amazed how much of the staining disappears. I’ve tried it with vintage linens and was pleased with the results. I was told it has something to do with the grass, I don’t know but it worked for me.
    Enjoy your new finds and finding new places to shop….I’m still discovering places in So. PA since we moved here 3 years ago.

  11. It is always so fun to go Junk’n in new areas because they used different items due to their way of life. You found some amazing finds! About the quilt there is no words but simply beautiful! Have a very Merry Christmas! Jo

  12. Hi Marian,

    Love your finds! Would you be willing to share the name of stores you visit? Always nice to know where to look when traveling for finds!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  13. What a haul you got!! I love that you told the prices you paid so we have ideas when we shop!! Merry Christmas to you and your family in your new beautiful home!!

  14. I love your treasures. My daughter lives in MN. Where is the antique shop?

    Where the quilt is worn is sometimes called “the wisker edge”. It is where the men with beards would pull the quilt up around their chins on a cold night causing it to wear.

  15. I just wonder if some loving father made that barn for a child for Christmas or Birthday?
    I had several of my Grandmother’s quilts and they were not in great shape but had a smell all of
    their own. I used something called Quilt Wash in the machine. They came out nice and fresh
    and not more stinky aroma.

  16. By the way I ordered some of that Wilt Proof for our tree from Amazon. Seems to
    be okay, better than the usual dropsy. Then I found out that our local family owned
    nursery sells it! Thank you for the suggestion.

  17. The legs on that table! and the carving on the pointy oval board! You find beautiful things no mater where you are! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  18. One more thing. On several quilts the edges were frayed. I just turned them under once and either hand sewed them or machine sewed them. I am not a purist but want to get some more life out of them.

  19. Love the finds… Good eye … You were on a roll!

    Congratulations on your transition away from retail to focus on your blog.. As much as I enjoyed hearing about the excitement surrounding Luckett’s, your regular blog activities contain their own excitement. It’s a testament to your growing success as a blogger that you’ve been able to take this step. I’m so proud of you!

  20. Hi Marion! Question, what is “resist”? I found a beautiful antique dresser with 2 layers of color and a fair amount of chippiness. I want to paint the whole piece in white linen but don’t want to loose all of the color underneath. Thank you for your share!

  21. Do you wash your quilts in your home machine, or take them to the larger front-loaders at the laundromat? Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  22. Great haul! Can’t wait to see them in action in your new home! And I second, or third, the notion that you do retail here in Minnesota. Junk Bonanza and Oronoco Gold Rush Days are fun places to start.

  23. Love the pig cutting board just like my mom had from her mom wish I had it now. Have a wonderful celebration of our dear Savior.

  24. Lovely Quilt find! Gorgeous hand quilting. It will truly add to your collection for your home.
    Sounds like you are having fun in MN. Stay warm in the coming days!

  25. Loved all of your finds. The pig cutting board pulled at my heart strings. I have one very similar my dad made in high school. To me it is priceless! Christmas blessings!

  26. I can’t remember where you ended up,Marian, but I hope you’re close enough to get to Elko some time for the traders market there. My folks’ families are in MN and I’m in Texas…been awhile since I was there, but I have two pieces I brought back from there over 30 years ago.

  27. Marian,
    Maybe you already know this, but aerosol oven cleaner works really well at removing paint. It only strips 1 paint layer at a time, so you should be able to remove the brown paint on the table without sanding.

  28. Wonderful haul!!! I didn’t know if the barn or the table were 28.00 – I am thinking the barn – but that was a great price – You were brave to wash your quilt in the machine!!!!

  29. Oh my, I love that little wisk broom! So humble, so utilitarian, so unique! I have a collection of hand brooms, and I’ve never seen quite like that one, especially with age. Love the bird clip too. Great finds, all. Merry Christmas, Marian!

  30. Love your finds . Be careful with sanding that old table ,it looks old enough to have lead paint. I think they have home test kits for that ? Anywho, Merry Christmas* Stephanie

  31. I love going out shopping at antique shops and you found lots of interesting pieces, i love that old quilt. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas, i’m hoping for snow here in Okla., we’ll see.

  32. That quilt is beautiful! And all your goodies are great. You did good!

    I’m trying so hard NOT to buy anything because I have so much stuff to sort & pare down; then I can look for some new treasures.

    Merry Christmas to you & your family. Health, happiness & blessings in the new year.

  33. Great finds. One of my uncles used to make birdhouses, and sent me a house each Christmas for several years. He died some years ago, but, I smile and think of him every time I put them out in the summer.
    What is the wooden utensil used for?
    Enjoy a Merry Christmas celebrating the Savior’s birth!

  34. I always think its fun exploring new places and finding new honey holes. That’s why I make it a point when we are traveling to check out new places in different areas. I think the type of antiques will differ from what you find in PA although I see you already found your first new pieces of Ironstone but I don’t think it will be as plentiful as it was in PA.

  35. LOVE that little barn! Please replace the hinges. Do they make miniatures of those old black scrolly (that’s scroll with an added flourish! LOL!) iron hinges?

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  36. Thanks for sharing! Feels good to SCORE! I do resale but am always looking for myself! Glad to hear you wash & use your items! The only way to do it! Good deals. Merry Christmas!

  37. Nice haul, Marian! You made some nice scores. Loving that little barn, I’d not have been able to pass it up, either! That quilt is really awesome, so glad it came through the wash in good shape. She’s been around a long time, hasn’t she?

    Happy holidays!

  38. Right after I read your post about the Wallace sleigh bells I visited my aunt & uncle, and they have a tree with a sleigh bell for each year they have been married. It’s beautiful! Thx for the info about these pretty Made in the USA collectables.

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  40. Hi Marian,
    I’m a huge fan of MMS Milk paint and of course, you! I also live in Minnesota and love to go explore antique shops. This summer, you should totally make your way to Buffalo, MN. (You have a paint retailer here!) Buffalo is home to many occasional shops and cute antique stores that you would have a hey-day in! Lots of people travel near and far the first (or 2nd) weekend of the month to shop. It would be a dream come to true to run into you! Hope you are enjoying all that MN has to offer. Just fyi, winters are brutally long, but MN summers cannot be beat!

    Take care!

  41. I’m so excited you’re in Minnesota! There are tons of great places in Rochester to pick. I made a pilgrimage there last summer from the others side of the state just to bring home a car load. Don’t forget to check out the historical center there (where they sell the Mayo Mansion tickets) they always sell their old books and magazines. I also found some amazing photos there.

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