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Disclosure: This post and giveaway is sponsored by Sleep Number®.  As always, all words and opinions are my own.

In almost 19 years of marriage, Jeff and I have been able to find a lot of common ground.  We’re actually pretty good at finding happy mediums.  There is one place, though, where we’ve been stumped and where compromise hasn’t worked…

Our mattress.

I want a mattress to swallow me up.  He basically wants to sleep on a board.  (Not really, but it feels like that to me.)

I’m sure so many couples can relate.

So, what we have is a very-comfy-for-me, but too-soft-for-Jeff memory foam mattress that’s been relegated to the guest room and we’re sleeping on another very nice inner-spring mattress that is a compromise.  Jeff sleeps with a pillow between his legs for extra support and I toss and turn regularly to find a comfy spot.

We’ve been talking about getting a new mattress for a while, but decided to wait until after we moved.  We were also a little hesitant, because we already have two nice mattresses!  How do we even begin to pick one that will work for both of us?  As we started to research possibilities, the only ones were A.) go 1950’s style and get twin beds (um, no) or B.) get a bed that would offer us the option of having different firmness levels on each side of the bed.

And option B led us to a Sleep Number store.

Now, I’ll insert here that shopping for mattresses can be a bit of an odd experience.  You end up laying down on mattresses in a store, trying to decide if this is where you want to spend 1/3 of your next 20 or so years.  And, if you’re like Jeff and I, you have the added angst of knowing that spending a lot of money on a nice mattress (that felt nice for the 10 minutes you laid on it at the store) doesn’t mean it’s going to feel amazing on your body 6 months from now.

I was pleasantly surprised that trying out Sleep Number beds was an entirely different experience.

All of the beds in their store, from the budget-friendly to the best-of-the-best, offer the ability to adjust each side of the bed to different settings.  Do you know what that means?!  It means you’re not having to lay on 10 different mattresses, trying to decipher if your back prefers a pillow-top or memory foam.  You don’t even have to be concerned about whether the mattress is too firm or too soft, because it’s adjustable!

With that consideration completely out of the way, we could just focus on finding our perfect Sleep Number® setting and then figuring out the features that would be most comfortable for us.

Yes, it still involved laying on a bed in a store, but we got to experience all different comfort levels on one mattress.

(I don’t know if you can appreciate it, but do you see how flat my hips are in the picture above?  It’s because the mattress is accommodating my curves, supporting my sway back.)

And I wasn’t just feeling the different comfort levels, but I could see how different settings affected my body and pressure points.  Jeff, the Sleep Number employee who was helping us, showed my points of pressure when the mattress was set at 100 (the most firm) and 30 (a softness setting that was comfortable for me.)  This screen shot just shows me positioned on my back, but I rolled to my side and stomach as well to see how the pressure points changed.

And I liked that this demonstration was done on one of their middle-of-the-road, most popular mattresses, the p5, so they are not showing you how comfortable the bed is with all of the bells and whistles and then you come to learn it’s out of your price range.

Not surprisingly, the demonstration showed that a super-soft setting of 30 was perfect for me.  I could sink down in the mattress, but I still felt supported.  And, not surprisingly, Jeff liked it at 85, just a few steps down from the firmest setting.

So that’s why we’ve been having trouble finding one that we both love!  We knew it, but the broad span between our Sleep Number® settings made it all the more evident that a mattress that can’t be customized isn’t going to address both of our sleep needs.

And sleep is important!  If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know I work hard and fit a lot into each day.  Good sleep makes me feel better, look better, accomplish more, and I’m certainly more enjoyable to be around!

Now that we honed in on our Sleep Number, we looked at features offered on the other available models.  We had decided before even setting foot in the store that we were going to upsize to a king bed.  I never thought I would want a bed that big, but we have a huge master bedroom in our new house, so a king bed will look more to scale.

Also, well, Jeff would tell you that he wouldn’t mind a king bed (to say the least).  I am not a very polite sleeper.  I steal covers, I kick, I move around a lot, and I’ll often hang out in the middle of the bed, causing him to cling to the edge.  More room will mean better sleep all around.  It was never an option for us due to space, but now we have the room, so we’re going to take advantage of it!

After experiencing some of the features and options, we decided on the i10 360 Smart Bed.  It had features that I didn’t even know you could get in a bed.  I’m most excited about Responsive Air technology, which automatically adjusts to each of us as we change positions in our sleep.  This is so key for me, since I do move around a lot.  The mattress will sense that I’ve rolled from my side to my stomach and it will effortlessly adjust to provide support and comfort.

I also liked the 7″ of contouring and temperature balancing layers.  To Jeff, it didn’t feel too soft, since his Sleep Number was set at 85, but for me, I melted into the mattress, just how I like it.  The surface felt noticeably cool as well, which is nice, since Jeff and I prefer to have it a little cooler as we sleep and use heavier blankets.  The temperature balancing layers will actually pull in your body heat when you’re hot and release it back to you when you’re cold!

And I’m also intrigued by SleepIQ® Technology.  The bed will actually tell me each morning how soundly I slept the night before (my SleepIQ score).  It senses my breathing, heart rate, how restless I was, etc.  It sends all of the information to an app on my smart phone, so I can make better decisions during the day that will give me better sleep at night.  Again, I didn’t even know a bed could do that!

Some options we sampled, but opted not to get were the FlexFit adjustable bases.  Oh my, though…what a difference it makes when your feet are lifted just a little bit.  It takes a lot of pressure off the lower back.  And I can see many benefits to having an adjustable head position – like when I injured my shoulder and needed to sleep propped up or when I’m congested.

And many of these features are available on different models at different price points, so it’s possible to get a lot of extra features without going top-of-the-line.

If you haven’t been in a Sleep Number store, I would suggest checking it out.  I usually wouldn’t suggest laying on mattresses for fun, but I learned a lot about new sleep technology as well as discovered things about myself and what feels comfortable to me.

And, because the people at Sleep Number are so awesome, they are offering a giveaway to help one lucky reader get a better night’s sleep!  Here’s the prize…

In balance sheets  ($229.99)

ComfortFit pillow ($89.99)

Ultra-Light Down Alternative Comforter ($299.99)

A funny thing about Sleep Number sheets is that my mom has always raved about them and I thought she was a little crazy.  Really?!  Sleep Number sheets are the best ever?  In my visit to their store, I learned they address the most annoying thing about sheets with a simple, but brilliant elastic band that holds them in place.  They are also elastic on all sides, so the sheets don’t pull and pucker along the long edge.  Okay, now that I’ve seen them…you’re right, mom.  They are pretty great.

One more rabbit trail about sheets.  When I was in sixth grade, I needed to design a product for an innovation fair.  I always hated how sheets would pop off or would creep up the edges of the mattress and then cause wrinkles at my feet.  So, I designed a gadget that was a large wire X-shape with clips on all four ends.  It was a sheet holder!  Patent pending.

Anyway, here’s how to enter the giveaway…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, our new bed and mattress were delivered just in time for Christmas and we’ve been enjoying them immensely.  Now that we’ve been sleeping on it for a while, I’ll be giving a full review of the mattress soon!

As Jeff and I left the Sleep Number store to do some shopping, he said, “I do have one complaint about that mattress.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

“That we don’t get to sleep on it tonight.”

Giveaway Disclosure:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Open to eligible legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia at least the age of majority in their jurisdiction. Begins: [Monday, January 29th, 2018 at 12:00:01 AM ET]. Ends: [Sunday, February 11th, 2018 at 11:59:59 PM ET]. Subject to Official Rules available at Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Mediakix LLC.

finding a happy medium & $600+ Sleep Number Giveaway

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83 Comments on “finding a happy medium & $600+ Sleep Number Giveaway”

  1. We’ve had our sleep number bed for 18 months now and it has been life changing! Like you, I was pretty skeptical in the beginning, but now I’m sold. I wish we’d bought the adjustable base option, especially for combatting congestion during allergy season. Maybe we’ll have to move this one to our guest room and buy another one. Just not sure I want my guests to be quite that comfortable!

    1. Yeah, we thought hard about the adjustable option, because it was very comfortable! I can see a lot of instances where that flexibility would help to get a good night sleep.

  2. Oh Marion, thank you so much for all the product reviews you give. I find them very informative. Since I do not live close to an area where many of the things you review would be available. Your reviews allow me to get an objective look at an unfamiliar product. I have dreamed of this Sleep Number mattress!! My back and hip would benefit so much. Thank you again. Love your site.

    1. If you can go to a Sleep Number store, it is worth trying it out. It was a very different experience than a regular mattress store – much more interactive and informative.

  3. I’ve always wondered about these beds. I thought they sounded to good to be true, but based on your review they are a contender for our new mattress. Thanks for sharing this was super informative!

    1. So far, we’re really loving it. It’s worth checking them out to see if they address your needs.

  4. Ohhh, wow, a Sleep Number would be amazing!!! Our mattress is over 25 yrs. old! Thanks for all the helpful information!

  5. We purchased the Sleep Number i-10 with adjustable base last year!! I adore it as I suffer from reflux and also have maintenance chemo medications (I’m cancer free but receive treatments that make me sick and I stay in bed for 4-5 days every 3 weeks! I’m only 44 years old by the way) that make me feel puny. I no longer have to stack a million pillows up behind me to enjoy Netflix while I recover! That is so funny how men and woman are so different. My sleep number is a 25 (like you, Marion I love to feel hugged by my mattress) and my husband’s is an 85! To anyone thinking about it, just go in the store and try them out. You will see. I did lots of research (and polls on Facebook with my friends) and the Sleep Number was kept popping up! You can return the mattress if you aren’t satisfied, however, the adjustable base isn’t returnable. So KNOW that you want it for sure before you purchase it! **We even moved and it was an easy to set back up after we got everything to the new house. We actually went back to our store, and they showed us how to do it!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! Yeah, I could see the adjustable feature being great! I could’ve used it when I tore my shoulder. I had to stack a bunch of pillows to support it.

  6. Awesome to read about your entire Sleep Number experience. It would be worth it to me just to not lay on so many beds in a different stores. Thanks for the great review!

  7. I LOVE our Sleep Number bed and share about its benefits far and wide. My husband sleeps on 100. (!!!!!) and I’m at a 35 or 40. I adjusted from 35 to 40 recently because I had hurt my lower bed moving some furniture and the added 5 gives me some relief while I’m recovering from the injury. Just that 5 have mattered! Love the SleepIQ and would LOVe to win the sheets and down alternative comforter.

  8. I have always wondered about them and your review was very informative. I am widowed so am the only one in the bed, but if it keeps conforming to your body that would be great.

    1. It’s nice that you can adjust the bed as your own tastes change (as well as your body). There are times when you need more support and times when you want to sink in!

  9. I have been dreaming of owning a Sleep Number bed since I heard Rush Limbaugh raving about them……..we actually discussed owning one this year – our expensive mattress with feather-top just isn’t doing it for me – I think I am more a Jeff and my hubs is more a Marian. : – ) And lordy lordy do I have such serious lack-of-deep-sleep issues…… we’re thinking of really getting one now!

    This was an EXCELLENT post, Marian, thank you – and a gentle push to go to their store asap. I’ts time. And we need a king – we do – for all the same reasons you gave.

    Thanks for their generous giveaway – I so need to enter!!!!! I love how your mom was right. (Aren’t they always???)

    1. Glad to hear it! I think it’s definitely worth going to the store to see if it’s right for you. 🙂

  10. We have had a Sleep Number mattress for 8 years now. It has held up extremely well!
    A couple of things I have noticed are:
    *The air pressure in the mattress changes with large barametric changes
    *The separation between the 2 sides is very annoying
    Hopefully the company has improved on those 2 issues!
    I had a back surgery/fusion 8 years ago and this bed was a huge help for me during that time!

  11. I can’t wait to hear about how you like your new mattress. My husband and I are in the same situation. I like it softer and he needs more support. We each have different pains that could be helped by having the right mattress but like you said it is challenging to figure out by just laying down for a few minutes and making a decision. I am in bed right now as I am sick today and my back is really in pain. Ugh. Thank you for sharing and sleep well .

  12. I have a mid range Sleep Number bed that I love! It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the new ones but I have never had a bed that was more comfortable. Just wish it had the adjustable base.

    Your bed is gorgeous where did you find the headboard?

    1. The bed frame is from Arhaus, but I got it on clearance and it’s no longer available. 🙁

  13. My son has a bad back and will only sleep on his Sleep Number bed. Thank you for all your information about the Sleep Number bed! What a great idea to use elastic bands on the sheets. I would love to win all three Thanks

  14. I’ve had my Sleep Number mattress for about 5 years. I got it because my orthopedist and physical therapist recommended it due to my back problem. My number is 95 and sometimes 100.

  15. I am also a Sleep Number owner! I have acid re-flux, and lifting the head of the bed helps tremendously! I have a queen size and sleep alone, but I use the whole bed! LOL! And, like you, I am a 30-35 number and love this bed! So glad I took the plunge about 4 years ago. I also purchased the sheets and two pillows at the time, but need new ones for a backup while one set is in the laundry. Thanks for the review. I know there are a lot of people out there who will be thanking you, too!

    1. Curious how the bed works for one person. Can the motor (for lack of proper terminology) not be placed in the middle of the bed? I also sleep alone and would love an adjustable bed.

  16. We purchased our 360 Smart Bed last September (Labor Day sale, 50 % off). We also purchase the adjustable base (only the head, not the feet). I’m the one with the back issues, so my husband found his Sleep Number rather quickly (50). I’m still working on mine . . . right now I’m 100, but titter-totter from 85-100. The adjustable head is great for when the hubby starts snoring, one little adjustment and he stops without me having to nudge him. We did not get the split adjustment mattresses, partially because of price, but also because then you can only use the Sleep Number sheets. So we opted for the regular mattress, when I lift his head, mine lifts also, but no biggy. Because there are two separate mattresses within the one mattress, I don’t wake my husband when getting out of bed in the middle of the night. I particularly like the Sleep IQ App. It will tell you how good or bad you slept the night before.
    The mattresses can be pricey, but Sleep Number offers financing (same as cash) through Synchony Bank.

  17. I am very excited to learn more about Sleep Number Beds. Your blog’s information has been so…helpful. We have just recently had a store move into our upstate New York area in Vestal, NY. I cannot wait to try them out. Thank you for sharing.

  18. We got a queen-sized Select Comfort bed back when Paul Harvey advertised them, probably 25 years ago. My side now loses a little air over time and we have replaced the center divider once due to the foam deteriorating. It has been a good investment.

  19. Oh wow, Marian. the i10 is EXACTLY the bed we were looking at last fall, but have not purchased yet. We were looking to opt for the the flexfit adjustable bases. It’s been 15 yrs for us (ridiculous, I know). We loved the features on this bed, but not the price! It’s like buying a good used car – expensive! I look forward to your review after time of sleeping on it.

  20. Thanks for the awesome review on the Sleep Number bed. I’m so glad that you and your hubby are getting such a better sleep 🙂 I’d love to try their sheets because right now, my hubby and I are looking for a better selection for our bedding.

  21. We bought one several years ago after years of trying to find a comfortable mattress. I am sorry to say we found it to be a glorified air mattress. After all the hoopla and promises it was just ” okay” and after a year it was unbearable. started asking people that had owned them and found that to be an opinion many shared. Hope you have better luck and you guys find them to be comfortable long term

  22. In reading your post I thought I was reading about my life for the last two months. I absolutely hate furniture shopping but I am in desperate need of a new mattress……embarrassed to say I have spun and flipped ours numerous times over the past 32 years…Yep!!! you heard right we have had the same mattress that long and added a Costco pillow top about 5 years ago to it. I think for me the expense of mattresses is killing me but what’s even worse is my lower back pain . I will definitely being going to check these out soon……HHmmmm would they notice if I just spent the night there for the next few weeks?

  23. We bought our first over 15 yrs ago now. Every night when I slip into that mattress, I turn to my husband & say, “Have I mentioned how much I love this bed!?” It’s a running joke. Lol
    Enjoy. Best money you’ll ever spend. I guarantee it.

  24. My husband is a board sleeper (go figure), and I like a softer mattress. We’ve had our Sleep Number for about 10 years and LOVE IT!!! I have fibromyalgia and when I’m really sore I can make the bed even softer.

    If you buy one you’ll only regret the purchase when you sleep on other beds while traveling!

  25. My sister has a Sleep Number with the adjustable base and they LOVE it! I bet you’ll love having the King – we have always had a Cal King and I just can’t imagine sleeping on something smaller. First world problems, I know. 🙂

  26. We got a Sleep Number bed three years ago and I love it! We have a very basic model due to the fact that we have a full-size bed. The headboard & footboard was the first antique I bought for $35 in 1976. I would recommend a Sleep Number bed to anyone. My number is 35, but I can sleep on 100 without really noticing when I’m really tired.

  27. I seem to have the home that my young adult, family members are gravitating to, as they need time to ‘find their way’. I would like them to look back on this time, and think of how comfortable they were while living here. A new mattress would be wonderful!

  28. My sleep number is 9 years old and sorry to say, I will never purchase another one. I had to get a new motor about 5 years in. That was around $200. My pillow top lost is fluffiness years ago and I will not spend the money for another. My back and hips hurt in the morning. I wish I could flip this mattress! My husband dislikes how warm he gets. I know Sleep Number has a cooling pad for the mattress, but again, I’m not spending more money on this bed. I hope you have better success with yours.

    1. Jules,
      The problem with all bloggers when they do a sponsored post is if they do experience a problem such as yours they are probably legally prohibited from disclosing it without being sued. That’s why you more than likely will never hear about it in writing if there is a performance or wear problem in the years to come.

      That’s why I am so skeptical of sponsored posts. Everyone loves the product they receive when its brand new and its not hard to give it a glowing review in return for an expensive product. Not once have I ever read on any bloggers site a negative review months down the road. So do your homework first before you run out and buy something because a blogger is saying its wonderful. Remember, they aren’t putting down the same amount of cash as you are which is another subject.

      1. Teresa, I am permitted to give my honest opinion about products and I have written sponsored posts that aren’t 100% positive. I have also declined sponsored posts based on my disappointment in the product. But, it wouldn’t be very smart business for me to post negative reviews of products I don’t like. It’s also just not my style. I want this blog to be a positive place.

        Yes, I receive product and payment as compensation for sponsored posts, but that doesn’t mean the post isn’t trustworthy. I have built up a level of trust with my readers and, if I just promote anything that comes my way, it wouldn’t be worth much. I only promote products I would purchase myself. In fact, I have become a paying customer of many of the products and services I have promoted over the years- YNAB, Arhaus, Plated, Blue Apron, Oreck, Legacy Box, The Bouqs just to name a few.

        My point is, my integrity is important to me and I wouldn’t risk losing it for a sponsored post.

  29. If you are a 30 then I have to be at least a 20……the softer the better to me! I cannot thank you enough for this post…. definitely going to check out their store and I can’t wait! THANK YOU!

  30. We LOVE our Sleep Number bed. We moved to the King sized because of my husband’s constant moving…I never know now when he moves. We both sleep well and miss our bed when we travel. We have had ours for 17 years and it didn’t have all the features they do now. Maybe someday we will upgrade. Thanks for your review! Loved reading it!

  31. We are happy with our sleep number bed. Thinking we will move to the adjustable option next time we move. Would love to try the sheets!

  32. I am so glad to read your review,
    I have thought about a Sleep.Number bed, but was not sure if it might be too hot. I too do not like being overheated. The cooling pad would be perfect for me. I will stop at.the Sleep Number shop and check it out.

  33. It’s getting time to replace our mattress, thanks for the information. We definitely need to check out out this mattress.

  34. We are a military family and have often said that when we finally stop moving, we will be purchasing a SleepNumber bed. Glad you were able to get one and have been loving it ever since.

  35. We are in need of a new mattress and have been trying out bees in stores. It does feel weird trying to make such a big and expensive decision from just a few minutes and a sales pitch. May have to find a sleep number store soon.

  36. We’ve had one since 1999, love it! Are planning on updating ours. Our levels are just the oppisite of yours. I like it firm and hubby likes it at 30-35! Hope you enjoy yours as much as we have ours.

  37. Marian, when you said you and Jeff had gotten a new mattress, somehow I *knew *it was a Sleep Number because of the difference in mattress firmness needs between the two of you!

    I have a spinal injury from a car accident (low back disc issues, neck and shoulder issues, and now my mid-back is bothering me from overcompensation 🙁 ) and I’ve wondered how I’d do with this type of bed. I’m in desperate need of a new mattress set, the one I have is pushing 15 years in age and never was a top of the line mattress, though was perfectly fine for me pre-injury. Very intrigued by your review, thank you for posting it!

  38. What a great giveaway!!! Since I have to sleep with my head up so my airway will stay open, I fight a stack of pillows every night. Sleep Number adjustable would be awesome.

  39. Had my Sleep Number bed for over 12 years and LOVE it. Stayed at a Ramada that had them. When you sleep better on the mattress at the hotel than you do at home, it’s time for get THAT mattress! LOL. I’m thinking its time to upgrade to the new technology.

  40. This made me laugh, “As we started to research possibilities, the only ones were A.) go 1950’s style and get twin beds (um, no) .
    As a couple with the same problem, my husband wants a board, I want some cushion, we went to twin beds a long time ago. 2 extra long twins is the same size as a king. They sit side by side on our king frame, we cover them with king sheets/bedding and no one would ever know that they were two separate mattresses. A perfect solution for us.

  41. I was wondering if you could use your own bed frame … I also have an antique bed, modified to fit a queen mattress.
    good to know 😊

    1. Yep! I had that question as well, because I am a big believer in adults over the age of 30 having a proper bed frame! 🙂

    1. This particular model is in the 360 line, which is their higher end, and it was $5200 (for the i10 king). The C2 queen, for example, is $700 (and still has the sleep number and other features.) So, there is a wide range depending on your budget. The main difference in the models is the technology (like Sleep IQ, Responsive Air Technology, adjustable base) and the added comfort features, like cooling layers, heating at the feet, and extra padding.

  42. I too have wondered if they are truly everything they say they husband and I will be checking these mattresses out now..thank you for your really helped us here a lot..

  43. We have had our sleep number bed for years ! It’s been a winner for us too!
    Love the look of yours with the gorgeous headboard and footboard.

  44. I guessed it last month when you said you had gotten a new mattress that is was a Sleep Number because you mentioned that you and your husband had such different preferences in mattresses. I’ve heard many good things about Sleep Number but we had a rather bad experience when we slept on one at a hotel. Apparently, the control device wasn’t operating correctly and the mattress wouldn’t change levels. However, I think it would have slept heavenly had their not been a problem with the control pad.

  45. I have always wanted a Sleep Number review from a real live person! I think they sound amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Last time we went mattress shopping it was awful! It’s worse than buying a car.

    I took my mom for her sleep number bed and she loves it. Maybe that’s what we should do next time? Things sure are getting advanced.

    1. It’s worth giving it a try. Just the experience in the store is different than traditional mattress shopping!

  47. This was a very helpful post and I am looking forward to your future review. Do you think this can control the snoring issue? Your room is very lovely and peaceful. Many blessings to you and your family. The move seems to be going well for you and your home is becoming more and more “Miss Mustard Seed!”

    1. Apparently the adjustable foundation may help with snoring (when the head is elevated to help open the airway). Each person is unique, though, so it might not solve all issues. I would talk with someone at a Sleep Number store or on the live chat on their site. They can give you much more detailed information on that.

  48. I’ve had mine for 17 years! Setting is as firm as possible. Will never sleep on another brand and thinking I’m almost ready to upgrade.

  49. We purchased the i7 flex 2 split king foundation in November. I haven’t settled on a number yet but fall somewhere between 35-50 . I had a hard time deciding on the foundation because of the whole sheet thing. I am not crazy about the sheets because it’s 2 twin xl bottom sheets and a king top sheet. The bottom sheets are seem to have a lot of extra fabric and get all bunched up under me and I really don’t move around much. We did not buy the bed headboard /footboard because I couldn’t decide which one, Did you have to make any adjustments to fit the mattress & foundation into your own bed frame?

  50. We’ve been through so many mattresses, and no matter how much we pay, can never seem to find one we both like. Need to have a date night at a sleep number store, I’m tired of waking up sore!

  51. Marian, I am so glad to hear that there are mattresses like this! I have been having a hip problem and I would hope that this would make my night’s sleep more peaceful and pain-free! Thanks for sharing!

  52. I’ve been contemplating a new mattress.
    I slept on. Sleep Number in a hotel once.
    My setting was 35.
    I would love to win this mattress.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. Marian, Thank you so much for this review of Sleep Number mattresses! My husband and I are redoing our master bedroom and have been on the hunt for a “perfect” mattress. I am a terrible sleeper with a bad back and the entire process has been frustrating. After reading your review, we will definitely drop in to a Sleep Number Store! Fingers crossed. Thanks again!

  54. Well that’s crummy timing. I just happened upon this post and read it through completely. It took a while because It was long and I didn’t skip any. At the end i saw the contest but it was closed. When I looked at the closing date/time, it was 8 minutes ago! Oh well, i enjoyed the post. I am in need of a new matress and will consider one of these in the future when I can afford one.

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