finally, an antique haul…

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A few things happened last week that haven’t happened in months…since February or March.  No 1 – We had a church service!  It was outdoors, but it was so awesome to see our church family, sing and worship together, and hear from our senior pastor.  No 2 – The boys got haircuts!  That might not sound like a big deal to you, but if you’ve ever had to chase down middle-school boys to wash their greasy mop of hair, then you know how nice it is to have it short!  I tried to cut it for them, but I made the mistake of cutting Sebastian’s hair first and they judge my abilities on that hack job.  Fair enough.

No 3 – I got to go to some antique stores!  I had my mask and hand-sanitizer right with me and I drove separately from my friend as a precaution, but I was itching to get out and hunt.  It’s just such a different experience than browsing online.  My local antiquing buddy, her son, and I went to a parking lot sale happening at an antique store about 15 minutes outside of Rochester that I had never been to.  I have a few big things I’m looking for…a bench, settee, or sofa to put under the window in the master bedroom, a dresser for Jeff’s side table, but I was also looking for accessories…frames, old books, things that make good planters, ironstone (always), etc.

We ended up stopping at two shops and then I went to two more by myself.  I didn’t find any of the big stuff on my list, but I did find some wonderful small pieces and a couple of unexpected finds.

I found a bunch of ironstone, more than I have on any other shopping trip in MN – three pitchers and two large bowls.  One of the pitchers has a hole in the bottom, so it was well priced.  Actually, they all were.  The pitcher and bowl wash sets were under $30/each!  The smaller pitcher was $10.

I also got a boars bristle brush and a couple of antique transferware plates in my favorite shade of blue.  The brush was $10 and the plates were $12 for the pair.

I snapped up this sweet green metal picnic basket for $15…

…and some vintage and antique books that ranged from $3-5/each.  Most of them had the library cards still in them!

The child’s chalkboard was $15.  I don’t have a specific spot for it, but I figured I could use it as a photo prop at the very least.  When it doubt, it’s a photo prop!

One of my best finds was a set of four lithograph prints $24.  Of course, I didn’t buy them for the prints, but for the frames!  They are the perfect size for landscapes, so I’m going to remove the prints and glass and use them for my paintings.

In addition to these smalls, I bought a sweet 1950’s kitchen chair to paint and use in my sewing room at the desk, a stool with pretty turned legs (also to paint), and a homemade wood shelf that fits perfectly in a nook above my bathtub.  I was planning to add some shelves there, but I love the idea of using a vintage piece.  I’ll fill it with some rolled-up towels, soaps, bottles, etc.

Speaking of the bathtub, we’re starting a few big projects in our house including the master bath!  I’ve been planning out a renovation for a while, but we kept putting it off.  Well, now we’re moving forward and I can’t wait!  There will be marble, in case you were wondering…

Getting out of the house to shop for antiques was a small thing, but it was so good!  I have been carrying the energy and inspiration through the weekend and ending up decorating when I should’ve been cleaning.  “I’ll just hang this before I run the vacuum…” turned into rearranging bookcases, applying gold leaf to a frame, hanging pictures, and I am enlisting the boys to help me move around some furniture.  One thing leads to another…

finally, an antique haul…

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30 Comments on “finally, an antique haul…”

  1. Someone on Facebook posted that they finally understood why Laura Ingalls got so excited to be going to town with Pa!
    My feelings exactly.

    1. I used to live on a farm and I know that feeling so well!!!! Got quite a chuckle from the Laura Ingalls reference.

  2. LOVE this…..“ Getting out of the house to shop for antiques was a small thing, but it was so good! I have been carrying the energy and inspiration through the weekend and ending up decorating when I should have been cleaning”

    1. It makes me feel better to see others spending money too, when my inspirations inevitably involve spending money, but those inspiring things ARE a part of the creative process. And so may involve $$$.
    2. Love that you put your newly recharged creative energy to work while those creative thoughts were flowing. No sense in wasting that😉!! And you were adding things to your house to make it your home, very important in my book.
    Way to go!!!
    AND 3. May I suggest that your boys clean in the summertime? That’s what I did as I figured they needed to learn how to clean, and when I spent less time cleaning, I could spend more time with them. Also I could spend time encouraging their creativity, or doing things like picking peaches ( a 6’3” son reached those tall branches quite nicely😉) and making jam together, etc etc.

  3. I know exactly what it’s like to experience that pent up desire to go antiquing. And when you finally go and find some wonderful things, oh what fun! You inspire me to find some new shops. Thanks for sharing your purchases!

  4. SweeT loVing all of this! Thanks for sharing this haul….ever anything for sale….just let me know! HuGs

  5. Great haul! I do the same thing repurposing vintage artwork frames and glass, new frame moulding can be so expensive and vintage uniqueness is much prettier. Sometimes I’ll use an acrylic paint wash and wax to tone down a new frame and make it look old.

  6. Hi Marion
    Just an FYI if you’ve never had marble before it bruises VERY easily. If you have then you know how careful you have to be.

  7. Since I live not far from you (Northfield, MN…60 miles) I am curious about which shops you frequented on your adventure….can you share? Especially the outdoor parking lot sale 15 minutes from your home. Your vintage goods look wonderful! I too am a collector of vintage books…prefer green covers to your blueish ones…..and love the old titles. Thanks for sharing your antiquing adventure!

    1. I forget the name of the place with the outdoor sale, but it was in Kasson. We also went to Cherish, a used furniture store, but they had some antiques. In Rochester, I frequent Kismet consignment and Collins Feed & Seed (they also sell antiques.)

      1. Thanks for the shopping references! We are also “in your neck of the woods”, so excited to check out some new places

  8. The shopping is exciting, but what a thrill to meet together with other believers outside for church after all these months! I am sure it was like a spring of water to in a dry land! Even though things look different, it is the little, and big blessings, that bring such gladness. Your gifts from the hearts of others, are all so lovely.

  9. The books with the faded colors and interesting titles are great. . .I am always drawn to them too. Your other finds are good too. It does feel good to get out, though we are taking baby steps here in Mn too. Just in case you need this info, I once had that sort of picnic basket and learned there is lead in it so please no food inside.

  10. I have a collection of old books that my 90+ aunt had. She w taugh High School English for 35 years. I guess I inherited my love of books from her. Treasures for sure.

  11. My husband and I traveled to Minnesota last summer to see the Twins play. On our way, we stopped in Albert Lea to get lunch and stretch our legs. There were some great antique stores with very reasonable prices. The town is a beautiful place to spend a few hours hunting for treasures and having lunch or, just a cup of coffee. Not too far from Rochester.

  12. So exciting to be able to go on a little antiquing hunt. It’s lovely having a church service outside. Our’s was too but there was no singing allowed.

  13. NJ is slowly opening up too- and the FIRST destination for me was my favorite antique store ! I got to go on Friday and the shop owners were so grateful to see their customers returning. Even if there was nothing I needed, or truly wanted, I would have bought something from them to make them happy ! Celebration time..
    Needless to say, finding something to bring home was NOT a problem 🙂

  14. Nice haul! Connie said get your boys to clean…reminded me of Ruth Soukup, she had her daughter’s make goals of what they want to accomplish on summer break. Great idea!

  15. Please tell me what lighthouse you drew ? I purchased three prints of yours. And my husband loves the blueberry print since our family are blueberry growers here in NJ.

  16. We finally got out to hunt for antiques a week or so ago too, it was wonderful ! A large flea market that we often enjoy opened for the first time this year and it was packed with treasures. It was great to be out and see all of the goodies and find some that we just had to take home. It was kind of nice that it was outside too as that seems to feel a little safer. Thanks for sharing your finds.

  17. My grandmother had that very same chalkboard hanging in the playroom at her house when I was growing up! Gave me goosebumps to see it!

  18. No antique sale events here in rural Australia were I live. There is one antique store in town – retail prices & our other options are thrift stores, garage sales or online as most of the markets are selling new things. A big lack of antiques here in Australia compared to the US, a smaller population & less time in our history for imports to build up over time. So…………I have decided to make my own event!! In conjunction with a local event centre we are having a mini Junk Bonanza style event, inspired Marian by all the lovely images you post of such events when you visit them.

    It was supposed to be in February this year, but the bushfires in our region put an end to that date, so we moved in to May this year – along comes the Corona virus, so bye bye to that option – now it’s scheduled for April next year, away from fire season – fingers crossed it will be 3rd time lucky!! 🙂 We are also including upcycling DIY suppliers & hopefully some workshops & if it’s a success we will try to make in an annual event.

  19. An idea (like you need one!)☺️ A post showing us how you treat these frames, or will you use them as is. I so enjoy your finds – thank you for sharing.

  20. You found some great treasures. I’m going to go antiquing after the 4th, mask ready. I’ve missed the hunt.

  21. Thanks for the tips on the shops you recently visited; some I know of and some are new. Come visit Northfield some time soon. Four antiques shops await you!

  22. I LOVE marble. It looks gorgeous!! BUT when we renovated our on-suite bathroom and I got marble counter top, I belated discovered that everything, yes everything leaves its mark behind on marble. 🙁

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