Fear and Comfort

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Almost everything is tagged and tallied.  The van is packed.  The weather forecast is amazing.  All of the planning and hard work will finally be rewarded…or will it? 
Now that the Lucketts Fair is at my door step, I’m feeling a little fearful.  What if people don’t buy my stuff?  Are the prices too high?  Too low?  What if people coming to meet “Miss Mustard Seed” are disappointed when they see me in person?  Will my booth look as good as I picture it in my head? 
This is not the first antique fair I’ve done, but it is a little different from the others I’ve gone to as a vendor.  I’m doing this one by myself.  I’ve always gone with a partner, so success of the booth wasn’t entirely on my shoulders.  Flying solo is pushing me creatively and professionally, but it’s also a greater risk.  My booth will be a reflection of me.  Just me.  And if people don’t like my booth and the things I’ve created, found, cleaned, tagged, packed, and arranged it will be hard to not take that personally.  I’m really putting myself out there and the end result is unknown. 
I’m sure every antique dealer, shop owner, and artist feels these same emotions at some time or another.  I’m sure everyone who takes a personal risk feels these same things, for that matter. 
However, I may be on my own, but I won’t be alone.  My greatest cheerleader, supporter and investor flew in late last night to help me pack, set up, and work my booth.  Her name tag will read, “Miss Mustard Seed’s Mom.”  I also have the best support team at home.  My husband has fixed all sorts of hopeless pieces of furniture for me to paint.  He will be caring for our boys while I work, so I don’t have to give them a second thought.  My dad tinkered and fixed my lamps, a wagon, a bench, and other things that had me stumped.  There are many amazing people behind me, Marian, to make me all that “Miss Mustard Seed” is. 
So, I’m going to take the step…the leap.  I’m not alone and I won’t be afraid. 
Miss Mustard Seed

PS – For those who usually stop by for Furniture Feature Friday, we won’t be having it this week.  I’m a little too busy! 

Fear and Comfort

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97 Comments on “Fear and Comfort”

  1. You can do it!! Your creations are beautiful! I'm sure all the feelings you are having are completely normal and it could be weird not to feel a little anxious. Once you get there, I bet it all slips away and you really enjoy yourself! Have fun:) . . . and may it be prosperous!

  2. i can't wait! i am headed there sunday with my mom and my kiddos, and i will be sure to hunt you down! best of luck on saturday- from everything i have seen over the past few weeks with you getting ready, you are going to rock it!

  3. Sugar, I've had the same thought—different circumstances—and it all turned out well. I believe if they like me, they like me; if not, there isn't much I can do about it anyway so just enjoy the fair, chickee!

  4. You'll do great, your things are going to sell like hot cakes 😉 And I can't wait to come to Luckett's on Saturday and see all the yumminess, and your booth of course…so exciting! It's my birthday Saturday so I'm hoping I can talk my husband into buying me something sweet, tee hee. Yay, good luck with getting set up and all. Still looking for the perfect farm style kitchen table and hoping to score one of those too.

    Jamie 🙂

  5. i'm so happy and excited for you! you have wonderful taste in finding carefully selected antique items (didn't mean to rhyme) and do a beautifully detailed job on all of your furniture, so i expect that you will come back empty handed! from one refinisher to another, i'm sending lots of "good buyer" energy your way this weekend–people who won't harass you about your prices and will beg you to come back again! i hope you'll do a recap of your experiences when you recover.

  6. You are going to ROCK Lucketts! You have such a great decorating eye and I am drooling over everything you have been working on the past few weeks.

    I met you at Lucketts in May. I SO wish I could be at Lucketts this weekend too!

    Have fun & good luck!! 🙂

  7. You will do FANTASTIC….I love everything that you create. I live in Alabama and I so wish I could come to Luckett's to buy your stuff and to meet you. A day without Miss Mustard Seed is a day without sunshine to me. I love your blog…..I know I would love all your work. The people that get to come to Luckett's are soooo LUCKY!!!!

  8. I am sure you are going to do awesome and sell LOTS of stuff! You have such a great eye and all of the items you have shared with us over the last few weeks are just beautiful! Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures of the booth and hear about how it goes!

  9. I can only imagine great success for you! Everything I have seen is amazing and I would want to buy it ALL if I were there. I am positive you will do great!
    Just some inspiration:
    Deuteronomy 31:8 & Psalm 138:3
    Break a Leg!

  10. You will do great. I'm just mad that I don't live closer to you. I know I would be there and buying half of your inventory!! I LOVE LOVE everything you show. You have given old funiture a new hope of life again.

  11. Good luck to you!! You WILL do amazing! All of your things are so beautiful! Taking a leap is very scary, especially when you put yourself out there for all to see. However, it is so worth it in the end!!! Just have fun and be confident in your amazing ability! 2377 of your followers can't be wrong!! 🙂 Can't wait to hear how it all went!

  12. Oh please! Your booth will be gorgeous and everyone will love you! You know what people like and you know what people will buy and how much they will pay! You know because you have sold many of things! You will do just fine!

    See ya Saturday! I am leaving my house at 7am! YIKES!!!

  13. Good luck wishes go with you from many people including me. Your things are great as are you. You'll do fantastic I'm sure and I know you will definitely be well liked.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  14. From someone on my side of the fence, I see amazing treasures to rush up to and pry out of the hands of other shoppers. What's not to love? You've captured everything we fawn over.

    Blogland is amazing in that we can trial run our ideas with the masses. Your followers have given you massive kudos all along the way, so know, you are trekking in the right direction. Your stuff is awesome! I'd love to have a MMS original one day myself 🙂

    I cannot WAIT to hear how things go. A short video of the massive crowd around your booth would truly be icing on the cake for your faithful viewers. 🙂

    Go MMS Go! Show us how it's done!


  15. I wish I lived closer to go! Have a wonderful weekend, Marian! You are going to do great! Everything you do is fabulous and so creative. Your items will be a huge hit. I bet your van comes home empty or maybe with a few remaining items for us to buy. That is so sweet you will have your mom by your side. You have worked incredibly hard for this weekend so have fun and enjoy! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  16. Hi! This is my first comment on your blog. You are going to be fine! Please do not think otherwise. I wish I could stop by, but I live far away. So I will have to keep visiting you on your very inspirational blog every day. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, and you are going to make every one smile who visits your booth! Faith my dear…tell Satan to get behind you 🙂

  17. marion,
    people will have to be crazy not to buy from you…i am such a fan of yours as well as so many others…read above!
    you will do well and it's common to have butterflies before a "performance". you, my dear miss mustard seed, will get a standing ovation!
    so wish i were closer to go to lucketts..maybe it can be next year's road trip!

    judi 😉

  18. You will be the Belle of the Ball, the Hit of the Show. Your style is so beautiful and adaptable to so many different decors, plus I think you probably have something in many different price points….something for everyone. I would bet that you will come back with an empty van and full pockets.

  19. You are an amazing talented, good person and will do incredibly well. I just know that you will be rewarded for all your hard work! What an exciting time for you….really try to enjoy this weekend-you deserve it! Can't wait for an update next week!

  20. Open letter to Marian's Mother – Thank you for coming to support our Miss Mustard Seed. We know she is one of the most talented people in the East. She needs to know that whatever happens at the market is okay. No fear. Please take lots of pictures for us. We want to experience what little we can. Give her a hug for us. Thank you. Ann

  21. Well Miss Mustard Seed, I just stumbled upon your blog, and I think you are fabulous! I've added you to my blog list and become a follower because I love to see what you're creating…from one creater's heart to another. And I totally understand about putting yourself out there and the thoughts, 'what if people don't buy what I made or like what I did', BUT you've been blessed with a gift, a gift that not everyone has. And ultimately, the only ONE who blessed you with that gift is proud that you're sharing it with us. Praying for a fabulous show!!
    Lisa 😉

  22. No way, you are totally going to rock this!! I wish I was (1) close enough to go and (2) rich enough to buy everything you've been giving us samples of!! Love love love your stuff! You should be very proud of all your hard work because you are a major inspiration to lots of us around the country! Every time I look at the coffee table and side table I refinished using your tips and tutorials, I think of you fondly 🙂 I know you are exhausted and it's still a lot of work ahead, but I know you will do very well! Can't wait to see the tutorials on your signs when you've had a chance to catch your breath!! Go knock their socks off!

  23. Marian, I would like to say thankyou for being so honest with your thoughts and feelings, I find it very comforting that someone I look up to greatly (that would be YOU) has these same fears as I do in regards to running my own business. I bet your only problem will be that it will all sell out on the first day…what the heck do you do if that happens!? (oh sorry, that is a worrying thought you probably didn't need, lol)

    Oh how I wish I could just pop over to Lucketts (don't even know where it is, except that it is maybe a 24 hour flight…I may have left it a little late to get to the airport, hehehe)
    xx Karen

  24. There IS one thing wrong with "your line" …….That you are not closer so that I could shop your booth. Oh my goodness I love your creations. You will sell out without a doubt! People will be lining up to get a MMS creation! Good luck to you. How wonderful that your entire team is behind you. That puts you one step ahead of many. We can't wait to hear …and see …about it. Lori L

  25. Good Luck! I can't wait to hear all about your successes! I only wish 1) I had a car 2) NYC wasn't so far 3) I had a HUGE apartment so I could fill it with Miss Mustard Seed's treasures!

    Your style is beyond compare. You inspire me on a daily basis.

    Good Luck~and more importantly HAVE FUN WITH MMSM!


  26. you are such a humble, sweet soul. You have put time and effort and into each piece and everything reflects that. You make one of a kind, unique pieces of furniture and accessories. I for one like to decorate this way. I don't want something out of a Pottery Barn catalog that everyone else has. I want something unique. There are others out there like myself and I have faith that they will swing by your booth and walk away with a big smile on their face because they found that "one of a kind, unique" piece they had been searching for.
    Safe travels.

  27. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be wildly popular- from your positive approach with your blog, to all the furniture, accessories, etc., that touch your hands….I wished I lived close enough to visit Luckett's and meet you in person and purchase some of your things….I know you'll do well….All the best

  28. I have a feeling you will come home empty handed… not one item unsold… just some dust on your brow and an empty van…

    Good luck! Although, I doubt you'll need it!! Marcy 🙂

  29. You will do great! I love all of your beautiful treasures and I am sure your booth will be wonderful as well! Sending good thoughts and hugs your way…can't wait to hear all about it!!


  30. Marian, I am praying that you will have an amazing show at Lucketts Fair. God will certainly bless all your hard work and love that you have put into each piece. You are one talented lady and your things are gorgeous!!! I so wish I could come, but it is a 5 hour and 15 minute drive from where I live. Doable, but I have too much on my plate this weekend. I certainly want to come sometime. They will be knocking the gates down to get to your booth!! Praying that you will have the stamina you need to get you through the show. Also that you will have safe travels up and back home. So thrilled that your sweet Mom is there to help you. Best of luck to you. You will be the hit of Lucketts and come home with an EMPTY truck. I hope your Mom can get some pictures for us. Love & blessings from NC!

  31. I am wishing you the best of luck although I don't think you will need it. Your creations are wonderful, well chosen and well executed. Plus you have great talent and taste. Go forth and sell tons of great stuff.

  32. You will do just fine sweetie! You items are fabulous and how can you not do a marvelous job with your set up!!!!!!?????!!!! It will look amazing and people will be so impressed. Your finds will fly out of your booth at lightening speed!!
    Just have fun with it!!! Relax!!!
    Hugging you

  33. You are going to do an amazing job. Working as hard as you have, there are tons of wonderful things that you have created and updated. Just have so much fun and enjoy it. Wish I were there to go!


    P.S. I mentioned you on my blog today.

  34. You are going to do an amazing job. Working as hard as you have, there are tons of wonderful things that you have created and updated. Just have so much fun and enjoy it. Wish I were there to go!


    P.S. I mentioned you on my blog today.

  35. Joshua 1:9 "Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."
    You are amazing and you have Him with and in you! Take courage! He believes in you and so do we!

  36. I am soooo excited about being at Lucketts with Marian!!! No doubt she will do well. She is a hard worker and quite talented and her Dad and I are pleased to stand with her in this business. I'll take lots of pictures and we hope to video a few things. I'm glad I'm at this one and not the one last time where her Dad sat in the rain all weekend :).

  37. I know you will relax and have a great time once your booth is all set up and you see it come together. If I was was there the first things I would buy would be those little cloches, I love them! Don't forget to take lots of pictures for us before everyone buys up all of your goodies!

  38. this morning I thought of you and how soon Luckett's would be, as I read your post, I teard up,knowing all too well the experience you are going through, striving to have an awesome booth, I do the same, already stressing for mine here in Ky this fall, trying to find things, fixing things, and stressing, am I good enough. I too have that great support team, and without them, well we just could not do it 😉

  39. May God bless all your endeavors this weekend at the sale, and I believe He surely will! And don't forget to have fun and be sure to buy a nice little item or two for yourself. I know that it takes a lot of courage to leap from our comfort zone!

  40. Aaaaaaw the life of an artist! One moment fear and the very next ecstasy.

    When those crowds pour in to purchase a little piece of yourself, you will find you've turned into Sally Field squealing "you like me, you like me, you really, really like me", as if anyone could've resisted you.

    Be true to yourself in all that you do….there is tremendous security while resting in what God has created…..YOU!

  41. Your creations are going to rock the fair!!! I would stand in line to buy one of your treasures and see all your works of art. How wonderful your mom came to support you. Have the BEST TIME

  42. Remember these famous words, "If you build it, they will come."

    You've worked hard, now its time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  43. Are you kidding me? There is nothing girl, you can't do!! So get out there & do it! 🙂 You rock & you're an inspiration to us all!!!

    xoooooo, (that's a huge-o hug)

  44. I wish you lots of luck. I'm sure you will do fine. The stuff displayed on your blog is what got me interested in you and the things that you do. I will be starting on an adventure similar to yours only on this side of the pond. I'm a little nervous but with blogs like yours I have been encouraged to step up and make my mark. Katherine x

  45. Marian,
    Take a deep breath, in hold it…..okay let it out, do another, feel a little calmer? Okay, you are going to be awesome!!! All of your stuff is amazing, and I sincerely doubt the prices are too high! If I could be there this weekend, I know that I would end up buying more than I should!!! You will be great, now forget the little butterflies running around in your tummy, have fun!!

  46. Your wonderful work will pay off. Best of luck at your sale. Your blog and wonderful tutorials have become an inspiration for me. I am trying to figure out a career after losing my job a year ago. I am creative and like to find unique ways to use vintage things as well. I love your fresh look. Good luck.

  47. Ow my goodness! What I wouldn't give to be able to go to Lucketts and buy from you!!! You AND the things you make are just beautiful!! I wish you luck though you will not need it I am sure!

  48. You are amazingly talented and I have no doubts you will sell everything! I wish I could be there to shop!

    Karen @ Garden, Home and Party

  49. Hello Marian,

    For those of us who cannot attend, we will be sitting here in the background cheering you on. You can and will do it! Your creations are fabulous! All the feelings you are having are completely normal. I cannot wait to see the pictures and hear about your success!

    Have fun!

    ~ Tracy

  50. Such a sweet and honest post but no worries, you'll do great! You have AMAZING talent. I tried to make it to Lucketts for an overnight trip and cheer you on but it just won't work out this year. Enjoy yourself and revel in the beautiful things that surround you in your booth. Take lots of pictures for us (like I need to tell YOU that).


  51. You have such a clear vision of who you are and what you do that anyone passing your booth will be drawn in if they have a similar design sensibiity. I wish I could get to Luckett's to cheer you on! We have quite a few fairs like this here in NC but I'll have to make it to this one some day. Keep the faith and have a great sale!

  52. I'm sure you are going to come home feeling exhausted but exhilarated at the same time, because your goods look impeccable and I know people will respond really well to them, and to you! Best of luck, Mitzi

  53. I'm so glad you have such a loving support system! You can do it!
    I hate to miss it– we'll be out of town.

    Can't wait to hear all about it!

  54. I think you'll do just fine! Wish I was going to be there. 🙁

    I wanted to tell you about Giveaway Friday Link Party @Atticmag. Link your home decor/design related #giveaways each week. One easy location for bloggers to locate! Hope you'll join us. We've included a giveaway of our own this week. Come see!


  55. Good Luck and ENJOY yourself…it will be over before you know it and just a memory….so relax and be in the moment. This is the beginning of something great!!!

    Thanks for getting back to me on the paint sprayer!!

    PS take lots of pics!!!

  56. You are an amazing woman. Your work is amazing. Your energy and love reflects that and people will come and be amazed at the things you have created. I wish i could go but i live in canada. Could you please post the paint that you used for your aqua dresser. I love that. Have a wonderful time.


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