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I remember in my very early days of antiquing, I saw a little marmalade crock sitting on a window sill in an antique mall.  I was immediately drawn to it and, at $8.00, it was something I could afford to buy.  I used that jar for years to hold pens and pencils on my desk.  Now, I own at least a dozen antique marmalade crocks, much older and larger than the $8.00 purchase that started my collection.

antique marmalade crocks | favorite things | miss mustard seed

A few years ago, I bought several large lots of advertising pots, including marmalade crocks at a wholesale price.  While I sold most of them at the Lucketts Spring Market, I kept a few favorites for myself.

antique marmalade crocks | favorite things | miss mustard seed

I use them all over my house.  Marmalade crocks hold antique flatware in the kitchen

antique marmalade crocks | favorite things | miss mustard seed

…knitting needles and crochet hooks in the studio

antique marmalade crocks | favorite things | miss mustard seed

…scissors, rulers, pens, and pencils as well.

antique marmalade crocks | favorite things | miss mustard seed

And brushes.  Of course, brushes.

I find these marmalade crocks are getting back to their roots.  They are for the purpose of holding something, containing something, but the marmalade crocks themselves are a part of the package.  They are art.   They are interesting.  They are more than just a pencil holder.  They are a part of the entire aesthetic.

antique marmalade crocks | favorite things | miss mustard seed

And, isn’t that the point of our things as well as the things that hold our things?  And the things we put our things on that hold our things?  They are all words in a sentence and sentences in a story.

When you’re collecting and decorating, keep that in mind.  It’s all a part of the larger story.  And that’s one reason why I love collecting antique marmalade crocks.  Their usefulness and character.  And the fact that a “disposable” container was saved and can now be a part of the story of my home.

My two most recent marmalade jars arrived in my most recent box of goodies from Ponder & Purchase.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the things Julia sourced for me.  She has already sold several marmalade jars, but she has a few more she’s listing today on Instagram HERE or Etsy HERE.  If you mention “feels like home”, she’ll throw in a bonus gift with purchase.  You can also see the goodies available in her Etsy shop HERE.  If you have something special you’re looking for (in England), let her know!  She’s a great personal shopper and her prices are always very fair.  Or you can follow her on Instagram HERE to see her latest finds.

These marmalade jars are becoming rarer and more expensive, so you’ll see prices upwards of $100 for some of them!  Anything around $50 is a good price for these in this day and age.  The days of finding $8.00 marmalade crocks are probably over.

And, there are a couple of different prominent brands (Keiller and Frank Cooper) with different sizes and designs.  So, look around and find what speaks to you.  Most are cream with a black design, but some have a dark blue design!

If Julia sells out, I’ve sourced a few more well-priced marmalade jars if you’re interested…



  1. Marianne

    For years I had wanted one of these pots even though I’d never even seen one in person. I found one for $1 at a garage sale recently! I then fell down a rabbit hole of researching my Keiller marmalade pot and have gotten as far as determining it’s before 1928. Not that it makes a bit of difference to me. I’m just happy to have such a cute thing in my home.

  2. Babs

    I remember my mother having one which I always was drawn to…somewhere along the line it left the house. More than likely it ended up at a Salvation Army or some such place. I wish I had it back.

  3. Crystal Brown

    I love english advertising pots of any kind! I been able to source a few really good deals and also bit the bullet and paid for a couple more I had to have. Carole at redeemedvintage.com is my go-to, she has an amazing assortment and is reasonably priced. I use my crocks for a variety of things as you do and value them for their age and history as much as for the functionality. And agree wholeheartedly that the things we put in our homes become part of the “fabric” that tells our individual stories. Great post about something I love!

    • Jo

      Dear Crystal, Thank you for sharing Carole’s redeemedvintage.com. She does have an amazing assortment with reasonable prices. Warmly, Jo

  4. Julia - ponderandpurchase

    Advertising crocks are so popular both sides of the pond. I love collecting items from places I’ve visited or lived. I recently picked up a paste pot from Exmouth, Devon and it would take a lot for me to part with it.
    The Victorian’s were wonderful producing rubbish that we all covert today. As they say “one mans rubbish is another mans treasure”.
    Nowadays I purchase special items from Fortnum and Mason, their tins are pretty and useful and they still sell their Christmas Puddings in ceramic basins.

  5. Julie | Home On The Hill

    I also love them, I only have one & I paid around $45 AUD for it 2 years ago – that was a bargain price back then as they are really hard to find here in Australia. I also have several plain vintage French Lab Lagny mustard pots I picked up 2 years ago for a lot cheaper than I see they are selling for now.

    The marmalade jars have become so popular that a company called IOD makes a set of stamps you can use to add character to plain jars/containers called the IOD Crockery Decor Stamp – it’s one way to bring a little of the vintage style of these jars into your decor but without the hefty price tag. Not the same as the real thing of course, but an option.

    • Jo

      Dear Julie, Thank you for sharing your DYI idea to add character to containers. What a wonderful idea, IOD Crockery Decor Stamps.

  6. Rita

    I don’t see them very often in my area. But I was lucky to find one this summer at an auction. I paid $1 as it was in a small box lot with some junk. Most everyone else there was too interested in the tools. I love crocks of all sizes. They are great containers. I’m keeping an eye out for more but I doubt I will find any that cheap again.

  7. Jenn

    I have wanted one of these for so long! But I would need the $8 price at this point. =). Maybe I’ll find one someday.

  8. Chris

    My dad was born in Dundee from a long line of Dundonians so somewhere in all those folks there had to be a kinsman who worked for Keillor’s. Our mom had a crock from the 60’s. Although I have hinted broadly at my sister that I would gladly take it off her hands, it still sits on the windowsill where Mom placed it way back when. Maybe someday I’ll get my own.

  9. Judeth

    I found my first one for $4 dollars. I liked it because when I was little my mom made homemade marmalade in small canning jars. I got lucky at an outdoor flea market and found one for a dollar. I think that has been my best flea market find yet. Yes they are getting very pricey.

  10. Connie

    I have looked in my area (Southwest US) for years with no luck. But that’s th thrill of the hunt.

  11. Karen Nardi

    I love these and have looked endlessly for some time. Two weeks ago, I walked into an antique store in Negaunee, MI and found two! Owner said he would sell for $20 for the pair- so happy I finally found a couple at a great price! Marian, I so enjoy your posts, and seeing your beautiful home!

  12. Sandra

    Wow! I had no idea they were so rare and collectible! I have some larger, butter churn crocks, including my Great Grandmother’s churn and I still use it to churn butter.

  13. Pat

    I have wanted a marmalade crock for years search high and low. My best friend bought two at Christmas from England and gave me one..which I love! A week later Sunday after church I find a pop up yard sale..guess what? Yes a marmalade crock on a blanket. Grabbed it best dollar spent so now 2!

  14. jeanie

    I’m a fan of marmalade jars too. I only have one but it only takes one to start a collection! Now I’m always on the lookout!

  15. Susan

    Love, love, love these and almost lost it when I spotted about six of them in the basement at a tag sale. My arms were already loaded down with other treasures but I managed to contain my excitement and grab them all before anyone else knew what they were missing. How thrilled I was when they rang up at only $1 each!!! I love using them as Vases for cut flowers from the garden.


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