dog beds are decor

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Before I get into the post today, I wanted to let my readers in the north east know that I’ll be in Palmyra, New York this Saturday (September 24, 2016) for The Purple Painted Lady 6th Annual Festival.  (Click the link for details.)  I’ll be teaching milk paint demos and answering Q&A’s at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.  I hope to see some of you there!


I remember reading a post years ago, written by The Nester.  In it, she pointed out that all of the things in our home, in some way, are decor.  The stack of library books by the door, the mail on the kitchen counter…all of the stuff of life that we often look over, all contribute to or detract from the overall look of a room.

That post made me think about all of the “stuff” in our house in a new way.


The answer isn’t to prohibit the living of life in a space, but to find ways to make everyday life work in a way that contributes to the functionality and look of a room.

Now that we have a dog, we “needed” a dog bed.  Jeff was looking at all sorts of not-my-style dog beds at the pet store and I jumped in.  “Let me pick this out.”  I know Jeff wanted to make sure it was a comfy dog bed (and I did, too), but I also wanted to make sure it worked with the style of our home.

I know it’s just a dog bed, but it’s a 24″ x 36″ pillow that will be on the floor in the middle of the room!  We’re not talking about a dog toy or a bin for the dog food.  It’s not something that’s going to be tucked away in a cabinet.  Usually they are pretty prominent, because the dog wants to be where the action is.  It becomes a part of the room decor by default.

So, just the way you pick out a piece of furniture, select a dog bed that is #1 comfortable and practical for the dog and #2 is something that works with the style and color palette of your room.


I do think #1 is a bit of a guess or something you figure out based on trial and error.  I was laughing as I was looking for dog beds, because I realized I was looking for something I would want to lay on!  I like fuzzy and soft, so that’s the direction I went.

Jeff reminded me that I would not be the one sleeping on the dog bed.


I bought the Faux Fur Pet Bed Cover from Pottery Barn (with a 20% off coupon code) and had it monogrammed with his name.  The inserts from Pottery Barn were a bit pricey for a big polyfil pillow, so I bought THIS ONE from Amazon.  It was a lot lower in price and the exact same size.  And I have an extra cover now for when I need to throw one in the wash.


Of course, a Gustavian sofa upholstered in antique hemp sheets is pretty nice, too…


Yeah, I made him get down.

Even with that cute face.

Anyway, I will be making a DIY pet bed tutorial for HGTV, so I’ll share that when it’s finish and live.  Until then, I love this store-bought version.

And, more importantly, so does Sebastian.

dog beds are decor

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52 Comments on “dog beds are decor”

  1. Very nice! We are in the process of teaching our 2 not to get up on the new sofa (leather) we almost have it done, one is ok with her dog bed the other still jumps up when she can!!

  2. I LOVE your choice of bed. And I see visions of the dog and your boys on the floor on the bed. For some reason that always happens with dogs and little boys. Does that make sense?? Oh, and the picture of Sebastian on your grain sac sofa will go so well next to the photo of my cat. You know the one of her on the grain sac chair that I don’t get to sit in because she has called it hers? BTW, when I do sit in it, I LOVE it. Can’t wait for the DIY maybe I can make a cat bed size?

  3. Sebastian is beautiful. And he looks like a very good boy. Will we get to meet him on Saturday at the Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale?

  4. It’s easy to see how Sebastian has found his way into your hearts. He is lovely!

    With that beautiful dark coat mixed with carmel highlights, we won’t be surprised if a few darker elements start appearing in your rooms…. ?

  5. I had a bed rail from a youth bed that I put over the couch seat until the dog got the drift. Worked great. Glad to see Sebastian in your home. Very sweet.

  6. It’s not Pottery Barn, but I did buy a nice enough looking one that also looks comfy at Sam’s. It’s nice and thick. She prefers the ratty, disgusting, hair-covered one that I originally got at Target that is paper thin in the middle. My problem with these pet beds is that it’s easy enough getting the cover off to wash it, but it’s getting the cover back on that is so hard. Probably easier with another pair of hands, but I’m here alone so it’s really hard. I’m thinking of a way to make a cover that’s two pieces of fabric that cover the top and bottom of the bed, and then have big ties on both sides. Just untie and wash. That seems like a good solution for me.

    1. Here’s an upholstery trick of the trade: slide the pillow /foam into a trash bag, place the hose of the vacuum cleaner into the bag and gather the edges to seal with your hand. Turn vacuum on and watch the bag of foam shrink up! Slip off hose while holding edges snug, put into pillow cover, let expand then remove the trash bag. Walah! * obviously not for small pieces of foam that vacuum would suck up 🙂

  7. Cheapest trick ever to keep a dog off of furniture is aluminum foil. Just tear a big sheet off and lay it down on the sofa, chair, bed whatever it is the dog is jumping on, and viola! They refuse to jump on it. Of course if a breeze from the open window blows the foil off the sofa they dog will be back up before you can blink. 🙂 I use pillows to hold the edges of the foil down and our St. Bernards never jump up on the sofa anymore. (unless that pesky breeze wafts through, that is) 🙂

    1. That is so funny, I was going to tell her the same. I use tinfoil for my Doodle on my white couch and bed, it works great!! (and hold it down with throw pillows! LOL)

    2. Or use a single sheet of newspaper across the width of the sofa and one on each chair. My dog got the idea in just a week or two. After that, she never tried to get up on the furniture again.

  8. Just in case you are in the market for a dog bed in the future…
    Orvis dog beds are the best looking and best made that I’ve found in 20 years of having beloved dogs. I’ve washed the waterproof covers countless times and they look brand new. The orthopedic bed insert can’t be washed, but the type with a polyfill insert washes beautifully. Yes, these are pricey, but after 5 years they are in fantastic shape.

    1. Same for LL Bean. I had both the Orvis and LL Bean (family room and finished basement) for the 14 year life of my dog, then donated them.

  9. You can also easily make a slipcover out of any washable fabric that you care to or two to always have a clean one available.

  10. Love the dog bed, although I assume you’ll make one even prettier 🙂 I have two lab mixes and am always trying to find ways to incorporate the reality that I live with two big dogs into the finished look of my house. I’ve also found that the comfier the cushion, the easier to keep them off my furniture (they aren’t allowed, but have been known to indulge if their pillows are in the wash). In my tiny house, I needed a place for two dog crates in the living area (because one of my dogs is a puppy and spends a lot of time there when I’m not home). So I tucked the crates into a bay window nook, put the couch in front of it, and built a tabletop across the tops of them where my houses plants live. It is super functional and even pretty and most people never suspect it is hiding two big dog crates.

  11. Oh my, I love the aluminum foil trick. I have dog bed slip covers for all my moods and new DIY projects that I want to try out. I wanted to try some of the fabric transfer and stencil methods out……so you guessed it, 3 Poodles have very “Frenchy” looking slip covers for their beds.

  12. Sebastian looks like a wonderful addition to your family! He’s so handsome. I love the dog bed with his name on it! It looks so comfortable and fits right in with your home decor. I have 3 little Shih Tzus so I have dog beds all over the place! I need to get some new beds that will go better with our decor. Maybe I can make something? Looking forward to your upcoming tutorial!

  13. Sebastian loves the camera and has a natural model’s charm in a photograph. I see someone who will be all over the pages of Look Book 3.

  14. The dog bed looks so comfy and soft. And I love your new couch, too. But I was wondering, did you ever mention what happened to your awesome leather couch with the cute legs?

  15. At least Sebastian has good taste! And what did you do with the leather sofa with cute legs?

  16. Hi Marian! Love the post! We just bought a large (circular) dog bed for when we have my brother in law’s do staying with us which is occasionally. We have it out in the family room so we don’t have to keep bring our pup’s bed in and out of our bedroom (2 beds, SO spoiled!) now you have me thinking that I’ll need to make a slipcover for this large circular fluff in our living room! Can’t wait to see your tutorial!

  17. Sebastian is such a cutie!! He’s adorable and I love his coloring!! When you make your DIY tutorial on making the doggie bed, don’t forget the little pups…… I have a Chihuahua… Lol.

    Good luck…..

  18. You are absolutely right about dog beds being part of the decor! I am glad that Sebastian liked the one you bought for him. Our sweet, late English Setter liked “fluffy” beds too, but as he got older, his needs changed and we ended up going with West Paw Design Tuckered Out beds. They worked for a snuggler that he was but were a bit firmer to soothe his aging bones. Our new Irish Setter girl does not want to sleep on those beds though, and it will take us a while to figure out what rocks her doggy boat. You lucked out with Sebastian liking your choice of bed.
    By the way, he seems to be getting spoiled already… But then, who can resist that handsome doggy face?!?

  19. Hollyhocks_and_hydrangeas had a darling dog bed on her IG feed yesterday with ties so easy on easy off.

  20. TIP: Use a large plastic yard bag to encase the pillow/stuffing part of the dog bed and then slip on the cover. It helps keep odors from penetrating the foam filling and makes it easier to pull off/on the slipcover part for washing.

  21. My friend noticed her dog sneaks up on the sofa during the night, in winter especially. Just guessing, but I think it’s because on the couch the dog has fabric against his back which makes him warmer. And don’t dogs lean against their masters when they sneak into bed? Anyway, if I were to make a doggy bed, I’d put a 1/2 round pillow around the back of the bed that he can lean against for warmth, rest his chin on.

  22. Hi Have two large dogs and wanted something stylish! I looked on Etsy and found the perfect bed for my boys. The shop is called designs by simply Jeanna. Jeanna worked with me on a design perfect for my 100+ dogs.
    Great designs if you want some ideas!
    Your Sebastian is beautiful and has scored by having you as his owner/ little boy

  23. I have several beds in my home for our two. They sleep next to our bed in their snuggle beds, then there’s a large one in front of the hearth, one in my office and one in the hall where they stay when we are gone. They like to lie in those so they can be the first to see anyone walking up (large window). I’ve always shopped for, and found beds that fit my decor and color scheme so I don’t think it’s eccentric or odd or goofy or weird. Plus my dogs are allowed on the furniture, even the white slip covered chair in my office or the leather in the family room. They live with us, in all their glory. I confess they are on the furniture more for my benefit than theirs, I like to snuggle. Way to go, finding such a comfy bed for Sebastian.

  24. Thank you for this post Marian, I have been having the same conversations with my husband Paul about the dog bed for our dog Jack! I’ve shared this post with him so he knows I’m not the only one who wants a dog bed that fits in with our décor! LOL! P.S. Sebastian is awesome.

  25. I have no pet and no plans for one…But I am so excited that you’ll be at the Palmyra sale. It’s only 30 minutes from my house!!!!!

  26. I give you about 4 more weeks till you and the family are all squished together on the couch so Sebastian can have more leg room on it. 😀 Looking forward to your tutorial. Palmyra, NY-Lived there years ago and still have family there. It’s a nice time of year to be up there. Have fun.

  27. I!m really looking forward to seeing your tutorial for dog beds. I have two big, ugly blobs in my house as well as a big square bed for camping. Something easy to wash and pretty to look at but yet something the dogs really will use, that’s my wish list for a doggie bed.

  28. What a cozy looking bed for such a cute dog! You can just see how comfortable Sebastian is in his bed — with his name on it! What a nice idea to have his name put on his bed! Enjoy Sebastian! He will warm all your hearts in such a special way.

  29. Yeah, we lost the couch battle but then again, we are total suckers for our recently adopted middle aged shelter pup (he was a stray and the thought of him on the streets makes me so sad). He’s got our number and milks it for all it’s worth! Congrats on the pup and a great looking dog bed.

  30. I love your furniture, paint, deco…but what I really, really love is your dog…Is beautifull ! I cant stop looking at him… so sweet : )

  31. I have to disagree with the lady who suggested encasing the dog bed polyfill in a garbage bag before inserting it into the cover. Most garbage bags are impregnated with some sort of insecticide to prevent bugs. Not a good thing for your dog or your household to be in contact with. Also who would want to sleep on top of a noisy, hot plastic bag? Would you?

  32. Can’t agree with you enough on the dog bed “fitting in” with the décor but still being comfortable for the dog. Anyway…what I do is buy a soft good quality bed usually fitted with a heavy cotton cover. There are many nice home catalog companies (like Pottery Barn) that sell this type of bed. Then I go to Home Depot and buy 2 or 3 large cotton heavy duty drop cloths. They are thick and sturdy and are a neutral oatmeal color. Anyway…I wash them a few times until they are nice and soft and then I take them to an upholstery shop here in town and have covers with zippers made out of them. That way I always have extra clean ones on hand as I am washing them constantly and they look great and hold up FOREVER. I’ve also purchased the fur throws to drape over their beds in the winter for them to cuddle in.

  33. The best dog bed I’ve ever found was from Dog Beds 4 Less on Amazon. A 5 inch memory foam insert, a waterproof inner cover, and a denim outer cover that can be thrown in the wash. We recently lost our 8 year old mastiff and he had the same bed for probably close to three years and it is still like new, even though he weighed 150 pounds and often came in damp from the pool. 🙂

  34. Sebastian is one Lucky Dog! And I, too, think he is beautiful and I’m sure he’s smart. He has a beautiful, soulful face and his markings are lovely. His eyes show great intelligence. So glad he got rescued by a nice family with two darling boys to play with him.

    I’m afraid I don’t have a pet bed for my Labradoodle, Tavi. He actually has his own chair and ottoman in the living room and sleeps with me at night. He also gets on the couch, which I don’t like, but it is a pretty sturdy fabric slipcover. Sometimes I make him get down if he’s being rowdy, but when I sit down I like him sitting next to me. I know, very inconsistent–oh well! Other more important things in life to stress about! I’ve been thinking maybe I should get him his own bed, though, as he is getting older– eight and a half now. And if he gets too warm on my bed he gets down and sleeps on the floor. So he really could use a comfy place to sleep down there. I’ll be looking for your tutorial. I think the cover made in two pieces and tied together would be pretty handy and easy to take off and on to wash.

    Well, I would never have thought a year ago that we would be talking about dogs and their beds on Miss Mustard Seed! Life does change in amazing ways, doesn’t it!

  35. Our Mackworth Dog Bed at Governor Baxter is modeled after your dogs needs.
    Your dog needs a toy box. I assume all dogs have toys. Why have to look for them?
    Your dog needs a blanket. Dogs love blankets—on them, under them, or as a pillow. My dachshund loves to burrow in them
    Your dog needs a dog bed with a tennis ball holder. What a perfect spot for your dog to contemplate their ball while falling in and out of sleep.

  36. Hahaha! Love that you made him get down… funny. My little dog is white and sheds very little, but the cat – omg – the hair is growing out of the walls…


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