dog beds are decor

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Before I get into the post today, I wanted to let my readers in the north east know that I’ll be in Palmyra, New York this Saturday (September 24, 2016) for The Purple Painted Lady 6th Annual Festival.  (Click the link for details.)  I’ll be teaching milk paint demos and answering Q&A’s at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.  I hope to see some of you there!


I remember reading a post years ago, written by The Nester.  In it, she pointed out that all of the things in our home, in some way, are decor.  The stack of library books by the door, the mail on the kitchen counter…all of the stuff of life that we often look over, all contribute to or detract from the overall look of a room.

That post made me think about all of the “stuff” in our house in a new way.

The answer isn’t to prohibit the living of life in a space, but to find ways to make everyday life work in a way that contributes to the functionality and look of a room.

Now that we have a dog, we “needed” a dog bed.  Jeff was looking at all sorts of not-my-style dog beds at the pet store and I jumped in.  “Let me pick this out.”  I know Jeff wanted to make sure it was a comfy dog bed (and I did, too), but I also wanted to make sure it worked with the style of our home.

I know it’s just a dog bed, but it’s a 24″ x 36″ pillow that will be on the floor in the middle of the room!  We’re not talking about a dog toy or a bin for the dog food.  It’s not something that’s going to be tucked away in a cabinet.  Usually they are pretty prominent, because the dog wants to be where the action is.  It becomes a part of the room decor by default.

So, just the way you pick out a piece of furniture, select a dog bed that is #1 comfortable and practical for the dog and #2 is something that works with the style and color palette of your room.


I do think #1 is a bit of a guess or something you figure out based on trial and error.  I was laughing as I was looking for dog beds, because I realized I was looking for something I would want to lay on!  I like fuzzy and soft, so that’s the direction I went.

Jeff reminded me that I would not be the one sleeping on the dog bed.


I bought the Faux Fur Pet Bed Cover from Pottery Barn (with a 20% off coupon code) and had it monogrammed with his name.  The inserts from Pottery Barn were a bit pricey for a big polyfil pillow, so I bought THIS ONE from Amazon.  It was a lot lower in price and the exact same size.  And I have an extra cover now for when I need to throw one in the wash.


Of course, a Gustavian sofa upholstered in antique hemp sheets is pretty nice, too…


Yeah, I made him get down.

Even with that cute face.

Anyway, I will be making a DIY pet bed tutorial for HGTV, so I’ll share that when it’s finish and live.  Until then, I love this store-bought version.

And, more importantly, so does Sebastian.

dog beds are decor

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