DIY sewing scissors case & hemming linen towels

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As I shared in Monday’s post, I’m taking the time to work through small projects as I come across specific materials I purchased with the intention of making them.  I think that’s one of the problems with being someone who likes projects – we’re always collecting materials, tools, and supplies for the next project.  Or 15 projects.  While I had the ironing board out and was already working on measuring, cutting, and sewing for the rice & lavender hot/cold packs, I decided to hem some linen towels and make a case for my embroidery scissors out of some scraps.

I purchased a couple of yards of THIS linen toweling when I was ordering some linen fabric for other projects with the intention of making some more kitchen dish towels.  (They have all sorts of patterns and colors, too.)  I washed and cut the fabric, but never hemmed it to finish the towels!  I also had some scraps of antique linen toweling and grain sacks from other projects that I had been meaning to hem.  I started this project last March and set it aside when there was a call to sew masks.  I just never picked it back up again, but now was the time!

making linen kitchen towels of out toweling | miss mustard seed

Toweling is already finished on two sides and is a good width to use as kitchen/hand towels, so all I needed to do was fold, press, and sew the raw edges on two sides.

making linen kitchen towels of out toweling | miss mustard seed

I ended up finishing six towels in about 20-30 minutes.  It’s funny how we’ll let projects sit around for so long when they are so quick and easy to complete!  I need to try to remember that and complete small projects before I buy the materials for new ones.

making linen kitchen towels of out toweling | miss mustard seed

If you’re curious about using linen towels, I wrote a post about them last year.  (You can find that HERE.)  I have acquired tons of linen towels, new and antique, over the years, but I rarely used them!  I still used terrycloth towels that I bought from home stores.  They always looked stained and messy, though, and took a long time to dry.  I switched to the linen towels with a little skepticism.  I wasn’t sure if they would be absorbent enough.  But, I love them.  They absorb water fine, they dry quickly, and they don’t look grungy after heavy use.  I don’t know what it is, but the linen seems to be very forgiving with stains.

So, now I have a few more towels to put into the rotation, which is nice since I change them out every day or two.  I also cleaned out my sewing project basket and can check another small project off the list.

making linen kitchen towels of out toweling | miss mustard seed

While I had my fabric scraps out, I also made a little case for my embroidery scissors.  They are beautiful brass scissors that I bought for my birthday last year.  They came in a little plastic case, though, and they were always sliding out.  They are quite sharp and I was tired of getting poked with them when fishing for them in my knitting/crochet project bag, so I’ve been wanting to buy a case for a while.  I hadn’t found any I really liked and it’s no-spend February, so I decided to try making my own.

DIY embroidery scissors case out of fabric scraps | miss mustard seed

I used the plastic case as a template and made a little liner out of some tightly-woven linen and then cut an outer case out of am antique grainsack scrap.

DIY embroidery scissors case out of fabric scraps | miss mustard seed

You can see what a nice, precise, and straight sewer I am.  A-hem.

DIY embroidery scissors case out of fabric scraps | miss mustard seed

My little pouch was looking pretty cute, though, after I ironed it and fitted it together.

I then hand-sewed the seams and the liner in place using a pretty off-white embroidery thread.

DIY embroidery scissors case out of fabric scraps | miss mustard seed

DIY embroidery scissors case out of fabric scraps | miss mustard seed

I realized shortly into the process, though, that the loose weave of the grain sack wasn’t going to look very neat and tidy with the blanket-stitched edge.   I think this one will end up being my prototype!

DIY embroidery scissors case out of fabric scraps | miss mustard seed

It turned out sweet, but it definitely has a homespun quality about it.

DIY embroidery scissors case out of fabric scraps | miss mustard seed

I waffle between loving its imperfections and quirks and wanting to make a new one as soon as possible!  Now I’ve learned on the first one, I think I could do a much better job on the second one.

DIY embroidery scissors case out of fabric scraps | miss mustard seed

I do want to put a snap on this one to hold the top flap closed, but it’s no-spend February and I didn’t have any snaps in my notions box.  I even went through the house to see if I could find a pouch or something I could steal a snap from.  I came up empty-handed, though.  One of my Instagram followers is cleaning out her sewing notions and offered to send me a snap, so I’m taking her up on that!

DIY embroidery scissors case out of fabric scraps | miss mustard seed

I do plan on making another one, but this one works great for now, better than the plastic case, and I learned a lot in the process.


  1. Amanda

    I love these projects! I love how you’re willing to show your projects even if it doesn’t turn out exactly like you envisioned! Now, I would love to go make some towels!

  2. Mrs. Kelley Dibble


    You should’ve crochet-trimmed your sweet little scissor sac. *smile*


    • Vicki

      That is a fabulous idea! I love napkins with a crocheted edge- pillowcases too!

  3. Lee Ann

    Hello, Marian! Love the towels. So pretty! Good idea about the scissors case. Years ago, a friend who freelanced artwork (way back in the days when those sharp X.acto. knives were used for art!) put her hand down in her work bag and ended up cutting her wrist badly … not a pretty site! Now I always make sure my scissors are sheathed in some way.

  4. Cheri Dietzman

    I’ve been collecting linen towels for a few years to add to the ones from my grandmother — from many years ago – and I am so pleased with how they dry.

  5. Samantha

    You need to search for some leather scraps to make a little scissors sheath. It tends to hold those sharp points in a little better. I’m enjoying following along with your projects. This is a great series!

  6. Mary S

    I have snaps … want me to mail you some??? I WOULD DO THAT!

  7. Gloria

    These are so beautiful! Where could I find some linen toweling that is affordable? I LOVE your scissors! May I ask where you got them? I have used so many cheap scissors like that and think I deserve a truly beautiful pair like yours. By the way I have hundreds of snaps even antiques (like me) want to trade snaps for a scrap? By the way I have been following along with you and your projects and am doing good too BUT this has been a spend month to buy supplies and has been totally worth it. Next month will be my no spend month! THANK YOU!, I love you

  8. Mary Anne Berry

    I made the switch on kitchen towels about 2 years ago. The terry towels take up a lot of space in a drawer, I didn’t have much room! I’ve found my simple, cotton towels work soooo much better! The ones you have made are beautiful as well as functional…win-win!

  9. Sandy R

    I think you could crochet a loop on your scissors case and add a button to close it.

  10. Irene Kelly

    I make Saks to give as gifts and I use Velcro dots or strips to cut to desired length. I also use my pretty big stash of buttons with a loop closure. Just another idea for you. And I love Williams Sonoma or Stonewall Kitchen towels. I buy them to give as gifts. Everybody loves the 2 brands. They are very absorbent. Thank You for sharing !

  11. Sandy

    The scissor case turned out so cute! Always enjoy seeing your projects.

  12. Mary Kasier

    I think your little scissor case is adorable. Some times the simple things can be so beautiful. The fabric scrap you used is what makes it so beautiful!

  13. Greta MacRae

    I think a little red button instead of a snap would be sweet.

  14. Kathy Bussey

    f you would like, I will send you a piece of leather for your scissor case project. Miost are shades of brown but I’m sure I have a nutmeg-y brown which is in your wheel house. I am a bit of a fabric, leather, ribbon, trim hoarder…..I’m sure you understand. No smoking in this house so it won’t smell like smoke. Just let me know.

  15. Debbie

    Are you making kitchen towels or bathroom towels? Are they soft or rough? The idea is intriguing to me. Regarding the cute scissors case; always always remember that nothing is so boring as perfection. ..

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh, I love that! And I agree, I like things to look handmade. 🙂 As far as the towels, I am making them for the kitchen, but I do use linen hand towels in the bathrooms as well.

  16. Karen Little

    Thank you, Marion…..just noticed something you have missed. On your Home Tours, you have written PA Cape Code, instead of Cape Cod. Just a typo, I realize, but I’m sure you will want to change it, if possible.
    Thanks again for all your sweet posts.

  17. Karen L.

    Ooops….l meant to write Marian. Sorry…..K.

  18. Kay

    I have scissors very similar to yours, and I haven’t thought about a case for them. I have cut my hands with my scissors. Thank you for another great idea! I love to iron, I can solve all the problems (actually most of them) while I iron, it doesn’t require much thinking about what I am doing I very much like the appearance of the items I have ironed, they look so fresh and clean. Can I get a volunteer to cook for me while I iron for you?

  19. Di

    Great idea. I will be making one of these!

  20. leonor

    hello marian,
    where do you buy your linen ang grain sacks ?
    have a nice weekend


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