design ramblings | sliding barn doors, paneling & painted fireplaces

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It’s time for another Design Ramblings…

 I hope you’re all enjoying these, because we sure are!

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 3.04.19 PM

I think Kriste and I are both getting more comfortable chatting together in this format.  Since it is “design ramblings”, most of the episodes will be us talking about a specific design-related subject, but we already have some field trips planned as well as videos that are more instructional.

In this episode, we answer three questions from our first “fan letter”, which we were pretty excited about.  We talk through the sliding barn door trend, what to do with a house full of paneling and should you paint a fireplace…

Yes, “soundproof-ness” is a word.

  So, I ripped on diagonal paneling in the video.  Then, as I was looking for a picture of beautiful room with unpainted paneling, I remembered the room by Amy from The Little Farm Diary that I featured a few weeks ago.  Lo and behold, her paneling is diagonal and I think this room looks great!  So, there is an exception to every opinion I toss out there!


We showed this in the video, but I thought I would show the pictures as well, so you can really compare our family room before, when we had the fireplace…


 …and after, once it was removed.  The functionality of the space improved greatly when we took a sledgehammer to that thing!


Now, I would suggest keeping a fireplace 9 our of 10 times, but this just goes to show again that there are always exceptions.

If you have any design questions you’d like to answer or topics you’d like us to ramble about, please ask away!

PS – Could you spot the hand in the video?

design ramblings | sliding barn doors, paneling & painted fireplaces

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12 Comments on “design ramblings | sliding barn doors, paneling & painted fireplaces”

  1. Marian, thank you so much for the mention of our little paneled living room. Just let me say though, that as renters, we have certain boundaries that we just can’t cross, like painting the paneling, but honey, it’d be white in a minute if we owned this sweet little house! LOVE white wood walls!

  2. You both are fun to watch; relaxed & interesting. The topics you choose to talk about (with examples) are helpful.

  3. I like how you paneled your living room and I would like to do the same for my master bedroom. May I ask what is the correct measurements for the paneling, 3/4the from the floor? I have a cottage with tall ceilings and my b-room can handle the effect. Thank you for your time.

  4. One other thing to consider when deciding on barn doors in your home is whether the space you want to install the door in can structurally support such a door. Barn doors are made of wood with iron hardware – both quite heavy. The space needs to be structurally sound enough to support all that weight.

  5. Thank you both fr getting us to think and question things…..
    I personally have an old door on a slider I made with help.
    You see, my mom lived with me for 4 years after her stroke,
    and the bathroom across from her room had a door that opened
    into the bathroom. Which made it hard for her to manage with
    her walker.
    Since the door way was only 32″, I found an old door and made my
    own sliding mechanism.
    This became easier for her.
    And we don’t have people just walk in, since the door stays open when not
    being used.
    or we knock when it is closed.
    Because the door was shorter in height, i added wheels at the bottom,
    and it is nice, because steam doesn’t build up.
    This is our situation with our slider bath room door.
    I will say, every therapist, and Hospice person that came in to
    help care for her loved our door.

  6. Hello There, found this video and I am still curious if there is a possibility to use milk paint to paint my stone fireplace. The stone will not be in contact with heat as there is an insert. Thoughts? I saw one person online that used a milk paint wash on brick. I saw on Amazon that 2 people used Ironstone to wash their brick. I am dying to cover up this stone.

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