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We took the opportunity when we were at Lucketts to film a Design Ramblings “on location”.


It was a little distracting, but it was really fun.  We had people waving and making comments from behind the camera and the band started playing…  I think we got some good information in there, though!

I think the biggest thing Kriste and I tried to communicate amid the distracting environment, was to buy only what you really, really love.  You never know what you’re going to find at antique markets, so you have to make spur of the moment decisions when you see something that speaks to you.  That can often result in feeling pressured to buy, because “you might never find something like it again.”  I’ve bought and sold enough antiques to know there are some pieces like that, but it’s rare that a piece is so unique you’ll never find something similar to it ever again.


Try to take a deep breath and assess the purchase with a level head, so you make sure you leave with things you’re really excited about and are perfect in your home.  Because at some point, more stuff just becomes more stuff and it can be hard to see all of the beautiful and unique things in your home amid the all of the stuff.


Also, not all antique markets are the same.  Some attract high end “museum quality” dealers, where others are more of a flea market (yes, there might be a tube sock booth), and others are more design/home decor oriented, like Lucketts.   So, if you went to one and it wasn’t your thing, it just might not be the right antique market for your style.  Even if you aren’t into antiques, they can be a great place to shop for unique accessories and pieces of furniture to compliment any decor style from super slick and modern (think a great mid-century lucite coffee table) to rustic (1800’s farm tables) to english country (concrete planters).  AND, for those of you on a budget, most of the time old furniture (made of solid wood and time tested) is cheaper than some new furniture out there (that isn’t anywhere near the quality.)

So, go forth and antique.

design ramblings | shopping antique markets

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6 Comments on “design ramblings | shopping antique markets”

  1. You guys are so cute. I love a good antique market, but the thing that I thought was so great about Luckett’s specifically is that there were so many like-minded vendors. I went from booth to booth being inspired by the products and the set ups and the general design of it all. I did come home with a few pieces and after that day and those interactions I was excited to incorporate those things into my home. That, to me, is one of the biggest bonuses of going to a market like that. I will be making a point to head back each year!

  2. My daughter was a vendor at Brimfield and it is fun to be on the other side of the table. Much like an airport………..We were adjacent to that church. Kristie I love your hair up do. I decided to try it with my hair and I have never gotten so many compliments. Someone said “so retro.”

  3. I think your point about seeing a really great piece and going for it rather than so many little pieces that you may be ho hum about! I usually ask a vendor if this is their best price when I am totally prepared to buy it and I always do better than I thought I would…great video tips!

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