design ramblings | episode 10 | investment pieces

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Happy Friday!  Kriste and I are back with another episode of Design Ramblings.   In our 10th episode (woohoo) we talk about investment pieces for the home.  It took me many years of decorating and redecorating to learn that some things are worth a splurge…


Yep, I’m a little bit passionate about bed frames, in case you didn’t notice!  The bed frame I mention in the video is the Vienne bed from Restoration Hardware…

Design Ramblings | Investment Pieces | miss mustard seed

The sofa I have is the Brooklyn leather sofa in Toffee from Pottery Barn…

design ramblings | episode 10 | investment pieces

And the “cow paintings” we talk about are by Cindy Austin, who sells prints of the originals in her Etsy shop.

design ramblings | episode 10 | investment pieces

What are your favorite investment pieces?  What are you saving your pennies (or gift cards and credit card points) for?

design ramblings | episode 10 | investment pieces

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13 Comments on “design ramblings | episode 10 | investment pieces”

  1. I love the cow prints. I’m going to redo my bedroom in the spring in greens and whites. Do you think it would be weird to have have a large cow print over the bed? It would fit with my style but not so sure about cows in the bedroom, LOL!

    1. My father was a hunter who had the heads mounted. Two of them hung in my bedroom. I actually liked the heads (caribou and Dahl sheep), but a cow painting seems pretty tame after that.

  2. A favorite piece in my house is an old, large hutch that I keep dishes in. I “visited” it in the store many times, but the price tag kept it in only in my dreams. The shop owner knew how much I loved it, and I think for my sake, she put it on sale! I went in one day and it was nicely reduced and I was able to put it on lay-away! I worked hard for it and I love it more now than I did then! I’m glad I waited and was able to get what I really wanted. I’d post a pic if I knew how!

  3. My bed and leather couch also. I also have antique beds from Belgium for the girls rooms I found on eBay over 10 years ago. It’s all older now, but it’s what the kids grew up with, and good quality. I am torn on replacing the couch, but burgundy was my husbands color not mine…so we will see.
    I have cane back chairs I want to restore but, we will see. They were from a barn in Sonoma/wine country and are dry, but intact.

  4. I enjoyed your comments about original art. As am artist I have to agree. I am not totally snobbish about prints, but would so much rather have an original in my home. I have one piece that is from the late 1800s and was painted by my great grandmother. Also just bought a tiny oval original painting of a bird at an estate sale today for $2.50. It just spoke to me so I snapped it up.

    I love how you decorate with old furniture, that is the way I also love to decorate. I always love it when people come into my house and spend a lot of time going around checking everything out. Makes a house really a home, very much personal like the owner.

  5. My splurge is lighting. I saved and saved for the Edison Chandelier from Pottery Barn and I absolutely love it!

  6. Paintings, mostly inherited but one very good 19th century painting purchased at an excellent price. Carpets. Also a tall cabinet c.1900 that I found on 1st Dibs and had shipped from L.A. It has its original paint, full of chippiness, that was stabilized in some fashion before I bought it. While it was sitting in the garage during our renovations and barely visible from the street, someone spotted it and wanted to buy it. It’s really gorgeous, and I love it.

  7. My Graham desk by Pottery Barn and my Pottery Barn couch and 2 chairs are my core pieces. They are made so well and side tables and accessories can come and go. I also feel strong about a GOOD mattress. We spend so much time in our bed and a good mattress helps you wake up refreshed.

  8. Over 40 years ago I purchased an oak dining table circa 1890 with two armchairs. The solid oak armchairs look like they came out of a monastery and I love them dearly. Visitors have exclaimed on my dining set through the years and I’ve had offers but I purchased these antiques with inheritance money from my grandparents and will never part with it. I will part with my money for a Bergere upholstered armchair as well. I have one Bergere repro that is due for reupholstering which I’ll tackle now that I’ve seen MMS’s video. Another high ticket item that I’ll be purchasing soon is a good mattress! I already purchased the headboard, mahogany with hand carving circa 1900’s, that will be refurbished with MMS’s milk paint. I don’t like matched sets in my house: my dining set is 1890’s, living room 80’s, nightstands 30’s, and they are all solid wood with excellent craftsmanship.

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