Of course, there are a million practical things to do.  Unpack, strip wallpaper, paint walls, clean, and organize, but I have to give myself the gift of unstructured time to just play.  So, I bounce between things that need to be done and things that are completely unnecessary but are creatively fulfilling.  It gives me the energy to push through the things that are a bit more mundane and not exciting.

So, yesterday I gave myself some time to work on some decorating things.  One of the things that are both practical and decorative are curtains and I’m looking forward to getting them made and hung for the living room.  Right now, we don’t have window coverings for this room and there is quite a glare on the TV.  This gave me a change to play with fabrics, which is great creative fun for me.

I have picked a blue and white plaid for the curtains in this room.  It’s Logan Plaid in Navy by Thibaut and I have a pretty cool full-circle story about it.  A few months ago, I picked up some retired Thibaut fabric sample books from my local paint and wallpaper store.  In that book was Logan Plaid and I cut it out to add to my inspiration board.  I assumed the fabric wouldn’t be available any longer, but I found it on Fabric Guru and snapped up 20 yards of it not knowing how I was going to use it.  I knew I liked it and would be able to use it somewhere and it’s perfect for the living room curtains.

As a part of my decorating process, and I’ve shared this before, I tacked the fabric up on the window so I could live with it for a few days and see how I like it.  I don’t need to live with it for a few days.  I love it!  I already ordered curtain rods and blackout liner and I just need to get my sewing room unpacked so I can get the curtains done.  I’ll see if I can rope my mom into helping me.  She is the best help when it comes to making curtains.  I pin and sew and she irons.  It makes the job go much faster.

decorating process | living room | antiques | blue and white | thibaut logan plaid | miss mustard seed

While I had the fabric tacked up, I decided to hang a pair of antlers and a Valesquez study I painted a few months ago.  I’ve had this painting leaned up on the fireplace, but it’s much better hanging here.  As I’m hanging pictures, I am thinking about leaving room for the curtains.

I also played with a yard of fabric I purchased to see if it would make a nice lampshade cover and I love it!  The fabric is Pedigree, also by Thibaut.  It’s a lighter cotton, so it’ll be a nice, semi-transparent fabric for customizing a lampshade.

decorating process | living room | antiques | blue and white | thibaut logan plaid | miss mustard seed

Experimenting so I can see visually how things are coming together makes me so excited to get to work!

decorating process | living room | antiques | blue and white | thibaut logan plaid and pedigree fabric | miss mustard seed

As I’ve said before, we will paint this room eventually, but there are rooms that need a lot more attention when it comes to the walls, so I’m going to make this room feel as finished as possible as it is, so we have a place that feels done-for-now and is ready for guests and the holidays.

decorating process | living room | antiques | blue and white | thibaut logan plaid | miss mustard seed

I also ended up ironing an 1800s document so I could frame it., but I’ll save that for another blog post…


  1. Bridget

    You always find the best fabric! These are so cute and love them together!

  2. Bridget

    I always love the fabric you find and select. These two are perfect together!

  3. Marcie

    Seeing what you do with blue almost makes me want to use it again…almost! I’ve always loved blue toile and I adore the blue buffalo check you had on your sectional, but I swore off blue quite a few years ago. That said, I swore off green once upon a time and now it’s back in my world again…kitchen cabinets! What goes around, comes around…..I just cannot stomach pale blue painted walls, though!

    • Teresa

      Wow, just love reading your blog! You have a great way with words. This room looks so cozy & decorated perfectly! Your mom must be so proud of you💕

      • Bridey

        And just like that it looks like Marion’s home.

  4. CathyR

    Will you paint the beams? I’m a lover of all white trim, but I admit I get a warm feeling from these unpainted ones. Oh, and do you and hubby have to agree on how you “do a room”? Im struggling with compromise w/ my Fella; I never dreamt he wanted so much input on decorating! ((And we won’t go into his ‘style’ other than to say he doesn’t think the 80s decor we have now needs to go 🤯🤯))

    • Elizabeth

      Cathy: I hear you. I finally realized that I had to make changes in decor around the house when my husband was out of town on business. He would come back to a job finished. When I asked him: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you really care about how the house looks?” He admitted that it was maybe a 2. I realized that the issue was he hates change but he hates painting etc even more. So, it he is presented with the job done. He’s good!

      • Babs

        My husband is retired and doesn’t travel…so I have to limit myself to small, quickly finished jobs. I have learned not to even talk about projects or else he tries to discourage me from making changes. He just adores the status-quo while I enjoy change. Got to pick my battles.

        The room is looking so cozy and welcoming…a good place to escape to when the mess gets to you all.

        • Elizabeth M

          Sounds just like my DH!

    • Kristine

      CathyR – I have the same problem…I mean ‘situation’. He has an opinion, and very little gets done without his approval. But here’s the catch; he has excellent taste, and an amazing eye. Case in point: we bought a semi-industrial book case for a wall in our family room. He organized the books and decor items and it’s gorgeous. Half the time I feel frustrated, the other half I am so grateful!

  5. taria

    I love Fabric Guru. I have an order arriving tomorrow! They have so much fun fabric. Never had anything but good experiences with them. Your home is really gonna be beautiful. Love your choices.

  6. Connie

    I have a similar setup with shelves beside fireplace in our 1960 rancher so I will be watching for mantel and shelf ideas. My mantel is long and deep.

    I can’t seem to create your fabulous vignettes easily but I can use yours for inspiration.

    • Amanda

      I also have a similar fireplace and built-ins setup. I yanked that little skimpy shelf off over the fireplace and put in an antique mantel. It’s not ornate, so it still fits the style of the house, but it looks SO MUCH better.

    • Marian Parsons

      I am planning on changing out the mantel eventually, but it’ll be a while!

  7. Janine

    I absolutely love how this room is coming together! Love the blue & your choice of fabrics & beautiful quilts. I especially smiled when I saw the photo which showed a hammer on the ottoman…keeping it real! ❤️

  8. Nicole

    It’s looking beautiful! I also agree that creating one space that feels “done enough” amidst the chaos of the rest of the house is so vital.

  9. DWF

    I’d leave the lampshade plain for now until you get the curtains up and the rest of the decor settled more. The curtain fabric is beautiful.

  10. Pamela

    This is utterly charming and darling fabric choices, room looks like it’s been decorated a while. I also loved your James Farmer inspired corner from last post, that was always a favorite corner of mine that he had done too. I just bought his book A Place to Call Home last week as a birthday gift to myself. Love the direction you’re headed for this house. and good for you taking a few breaks to feed your soul and create in between all the work. the last many months has been A LOT for you .

  11. Kim

    That room already has a very homey and colonial vibe, and feels very different than your Minnesota house, even though it is most of the same items!

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, it is so interesting how the same furniture can look so different just by putting it in a different kind of architecture. I am really enjoying this house. I miss the light from our MN house, but I like the style of this house more.

  12. Monica from Littlestown

    I love the colors of the walls and the fireplace brick in that room. It’s a calming and warm backdrop for all the pretty blues, greens, leather, and wood tones.

  13. Lola

    Love, love, love the two fabrics together! Cannot get over how much the lampshade covered in fabric transforms the room!! As always, looks amazing so far!!

  14. Carolyn Dietrich

    I love the color of the fireplace brick. Very wise mix the practical with play which is creatively fulfilling to quote you. I love the fabric for the curtains and lampshade. The room looks love and inviting and gives you a place where you can relax until you are able to make the changes. It must be overwhelming to have so many changes you want to make and it’s so wise to handle it like you are and we get to see it evolve!

    • Marian Parsons

      I love the color of the brick, too! I would like the change the mantle, but the brick is going to stay.

  15. Arlene

    Your room is beautiful….I knew it would be!

  16. Frances Powers

    Will you do a tutorial on how you make the lampshade?

    • Laura

      There are videos showing how to cover lampshades on youtube.com. There are a variety of methods, some glue the fabric to an existing lampshade and some sew fabric onto a wire form. I recommend watching several before deciding which works best for you and your skill level.

    • Marian Parsons

      Yep, I’ll share how I do it!

    • Kristin Gjertsen

      Yes please do a tutorial. I have some great lamps with older lampshades and I would love to see how you do it. I have Stiffel Lamps that belonged to my grandmother that look very similar to yours and buying new shades is not in my budget right now.

  17. MaryG

    Yes, how do you recover the lamp shade?

    • Irene Kelly

      Oh My ypu recover lamp shades also !Marian what can’t you do ! I am so impressed with all your amazing talents which put me to shame ! Must check out that fabric website. We list our Calico Corners store which I loved visiting few times a year. Nearest one is in Penna.Nothing can replace touching the fabric to check out the hand.

  18. Leila

    Just curious what you use to hang things as I notice you have wood planks on the wall, or shiplap, and not sheetrock. I wondered if you hang with nails on the wood or if you use something else like command strips.

    • Marian Parsons

      I just use a nail and try to position things so the nail cors in a joint. This is actually paneling that is some kind of composite wood, not solid wood planks. I am just going to hang things on the walls and will patch holes when and if I need to.

  19. IEL

    Lovely fabric selections! Drapes always add a warm and “finished” elegance to a room, not to mention their function. I love Fabric Guru too! I have purchased many home dec fabrics from them over the years and have always been pleased with the purchases and their service. I love seeing your design process unfold in this new home:) Echoing another commenter, I would also love to see a lampshade tutorial. I am planning to try my hand at a pleated fabric lamp shade and we will see how well it comes out!

  20. Betsy

    I have a similar look in my den but a fabric covered sofa. My husband wants a leather sofa but my chairs look similar to yours and I think it works better with a fabric sofa. How did you come to the decision to use a leather sofa? I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    • Marian Parsons

      The leather sofa will actually be going in Jeff’s office when we find a new sofa. We sold all of our sectionals when we moved, so I’m on the hunt for a new one that has the comfort and look we want.

  21. Cheryl

    Marion, this room has come together so beautifully!

  22. JC

    Love these two fabrics together. I’ve not heard of Fabric Guru, so thank you! I will check them out. In regards to decorating decisions…. My husband usually asks me how many head tilts did this one take.😁 It’s fun to play!

  23. Carol

    I Love your style! It’s amazing how quickly you can make a space look cozy!
    Love the fabrics you chose!

    Will you please do a tutorial for the lampshade covers?

    • Marian Parsons

      Yep! I’ll share how I’ll do it. I am going to think about it a bit more if I’ll go the sewing route or just glue.

  24. Dianne

    It looks wonderful! And, so nice for you to have your own cozy things after so many months. It is always inspiring and motivating for us as followers to play around with our own rooms; making changes, big and small. Our lives are always evolving and so are our homes.

  25. Deborah Raney

    SO cozy and homey. I just love the blue and cream with the warmth of the caramel color in the wood, boots, and book covers. Just perfection!

  26. Judy Karlson

    Everything looks so lovely with the newly completed wood flooring! It is very grounding……a firm foundation for whatever lands on top while tying everything together. Using blue and white and warm woods is such a smart choice. And the new fabrics are lovely together! Thanks for sharing your progress!

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, the wood floors changed the whole feel of the room.

  27. Dianeh

    It’s looking like Miss Marian and family live here !!!!😃😃😃😃

  28. Gabrielle

    Marian, your is looking lovely. I love the shelf styling. The curtains are going to look fabulous. And the lamp will be lovely. Looking forward to the process of you recovering the lamp. I need to recover two of my lampshades, and you inspire me to do it myself!

  29. Gabrielle

    Should have said your room is looking lovely!

  30. Deb

    I know the color of the fabric for the lamp shade played a part in the choice but did the fact the dogs look like relatives of Sebastian’s play any part in your decision?

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh, of course! Toile, yes! Blue and white, yes! Pups like Sebastian, winner!

  31. Sandi from Wisconsin

    The living room is coming together so beautifully–the curtains and new lampshade will be the icing on the cake! I love your choice of fabrics and how they will complement each other. It is so enjoyable to read your posts as you make this new house your home. Thank you.

    • Marian Parsons

      Thank you!


    Marian, your living room is looking so beautiful and cozy. The wood floors are lovely. I really like your choice of fabrics for the curtains and your lamp shade. It’s going to be so pretty with all your blue and white!

    So nice that your Mom can come and help you.

    Thanks for sharing things with us as you work so hard in your lovely home! So happy for you all.

  33. Kristine

    A few weeks ago you posted a picture of this same part of the family room, but it was when the floors were being put in. Even then, though, I could see how beautiful this room could be. And now, here is the picture that fills in the details. It’s stunning, and it’s the details that make this room so beautifully curated. It was interested to hear you say (or READ you say) that you miss the light of the Minnesota house, but you prefer the style of this house. I’ve pinned it to my Home Interiors, Styling Shelves, Fireplace Mantels, and Fabrics boards on Pinterest. Am I inspired? You bet!

  34. Teresa Cunningham

    Have you ever recovered a lampshade? When you do recover the lampshade mentioned, please share. I admire your ability with “good for now.” I’d love to have that talent.

  35. Amanda

    Your living room is looking so cozy and homey! Love it.

  36. lynn wheeler

    would love a tutorial on covering a lampshade. your decor is so pretty!

  37. Rachel Stone

    Dear Marian,

    This space is coming together so quickly and seamlessly! I’m sure it’s due to knowing well what you like, how your family lives, and having the good “bones” of basic pieces. Loving the shelf styling!

    Would you consider two specific posts? One on shelf styling, and one on how to cover a lamp shade? Thank you for all the hard work , especially since you’re still settling in!


  38. Lynnette

    Everything is looking lovely! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m just curious…when you find a fabric you love and purchase it not yet knowing what you will use it for, how do you decide how much to buy?

    • Marian Parsons

      It depends on the fabric but if I think I’ll use it for curtains, I count on 3 yards per panel. If I want it for pillows, I’ll get 2-3 yards, and if it’s just for little projects, I might just get a yard or two.

  39. Cindy

    Loving all the painted over paneling in contrast with the wood beams. I also love your neutral tones paired with carmel colors of wood and leather. And your shades of blue have always gone straight through my heart. Thank you for sharing your sources. We all want some of that fabric! LOL. Hope your foot is feeling much more healed these days.


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