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Decorating above the kitchen cabinets is something I haven’t given dedicated thought to for years!

I do remember the time, though, when above the cabinets was prime decorating real estate.  I had my kitchen looking like a Cracker Barrel with varying heights, carefully crafted vignettes, and lots of unique collectibles.  We’re talking a vintage Coke can tower, German Lebkuchen tins, baskets, and lots of fake ivy.

I wish I had pictures.

But then we moved to a townhouse with bulkheads above the cabinets, displacing all of my above-the-cabinet-goodies.  When we moved to our house in PA, I was over the whole idea and wanted to move towards a simpler, cleaner look.  So, my kitchen cabinets remained without tchotchkes topping them off.  (Man, I had to look up how to spell that one!)

But, for some reason, in our new house in Minnesota, I feel like these cabinets need something.  Am I crazy?

Maybe it’s because the ceilings are higher or because the wall color is more neutral or because stirrup pants and bodysuits are coming back in style, so why not a 1990’s decorating trend?

Here’s the nice thing about it…I can just try it out and if it looks too cluttered, I can just take it down.  No risk at all.

Instead of adding a variety of collectibles, bunched into vignettes, I like the idea of adding all of one thing.  This will look more like a curated collection on display as opposed to a compulsive effort to decorate every inch of the house.  Been there, done that.  Maybe we need to design t-shirts and start a club.

So, I’ve thought about wooden crates, woven baskets, crocks, and large bowls.  Ultimately, though, I’m going to try what I already have plenty of – ironstone milk pitchers.  (You’re shocked that it’s ironstone, aren’t you?)

So, I’m going to give it a try and let you know how it looks.

What are your thoughts on decorating above the kitchen cabinets?


decorating above the kitchen cabinets

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200 Comments on “decorating above the kitchen cabinets”

  1. I put my collection of green glass bottles in varying shapes and sizes above my cabinets. Some are very old, some newer. I had an electrician install outlets where they can’t be seen so I could plug in miniature light sets above the cabinets to make the glass bottles sparkle at night and in the early morning. I make sure that none of the wires or bulbs actually show, just a nice soft light on the glass. I do have to wash the dust off from time to time, but not often. Love it.

  2. I just buy a roll of cheap paper towels and line the top of my cupboards with them. Easy to roll up and toss out. I see others mentioning wax paper and newspaper so I just thought I would add my two cents. I’m a poor one to ask, I’m stuck in the 90s with my cupboards full of old advertising tins, and various antiques like milk bottles, coffee grinders, crocks, etc. I hate cleaning them but I love the look. The paper towels really help.

  3. Wow, so many responses gotta love your fan base. Fun to read . I have really tall ceilings in my kitchen/great room and have plug ins above my cabinets with a wall switch. So I put lamps above my cabinets along with wood crates, wicker wrapped glass bottles from France, suitcases & books. I don’t over load it so, that it is too much to take in, just enough to please the eye. I never fry food so I do not have any greasy film on anything. Just the typical household dust that I get everywhere else in the house. I get loads of compliments. I really enjoy the view with the lights on above the cabinets at night from my chair or on the sofa of all my displays. Really not that big of a deal to clean a couple times a year. So try your ironstone or anything else you have definitely worth a try. You are so good at staging and displaying you will find the perfect setting.

  4. It’s funny you write about this at this moment in time. I’m part of a 30, 000 and growing online group and that subject comes up frequently, last week in fact. I was also one who did the faux ivy and for awhile ferns (so 90’s) and lots of disparate goodies. Our ceilings are very high and there’s a lot of space above my cabinets. I took don the 80’s border, repainted for a much cleaner look. BUT, my cabinets just floated, they frankly looked weird to me. Maybe because I wasn’t used to it being so clean! Whatever, I decided to put some things back up and decided to keep it clean and curated by just displaying my old stoneware beer and wine bottles and a few rusty scales. It looks so much nicer with the neutral tone on tone colors. I might take those down at some point, but for now I’m happy. Big surprise you’ll be using ironstone. Um, said no one. Congrats again on the new home, your new life and a new/old look!

  5. I personally love the clean look with nothing on top of kitchen cabinets. Sparse has always made things look bigger, in my eyes. Just a thought….is it possible to take off your crown molding and install small glass front cabinets above the existing cabinets? You could get the kind with the cross mullions. They could be painted to match. Is there access to electricity? Adding lighting could be an option. You could then install the crown to trim it out bringing the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. It would be a space to display non frequently used items and add a sense of height and customization for not a ton of money. Thanks for asking and valuing our options 😊.

  6. I think the room will come together a little better once you get the fabric on the chairs. I think the room just needs a little bit of color. I’d love to see some color on the walls. I think what’s throwing the room off for me is the pot rack. It just looks a little bit too cluttered. I feel like that style has come and gone a bit but I also know how we get attached to things that we love. Adding some color in the room with the fabric will give the room a little bit more of a focal point. You have that gorgeous gas stove and I think that maybe if you remove the pot rack and put up some pendant lighting that may help.

    1. Sue I agree about the pot rack…it is way over crowded…..and then adding more eye interest with stuff on top of the cabinets even tho it will be simple….eye overload! IMO edit that pot rack! While I am not a fan of them anyway and think that look went out years and years ago, please lessen the amount of pots on there….a lot!

      1. Sue, Patricia, Marian posted about the pot rack and re positioning the lights to accommodate it when she moved into this house. She LOVES it. It frees up a lot of space in the cabinets. The most popular home on our city’s showcase of homes had a large pot rack and it was beautiful. I personally LOVE the look and the practicality of a pot rack and have purchased one for our future home. Different strokes…

  7. I have no words of wisdom for someone who has such great taste:)♥
    I have 9 ft ceilings in the I needed something when we moved here 16 yrs I have things up there:)My mom’s picnic basket..she would be almost 100..a dollhouse:)..etc..but that’s me;)

  8. Looking forward to seeing how you style it. I hated cleaning up there and had very tall ceiling with 42 inch tall upper cabinets, begged my hubby to close it in and 20 yrs later he Did! We trimmed out with crown moulding and stuff and 5 yrs later I still love it!

  9. In the spirit of “well, you asked!” haha 😀 my first thought was full length fish tanks, restaurant style with lights! I think you can at least to that thing with the virtual mock-up so we can picture it 😀

    WAAITTT!! Did anyone say it yet… your landscapes! Bulkheads added…art lined up from one end to the other… Yes.

  10. Your white ironstone pitchures will look great. That’s what I have on top of my cabinets and I love them. Of course my collection is very small compared to yours but I love the ones I do own. I use baskets also behind some of them to make them stand out more. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  11. I somewhat agree with Sue. I think the pot rack looks a little cluttered. Try just the copper pots or just the silver metal pots. As much as I love the beauty of copper, I think the other will blend better with your new stainless stove. I agree that you definitely need some blue in the room to make it yours. A pale blue on the walls would really make your ironstone pitchers show better than against the neutral walls.

    1. Thank you Cindy…too many and too many different ones altogether up there…all one look would be be best…the copper are very nice if you must do that hanging pot look which went out years ago. It overtakes the room.

  12. I have white pitchers above my cabinets. Not too many, just enough to give that empty space a reason for being there. 🤔

    1. I agree….all rooms need a place for the eye to rest….you have and will have enough eye interest…especially all those pots and pans up there! YIKES!

  13. I added small cabinets above ours. Closed in and no dust collections. I like the cleaner less cluttered look but whatever works is what I say. Love the new look in the kitchen. I personally think that once you get some fabric in there it won’t need anything.

  14. I was absolutely thinking ironstone and then you said it. Shock/surprise!! lol But it will give just enough texture and some shine. I like things above the cabinets, so that’s my vote.

  15. We re-decorated last year and my decorator told me no one decorated above the cabinets anymore. I disagreed and it was my kitchen. Maybe fewer things but I was not willing to leave it empty. So I added my favorite family antiques.

  16. The first consideration in decorating SHOULD be everything that makes the people that live in the house happy. Trends come and go because marketers want to lead us in a direction to buy what they sell. When you have a strong sense of yourself and your family, your house will reflect comfort and spirit and happiness. Your house has always looked welcoming and interesting and amazing. This new house will do the same when you follow your heart. Your talents and instincts for what makes a house your home keep us all look forward to your posts. My vote – do what makes you smile because your creativity sure makes us smile! That’s the friendly advice I have been giving my customers for twenty years and it seems to be working.

  17. I collect the blue Ball canning jars (the old ones) of varying sizes. My husband put a strip of l.e.d. lights up on the tops of the cabinets and the lights shine through the blue glass, it’s very pretty. Just recently I took it all down because we repainted the kitchen, replaced the floor, took a wall out….you know how it goes ! I don’t have anything above my cabinets right now and I kind of like the clean, minimalist look. I guess we go through phases with our decorating. I may put my jars back up and then again I may not…

  18. If it were me, I would leave the top of the cabinets bare. You have enough going on with your lovely pot rack, scale and other unique pieces.

    1. AGREED! I don’t know why she thinks more is more…that stuff on top of cabinets look went out a long time ago too! Let the cabinets shine too.

  19. Everything should be what makes you and your happy!! We can suggest and give our input but in the end it is up to you

  20. I have the staggered cabinets in my 100+ year old home. I put enamel pot lids on display above the cabinets. Different shapes, sizes and colors. I’m not tired of them yet and the didn’t break the bank!

  21. like you Ive done it several ways. the last house I decorated had vaulted kitchen ceilings and the custom cabinet had varying heights so I did it in Huge items like an old wooden sleigh and large antique clocks with the main event being the client’s extension collection of Polish Pottery. it was outstanding. we moved this summer and have high ceilings so my husband has been asking me what Im going to put up, ugh, so much work. interested in what others come up.

  22. I really just want to comment that I love the sign about the sink!! I may have missed it before or it didn’t show up in the pictures – but I love it! As far as above the cabinets I guess I am for the plain look – but you are a great and if you decide to put something up there it will look lovely!!!

  23. I hate that empty space above the kitchen cabinets! So much so, that we bought an extra row of cabinets to place on top to fill in the space and have cabinets to the ceiling in my kitchen. We will paint them a creamy white which will look so much better and will bring the eye up. Alas, you are A LOT faster than we are at painting your cabinets and dramatically beautifying your new kitchen. Such a beautiful transformation- Miss Mustard Seed’s hallmark! (Your posts on the painting were helpful, thanks.) Until that project gets completed, I have all baskets up there of varying shapes and sizes. Practical, uniformity of just one type of thing, and it fills the gap. I think I might prefer nothing up there in your kitchen, but would like to see how your ironstone works up there. Like you said, you can always take ’em down.

  24. Hi! Well, I have a pot rack and I put my (handed down to me) Longaberger collection on top of the kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of baskets but I love them so it doesn’t bother me. The dusting is a pain sometimes but I don’t dust up there all of the time so no biggie. I can take the vacuum attachment and lightly brush them off. I love the idea of your ironstone, though. You will be able to take a duster and dust the inside and outside of the pitchers and be just fine. Can’t wait to see what you do with the space.

  25. We are in the process of redecorating our kitchen. I plan on placing a long metal farmhouse sign that says Supermarket on the top of one side of my cabinets and I am using cotton garlands along the tops of all the cabinets. I also have quite a collection of ironstone. I will just go from there, but it’s going to be so much fun to decorate!

  26. I also think that although your ironstone pitchers will certainly look terrific and charming, I really think you just need a bit more color in the room, and the clean tops will look great then. Are you changing the wall color? It doesn’t look quite like you to me. But it’s all beautiful.

  27. Interested to see how it looks with the ironstone above the cabinets. Because you’re doing it, it’ll look fabulous, you just have that knack for perfectly styling things.

    Years ago I read an article about an older man who collected tea cups, pots and pitchers. He would place Kleenex or paper towels inside the open vessels so all he had to do when doing his periodic cleaning was gently wipe down the outside of each piece and change out the paper inside. Saved him having to take everything down and to the sink to wash them (they were antiques, he wanted to avoid wear and also the potential for accidental breakage). Something like this might work for your ironstone pitchers as a way to fend of dust and critters getting inside them.

  28. I agree with Sue and Cindy, minimize the pot rack and add some color in there.
    Painting the cabinets white has decreased the obvious space above them.

  29. Ironstone sounds nice or maybe even some of your copper pieces that you don’t use all of the time, such as one of the colanders. The thing is you can try it and take it down if you get tired of it or rearrange it.

  30. I’ve lived almost 70 years and most of my adult life in apartments and YES I decorated above the cabinets for years…but never again. All those beautiful little vignettes required dusting and from time to time when I forgot there would be signs of little critters inhabiting those vignettes!

    Now that I have my own home I’ve painted everything in my little kitchen white. I chose to leave few cabinets without doors for an open look. Some of the shelves, including all the top shelves, I’ve chosen to make color statements by displaying glass sets (juice, beverage, wine, etc.) in one cabinet, ivory serving ware all along the top, and collection of coffee cups and dishware in yet another cabinet. Condiments, cereals, cleaning products, etc. all are behind closed doors. I’ve kept the look uncluttered and love it!

    Whatever you do decide on you’ll pull it off with your signature MMS style.

  31. We
    L, I too like the idea of a collection of one soft of thing. I have banded (mostly blue) yellow bowls. Doesn’t look too bad. I never did like the trailing ivy thing, though, I must say. Glad you nixed that one. Looking forward to the pictures.

  32. Although I do like some cupboards with decor items on top of the cabinets, I actually like yours without. I think your focal point is your pot hanger with all the beautiful copper. I am wondering if it will visually “get lost” with your Ironstone.
    I’m sure I will change my thoughts when you post your photos though.

  33. Your eye keeps going to the blank space above the cabinets because there is no resting place for it elsewhere. Add things above the cabinets and there will not be anywhere for your eye to rest at all. I think you need to paint your island darker to ground it and clear the top so your eye can stop jumping from broken surface to broken surface looking for a clean line to land on. Just an idea.

    1. You decorators talk about having a place for the eye to rest. And clean lines. Where do you learn this stuff? I want to learn, but don’t know where to start.

  34. I do it! I think it adds warmth and a lived in quality to the kitchen. I don’t put much on my counters so I think I can get away with it.

  35. I think it’s the neutral color on the walls that’s giving you that feeling. (And putting the ironstone up there would be more neutral.) Those nice white cabinets don’t get a chance to really pop. But before you decide what to put up there it might be a good idea to settle on the fabric. (I know you’ve been working on that one! 😉) There used to be a design show called “Room by Room” on HGTV. While those styles are now outdated (she used lots of goodies up over her cabinets too 😁), her basic formulas still work. In my business people ask me all of the time what colors to use, and I give them her advice: start with a fabric or a piece of art. Then pull the colors from there for the room. (It can be lighter or darker shades of those colors too.). The artist who created the painting or the fabric has already done the work for you, creating colors that work well together. Maybe once you get the fabric chosen the details will all fall into place. Happy decorating Marian! I’m amazed at how quickly you’ve been able to do so much painting, especially the cabinets! Thanks for sharing all your discoveries with us 😊. You are a great source of inspiration and encouragement!

  36. I am like you. My old house did not allow me to display things above the cabinets but I was okay with that. Now I have much taller ceilings. I have white cabinets, a very similar counter top to what you have now, and a very light shade of grey on the walls. Mine felt sparse. I lined up a few old cookbooks, a collection of milk glass vases, a tea pot, a serving tray and a couple of glass milk cartons and was very happy with the results. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  37. I did the clutter above the cabinets for YEARS! So hated getting up there and cleaning the stuff, then putting it back up, knowing it was just grabbing grease, cooking film and dead spiders/gnats. UGH! (BTW, I used big cut to fit blocks of styrofoam to fill in the depressed top of the cabinets) In this latest house (built last year) I wanted the little lighted small cabinets above the usable ones, but budget said “oh no you don’t! ” So, I now go with nothing up there. Doesn’t bother me in the least ( when I think of the yuck I once dealt with, it soothes my soul.)

  38. I vote for nothing till you decide what fabrics to set the color mood. Your an amazing lady and whatever you do will be great. PS I think the pot rack distracts from your style .
    Also think about using a painting above the cabinets. You are an amazing artisf Marian . Love reading your posts every day 😊❤️

  39. My collection of vintage and more recent teapots reside on top of my cabinets…along with a few vintage tin canisters and vintage glass milk bottles (my husband was raised on his family’s dairy farm). I love it

  40. I avoid placing things above my kitchen cabinetry because of the grease and dust which tends to collect up there. I simply don’t have enough time to take everything down and clean it on a regular basis…if it’s dirty it’s a source of frustration for me. Also I feel it is a bit of a dated approached to decorating. I have been know to store my bright orange colander up there for a touch of color, but that’s as far as I have gone. My motto has always been, ‘to each his/her own’ and I feel there should be no hard rules with expressing ones style. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  41. You have the stock. That would free op easy access space. It would mantain the quiet monotone background. I personally love the counters you have for a quiet contrast. Your
    choice! ‘Excited to see, wonder workin’ woman!

  42. Not only do I like the counters, I like the crown molding. It decorates & the space above is short.
    I also filled in my recesses over the cabinets with styrofoam. I topped that with 18” floor tiles to scrub the grease/dust!

  43. The first thing I noticed with your “before” picture was the black chalkboard wall. It seemed to make everything POP! The new kitchen is beautiful, but I understand what you mean…taking it to a next level. I’m still over the decorating above the shelves, mainly because I find it difficult to balance the busyness on top with the busyness in the rest of the room. I have a set of 1950 quarter round shelves in my kitchen that needed something on them. I tried blue and white items, and it looked fine. When I switched to all white, I LOVED it. No busy color, but texture to fill in the space and not detract from the rest of the kitchen. Your ironstone came to my mind , also. I say, give it a try!

  44. I agree with some of your other followers, you just need some contrast somewhere in the space……painting the island a different color, a beautiful iron pendant over sink or island possibly. I think the ironstone will just add more white on white. You have a great eye!

  45. Your kitchen is a real tribute to your great taste and incredible work ethic – you’ve gotten so much done so fast! Question: how did you mount those platters to the wall? I have some antique platters I would love to hang, but haven’t figured out any good way to do it. Thank you!

  46. I have things above my cabinets, but there is 18 inches of space up there. It’s mostly enamel ware and red bowls which
    I use and in a small kitchen need to store them somewhere. I do have pieces of Styrofoam covered in wax paper that I’ve hidden to add height since the crown makes everything seem to disappear below it and the wax paper makes it easy to clean all the dust and grime.

  47. Can not wait to see it! I’m typically in favor of leaving the area clean and clear, but when we moved two years ago, I told my husband that his gaming figures and collectibles had to be on display in his office area, or gone- no more boxes and boxes of this stuff!! (I figured too if I’m sight, he would feel more satisfied with what he had already and stop buying… it worked!)
    He turned it back on me though and said the same to my white serving pieces- so they currently reside above the cabinets.

  48. I say keep the things you love. I think the room could definitely use some texture. Baskets for sure. But I also think that perhaps your island could be butcher block. I think it would balance out your pot rack and add some warmth to the space. I’ve enjoyed watching your progress and wish I had your energy!

  49. I put a long chicken feeder filled with faux white geraniums on top of mine. Filled in great and was only 1 piece instead of several. I used to have ironstone but I needed to change it up. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  50. Hi Marian, I too used to decorate the tops of my kitchen cabinets back in the day! I used plywood to level out the top and then filled with cute vintage-y decor. Which I loved! I now have cabinets that go to the ceiling with crown moulding and I like that too. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. I know it will look great!

  51. I thought the cabinets were a perfect spot for your ironstone since I first saw your kitchen. Nothing “90’s” about antiques. Timeless.

  52. Ironstone for sure!
    I have a few scattered pieces of milk glass over mine. Would love to close the tops in, but I know I can’t do it.

  53. I’m with JC! My first thought was for filling in that space with small, glass front cabinets; and I like her idea about having decorative mullions (cross pieces) too. Lighting them could beautifully highlight whatever you place inside; and you get the added benefit of your ceilings looking higher because the cabinets go all the way up – and no dusty decor.
    I had a collection of pitchers above one section of cabinets (not even near the stove) in our last house, and while I enjoyed it, I did not enjoy cleaning them! 😀

    Love how the paint freshened these up so well! Now find you some fabulous Marian fabric and it will add a lot. 😍

  54. Well, I am disappointed and also relieved that pots, berries, vines and fake plants are all out. I am disappointed because when I had that atop my cabinets in my beautiful home in Dallas, TX, that was my most professional part of my decor. I had a fancy interior designer and her assistant do them all and they were beautiful. Since those years, I no longer have a big beautiful house with high ceiling and space above my cabinets. I have always longed to have those again. I am now relieved that this kind of decor is OUT OF STYLE so I can quit dreaming about those cabinets. I

  55. Your painted cabinets and clear glass hardware is beautiful. Perfect really. Yes, I think a few pieces of your pretty ironstone on top of the cabinets would be very fitting to your home. It will carry the eye upwards and highlight the texture of the crown molding. Which I love by the way.
    I agree with a previous comment of decluttering the pot rack. “Less is more” and your copper pots and pans are gorgeous.
    I always look forward to your posts.

  56. Looking forward to seeing how it looks! Our family loves collection shells on trips-so I have a section of glass canning jars, some clear, some blue filled with shells. Each jar has a different kind of shell, which keeps it looking less jumbled, and the shells are displayed without getting dusty!

  57. When you put something up there, I think you will find that there isn’t as much space as you thought especially with the crown molding on the front of the cabinets. In my opinion, there is enough going on already—the cabinet crown, the ceiling crown and the added height of that corner cabinet, along with the pot-rack is more than enough. Adding more up at the ceiling will only add a distraction and your eyes will never know where to rest. Once fabric is introduced, the look will be softened and more cohesive—and also remember that the curtain/shade will add another design element up high. I would remove some of the things on the counter tops also so that it would be a bit less cluttered.

  58. I think adding decor above the cabinets will be too busy. Also, I would dread taking the breakable items down for cleaning. I just think your time could be better spent on something else. Have you considered adding lights on the top of the cabinets, pointing up toward the ceiling. It gives a nice glow in the evenings and isn’t cluttered feeling. My personal taste would be for a slight bit more contrast in your wall color, like the pale blue in your last kitchen. I like the sign over the sink very much. Good luck! Whatever you do will be beautiful.

  59. I just took ALL of my decorations down and painted my kitchen lighter. I do love the simplicity and I think it looks cleaner. I am thinking of adding a collection of milk glass to keep the light color but add some of that texture back in. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  60. First let me say, I NEVER comment here but was compelled by little Miss negative up there Patricia! WOW! Her first comment was fine, but then to CONTINUE and CONTINUE! WOW!
    I LOVE THE POT RACK EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS. It’s part of your personality and sets you apart from others. I used to LOVE Pinterest and IG looking at how others used found items and reused them. Now all I see is the same ol rooms done the same ol way! Kitchens with Rae Dunn and Blahhhhh Blahhhhh Blahhhh. Noooo personality!! So you be you and to the ones who cannot keep their comments in check, there is a lovely delete button!
    As for the above cabinet decorating for which this thread was for….. I cannot wait to see what you do. I have never done it, but only from lack of the right personality or decor to put up there.

  61. So since we’re ALL commenting on this post, i had a couple 2 cents i thought I’d share…and since I’m not going to be doing any of the work ;p…….
    Ironstone above the cabinets is definitely worth a shot, but I don’t think it’ll make you super happy. As much as I’d personally like cabinets-to-the-ceiling, I think bulkheads with your oil paintings or vintage wooden signs would look more finished and more like your current style.
    PS, I’ve always liked the pot rack, but I’m thinking the scale may not suit this space. What about swapping in a long wooden ladder or an old crib bottom? Something a bit bigger that relates to the island a little more harmoniously (and perhaps with less of a modern, polished flavor?).
    You’re going to make it sing, whateveryou decide!

  62. I think it’s wasted space if you’re not using the space above the cabinets. 🙂 And I don’t care if people think it’s dated or not, lol :)” I have lovely old blue Ball glass jars, cool old tobacco tins with great colors and graphics, some really old kitchen bowls and utensils, a very old cookie jar of my husbands, a couple old butter churns in another part of the kitchen with other tins…………………’s cool. But I am careful with the rest of the house. It’s a great mix of antique furniture mixed with modern prints and upholstery.

  63. I can’t wait to see it, my kitchen cabinets have stuff on top, old windows, crates, antiques etc. I am so wanting to paint my cabinets but even with your tips I am still scared to.
    Hugs, Di

  64. What ever you put up there it ends up being a dust and grease trap, I’ve fitted a roll of LED lights and it creates a different mood lighting idea, some times less is definitely more 💚

  65. If you put anything above those cabinets, the ironstone pitchers would probably be best. Keep in mind that whatever goes there will eventually become greasy and soiled and would be best thrown in the dishwasher to clean.

  66. How about moving some of your copper pans and colanders to the space above your cabinets?This would link the space to your pot rack and reduce the visual load of the pot rack. Plus a bit of sparkle above the cabinets would be lovely.

  67. I say decorate in the style that makes you happy! I don’t think I could have a blog and ask for suggestions or approval for decorating choices. I know what I like and what feels like home to me, and I’m pretty sure you do, too.

  68. Wow! People have some strong opinions about your pot rack! LOL! I applaud you on your bravery/gumption of asking our opinion. You know what they say about opinions…. I, for one, love everything you have done. I am a sucker for blue and white. That being said, It appears your decorating style is changing a little. While it is still lovely, I think it is a shock for some. It is more traditional than french farmhouse. I think people expect you to stay in your little box. I admit, the carpeting threw me for a loop at first because I LOVED your hardwood floors! I lived vicariously through you because I had carpet and wanted hardwood floors. But, it is still beautiful. The only comment I will make is that I miss the blue. For me. You do blue so well. Whatever you do, it will be beautiful.

  69. Dear M.M.S.
    Thank you for your online presence in my life. I look forward to your posts each day. You are appreciated. You contribute beauty, reality, and inspiration to our lives giving us enjoyment and the courage to try things in our own homes. May your day be filled with the peace and joy of our Savior.

  70. Hi Marian,
    Here in New Hampshire we have wild bittersweet vines growing all over. These yellow berries pop after they are cut to reveal a bright red berry inside and the yellow shell still attached. I clip these vines and place them above my kitchen cabinets every fall. They add a really simple yet seasonal touch to my kitchen. I let the leaves dry out before I put them up and I crumble most of them off, but some are left to add a little more natural feel. Some of these vines are really cool they way they twist and corkscrew in different directions. If you have any in your area, I recommend giving it a try. These vines also give a nice touch to any fall arrangements you might have inside or out. Warning: the berries fall off when the vines get really dry so have a broom ready. I wouldn’t let the dog eat them either. Good luck if you try it!

  71. I mean, dang! You never know what’s going to spark the great debate! Lol. I love the pot rack, it’s warm, welcoming, and says “we actually live and cook here.” I think just a little color contrast in the room will bring it all together! And can I say….I am absolutely blown away with all you’ve done in your home in just a few months! I’ve been in my house almost 2 years and still thinking about painting those cabinets! 😉 ps- are you getting snow down there? We already have a few inches in St. Paul! Xo

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