Decor Steals – Vintage Laundry Basket & Giveaway

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Miscellaneus | 653 comments

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A few years ago, I found a vintage wire laundry basket in an antique store when out shopping with my friend.  I loved that piece and held onto it for a long time.  Then, one year at Lucketts, I sold out of almost everything the first day, so I raided my house and took the laundry basket to sell.  I don’t regret selling it, but I do think about it now and then.  So, when the girls at Decor Steals showed me a reproduction they had sourced, I was excited to check them out.  They look almost exactly like the other one I had AND they even come with liners!

AND they are the deal of the day today!

The liners come with an option to have a monogram added.  Of course, I chose blue and white with an M monogram.

Th big basket is really big, which would be good to use as an actual hamper, but you need a big spot for it.  I see the small basket being best for smaller things like toilet paper, toys, magazines or hand towels.

And I love the wire legs and the wheels, which function very well.

And the baskets fold flat for easy shipping and storage when not in use.  Really cool piece, right!

Here’s a peek at some upcoming sales…


Now, on to the giveaway.  Decor Steals is offering up $50 shop credits to TWO lucky readers.  These girls drive a hard bargain, so $50 will go a long way when shopping there.  Here’s how to enter…

  • Entry one: Check today’s deal  and extended steals and tell us which deal strikes you the most (P.S: You can also vote for a future steal by liking any of the deals in the Pick Steal section – cool, right?)
  • Entry Two: Subscribe to their email newsletter and leave a second comment letting me know you have (or already are.)
  • Entry Three: LIKE their Facebook Page and leave a third comment.
  • Entry Four: Give them a +1 on Google Plus and leave one last comment letting me know you have.

This giveaway is only open to those living in the continental US and readers who are 18 and older. It will end Saturday, April 5, 2014, at midnight PST and two winners will be randomly selected and announced next week.

Good luck!

Disclosure: This is a paid sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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    1. Laura @ Rather Square

      These are cute! Liking the industrial + homey vibe. I could see these being used for a lot more than just laundry (especially in my home!). Thanks for the giveaway!

    2. BrocanteuseRose

      Love these! I really, really love these! My favorite steal is the mail box/slot option. Love it!

    3. BrocanteuseRose

      Already a subscriber, my favorite 10:00 email ever! 🙂

    4. Laurie Ortmeier

      Super fun! I know just where to put one in my spare bedroom!

    5. Emily@The Wicker House

      I want that laundry basket!! I’m now following decor steals on google+
      Thanks for the giveaway!

    6. Pat Peele

      I love the ceiling tiles

    7. Pat Peele

      I subscribe to the email newsletter.

    8. Laurie Cordeniz

      Love the up coming iron horse statues. I have just the place for them!

    9. Laurie Cordeniz

      I already subscribe to their email newsletter!

    10. Maybee's Mom

      I have an actual old one of these. It was from a grocery store that closed in the 60’s it was used to hold potatoes, onion that sort of thing.. At one time I had 4 of them, they were wonderful storage in my antique booth for linens and quilts. At present I have one in my laundry room and one I keep outside in the summer to hold my pool toys for the grand kids Several years ago I did hit one with a touch of silver spray paint…but it is well over 60-70 years old and still serving many purposes…love the giveaway…MM

    11. darrielle Tennenbaum

      I like the fabric–I ordered 6 yards yesterday! I am on the daily email list already and love it. I am a follower on google+

    12. darcy

      I really like the industrial bar stool in the pick a steal. Thanks for the giveaway!

    13. darcy

      I like them on facebook!

    14. SuzyMcQ

      Already one of their subscribers!

    15. SuzyMcQ

      I could do a ton of things with the ceiling tiles!

    16. SuzyMcQ

      Like them on FB

    17. Annette Taylor

      Love the laundry basket. I would love the smaller one to use in the bathroom….

    18. Alison

      I like the feedsack fabric deal they have going on right now.

    19. Zhaleh

      The lanterns would be great this summer!

    20. Annette Taylor

      I liked on Facebook!!

    21. Alison

      I subscribe to their email newsletter .

    22. Zhaleh

      I’m a subscriber!

    23. Alison

      I LIKE their Facebook Page.

    24. Annette Taylor

      I have been a subscriber of the newsletter for a while now. Love their daily deals!!

    25. Alison

      I +1 on Google Plus.

    26. Annette Taylor

      I +1 on google!!

    27. virginia

      I love that laundry basket… and the lanterns!

    28. virginia

      I’m already a decor steals subscriber…

    29. Peggy Hunt

      Those Fourth of July Banners are wonderful…I’ll be watching for them.

    30. Sarah from WI

      rolling storage cart

    31. Michelle

      Love the rolling metal storage carts!

    32. Michelle

      Already subscribe to Decor Steals daily email 🙂

    33. melissa

      LOVE THE STORAGE CARTS! Oh man I love everything that they sell!

    34. Michelle

      Love the wire laundry baskets!

    35. Rebecca N

      I love the white clock! I would also like the metal rolling cart and the fabric. 🙂

    36. Michelle

      I’ve already subscribed to the newsletter!

    37. Rebecca N

      I signed up for their email.

    38. Michelle

      I’ve liked them on fb!

    39. Rebecca N

      I also gave them a +1 on google!

    40. Susanne

      I love the laundry basket and most everything Decor Steal has. Thank you for the giveaway. I love your blog.

    41. Susanne

      I receive Decor Steals e-mails. Thank you for the giveaway.

    42. Cynthia

      I love todays steal. I was thinking, I may have to buy it!!!

    43. Cynthia

      I am already a subscriber to the newsletter

    44. Teresa Ross

      My favorite is the feedsack fabric and the price is amazing. : )

      Teresa Ross

    45. Teresa Ross

      Liked on Facebook!

    46. Teresa Ross

      I subscribed to the newsletter although I haven’t gotten my confirmation email yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

    47. Karen

      My favorite would be the wire baskets.I already have 2 of these without the wheels.

    48. Carol

      I can see my daughter-in-law using the large cart for her knitting supplies. It’s perfect!

    49. Karen

      I have been a subscriber for a long time. Have boughten many of their products & love all of them.

    50. Jana

      Love the grain sack hampers!

    51. Jana

      I’ve been a subscriber for a while. Love seeing their emails hit my inbox!

    52. Pam Ballard

      My favorite are the baskets. I love them. I love decor steals too. Such great deals. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway.

    53. Pam Ballard

      I like them on facebook as well. Thanks for the chance.

    54. Pam Ballard

      I gave them a plus on google.. This is such a generous giveaway!

    55. Carol

      I subscribed to the newsletter today. I’ll check it out right after I check out yours! ; )

    56. Jen

      I’m a subscriber and liked them on FB! Love the metal mail station pick steal–hope that hits the store soon!

    57. Amber W

      LOVE the rolling storage carts!!

      • Amber W

        Also liked them on Facebook!

    58. Amber W

      I’m subscribed to their newsletter and +1 them on google+!

    59. Deb

      I love the hamper.

    60. Ashley

      rolling storage carts!

    61. Deb

      I already subscribe to their newsletter.

    62. Deb

      I liked them on fb.

    63. Connie

      love the hamper on wheels

    64. Connie

      I subscribe to them on their site

    65. Connie

      I like them on FB

    66. Aleshia

      I would love to get my hands on some of that feedsack fabric. Got a few chairs that would look great in it!

    67. Sandy

      I really like the small hamper. It would look great in my craft room.

    68. Mary Koepfle

      Have gotten their emails for awhile now. Love seeing what is “hot” in the market. I have an antique laundry cart so I would have to choose something else. Not hard…..:) Thanks for the giveaway!

    69. Claire

      LOVE the hampers!! I think I might “steal” one or two for myself today!

    70. Claire

      Also, already subscribe!

    71. Claire

      Oh, I MUST have the Pick Steal – Huge Postal Organizer.

    72. Julie W

      I love the Malta Lanterns, and the fabric!

    73. Julie W

      I subscribe to email

    74. Julie W

      I “like” their FB page!

    75. Fishtail Cottage

      I am a fan and follow their fb page!

    76. Jody

      I sooooo want that hamper! Waiting for the laundry room to show it off in. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    77. maggie

      I have my eye on those bar stools!

    78. Jody

      I already subscribe. I got many of my favorite things from their deals! P.S. I love your blog.

    79. Tasha

      I really like the hampers, too. They are such versatile looking pieces… but I do have need for a wall clock and that vintage white one is very cute!

    80. Stephanie

      Love today’s storage cart!

    81. Erin

      I like the Malta lanterns! Perfect for my outdoor table, but the rolling carts are my FAVORITE.

    82. Stephanie

      I’ve been a subscriber for awhile now – LOVE Decor Steals!

    83. Stephanie

      Liked on Facebook!

    84. Erin

      Liked on Facebook!

    85. DebV

      Love today’s steal! Thanks for the chance!

    86. DebV

      I like them on FB!

    87. Tina Liebstein

      I really like the small hamper.

    88. DebV

      I get their email newsletter!

    89. Tina Liebstein

      I already subscribe to their newsletter.

    90. Tina Liebstein

      I “like” their FB page!

    91. Susan Prillman, glorygiver

      Definitely the postal organizer….my dad was a mailman so it reminds me of him. 😉

    92. Emily

      Liked their facebook page!

    93. Emily

      I also receive their email newsletter! How else am I going to know whether to pounce at 10am on a steal?! 🙂

    94. latanya

      Feedsack Fabric {Pick Your Color} – 3 Yards

    95. latanya

      I gave them a +1 on their page

    96. Emily

      I love their feedsack fabric, especially the tan with cream stripes!

    97. latanya

      email subscriber to their newsletter

    98. Emily

      I subscribed to their newsletter.

    99. Emily

      I liked them on facebook. Thanks!

    100. Rachel Medina

      I liked them on facebook, I already subscribed to their newsletter, I left a comment on Google+ and left a comment on which one I wanted,(had some issues with that:(. I would love a small one for my bathroom or livingroom:)

    101. beck campbell

      I already like them on facebook.

    102. beck campbell

      I already subscribe to their newsletter

    103. beck campbell

      I LOVE the fabric…already bought some and plan on buying more!!!
      The laundry basket is kind of nifty though! Might have to get one of those

    104. kristie king

      I love the laundry basket and the metal mail holder (heart heart)!

    105. Anne Haun

      Love the large wall clock.

    106. Anne Haun

      I already receive their emails.

    107. Lynn Merrell

      Already subscribed, liked and get the email. Love the Fabric they had.

    108. Gayle

      Love, love, love the laundry basket!!!!

    109. Chelle

      large rolling cart!

    110. Dianne

      LOVE the fabric!

    111. Dianne

      I already subscribe to their email newsletter. A bit of happy in the inbox! 🙂

    112. Erin

      I think I would pick the feedsack fabric. I just love it.

    113. Donna Mendoza

      I love the laundry baskets!

    114. Donna Mendoza

      I am subscribed to their newsletter!

    115. Brittany

      I’m subscribed to decor steals email

    116. phyllis henry

      I already subscribe to their daily emails. As soon as I saw the initial “M” on the steal for today, I knew you had something to do with it!

    117. Donna Mendoza

      I already liked them on Facebook!

    118. phyllis henry

      I follow them on Facebook too.

    119. phyllis henry

      I gave them a + on google+.

    120. dianne a

      I love the metal mail holder. It is really hard to choose just one favorite!

    121. phyllis henry

      I looked at all the future deals and probably want all of them. I am especially intrigued by the horses, though.

    122. dianne a

      I am already subscribed to their newsletter and always look forward to it.

    123. Sandy

      I already subscribe to the Decor Steal’s newsletter.

    124. Lauren

      I already subscribe to their newsletter

    125. dianne a

      I liked Decor Steals on Facebook.

    126. Lauren

      I am in love with the laundry baskets they have today!

    127. Brittany

      Love the vintage oversized pocket watch clock-been eyeing them up for awhile various places…also the Malta lanterns 🙂 and the wire rolling laundry baskets are darling not to mention very functional…nothing like style+practicality!!

    128. Sandy

      I “like” Decor Steal on FACEBOOK!

    129. Sharlene Maniscalco

      Love both laundry baskets!

    130. dianne a

      I gave Decor Steals a Google+ 1.

    131. Andrea Brankin

      I already subscribe! Favorite purchase so far has been the hanging mason jar lamp on a black industrial cord. Perfect for over my stove.

    132. Sandy

      Loving the upcoming door panel!

    133. Logan Schenck

      I like the distressed oversized pocket watch the best.

    134. Sandy

      I’m now following Decor Steal on Google+, as well as, you, MMS! ; )

    135. Logan Schenck

      I’m subscribed to their e-mail newsletter!

    136. Logan Schenck

      I liked their Facebook page!

    137. Anita

      I love the Laundry Basket! Too cute

    138. Anita

      I already subscribe 🙂

    139. emily davis

      I LOVE the ceiling tiles coming up!

    140. Anita

      I already like on FB 🙂 Thanks for a giveaway!

    141. Jeanine C.

      I love the large distressed blue clock 🙂

    142. Deborah D

      I am already an email subscriber to Decor Steals and already liked them on FB.

    143. emily davis

      I liked DS on fb. 🙂

    144. Melissa

      Love the laundry basket!

    145. Brittany Ruth

      The Distressed Blue Mantel Clock is beautiful.

    146. Deborah D

      I love the fabric!!!!!

    147. Lindsay Eidahl

      I like the laundry baskets!!!

    148. Melissa

      I subscribe to their email.

    149. Brittany Ruth

      I plus oned one of their recent posts!

    150. Lindsay Eidahl

      I subscribe to their newsletter

    151. Melissa

      I like them on facebook.

    152. Kathy Pierson

      I liked them onFB love that they store flat.

    153. Melissa

      I gave them a +1 on Google Plus

    154. Becky

      I love the laundry basket….it’s always one of my favs. But that vintage door panel looks amazing!

    155. Becky

      I already subscribe to their newsletter.

    156. Lindsay Eidahl

      Gave them a +1 on Google Plus!

    157. Becky

      I liked their Facebook page.

    158. Melissa W.

      I already subscribe to their newsletter.

    159. heidi

      I already subscribe to their newsletter~

    160. heidi

      I already like them on FB~

    161. heidi

      Gave the a Google+~

    162. Melissa W.

      I really like the large laundry basket, it would be so pretty in my laundry room.

    163. heidi

      Love the laundry basket~for the future…love the industrial style stool~

    164. Chris

      I already receive their emails. Love the grain sack fabric.

    165. Jaimee

      Love the liners inside the laundry basket! I think I need one of these baskets for my closet….

    166. katie h

      I love the small laundry cart to hold kid clutter!

    167. Kim

      The laundry baskets are so adorable!!! It almost makes laundry look like fun…..almost!! I already receive their emails and have liked their facebook page.

    168. Jaimee

      Just signed up for their email 🙂

    169. katie h

      I like their Facebook page!

    170. Laura

      I love the hamper!

    171. Jaimee

      I liked their Facebook page!

    172. Mrs.EM

      I love their Feedsack Fabric!

    173. katie h

      Signed up for their email. Love their stuff!

    174. Laura

      I subscribe to their newsletter already! 🙂

    175. Robin W.

      Love all of their products for sale!! These laundry baskets are so lovely!!!

    176. Robin W.

      I subscribe to their newsletter – and my, oh my – I buy from them alot!!

    177. Dmitri

      I signed up for the newsletter & liked on FB. I have ALWAYS loved these baskets since I saw an authentic one years ago. But at the time had no where to put it…and to think you had one and sold it…lucky buyer!

    178. Robin W.

      I’m a Facebook friend as well!!

    179. angela weiland

      I saw the small and large laundry basket offering today and another comment on saying it was much less expensive including shipping at Pottery Barn versus DECOR STEALS…..DECOR STEALS ALWAYS has better savings and offers. I would never think to venture past DECOR STEALS. They have the loveliest customer service and best packaging. Seriously, why would anyone shop anywhere else. Plus, I like the 10 AM release time of a new item – I have to be near a computer to check it out! Plus, the great suprise factor with FLASH Offerings. It’s fun to shop at DECOR STEALS. Thank you!

    180. Lauren

      My favorite steal is today’s steal – the wire baskets!

    181. Mrs.EM

      I signed up for their newsletter!

    182. angela weiland

      I already subscribe to Decor Steals and Miss Mustard Seed. Thank you for this opportunity to win! =)

    183. Kimberly Bruhn

      I love the laundry baskets…think the small one would be cute for dog&cat toys (I know…but my kids are all teenagers and the fur-kids have all the cute toys now)!

    184. Kimberly Bruhn

      I, too, already subscribe to Decor Steals and Miss Mustard Seed…both email and Facebook…thanks for the opportunity!

    185. Kelly

      Love the vintage inspired laundry baskets!!

    186. Lauren

      Liked their Facebook Page!

    187. Lauren

      Subscribed to their newsletter!

    188. Suzanne

      I gave them a +1 on Google Plus…also love those laundry baskets!

    189. Cassie

      Ooooh, love the feedsack fabric!

    190. Sherronda Kullman

      I love the laundry baskets and I am a subscriber already.

    191. Cassie

      I subscribe to their email newsletter!

    192. Jennifer Kay

      The laundry baskets! The small one is soooo cute.

    193. Jennifer Kay

      Have been a subscriber for a while now.

    194. Cassie

      I LIKE their Facebook page!

    195. Becky

      I love the grainsack fabric. Would love to use that for cushions/pillows on my porch!

    196. Teri

      I really like the smaller basket. I would love to have it for my doggie toys. I have an original large vintage laundry basket. I bought it at a yard sale for $1. I had no idea at the time that they are so sought after! Thanks for the chance to win!

    197. Teri

      I subscribe to Decor Steals daily email!

    198. Jill

      I love the laundry basket.

    199. Vale

      Today’s steal is awesome, love these baskets!

    200. Robin Irvine

      I love the laundry hamper! I had to buy one, of course! And, I chose the turquoise clock as my favorite future pick. So cute!

    201. Jill

      I’ve been a long-time fan of Decor Steals & get their daily deal emails.

    202. Robin Irvine

      I subscribed to their email, too. Love the possibilities!

    203. Vale

      I have been a subscriber for quite a while. Love getting the daily steals

    204. Robin Irvine

      And I liked their facebook page, too. I mean, I really liked it!

    205. Robin Irvine

      I google+ed them, too. Whew! That’s a lot to like about them!

    206. Becky

      I already subscribe to decor steals emails.

    207. vikki

      I love the large pocket watch. I just love clocks and I would get that one for sure.

    208. vikki

      I receive their emails.

    209. vikki

      I liked on FB

    210. Dawn

      I’ve had my eye on the oversized “pocket watch”. But I also love the grain sack material – would love to make some pillows or even chair slipcovers.

    211. Dawn

      I am already a subscriber to Decor Steals newsletter.

    212. Diana

      Love the small hamper. And love the grain sack fabric.

    213. Diana

      I subscribe to the decor steals emails

    214. Jill

      +1 on Google Plus!

    215. Karen U

      How can I pick only one future steal?!
      Ok, maybe the rug! Wow!
      Karen U

    216. Teri

      Liked on FaceBook!!

    217. Karen U

      I’m subscribed to their newsletter!
      Karen U

    218. T

      The Carts being first.. with the M monogram….. the feed sack material is awesome as well

    219. Karen U

      I G+ Decor Steals!
      Karen U

    220. Gay

      I would love to have both baskets! And the fabric. And the lanterns. Decisions, decisions…

    221. Bonnie

      I love the large basket

    222. Pat K

      I subscribe to Décor Steals, love their stuff!

    223. Bobbi g

      Love the small basket! You are so right…perfect for toilet paper at the lake!

    224. T

      I signed up for email.. and commented on fb

    225. Gay

      I subscribed to their newsletter.

    226. Bonnie

      I subscribe to Decor Steals

    227. Elaine

      Love the baskets 🙂

    228. Elaine

      …and just signed up for their email..

    229. Sonya

      I love the laundry baskets. I just subscribed too. The feedsack fabric is outstanding, thinking about making more slipcovers…

    230. T

      Posted on fB and shared

    231. T

      Subscribed to letter

    232. Stephanie Lipinski

      I love the large rolling laundry basket! Also I have ordered their grainsack fabric twice and am very happy with it.

    233. Jelena

      Entry #1 – I love the lanterns (although I would probably paint them), and I already have some ‘faux grain sack’ in two different patterns I got from Decor Steals when they offered the fabric last time.

    234. Stephanie Lipinski

      I also just signed up for the email

    235. T

      I gave them a + on google.. Thanks

    236. Jelena

      Entry #2 – I already subscribe to Decor Steals e-mails.

    237. Candy Thayer

      The baskets are great….but the fabric is calling my name! I purchased some earlier and love it.

    238. Candy Thayer

      Long time facebook fan and get the Decor Steals e-mails everyday.

    239. Jelena

      Entry #3: Just started following Decor Steals on Google+.

    240. TERRY

      I love the wire laundry baskets!

    241. TERRY

      I subscribed to their emails!

    242. Patty

      Entry 1: I love the monogrammed laundry basket (also like the clock!)

    243. Kandie

      I would buy one of the small laundry baskets! I have a large vintage one I bought at an auction and love it!

    244. Vicki D

      Hands down the grain sack fabric .
      I purchased some and it was fantastic. Want more

    245. Patty

      Entry 2: I already subscribe to Decor Steals newsletter

    246. Kandie

      I subscribe to their newsletter

    247. TERRY

      I gave them a 1+ on Google+

    248. Patty

      Entry 3: I like them on FB

    249. Leslie

      Already “Like” Decor Steals on FB and have ordered several items in the past!

    250. TERRY

      If I did Facebook I’d LIKE them for sure!

    251. Patty

      Entry 4: gave Decor Steals a +1 on Google.

    252. Kandie

      Not sure what +1 means but I followed them. Didn’t see a spot for +1

    253. Kathy

      I love the grain sack fabric.

    254. Jamie

      Entry 1 – I love those Malta Lanterns on the extended steal page!!

    255. Leslie

      Have received Decor Steals emails for a couple of months already.

    256. Kathy

      I already subscribe….

    257. Patty

      Entry 1: I love the laundry basket and the clock (reposting entry 1 because it doesn’t look like it posted the first time)

    258. Kathy

      I already like on Facebook……

    259. Jamie

      Entry #2 – I subscribed to the newsletter 🙂

    260. Heather Cooney

      love the laundry basket. My pink plastic one has got to go….

    261. Heather Cooney

      Already get their newsletter..

    262. Heather Cooney

      Already like on facebook.

    263. Heather Cooney

      Already +1 on google plus

    264. Melissa

      I like the grain sack and ordered it.

    265. Melissa

      I am already a Decor Steals subscriber.

    266. Krista

      Liked them on FB

    267. Krista

      Already subscribed to newsletter

    268. Krista

      Definitely would love the large hamper!

    269. Kate

      The laundry cart, of course!
      I already subscribe.

    270. Kathie Craig

      I like the Distressed Oversized Pocket Watch in the Extended Steals.

    271. Dawnesea

      The grain sack fabric is so cool!

    272. Laura m

      Liked decor steals on Facebook!

    273. Kathie Craig

      I subscribed to their newsletter.

    274. Krist E

      LOVE’d today’s Steal! Check!

    275. Krist E

      …already subscribe to newsletter! Check! Check!

    276. Kathie Craig

      I like their Facebook page: Kathie Simpson Craig

    277. Krist E

      Definitely a friend of FB, liked THAT page a LONG time ago! 😉 Check! Check! Check!

    278. Krist E

      Oh yes, definitely a +1 on Google Plus! 🙂 (can ya tell I’m a fan?!) Check! Check! Check! CHECK!

    279. Kathie Craig

      I gave them a +1 on Google+ and have them in my circles.

    280. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

      Well, I’m one of those idiots who truly enjoy doing laundry, including ironing. Nothing else gives me such a sense of satisfaction than seeing an empty laundry hamper, clothes washed, dried on the line, gathered up, folded and put away. Vacuuming doesn’t even come close and I’ve got 3 vacuum cleaners!
      The hamper is my pick…truly lovely and makes an enjoyable job more pleasant.

    281. Krist E

      ps, ooo, want that turquoise door coming up too!

    282. Maureen

      I love the laundry baskets.

    283. Maureen

      I already subscribe to their newsletter.

    284. Maureen

      I Like their facebook page.

    285. Maureen

      I am following them on Google + and shared their page..

    286. Debbie Brown

      I already subscribe to their newsletter

    287. lesley

      i signed up for the newsletter

    288. lesley

      i already follow them on facebook

    289. Debb B.

      Feed sack cloth … too, hard to pick a color… entry 1

    290. Debb B.

      entry 2 I subscribe to their newsletter

    291. Debbie Brown

      I do love the fabric!

    292. lesley

      i love the “rolling cart” as well as the “huge postal organizer”

    293. Debb B.

      entry 3 I like them on facebook

    294. stanna rysdam

      I love the fabric….

    295. Lindsay L

      I really love the laundry basket!

    296. Lindsay L

      I subscribe

    297. Nina

      By far the laundry basket!! Love!

    298. Lindsay L

      I like them on Facebook

    299. Robin Leach

      I subscribe, and I’ve liked them everywhere!

    300. Sara

      Truly love the vintage laundry cart!

    301. Sara

      And am already subscribed to their e-mail newsletter also.

    302. April mcknight

      I really do ❤️ the laundry baskets!

    303. April mcknight

      I already receive the emails from Decor Steals!

    304. Lisa

      Let’s talk about how cute those hampers are!

    305. April mcknight

      I have also liked the Facebook page for Decor Steals!

    306. Lisa

      I already subscribe to the emails and daily steals. . .so much fun to dream (and even buy!)

    307. Donna C.

      I love Decor Steals and am a subscriber already! I love the was laundry baskets, the reproduction grain sack fabric and particularly fancied the horse head that was a steal within the last ten days…very similar to the cow head bust in your kitchen! Love them!

    308. jen keough

      I love the lanterns! and I like them on FB and I subscribe to their email!

    309. Sue N

      I like the small basket and i like the blue mantle clock. I am also are on their list. Thanks a lot for this fun giveaway

    310. Michelle Nason

      I really love both baskets but if I had to choose something it would have to be the VINTAGE EUROPEAN | DISTRESSED OVERSIZED POCKET WATCH. My hubby loves clocks and his birthday is coming up and this would be perfect for him and a bonus decor for me.

    311. Michelle Nason

      I do subscribe to there newletters, in addition to there feed on google +

    312. Michelle Nason

      I do follow them and have liked their page on facebook

    313. Tammy C

      The laundry basket is so cute. I already ordered one…but I would definitely love to win one as well! Thank you!

    314. Michelle Nason

      VINTAGE EUROPEAN | DISTRESSED OVERSIZED POCKET WATCH I plus 1 this awesome clock on google +

    315. Tammy C

      I “like” them on Facebook. Thank you!

    316. Tammy C

      I also subscribe to their e-mails. Thanks!

    317. MARTHA

      I pick the horses statues,,,i always see the horses running our eating hay across the neighbors yard they are BEATIFUL !!!!!

    318. MARTHA

      I am already on there list at décor steals…..

    319. MARTHA

      Already liked them on F B …..

    320. Kim

      I already subscribe to their newsletter!

    321. Bobbi Jo

      I love the grain sack material!

    322. Kim

      I already like them on Facebook!

    323. Bobbi Jo

      I receive daily deal emails.

    324. Kim

      I love the laundry basket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    325. Bobbi Jo

      I also follow décor steals on facebook

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      I also follow on google+

    327. Christy Keyton

      I liked the big basket and I bought it!

    328. Christy Keyton

      I follow them on facebook

    329. Grace

      Entry #1: I ♥ the vintage laundry baskets!!

    330. Christy Keyton

      I get the daily emails! (and buy a lot!)

    331. Grace

      Entry #2: I already subscribe to their email newsletter.

    332. Grace

      Entry #3: I’ve already “LIKED” their Facebook Page.

    333. Judy

      Hi, I love the baskets and the oversized european pocket clock. Thanks!

    334. Christy Keyton

      Gave them a +1 on google plus

    335. rachel0

      Ooh that’s a tough decision because I love the basket but i also love the feedsack fabric!

    336. rachel0

      subscribed to their newsletter!

    337. rachel0

      I liked them on FB!

    338. Grace

      Entry #4: I already gave them a +1 on Google Plus

    339. rachel0

      gave them a +1 on googleplus

    340. Ellen K

      I want a horse figurine!

    341. Ellen K

      I already get the newsletter and I love it!

    342. Ellen K

      I already liked Decor Steals Facebook page!

    343. IiLisa R

      Love the wire laundry basket!

    344. IiLisa R

      I subscribe to their email newsletters.

    345. Ellen K

      I’m following Decor Steals on Google Plus!

    346. IiLisa R

      I liked them on Facebook

    347. Ralinn

      I already subscribe to their newsletter.

    348. Jackie

      I love this laundry basket!! I check decor steals every morning thanks to MMS!

    349. Ashleigh Hall

      I subscribe to their email daily!

    350. Ashleigh Hall

      I like them on FB!

    351. Ashleigh Hall

      I loved their recent deal which was a preserved boxwood plate charger!! So unique!

    352. Anna Rognstad

      That laundry basket!!! Oh my goodness, I always love their stuff, but I am OBSESSED!!! 🙂

    353. Ashleigh Hall

      I +1ed them on GOOGLE!

    354. Anna Rognstad

      I already have signed up for their newsletter!

    355. Anna Rognstad

      Like them on Facebook too!

    356. Anna Rognstad

      Have given them a +1 on Google plus as well! Fingers crossed! Thank you!

    357. Jennifer Brewer

      I subscribe to decor steals newsletter…

    358. Crystal

      Love the vintage European clock!

    359. Shelly Andrade

      I LOVE vintage laundry baskets. I kick myself every time I think about the one I didn’t buy while on vacation a couple years ago. I LOVE how yours is lined too ~ thanks for sharing!!

    360. Denise

      I subscribe daily and love their stuff!

    361. Cheryl Bell

      I love Decor Steals, especially the cute laundry basket they have today. I already subscribe and spend way too much money with them but have gotten some great stuff.

    362. Cheryl Bell

      I signed up for their email newsletter several months ago.

    363. Cheryl Bell

      I also “Liked” their FB page when I signed up for the newsletter several months ago.

      • Jill

        It’s hard to pick between the lanterns and the baskets, both are adorable!

    364. Jill

      I subscribe to their newsletter and have gotten some great deals, but am due for some more, lol!

    365. Jill

      I follow them on Facebook!

    366. Cyndi

      I receive their emails daily.

    367. Jen H

      I looooove the laundry baskets!! Would make laundry just a bit more bearable.

    368. Lisa Langston

      I gave them a +1! Love their stuff!

    369. Lisa Langston

      I love the laundry baskets!

    370. Lisa Langston

      I subscribe to their newsletter.

    371. Dayna W

      LOVE those laundry baskets! And so many of their steals so I would LOVE to win!!!

    372. Marlene

      I love it and the M works!!

    373. Jan

      That laundry basket has to be the best deal EVER. So unique and for a great price, too.

    374. Jan

      I just subscribed to their newsletter.

    375. Jan

      I follow them on Facebook.

    376. Jan

      Gave the a +1.

    377. Tara

      I love the laundry baskets!

    378. Tara

      Subscribed to the newsletter

    379. Constance

      The feedsack fabric in beige with blue stripes is beautiful. It really does look like vintage fabric and it would be gorgeous as pillows on the couch in my beachy family room.

    380. AnnW

      I like the feedback upholstery fabric.

    381. kathleen

      I already subscribe!
      Kathleen from Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}

    382. kathleen

      Definitely the grainsack fabric!
      Kathleen from Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}

    383. kathleen

      l already like them on facebook!
      Kathleen from Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}

    384. danielle andrew

      I love the laundry baskets! LOVE!

    385. Amy Murillo

      I love everything Décor Steals! The laundry baskets are especially appealing – would love one of those!

    386. danielle andrew

      I already receive their emails, I wish I could buy it all!

    387. Amy Murillo

      I’m a subscriber to Décor Steals!

    388. Amy Murillo

      I also like Décor Steals on FB. Thanks again!

    389. danielle andrew

      I’m following in Facebook! 🙂 I need some of those flag buntings as well! <3

    390. Ming

      Love the feedsack fabric and the large laundry basket!

    391. Ming

      I already subscribe to their eNewsletter and have purchased quite a few items… bamboo rugs, wooden tray basket… love their sales.

    392. Ming

      liked them on fb 🙂

    393. Edwina

      Thank you MMS for a fun giveaway! I love the laundry baskets-have drooled over the antique ones for years.

    394. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

      I missed out on the patriotic bunting last time around. I’ll have to be faster this time!

    395. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

      Email subscriber!

    396. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

      Like on FB!

    397. Dawn K

      Woo hoo what a great giveaway! I LOVE the vintage wire laundry baskets and would love to have the LARGE one! Thanks for the chance!

    398. Dawn K

      I already subscribe to their newsletter and LOVE getting the updates and seeing the daily deals!

    399. Dawn K

      I like them on facebook! Thanks for the chances 🙂

    400. MaryLisa Noyes

      I just ordered the large laundry cart. I pinned the item using your “pin it” link to pinterest and the detail and quality told me to buy it. I am looking forward to it arriving. I also craved the one at Pottery Barn but the price and shipping put me off. I have Pottery Barn furniture all over my house and this item will fit right in my laundry area of my 108 year old cottage on Puget Sound…Thank you for sharing this item and making it available…

    401. Jaime

      I like their fabric.

    402. Jaime

      Liked them on Facebook 🙂

    403. Jaime

      Subscribed to their newsletter

    404. Melissa

      Decor Steal’s is great! I already receive their email and have ordered from them a couple of times.

    405. Jaime

      +1 on google too 🙂

    406. Elizabeth

      I like the laundry carts or one of the clocks.

    407. Elizabeth

      I already follow by email. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

    408. Melissa

      I’ve checked out today’s deals and the laundry hamper is a no brainer – too cute! If only I had the room for it 🙁 Second runner up would have to be the fabric.

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    409. Kerry

      I LOVE this laundry basket!!! I have been stalking the one on PB for a long time, so this one is bigger AND cheaper! The liner is perfect too!

    410. Kerry

      I already get their email newsletter and am a “regular” shopper. 🙂

    411. sandy cookman

      I like the postal organizer AND the wire baskets!

    412. sandy cookman

      I am already receiving their newsletter and I’m a serious shopper there!

    413. Robyn

      I absolutely adore the large laundry basket! The liner looks like it was made for you, Marian! Grain sack fabric and the monogram-classic MMS!

    414. Robyn

      I liked them on Facebook!

    415. Robyn

      I am already signed up for their emails 🙂

    416. sandy cookman

      I’ve liked their Facebook page!!

    417. Robyn

      I gave them 1+. Thanks for posting this, they really do have the most beautiful home decor finds and nice prices!

    418. Donna

      Liked on Facebook, signed up for newsletter and gave a 1+. Thanks

    419. Mimisue

      I like the large blue distressed mantel clock on the pick steals.

    420. Terrie C.

      Like the laundry baskets, but really love the oversized pocket watch.

    421. Mimisue

      I signed up for their newsletter.

    422. Terrie C.

      Already receive their email newsletter.

    423. Mimisue

      Liked them on FB

    424. Terrie C.

      Liked their FB page.

    425. Melanie

      I love the little wire basket. I have a large antique one, but that little one is adorable!

    426. Melanie

      I have been receiving their newsletter for a long time. I love it and they always have the best deals!

    427. Vivian Q.

      I liked them on fb.

    428. Vivian Q.

      I subscribe to their newsletter.

    429. Vivian Q.

      .I +1 them on Google plus

    430. Vivian Q.

      I ordered the fabric yesterday, so I have to say that the laundry basket is now my favorite!

    431. Jess Talkington

      I like them on Facebook!

    432. Jess Talkington

      I get their emails

    433. Kitsy Smith

      I picked a clock from both the pick steals and the extended steals. Both would look great in my home as I am following MMS style and just love it.

    434. Jess Talkington

      I love the feed sack fabrics. I have 2 chairs in my living room that need reupholstering.

    435. Mary borgsmiller

      I like on facebook

    436. Michelle B

      Love the feedsack fabric. Ordered some last time and used every inch of it 🙂

    437. Mary borgsmiller

      I subscribe to their email.

    438. Michelle B

      Have liked them on Facebook for a while now!

    439. Michelle B

      Look forward to their emails every morning 🙂

    440. Tracy

      Subscriber and have ordered their boxwood wreaths. Great quality site, would love the mini laundry basket!

    441. Melanie

      I have liked them on Facebook.

    442. Mary borgsmiller

      I like the clock for a future steal. I already bought the grain sack fabric………love it.

    443. Shannon

      I love the baskets and the fabric also from Decor Steals!

    444. Shannon

      I get the emails from Decor Steals.

    445. Shannon

      I like Decor Steals on Facebook

    446. Pamela H.

      Love the grain sack material! Chose the lanterns for a future steal.

    447. Karyn Brandt

      I’m in love with the wire laundry basket.

    448. Pamela H.

      I receive decor steals via email,

    449. Pamela H.

      I LIKE decor steals on FB,

    450. Debbie w

      Love the wire baskets but still in love with the boxwood wreaths! Pick me!

    451. Debbie w

      I subscribe to their email…..pick me

    452. Pamela H.

      I was on google and left +1

    453. Debbie w

      I like them on FB….pick me!

    454. tammigirl

      I love the VINTAGE EUROPEAN | DISTRESSED OVERSIZED POCKET WATCH on the extended steals. Decor Steals is one of my favorite places to shop!

    455. tammigirl

      I am already their email subscriber

    456. tammigirl

      I have liked them on facebook for a long, long time. 🙂

    457. tammigirl

      I have them in my google Plus circles and I gave them a plus one on their most recent item on google plus.

    458. Decker B

      I subscribed to Decor Seals email list.

    459. HollyC

      I like the large postal organizer! I’ve been looking for something to organize and hold my quilter’s rulers!

    460. HollyC

      I’m already an email subscriber!

    461. Aleshia

      I have a few chairs that are begging for some of that feedsack fabric!

    462. HollyC

      And I like them on FB!

    463. Aleshia

      I subscribe to their newsletter

    464. Aleshia

      I gave them a +1 on google.

    465. HollyC

      1+! thanks for the chance to win!

    466. Decker B

      I liked their Facebook page too!

    467. Linda Greiss

      I love the vintage laundry baskets!!!! I was so hoping Decor Steals was going to give one away. Yet $50.00 is a very generous gift to the lucky winner.

    468. Linda Greiss

      I am already a subscriber to Decor Steals and have bought several things from them for my home.

    469. Linda Greiss

      I have liked Decor Steals on Facebook.

    470. Linda

      LOVE the feed sack fabric!

    471. Linda

      I subscribe to Décor Steals .

    472. Linda Greiss

      I gave Decor Steals a +1

    473. Lauren

      Liked it on FB!

    474. Traci

      I love the wire baskets with liners!

    475. Traci

      I am a subsciber already to Decor Steals 🙂

    476. Traci

      Just liked their Facebook page as I had never done that before.

    477. Cynthia

      I prefer the lanterns, but the clock is also very cool and would be a close second!

    478. Cynthia

      I subscribe to their emails!

    479. Jackie Beardsley

      I get Decor Steals emails and love seeing their deals each morning!

    480. Jackie Beardsley

      I think my front porch would look quite festive with a few of those flag buntings in your peak deals! Thanks for this great chance to hope for a win.

    481. Cindi

      I picked the Industrial Bar Stool as a future pick!
      Thanks, Cindi

    482. Cindi

      I Like their Facebook Page…
      Again, many thanks…Cindi
      Cindi Hoppes

    483. Cindi

      I gave them a +1 on Google Plus~
      Thanks bunches, Cindi

    484. Anjanette


    485. jan

      I’m LOVING the boxwood wreaths!

    486. jan

      I subscribe to emails

    487. jan

      I follow on Google Plus

    488. meredith

      I like the malta latern set of three… so cute! And such a steal

    489. meredith

      Liked on fb 🙂

    490. Debra Lee

      I love the Feed Sack Fabric!

    491. Debra Lee

      I signed up for their newsletter!

    492. Debra Lee

      I liked them on Facebook!

    493. Debra Lee

      I +1 them on google!

    494. Melanie

      I have given them a +1 on google. Thanks for all the chances and the great give a way.

    495. Beth Tebaldi

      I wanted the small mobile basket today, BUT I WAITED TOO LONG. Oh PLEASE bring it back DS!

    496. Beth Tebaldi

      I’ve been subscribed for years now

    497. Ronnda

      Love the little laundry basket! 😀

    498. Ronnda

      I already subscribe to their email newsletter. 😀

    499. Ronnda

      I already LIKE their Facebook Page and I love it and DS A LOT! 😀

    500. Marilyn

      Well, the deal that has struck me recently is today’s steal – the small laundry hamper. I bought it!!

    501. Marilyn

      I am already a subscriber to their newsletter!

    502. Marilyn

      I Liked their FB page!

    503. JD Georgia

      LOVE the feedsack fabric, and that vintage laundry basket is amazing!

    504. Heidi

      Im liking the fabric most

    505. Heidi

      Ive already subscribed (and bought quite a few things)

    506. carol

      I signed up………I am buying a LAUNDROMAT and would love to buy the laundry basket!!

    507. Kim

      I love Decor Steals and the laundry basket is adorbs.

    508. Kim

      I subscribe to their e-mail newsletter.

    509. Kimberly Conover

      I love the shabby chic white clock!

    510. Kimberly Conover

      Already a newsletter subscriber =)

    511. Kimberly Conover

      Already a facebook fan!

    512. Kimberly Conover

      +1 on google plus.

    513. Amy

      Would love some of that fabric! Also love that rug you have shown.

    514. Amy

      Have been a subscriber for a while now. Thanks for the giveaway op!

    515. Stacey

      I love the feed sack fabric and the upcoming industrial bar stools……neato!!!!!

    516. Laura Werley

      If I won, the grain sack would be the first thing I pick

    517. Carolyn Kidd

      Love the grainsack fabric!

    518. Laura Werley

      I receive their newsletter and love the things they sell

    519. Carolyn Kidd

      Liked on Facebook!

    520. Carolyn Kidd

      I already subscribe to their newsletter!

    521. Carolyn Kidd

      Google+ added.

    522. Diana

      I love the grain sack fabric!

    523. Diana

      I already receive their news letter.

    524. Diana

      I liked them on Facebook.

    525. Diana

      I liked on +goggle.

    526. Kathleen

      I already receive their emails!

    527. Kathleen

      I liked them on Facebook.

    528. Kathleen

      I want the feedsack fabric and the oversized pocket watch. Thanks!

    529. Anita

      I love the preserved boxwood wreaths. The Persian rug looks cool also.

    530. Anita

      I already receive the Decor Steals email newsletter.

    531. Brittney S.

      Feedstock Fabric!

    532. Debbie

      Love the laundry basket!

    533. Debbie

      I currently subscribe to their newsletter.

    534. Lee

      I liked them on face book. Signed up for email and liked the laundry basket on Pinterest.

    535. Kathy

      I love the fabric rolls! In fact, I had to take some home. 😉
      I also signed up for their newsletter!

    536. Alice R.

      Actually, that large wire laundry basket is my very favorite. It would be perfect in my sewing room!

    537. Alice R.

      I am a subscriber to their newsletter. Love them!

    538. Emily B

      I am a subscriber

    539. Deb N.

      Love the small wire hamper and the grainsack fabric!.

    540. Emily B

      i like them on facebook

    541. Deb N.

      Subscribed to the newsletter!

    542. Emily B

      I’m in love with the rug in your post. Will be keeping my eye out for that one!

    543. Deb N.

      Love their facebook page.

    544. Mary Ann

      I love, love, those horse statues!

    545. Mary Ann

      I am a subscriber to Décor Steals. Now I have my sister faithfully checking out that site and also ordering lots of goodies!

    546. traci patterson

      I am so in love with the wire basket with the grain sack liner – simply adorable!

    547. traci patterson

      My favorite part of the day is getting the emails to see what lovelies are available from Decor Steals!!

    548. traci patterson

      I really like them on facebook!

    549. Bri D.

      Love the laundry basket! There was also a wooden chandelier a few weeks back that I loved.

    550. Bri D.

      Already subscribed to their emails!

    551. Stacy

      I love the horse statues.

    552. Stacy

      I am a subscriber.

    553. Sherri

      I would LOVE to have the small basket – I already have a bigger one just like that.

    554. Sherri

      I already follow them on facebook

    555. Sherri

      I already receive the daily emails

    556. Jean

      I just purchased the large laundry basket, so I guess that was my favorite!!

    557. Becky

      I Love Love LOVE the wire laudry basket! And I already purchased the grainsack fabric 🙂

    558. Becky

      I am already subscribed to the daily emails!

    559. anne

      Subscribed to their emails. Love the large basket! Found your blog while checking out dropcloth slipcovers. Your work and ideas are wonderful – thank you so much for sharing!

    560. Wendi

      Love the industrial bar stool.

    561. Wendi

      I subscribed to the email newsletter.

    562. patti

      I love the laundry basket (wire) and the postal organizer most!! I subscribed as well — great site!!

      • patti

        Oops, I also l “liked” their fb page and posted a comment.

    563. Kristen

      I just love Decor Steals…I have bought many things from them. I bought the set of four tin ceiling tiles and am pleased with them. I also ordered the feedsack fabric in tan/black because that goes well with my decor. I absolutely adore the laundry baskets…wish I hadn’t missed out on the small one…so cute! I liked their facbook page and am a subscriber to their emails…wonderful giveaway – I hope I win! 🙂

    564. Christy

      I’d love to give one of those laundry baskets a good home!

    565. Chris J

      I love decor steals! I am a subscriber to their e-mails. I have gotten many things from them and was pleased with everything. I just stocked up on the grainsack fabric, to replenish what I have used. Love the baskets!

    566. Christy


    567. Christy

      Liked on facebook!

    568. pam n.

      I am a subscriber to their daily newsletter.

    569. pam n.

      I like the medium sized stone horse.

    570. Holly A.

      I love the Estate Stone Horse Trophy. It would look great in my home office!

    571. Holly A.

      I already subscribe to Decor Steals’ newsletter!

    572. Dee Parker

      I like the distressed oversize pocket watch.

    573. Dee Parker

      I “like” Decor Steals on facebook.

    574. Dana

      I really like the white clock

    575. Dana

      I subscribe to their emal

    576. Dana

      And I like their Facebook

    577. Sandi

      LOVE Decor Steals – order at least once a week 🙂 … great gals too!

    578. Katrina Deys

      I love the vintage inspired laundry baskets!

    579. Katrina Deys

      I already subscribe to their newsletter.

    580. Katrina Deys

      I like their Facebook page!

    581. Mindy Hunt

      Liked on Facebook check!

    582. Shirley D

      I like that mini little wire laundry baxket

    583. Shirley D

      I do subscribe to Decor Steals emails. They have the neatest stuff!

    584. Shirley D

      I like their Facebook page

    585. Shirley D

      Gave them +1 on Google plus

    586. Heather

      I love the Vintage Inspired | Decorative Desk Fan !

    587. Heather

      I subscribe to MMS and am a FB fan too

    588. Heather

      I follow Decor Steals on FB and Google plus

    589. Laura

      Love the chippy clock!

    590. Laura

      I subscribe to Decor Steals email.

    591. Laura

      I like Decor Steals on facebook.

    592. Pamela Bolton

      Actually, I ordered three more yards of fabric from Decor Steals this week.

    593. Pamela Bolton

      I already subscribe to Decor Steals

    594. Pamela Bolton

      I like Decor Steals on FB.

    595. Pamela Bolton

      +1 on Google Plus.

    596. Melody

      I like the horse statues. Just recently ordered the metal letter stencils, so I already receive their newsletters. I need to space out my purchases. :). Thank you.for a nice giveaway!

    597. Susan T

      I love the decorative desk fan!

    598. Susan T

      I subscribed to Decor Steals newsletter.

    599. Susan T

      I follow Decor Steals on FB.

    600. Sherri Gonyier

      My favorite pick steal is the distressed blue clock, I love it! I also already subscribe to their newsletter.

    601. Vicki K

      1. I love the vintage black fan. My daddy had one just like it!
      2. I subscribe to MMM Newsletter.
      3. I subscribed to Decor Steals Newsletter on FB.
      4. I love the turquoise Persian rug (and need it!) for a future giveaway.
      5. I did the last thing too, but I forgot what it was now, it’s above this screen and I can’t read it. Brain fog!!
      Love your sites!

    602. Vicki K

      MMM, do you mind telling us the name and brand of the fabric you used in your guest bathroom and bedroom? I adore it and my husband wants blue and I want white, perfect compromise. Thank you so very much. Love your site. Vicki K

    603. Vicki K

      I’m sorry, make that master bedroom.

    604. von

      REALLY like these baskets, but I am a couple days late and they’re all sold out. maybe they will re-introduce them…

    605. Sandi Allen

      I follow Decor Steals on Facebook.

    606. jess

      Subcribed to decor steals newsletter, love the chipped clock

    607. Suzanne Green

      The old fashion fan really caught my eye….since I’m in Southern Calif., I am always looking for more ways to stay cooler in my craft room! This might just be my answer!!!

    608. Suzanne

      I am already a subscriber (email) to the deal of the day and although I have missed a few of my favorites….those that I have purchased are perfect!!!!

    609. Jolene

      signed up for the newsletter, liked on FB, love the mail sorter most tho the fan is a close second!
      After two years of illness am finally able to start redoing our apt and changing a spare room into a craft/sewing space and these baskets would be awsome! Love the blog too!

    610. Sandi Allen

      Love the vintage fan

    611. Sandi Allen

      I already receive Decor Steals and MMS newsletters

    612. cheryn

      I subscribed to steals and deals newsletter!
      I love love the aqua panels.
      And…….like their fb page.
      I need those panels!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

      Cheryn Duffield

    613. Kari

      I liked all of the Pick Steals this time but I voted for the stool. So far I’ve completed 1, 2 & 3. Not on Google yet, but I did go onto Pinterest and made sure that I was following all their boards.

    614. Kati

      I like the oversized pocket watch clock.

    615. Lisa @Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

      I really love everything, but Love the vintage style laundry cart. I already receive the Décor Steals via email, love everything they offer. Thanks for a chance to win!

    616. Marleen Loftis

      I love the clothes baskets

    617. Sharon H

      I love today’s deal…the wire teardrop baskets!

    618. Sharon H

      I already subscribe to their daily décor steals email!
      Love it!

    619. Suzi

      I would pick the two smaller ones but am crazy for the laundry baskets.

    620. Suzi

      I subscribe to them

    621. Suzi

      I like them on facebook

    622. Jane

      I subscribe to Decor Steals

    623. Jane

      I love the turquoise Persian rug

    624. D Schmidt

      Visited and my favorite deal is the WIRE RAINDROP WALL BASKETS, PICK YOUR SIZE!

    625. Vicki D

      I subscribe to Decor Steals email and have a few steals decorating my home.

    626. Vicki D

      I gave them a +1 on Google.

    627. Vicki D

      I follow on FB

    628. Sherill

      Not only can I tell you which one I like…I already ordered it…the clock. Me and my honey went to franklin, TN and stopped at every antique place we could find in search of a clock and couldn’t find one…I jumped on this one!

    629. Sherill

      I’m already an email subscriber and former orderer:)

    630. Sherill

      I I “liked” their FB page…can’t believe I have not already done that:/

    631. Sherill

      I would give them a +1 on Google…but I can’t figure out how…

    632. Heather

      I like the oversized pocket watch clock, and I hope they decide to run the large postal organizer. That would look really good in the vintage industrial office I’m creating right now! Thanks!

    633. Sue Pagels

      I already like their facebook page!

    634. Sharon

      I actually like the CHIPPY RUSTIC FRAME COLLECTION. They are perfect for gifts or keeping.

    635. Sharon

      I have been a member of Decor Steals for quite a while!


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