craigslist coffee table & playroom update

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There’s some progress we’ve made on our house, but I haven’t shared it, because it’s not done or particularly photo-worthy!  I’m really trying to get out of that everything-has-to-be-a-beauty-shot mindset, though.  I’m working on it.

So, here are some pictures of updates we’ve made to the basement, just to show what’s happening on the home-front.

In January, I picked up a $25, round oak coffee table off of craigslist.  It was the perfect size and just what I had been looking for.

I initially was looking for an ottoman, but we really needed a spot for drinks, snacks, board games, etc. and not just another place to prop our feet.  The finish is not in bad shape at all, but the wood is a little orange.  Once it warms up, I am going to take it outside, strip and sand the top.  I’m planning to finish the top in a MMS Milk Paint wash, either in Trophy or Schloss (or maybe a mix) and paint the base in an opaque version of the same color.

Yikes!  I just noticed you can see the dusty ghost of the Risk board that’s been occupying the table for the better part of a month!  I supposed I could’ve run a microfiber cloth over it before taking the pictures!

Moving on, I still have a stack of pictures to hang in the basement.

I haven’t decided 100% how I want to decorate this room, but I know it will have a lot of grays and some black, and I want it to be a bit more masculine than the rest of the house.  This is our hangout space.  It’s where the boys and their friends go to play, where we watch movies, where we play games, and it’s the only space in the house with a TV.  So, it needs to fit that and not be fussy or formal in any way.

The rug and pillows are a holdover from our last family room, so those will eventually be replaced, but they are comfortable and look nice, so there’s no urgency to replace them just yet.

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you also might have seen the progress my mom and I made in the playroom.  Here’s how it looked before…

Again, I was going to wait until it was all cleaned up, but there is almost always a very intense battle happening on the floor and I am forbidden from interfering with it.

We’re still going to try to raise that light fixture and we’ll hang some things on the walls, etc, but it’s so much better than it was!  I’ll share the paint colors and sources for this room when I do the final reveal.

And, talking about imperfect pictures, this is what I get half the time…

Sebastian doesn’t want to pose, but he also doesn’t want to be forgotten…

craigslist coffee table & playroom update

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49 Comments on “craigslist coffee table & playroom update”

  1. Hahahahaha! Every time I go to take a picture of our dog in a funny pose she blurs the photo! The boy’s LEGO room is impressive. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  2. wow marian! it looks really organized. Love the chairs! Want the chairs! thanks for sharing your imperfect pics.

  3. We had 3 boys and oh how i wish i had had your stylish organizing skills! Still smiling over your comments about Sebastian. It reminded me of when our youngest son was 8 and we got him a Fisher-Price camera and 4 rolls of 24 exposure film (that was long before the days of digital). When we had them developed we found he had taken 96 pictures of the dog.

    1. Ha, ha! Too cute, Brenda! Some of my favorite photos are ones a 5-year old cousin took when I let her use my phone at a family wedding. She captured pictures I would never have thought to try.

  4. The playroom looks amazing! I wish I had a dollar for every lego my son had ( And $10.00 for every one I stepped on!). I’d be a wealthy woman! All this brings back fond memories. 🙂 Except ours were not so well organized! Thank you for sharing!

  5. We’re debating about making a crazy move across the US, and one of the first things I did was scout out that local Craigslist to see how active it was. Priorities, I tell ya!

    1. We’ll be doing the same thing next year, and I’ve been checking the local craigslist, too! Along with going up and down the roads close-up in Google maps checking out shops and restaurants. I thought I was slightly nuts, but now I’ll embrace it!! lol

      1. Rebecca, you are not nuts! That’s a fantastic idea to do that so that when you finally get there, there should be very few surprises.

  6. Oh, please share how you’re going to use the typewriter sorters! Or are they wooden letter organizers? I see them all the time but don’t know any clever ways to use them other than storing small nick nacks on the wall. Looooooove that table too! Such a great buy! The Craig’s List Queen strikes again 😉

  7. Please, post the imperfect and real photos. It’s so frustrating and irritating to see nothing on home decor blogs but the tightly-shot, perfectly-lit vignettes. Those are lovely, but I want more. I realize that this blog is part of your business and your brand but as a consumer I want a decor blog to show me something achievable. It doesn’t shake my faith in MMS to know that Marion is a real person with a dusty coffee table. Most of us don’t have a team of cleaning and gardening staff, what we have is jobs, kids, spouses, pets, commitments outside our home, and the occasional need for sleep. I want to be able to admire a beautifully styled mantle or display cabinet shown in context of a room, steal what will work for me and feel inspired, not knocked down because this is yet another way the Internet is telling me I’m failing as a woman because I don’t have some glittery fancy thing that cost hundreds of dollars and that my cat would knock over just to see it smash and that I don’t have a perfectly clean house. We have 5 animals, there is always going to be dog hair and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I admire how you have talked in the past about your sewing and how you don’t mind if a seam on a slipcover isn’t 100% straight because it’s homemade and it still works. That is inspiring. That keeps me coming back.

    1. Angie – loved your post… I’m with you! Those professional shots of dazling rooms with stuff I can’t afford don’t interest me in the least. I’d prefer to see a room done the way MMS does it. With everyday things we all have in our homes. Dust and all !! There are times when you could write your name on my tables. Such is life. You got it all figured out – glad you spoke up!!

  8. I love seeing the Hess Truck collection across the top of the bookcase. Great that you still have them. Many become collector’s items but, mostly, they’re fun to see and “remember when.” I’m sure they’ll be fun to see the next generation use as well. Save them forever. ! 🙂

  9. Is that a Fisher Price castle in the playroom??? I had one of those growing up 35 years ago! In fact, my mom might still have it in her basement. Talk about a blast from the past!

  10. I’d love to know what you plan to do with those vintage type-letter trays that are with your “art stack” to hang in the basement. I have a couple of them that my boys used to display Lego mini-figures and I loved that. But, they have outgrown the mini-figures now. I want to keep the trays, but I’m not sure what to do with them.
    Also, really like the round coffee table. I’d love to find something like that for my living room.

    1. Agree! I do love your milk paint – but I’ll bet the boys would go for the wood…. maybe just touch up the scratches with stain, or stain a more neutral color altogether.

  11. That is such a pretty coffee table and a great price. I guess most of my oak and other wood items are too “orangey” for most today, but it will not be painted—-too much work, at least for me.

  12. What a great Craigslist score!! My sister-in-law had a coffee table just like this for YEARS and I always loved it. She bought it as a dining table and my dad cut it down for her. One reason I enjoy your blog so much is the fact that you share the “not particularly photo-worthy” and “in progress” shots. It’s helped me accomplish so much more by realizing it’s ok to paint just part of a room so I can move in the bookshelves and cabinet and get them organized and THEN paint the rest of the room later. These smaller steps on a big project are great and I don’t feel so overwhelmed! Thanks for your inspiration, Marian.

  13. Pretty coffee table, and it’s great how you have the Legos organized in the playroom. Thanks for keeping it ‘real’…I love seeing all your pictures… the perfect ones and the ‘real’ ones. I’m really enjoying your progress on your home.

  14. if you paint the top of that cut-down antique pedestal oak table, wouldn’t it get scratched up? would the paint wear down well to look like authentic wear spots? How well will it stand up to the boys (all 3 of them! ha ha)??

  15. I don’t know how you do it!! I check our Craigslist everyday & never find anything inspirational or reasonable in price!! Please don’t paint that gorgeous oak table!!

  16. Thanks for the dust, made me feel right at home. I agree that perfect gets old and reality, dirt and fun still rule.

  17. Please don’t paint that beautiful table!! It looks like oak? I think the warmth of the wood contrasts beautifully with the couch and walls….

  18. Your room looks gorgeous, and I love that rug with the rest of the decor! I was just thinking about our media room – I’ve got a grey sectional as well, and I really love the grey/linen/cream/dusky blue thing you’ve got going. I think I’m going to pull the trigger on that combo for me too! (Way better than the grey/red/black thing I’ve got now!)

  19. Marion, Thanks for sharing your pictures. Had you not mentioned the “dust” I doubt many people (like me) would have picked up on it. What’s a little dust among friends any how???

    LOVE, LOVE that table. Maybe I should give you my wish list and you could shop craigslist for me? You find the BEST stuff on that site. Me, not so much.

  20. After all the comments about your post I hesitate to post mine. But…..the feet of coffee table looks like a dog head! The side is the floppy ears and the front is the nose! It is a beautiful table and I would have never had that vision sitting on your lovely sofa…but the angle of your photos….my mind works like that…sorry

  21. Love every one of the “dust” comments. One of my favorite vacation shopping finds was a small ceramic plaque that reads “You can touch the dust, put please don’t write in it”. It makes me smile whenever I see it.

  22. Didn’t even notice the dust on the table of the first picture,till you mentioned it and then I saw it. Just think, I may never have had seen it ………. 😉

  23. If you haven’t already, can you give me source info. on the grey sofa/sectional please & thank you for sharing your life with us.

  24. This is real life! Thanks for keeping it real. That table was such a bargain. Enjoy the transformation.

  25. Love your coffee table as is. Let the kids rough it up for awhile then when they pass the lego years you can redo it !
    Love your blog . I tried the Hemp oil and it’s fantastic ! I got rid of some scratches in a minute!
    But you can paint the basement stair railings I did my banister with your chalk paint.Looks great . It needs some heavy waxing though.

  26. My parents’ kitchen and dining room tables are both round oak pedestal ones, so somehow I never ever thought of that for a coffee table – just never dawned on me! I absolutely love it – so great with the sectional. As for the dust – just makes us feel at home! Speaking of Risk, my husband says that when he and his brothers played it while living in Brasil a few decades ago, that board game was called “war” on the box rather than “risk”. Funny how things translate. Either way, it’s too long of a game for me – I think I’d rather read a book – but it’s wonderful for Dads to share with their boys things they enjoyed from their own childhoods. The boys’ playroom looks very inviting – hope they enjoy many happy hours there exercising their imaginations!

  27. I love seeing the Hess Truck collection across the top of the bookcase. Great that you still have them. Many become collector’s items but, mostly, they’re fun to see and “remember when.” I’m sure they’ll be fun to see the next generation use as well. Save them forever. ! 🙂

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