The cottage bed is all finished, assembled, styled, and photographed.  It even got its own little room in the corner of my studio.

I just used things I had on hand to create an eclectic, cottage-y, bedroom, a ‘tween girl who was in my imagination.

The color of the bed is a custom mix of Kitchen Scale and Boxwood from the MMS Milk Paint line and it was finished in Tough Coat to seal the chipping paint.

The needlepoint was made by Jeff’s grandmother and I purchased the German oil painting off of Etsy a few years ago.  Those are both just props for the shoot, but most of the other pieces will be for sale at Lucketts.

I will apologize to all of my perfectionists out there.  I didn’t try to straighten out the wood applique on the headboard.  I fix things that are structural or functional issues and, of course, I will fix cosmetic issues, but I like to leave little quirks on old pieces.  Their imperfections, dings, and dents lend them a charm that I don’t want to try to “fix”.  I don’t think it’s as noticeable in this color and with the added texture from the chipping, though.

I dressed the bed in vintage and antique linens, including a popcorn chenille bedspread, antique pillow cases, and an antique double wedding ring quilt.  It’s similar to a couple of wedding ring quilts I own, passed down to us from Jeff’s grandmother, but I found this one last week at an antique store.

The bolster is from Pine Cone Hill.

I borrowed the European pillow from my bed, but I found a pretty Euro cover while shopping on Friday, so I’ll have one to style and sell for Lucketts.

I pointed out the side rails when I first showed the bed and I absolutely love them.  That curve is such a great detail.

The quilt is in good overall condition, but it does have some fraying on the edges.  It was a little musty, so I just threw it in the washer and dryer.  If you can’t wash them, they aren’t very useable.  Now, it’s soft and smells like lavender.  And, as a bonus, washing seems to emphasize the hand-quilted details.

Both the quilt and the chenille bedspread are full-sized, so I tucked the bedspread under the mattress and I folded the quilt over and let it hang.

The “married piece” isn’t finished, yet, but it was sitting there, so I used it in the shoot.  As I was styling it, it sort of morphed into a little hutch/desk sort of thing.

As a refresher, this is how the bed looked when I bought it off of craigslist.  It was an amazing find…

…and I loved how it turned out.

Well, I went shopping on Friday and managed to fill up my van and two pick-up truck loads.  Lucketts 2017 is turning out the be the year of big pieces as I have several large pieces I’m taking with me.  It’s a little risky, because large pieces are harder for people to get home, but I will give measurements and prices ahead of time, so hopefully buyers can come prepared!

I’ll photograph and share my finds this week…


  1. Randi

    This is an adorable bed and the color is perfect! You really put it together well with the quilt and flowers and the other goodies! 🙂

  2. Maureen

    Just beautiful! You have styled it perfectly. I really wish I lived closer so I could visit Lucketts and scoop up a few of your things!

  3. Lori

    As a lover of natural wood normally, I would emensley enjoy any painted piece touched by your talent!

  4. Anna

    That looks absolutely beautiful Marian! Stunning. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for taking the time to style the bedroom and take photographs. It looks amazing!

  5. Linda

    I absolutely love the bed! I wish I could find something like that with the scroll detail to do a chalk painting project on for my home! Your quilt looks perfect with it too.

  6. jo

    You truly have the golden touch. There is absolutely nothing you can’t do, and everything you do is beautiful.

  7. liz

    It’s the white truck with lamb reveal ! Love them. The bed is very pretty and feminine too! LOL

  8. debra Packard

    Marian, i emailed you twice with no responce, not sure if my emails are getting through, Unless, you don’t want anymore ironstone, that’s ok too, just want to know.

  9. Pam from Maryland

    A crisp, clean scent of vintage heaven !! Good Job Marian..

  10. Anne Anzil

    Love how it turned out! So pretty! Can you tell me where you found the popcorn chenille bedspread? Thanks!

  11. Deanna Rabe

    I love that custom color you mixed! So great!

    This would be lovely in any girls room!

  12. Tanya

    I have a bed (actually, three) that looks a lot like that one and I just haven’t had the courage to bring the paint to them. Yours turned out so beautifully that I’m almost convinced to do it.

  13. Theresa

    Love the color choice and all the asset accents!

  14. lori

    That turned out amazing! I have a bed that is so similar only the center piece is a carved sunflower, looks like a sun. wanted a change but was so reluctant on painting over the almost perfect wood. These colors would really make it pop! very very pretty!

  15. Cindy

    It would be great if there are delivery services on standby at Luckett’s to handle those large pieces that people fall in love with and have no way to get home.

    • Marian Parsons

      There are actually delivery services there and we’ve delivered pieces before.

  16. Elizabeth

    I’m impressed that you’re taking a chance on larger pieces at this year’s Luckett’s. I say, go for it.

    You might want to help your customers realize that the big pieces are more portable than look. How? Take pictures of them, disassembled and secured, in your vehicle.

    That is a darling bed, beautifully transformed and nicely styled by you. I’m with you on preserving the flaws and quirks. They’re essential aspects of the charm of antiques.

    I’m getting so excited about Luckett’s, and I’m not even going!

  17. Olivia

    The wood applique on the headboard looks perfect to me. It looks like a flower with a stem. In nature not every flower looks straight. They lean toward the sun.

  18. Susan W.

    The bed is gorgeous, of course, but my favorite thing is the little white pick-up truck.

  19. Jessica | Petal + Ply

    You had me at eclectic and cottage-y. 😉 The custom color turned out very pretty! I’m a sucker for pretty much any shade of teal.

  20. Ashlea

    I love it!! And love all of the staging and extra touches. Beautifully vintage.

  21. B. Folk

    Everything looks great! I really like the quirky, little, stepstool/table next to the bed- is there a post about that?

  22. Mimi

    I’m swooning over that paint color. I would happily drift off to sleep in that bed. 🙂

  23. Kathleen

    So pretty ! It looks like a really cozy spot to take a nap or read a book .

  24. Kim

    Has a quilt ever before been so perfectly matched to a bed?? L💜VE

  25. Anna-Ruth Taynton

    Must be a room just for me….I spy “art”….I will be right over! LOVE the color!

  26. Laurie

    FYI, it’s safer to soak old quilts in a product called “Quilt Soap.” (Available on amazon. I use it for my clothes.) Gotta be realistic. They are handmade out of many small pieces. Also dyes can bleed or fade with regular soap and warm water. Use a laundry tub or bath tub. Gently push on the quilt. It’s okay to put them in the washer on the spin cycle, they stay in one place and aren’t subject to friction. Best to dry flat on a clean sheet away from sunlight (fading). I love seeing all your furniture revivals!

  27. Cheryl

    Love the color you chose!!

  28. Jill

    Sigh. I have a spot in my kitchen that the married piece would fit perfectly and it’s exactly what I need! Alas, I live on the opposite side of the country. I will have to hunt to find my own version of it I guess. But yours is perfect! The bed is adorable too! My tween would love it!


    Marian, just love that antique bed! It’s so beautiful! You did a wonderful job at finishing it! The bedding is so lovely, too!


  30. KAY

    That is my favorite style of furniture! Yummy!

  31. Deborah Raney

    I could spend hours looking at the photos on this one post! Love everything about it. Beautiful!

  32. Jeannie

    Beautiful! Had a similar bed once. Love what you do.

  33. Lauren

    That is a gorgeous bedframe and gorgeous color! *all the heart eyes*

    Lauren | Lovely Decor

  34. Naomi S.

    The bed is an amazing piece. Just beautiful. I must say, though, the teal seems a little too predictable to me. You are seeing so much of it now. I really would have liked to see it in a grey-mauvish color. It would have looked more unique, I think. But, I know I’m in the minority and it might not sell as well as it will in the color you used. Either way, it’s just an amazing find!

  35. Ellen

    I think Anne of Green Gables would love this room you created. The bed is just perfection! You never fail to inspire me to keep checking Craigslist and searching for these great finds!

  36. Anna

    You might not be able to answer any of these questions, but what ratio of boxwood to kitchen scale did you use? and I guess you had to strip the bed before painting it? Was that unpleasant?

  37. Dana

    Marian, I have to know about the tiny cup/urn. Did you make it, or buy it? It’s adorable and I need one like it for my paintbrushes. 😍

  38. Tracie

    You couldn’t have done a cuter job with that room! I love the details, like the old books and the truck and sheep. I have some old Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Trixie Belden books that my mom loved as a teenager (not literally her old books but the same ones).

    The bed looks great! It just looks sweet and restful. I love that shade of green, too. So nice!

  39. anajá Schmitz

    Amei. Essa cama está belíssima. Linda cor.

  40. Michelle

    Beautiful bed!! I would like to order some paint to use on a bed my husband made but I’m not sure how much of each color to order. Do you remember the amounts of the two colors you used? I have a dresser painted in the Mustard Yellow do you think this color bed would look good with it? Thanks!!

  41. Jennifer C

    Is this a half bed? I have one that I my grandmother gave me and don’t know how to use it in terms of linens and a mattress.

  42. Jan

    Love the bedroom. I painted an old china cabinet in French linen and 2 nights stands in old white. I have found a headboard and footboard that are currently painted a dark blue. Can you recommend a color for the bed if I buy it? Thanks.



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