Christmas decorating | master bedroom

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I bought some greenery over the weekend (and clipped some from obliging trees as well) and we picked up the Parsons’ family Christmas tree yesterday.  The intention was to have it all decorated by the evening, but that didn’t happen.  As soon as we got the tree in the room, I realized it was the largest tree we’ve ever had.  The diameter at the base is almost six feet and it is very full!  We had to trim down the top and reshape it just to make it fit in the room.  It’s beautiful and I absolutely love it, but it’s so big that I ran out of lights 3/4 of the way up.  I made a trip to the store last night and we’ll get it finished today.  I’m enjoying taking my time with it, though, and running out of lights forced me to slow down even more.

This morning, I was excited to get started again, so I got the kids ready for school and then dove right in, decked out in my jammies.  I focused on the master bedroom and here’s the result…

Miss Mustard Seed-280

My dress form is wearing an antique costume jewelry necklace that belonged to my Oma and a felted wool garland from Anthropologie.  I customized it by tying wool pom-poms I made at the ends.

Miss Mustard Seed-256

A mix of fresh greenery is tucked into the chandelier.  I love how festive it looks and simple it is to do.

Miss Mustard Seed-255

A couple of years ago, I sent all of my grain sack scraps to Ann of On Sutton Place and, over time, she made me 24 mini stockings.  Last year I just hung them on the tree, but this year I am using them for our advent calendar.  We usually do the Lego advent calendars, but we were too late to buy one this year.  I’m going to fill each stocking with a little toy or treat.  I ordered some clay number tags from Etsy and they are on the way.  I’ll add them to the stockings, so we can remember which one we’re on!

Miss Mustard Seed-269 Miss Mustard Seed-257

I was so in love with the wool pom-pom garland I bought from Anthro that I decided to make some of my own.  Really thick, 100% wool yarn like they used was too expensive, so I used a chunky wool/acrylic blend and they turned out nice.  I made a few to hang from lamps like tassels.  Again, it looks festive, but it’s really simple and can be reused in different ways each year.

Miss Mustard Seed-276

I tucked a table-top tree in a rustic bucket to top Jeff’s dresser.  (We’ll see what his face looks like when he sees it to determine if it can stay.  He can, understandably, be a little territorial about his dresser.)

Miss Mustard Seed-264

Miss Mustard Seed-261

I added a few ornaments and poms around the base and some antique corbels on either side.

Miss Mustard Seed-272

I have a few of the Wallace silver bells from my Oma’s collection.  She loved collecting things and I think I’m going to pick up the yearly Wallace Christmas bell tradition.

Miss Mustard Seed-275

The French wardrobe (from Craig’s List) got a swag of mixed greenery.

Miss Mustard Seed-263

Miss Mustard Seed-270

Miss Mustard Seed-271

Last time, a few of you asked how I’m able to take a straight-on shot of the armoire without being in the picture.  Well, the gap between the mirrors is just wide enough for me to stand there without showing in the reflection.  That’s pretty handy!

There’s sleet ticking off the roof right now and the rooms are filled with the scent of fresh pine.  More holiday decorating beckons…

Christmas decorating | master bedroom

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