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I definitely have a soft spot for things made for children.  The small scale just melts me.  My mom and I spotted this little hutch in an antique store and jumped at it immediately.  It had been painted in a white latex over oil, so the latex was peeling off and it was a little dingy.  We sanded it down and gave it a fresh coat of MMSMP Eulalie’s Sky with the Bonding Agent added and finished it with Hemp Oil.  I forgot to take a before picture of this one, but just imagine it in white.  Here it is now…

child's hutch in Eulalie's Sky Milk Paint | miss mustard seed

child's hutch in Eulalie's Sky Milk Paint | miss mustard seed

I love the glass knobs and little latch on the cabinet.

child's hutch in Eulalie's Sky Milk Paint | miss mustard seed child's hutch in Eulalie's Sky Milk Paint | miss mustard seed

When I painted it in the pale blue, I immediately imagined it paired with a red child’s riding toy I bought the same day…

child's hutch in Eulalie's Sky Milk Paint | miss mustard seed

I’ve been looking for a pretty red tricycle for ages for photo shoots, since the red in the milk paint line is named Tricycle.  This isn’t technically a tricycle, but it’s in the spirit of a tricycle, if that’s possible, and it’s certainly a pretty red!

antique red riding toy | miss mustard seed

It’s the wheel wells that really captured my heart!  Isn’t this piece just so sweet?

antique red riding toy | miss mustard seed

I decided to use a quilt I’m selling at the Chapel Market for a backdrop to add some more color and texture to the photo shoot.  Some simple metal clips held it in place.

Miss Mustard Seed-2201

We’re bringing the hutch along to the Chapel Market…

Today Kriste and I packed up everything, so it’s ready to be loaded into the van on Wednesday.  I remember nights before Lucketts when I was up until after midnight finishing pieces, so it’s so nice to be all ready to go a couple of days in advance.  I’ll share details on shopping my space at the Chapel Market tomorrow…


Before I finish up today’s post, I want to put out one more reminder about my Joss & Main #holidayhostess event that is running for just a few more hours!  Some things are sold out, but there’s still a lot of great pieces and some early holiday inspiration.

Miss Mustard Seed-9887

child's cupboard

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26 Comments on “child's cupboard”

  1. That is incredibly sweet. I don’t know how long I’ve been reading your blog, but had to laugh a little at myself when I realized that I recognized the paint you chose was Eulalie’s Sky just by looking at the photo. Also, thank you for sharing tips on how you stage things, and how something as simple as a clip can be used to make such a difference in the composition of the photo.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt! I am coming to visit you at the Chapel Market, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to make lots of purchases! See you there! I’ve been counting down the days until I will see your stuff in person! YAY!

  3. Your child’s cupboard reminds me of the one I have that my Dad made when I was a child. It makes me smile!

  4. Marian, Somewhere in this disarrayed house, I have a picture of my late cousin on one of these mobile trikes. I’ve been in the process of moving so you can only imagine what it’s been like with finding ANYTHING! When or if I find it I will zip you a copy. She and I were born 6 months apart in 1935, yeah, I’m OLD and with all that needs to be done and doing it alone, I sure feel old. LOL

  5. Love your Post Today. I too have a very big soft spot for small cupboards! have yet to find one. I dream of visiting you at your Market, but I live on the west coast. Cant wait to hear how it all goes!

  6. I have a very similar one of those push carts – I think they are the early pre-stroller! Mine has a handle in the back that you push, not sure if it comes off or not….but so cute – it is one of the only things my married daughter seems to want out of all my hoarded stash…..Love how you displayed it all –

  7. Stop showing stuff I want to buy!!! LOL. If I could I’d be snatching up that little cupboard for my daughter’s room and the quilt for myself. I have a thing for vintage quilts…especially if they use feedsack fabric!

  8. I LOVE that quilt. I’m a quilter and it caught my eye immediately. I might have to recreate it!

  9. Your red riding toy looks like a tiny tot tractor. It would make a great piece of decor once you buy that farmhouse you are hunting for!

  10. I love the quilt. LOVE! i am just interested at what an antique quilt is priced at? I long to attend one of your shows one of these days but live far away and it may never happen, so thanks for all you share on your blog. If you don’t mind sharing what you will price your quilt at, I would love to know. Maybe after it is sold-wow, i would love to buy it, I love it! thanks for all you do to share so generously with this community.

  11. Oh yes…the red toy is indeed a “Taylor Tot”. It brings back memories of when my older brother took the push handle off of mine, put a box over the entire toy and made a sort of go-cart out of it. Of course, as his rider on the back, I tumbled off and ended up with a rather large goose egg on my head. Ahh! Thanks for the memories:-)

  12. Love the way you photographed all of this! That old quilt is a perfect back drop and the colors of all the items just sing together! Have a wonderful time at Chapel Market!!

  13. As Alice Crawford said, I, too am old! Born in 1937! But I love reading your blog and all the clever things you do. I have my doll’s bed and high chair from my childhood and wondering how to repurpose them.

  14. Thank you so much for coming to the Chapel Market. I am overjoyed to be the proud new owner of this quilt. My two year old cuddled up under it on our porch last night as we watched the sun set. I can only imagine the beautiful journey this quilt has been on thus far and the stories it could tell. We look forward to the memories we will make with it and welcome it to our home in Atlanta.

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