The Chapel Market Preview

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Here we are!  Right on the brink of the Chapel Market, which happens this Saturday, October 25, 2014.  It starts at 9:00 am and admission is $3.00.  (The address is 24 Ring Around Rd, Pike Road, Alabama 36064.)  I will be set up inside the chapel meeting hall, in the same space I was in last year.

I have been shopping, painting, sewing, cleaning, fixing and pricing for several weeks to get ready for the show and I think this is my favorite booth I’ve ever put together.  I shopped with a specific theme in mind – French Blue Farmhouse White.  I viewed this much more as curating than just shopping for things I knew I could make a profit on.  I wanted a cohesive look.  I think this booth is most “me” of any that I’ve done.  I feel like any one of these pieces would look right at home in my house.

So, here’s a look at my mock-setup (aka The Green Zone) in my studio.  The booth at Chapel Market will look almost exactly like this…

Miss Mustard Seed-2505

Miss Mustard Seed-2504

Miss Mustard Seed-2506

Miss Mustard Seed-2507

Miss Mustard Seed-2508

Miss Mustard Seed-2510

Miss Mustard Seed-2511

Miss Mustard Seed-2512

Miss Mustard Seed-2513

Miss Mustard Seed-2514

Miss Mustard Seed-2515

Miss Mustard Seed-2516

Miss Mustard Seed-2517

Miss Mustard Seed-2518

Miss Mustard Seed-2519

Miss Mustard Seed-2520

Miss Mustard Seed-2521


Miss Mustard Seed-1956 Miss Mustard Seed-1958

The booth will be packed full of ironstone (molds, pitchers, platters, plates, casseroles, tureens, creamers, teapots, soap dishes, etc.), tool totes, bread boards, preserved boxwood wreaths, glass glitter, dried lavender bunches, painted furniture, French chairs, MMSMP Look Books, my book – Inspired You and lots more Frenchy-farmy goodness.  We won’t be carrying milk paint, but Shawnna from Perfectly Imperfect and Cara from Little Golden Fox will be there with the paint (and I’ve confirmed the new Tough Coat will be there.)  The large empire dressers are $425/each, the victorian settee is $285.  The Shutter Gray empire buffet is $325.  The “smalls” start at $1.00 and go up from there.  If you’ve shopped my space before, though, you know I keep my prices very reasonable.  And I don’t mind negotiating, especially later in the day or if you buy several things.  I never get offended and it never hurts to ask.

Since we’re inside, I can’t spread out like I do at an outdoor fair like Lucketts.  For that reason, we’re going to just have a small table for checking out, so we can pack the space full of stuff that’s for sale!  We will accept cash, credit cards and checks.  I would suggest bringing shopping bags/totes to carry your purchases, but we will have brown paper bags as well.  If you’re planning on walking out with armloads of ironstone, it might be a good idea to bring some bubble wrap as well.  We will be happy to help with getting furniture & bulky purchases to your car, if needed.

In our booth, we’ll have four people there to help.  Kriste and her husband David…

View More:

…and Jeff & I.  Kriste, David and Jeff will be running the checkout and helping with purchases.  I’ll be available to chat, sign books, take pictures, (kiss babies)…whatever people want from me!  I will be teaching a 30 minute milk paint “mini-workshop” at 2:00, if you’re interested in seeing it in action.  I’ll be putting together a nice giveaway for someone who attends.

There are more vendors than there were last year, so it should be even more amazing!  I hope you’re able to make it out this Saturday!


One last thing…  My Joss & Main #Holidayhostess event is coming to an end, but another fantastic one is starting.  Check out the new collection based on the style of Laura from Finding Home, who is also going to be a vendor at Chapel Market!

The Chapel Market Preview

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72 Comments on “The Chapel Market Preview”

  1. I just want to weep…first for the beauty that you have created and the inspiration I will take from these displays. But, in all honestly, I will weep because I cannot be there to purchase several items that I covet. Oh, the inhumanity. 3143

  2. I so wish I could be there! Your setup looks amazing — so many pieces that I just love. I hope it’s a wonderful event for you!

  3. I do love everything that is in all of these wonderful vignettes!!! Wish I could be there to shop and meet you! Those two things would definitely be on my bucket list! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with all of us!

  4. I must say you have outdone yourself for this show. Your collection is just amazing especially all the gorgeous ironstone and vintage furniture. Just wondering if you remember your booth setup in your head or do you go by your pics?

    BTW…..I bought the cutest vintage French ashtray from Little Golden Fox last week at the City Farmhouse show.

  5. Oh my gosh your antique boutique display is gorgeous! I see so many things that would fit in my home. Sure wish I could attend. I’m sure it will be a great success! Absolutely love your studio space. just got back from Delaware and our visit too see the grandkids. Who knows? maybe one day I’ll get to shop when you have a sale at your studio one day.

  6. It looks amazing, and your prices are very reasonable (I could see at least one besides those you mention). Photos are awesome (love the one with the focus on the truck / clock, with the transferware blurred – that’s a unique piece too!). Have a great show! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  7. OOOOOOHHHHH…I so want that salesman sample size white sideboard! (insert crying here, sniff, sniff)
    Your booth is going to be FABULOUS. I’ll take everything. Just head North instead of South.
    Route 15 will bring you right to my front door.

  8. GORGEOUS, Beautiful, Breathtaking! wish I could be there. Best of luck Marian, I’m sure you wont come home many leftovers, it’s all too fabulous

  9. Gorgeous!!! I adore every single item . I wish I lived closer so that I could attend. I would buy the antique kitchen scale in a hot second!
    Best wishes for a successful sale,
    Michelle from

  10. Everything looks so wonderful, wish I could attend. I would try to buy the white doorless cupboard. I hope you tell us how you made those concrete planters look so great. Have fun!

  11. I am pure giddy! So excited to be going and thankful you will be there. I will bring my book for an autograph! What are the dimensions of the blue cabinet with the two doors and two drawers? I can so see it in my kitchen instead of my IKEA cart. Thanks for travelling to Alabama the beautiful.

  12. Hi Marian! Can’t wait for Saturday! My birthday is Sunday, and I asked my hubby months ago if we could celebrate by going to The Chapel Market! We moved over the summer to Tennessee (from Michigan), so it will only be a four hour drive! I have my eye on several pieces…I only hope I can get there early enough! Looking forward to meeting you and the MMS entourage (lol!). Robin

    1. Robin,
      If you didn’t go to the City Farmhouse Barn show last weekend in Franklin, TN you really should try and go next year because it was a great show. Many vendors who where there will also be at the Chapel Market.

      1. Teresa, I did miss it, I didn’t hear about it until Sunday night. I was so sad…it looked like my kind of place. I put it on the calendar for next year!!!

  13. Have a wonderful time, everything looks beautiful! I know how much time and effort it takes to get ready for a show but what fun when all is said and done! Wishing you much success!

  14. Wow! You had a ton of items last year but I think you’ve out done yourself! I CANNOT wait! I have a small enamel table for checkout…I think it is about 30 x32″. Will that work? Also, let me know what else you need! Safe trip!

    You could write a book simply on this display!

  15. Oh no!!! Are you really selling your blue scale??? I’ve been waiting and watching for you to tire of it and post it in your shop! Would you consider shipping it to me in NC????

    Everything is just beautiful – would really like one of each – lol! But I’m serious about the blue scale. 🙂

  16. Oh, how I wish Alabama was closer to Chicago. Wish you’d get to come to the Midwest sometime. You’d make a killing here. Sad that there are no MMSP retailers in this area (which I owned a store).
    Anyhow, I’d love that wood stool to add to my collection.
    Have fun – take lots of pix. Bet you have an empty booth when it is all over!

  17. Wish I lived closer (or that you lived closer to me lol)! Are there any market events in the northeast (CT wink wink 😉 that you would consider being a vendor at? Your style is such an inspiration…wish I could visit one of these events!!

  18. I think you’re right – this is your best booth yet! I love that you seem to have incorporated more wooden pieces, like your tool boxes and breadboards. It’s funny – the first thing to draw my eye was the little truck on the white mediciine cabinet! It’s the little things that add so much warmth and heart to your booths.

  19. Thanks for sharing this with us who can’t attend the Chapel Market! The booth looks gorgeous!
    The downside is that now I am even more bummed out that I live so far away from Alabama.

  20. Sandy, I hope that you were able to stop and see us at Simply Charming in Wyoming! If not, maybe on your next trip!!

  21. Your preview makes me wish that Nevada was a lot closer to Alabama. I LOVE the tree branch stenciled chest of drawers! Now I want to give milk paint a try. So hard to find antique/vintage furniture out here in Las Vegas that where this technique can be used. The locals think that “old stuff” means casino chips and old slot machines… Best wishes for your Chapel Market show!

  22. Oh Wow Marian, This really is your Best booth! This truly expresses your unique style and it is beautiful! I would buy it all. I wish I could go, I would be there in a heart beat. Have a wonderful time, can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂

  23. Marion, I wish the Market was a lot closer to Ontario! I would so love to attend, but unfortunately it will not be possible. I’m drooling over that handled box in the 8th picture that’s sort of deep turquoise. Did you paint that? If so, can you tell me what colours you combined to get that beautiful shade. It’s the perfect blue for my house. Thanks very much. I took a milk paint workshop when you came up to Toronto for the Home Show and thoroughly enjoyed painting with milk paint. So much more fun and forgiving than latex! Have a great time at the Chapel Market!

  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Beautiful pieces perfectly put together. Hope you have a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your set-up with all of us who can’t be there. Glad you have all that help so you can visit with your fans and kiss those babies 🙂 Have fun! I’m pinning away.

  25. A space always seems more authentic when you buy what you love vs. what you can sell for a profit. There is a local shop that is only open 1 weekend a month. I was always there on the wrong weekend and would look longingly thru the windows. Everything in there was something I would have chosen. I finally caught the shop owner open and was able to go inside. I was in heaven and told her how much I loved her shop. She said “I only buy what I love”. Good advice I think. You have a lovely authentic style and it shows in your spaces.

  26. Please can I buy the rectangular ironstone platter and square compote on it in picture number 6???? Please!!! I love in NJ and can’t make it to would be perfect for my Thanksgiving table.

  27. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. For all of us that can’t be there it makes us feel like we are not missing so much.I hope you sell it all so you can come back and start all over. I love everything.

  28. OH how I wish I could take home one of your hand painted dressers. I love the little details you paint on them. Just gorgeous!!

  29. My kind of color, contrast, and whimsy. Adore the odd little dark wire cloche sitting on the stool. We need a Mustard Seed Express Carpool from D/FW!

  30. How long will it take you to drive there Miss Mustard Seed? Your booth is PERFECT! BRILLIANT! FABULOVINTAGE!!!!

  31. Drool. Swoon. Especially the straight-sided ironstone pitcher. And the flow-blue platter. And the…well honestly…just about all of it. So, once you pack it all on the truck, couldn’t you just head west instead? You know, towards my front yard in California? Some day I will make it out to your side of the country to see your treasures in person. Until then, I feel blessed to share your journey from afar. Thanks for bringing us along for the fun.

  32. Oh!! So wish I could get to the market this weekend. You’re taking so many beautiful things that I’d like to own!

    I used to live in Montgomery, just outside of Pike Road and would go to that market every year. It was just called “Pike Road Market” at that time if I remember correctly. I still use the chicken coop I bought there as a coffee table.

    I haven’t found any sales/markets like that here in the way NE corner of Tennessee. If someone knows of any, I wish you’d let me know.


  33. Good luck – I want to say I hope you come back empty handed but better to say go with blue and white come home with lots of green. All the best!

  34. Marian, everything looks GORGEOUS! How I wish I could blink on Saturday morning and transport myself to you folks from RI!

    Travel safe and can’t wait to hear how it goes . . . .


  35. It all looks so lovely….you have old large wooden furniture clamps! I just bought one of these for my hubby for Fathers Day! I had never seen one before that, it’s funny seeing them here! I think you have created some of my favourite pieces you have made over for this…..I love the theme! Hope you have a lovely time!

  36. The white child’s play dresser is my favorite…It should be an amazing show for people. I wish I could attend…

  37. So beautiful. Love Love Love everything! But what I can’t figure out is how you can price your dressers so low and still make enough of a profit at your booth to support traveling so far and having so many people help you out in the booth.

  38. Yahoo! I spy LOTS of things that I hope I’m in time to choose from. We arrived an hour into the show last year and watched lots of lovely things going to their new homes. It was a drooly mess in the line to get in. 🙂 See ya Saturday, Marion!

  39. Love all the pictures !! Love all the items !! Just wish i could be attending in Alabama – have a fantastic time – lots of sales – lots of hugs and kisses to babies and book signings!!

  40. It’s all so lovely! I hope someday you’ll have a sale at your studio so us locals can shop too. I love the white end tables in one of your photos – how much are you selling them for? Have a safe trip to Alabama -can’t wait to hear all about it.

  41. What to say Marian? You’re the BEST! Walking in your God given gift, there’s nothing better than that! You are blessed, so will the ones partaking in these beauties you created! Bravo! You bring glory to God and put a smile on our faces.

  42. This makes me want to jump in the car & drive to Alabama from New Hampshire. You have such an eye and although I need NOTHING I’m sure I’d come home with something!

  43. WOW! everything looks absolutely beautiful. You have a gift and I wish I didn’t live in Connecticut so I could come to this infamous Chapel Market. Best of luck, sounds like a fabulous day! LUV the blue/white theme and you have styled and edited it to PERFECTION.

  44. Love, it! I have an old timey high chair in our dining room and placed a very large
    spider plant on the seat. Looks great since we are out of babies…………..
    Best of luck and I hope the weather holds out for you. It is nasty and rainy
    here in New Hampshire. Mary

  45. How much are you selling the highchair for? It’s EXACTLY what I have been looking for and I’m trying to plan how early we will get there Saturday!

  46. Love your set up and wish I could pop over from Somerset, England, to see and buy from your booth on the day!

    Have a successful sale and best wishes, Jane Chitty

  47. The Chapel Market is on my bucket list, I live on the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island, but one of these days I want to drive a truck on down so I can load up , I guess I had better bring my bucket of money along….lol It looks awesome, I would have a hard time choosing…we just do not get such fine pieces over this side of the country!

  48. Beautiful!! And so inviting. I live far away (Syracuse NY) but simply love the little stool with the blue and white striped top and would snap it up in a second, if I could. I’m heading down route 81 for Christmas and will pass near where you live–any chance I could buy it and pick it up then???

  49. Oh how I wish I could be there! I LOVE everything here, but that blue buffet would definitely be coming home with me. Absolutely beautiful

  50. Looks so fun! I am sad to see the darling little doll/sample buffet go! It’s been my favorite, favorite thing you have in your home and I love seeing it in pictures! 🙂 Hope it goes to someone special!

  51. Had that same baby stroller as a tot, even have a pic of me in it. It’s a blak and white photo of course but for some reason in my head it was a color between Eulalies sky and flow blue.

  52. OK, that dental cabinet has me swooning! Everything looks terrific! The Chapel Market is one I hope to make it to one day. Have a great time doing what you do!

  53. Are you kidding me with this right now? You are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. How do you do it? I literally want to eat everything in your pictures the entire thing is a delicious feast of blue and white! So jealous of those who can go to this Market — way too far for me. How will I ever last til we see you at Lucketts again?!?! Have a great time and a huge success!

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