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Remember this cabinet I picked up a couple of weeks ago?

I cleaned it all up and removed the doors, that were rotten from water damage, to get it ready for the next step.

My dad and I worked together to rebuild the bottom of the cabinet and I nailed on the trim pieces that had come off.

And then it was time to try out an idea I had for it.  In my stash, I had a random hutch top that I purchased a couple of months ago and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it.  Sell it as is?  Build a base for it?

 I bought this base cabinet not even thinking of the hutch top, but it finally hit me a few days ago.  I have a base cabinet.  I have a hutch top.  Let’s try putting them together and see how they jive.

At first, I thought, nope.  But I let it sit there for a little while and the proportions grew on me.  It looks especially good when the upper cabinet doors are open.  The use of bead board ties them together, but the mis-matched paint made them feel too disjointed.

Now, at this point, I could’ve opted to turn the base cabinet into a kitchen island and keep thinking through what to do with the upper cabinet.  I decided, though, that I really liked these two pieces together, but they needed to be painted to match in order for it to work.

I considered Linen and Grain Sack from the MMS Milk Paint line and thought Grain Sack was the best match to the existing paint color.

Emily is spending a few days helping with Lucketts prep, so I tasked her with painting the base cabinet, inside and out, and one side of the upper cabinet (which was just raw wood.)

It was amazing how well Grain Sack matched the original paint.

And the paint really unified the two pieces.

Emily finished the second coat today, I distressed the freshly painted areas, and then she applied the Tough Coat finish.

We’re going to try the pieces together again tomorrow and, if it’s successful, my dad and I will rig up a way to secure the pieces together, so there is no danger of the hutch top tipping off the base.  It will still be removable, though, for easier transport.

I hope to style and photograph it tomorrow!

PS – My boys were taking a bath tonight and my youngest, Calvin, called me in.  I peeked into the shower curtain and he asked, completely straight-faced, “Mom, can you bring our goggles, so we can have a wave war?”

“Um.  No.”

I know.  I’m such a wet blanket.


  1. Paul

    When my son helped me drag that dilapidated cabinet base into the shop, he questioned, why I bought a piece in such condition? I answered, the price was right & I have someone in mind who will do amazing things with it. You found it & you did!

    • Marian Parsons

      So funny that you thought of me when you hauled in that piece. Yeah, my mom raised her eyebrows when I said I wanted to buy it, but it really was a great piece once you got past the doors and the paint. And, you’re right, the price was irresistible! 🙂

  2. Karen L Chaudoin

    Great job! I really like it and think it is a wonderful piece together.

  3. Donna

    Awesome, I love the top and the bottom on their own…but together, meant to be. I love little boys! Said a Mom of two now grown up girls…but there is that grandson, who holds my heart. 🙂

  4. Darcy Sexson

    Lol – I would have said no to the wave war too. 😉

  5. Becky

    The cabinet looks great, like it was meant to be. Enjoy those boys, it goes by so quickly.

  6. Elizabeth

    I have faith that, when you get done with them, those two pieces will look fantastic together. Using your imagination, you’ve figured out how to upcycle two modest pieces into something bigger, better, and more valuable. Brava.

    Calvin is hysterical! That story is so funny. New vocabulary term for me: “wave war.”

  7. Pamela

    There are so many people out there doing similar blogs, but yours is the one that I get excited over every time. Your writing and content never fail to make my DIYer heart go pitter-pat. Thank you for all the work you put into this blog, how you find time I’ll never know. Maybe we could get you a wonder woman suit to wear. Teehee.

    • Marian Parsons

      Thank you, Pamela! That’s a great compliment. 🙂

  8. Kim

    My grandson (8 year) wanted to throw his underwear over the shower curtain to see if I could catch them and throw them back. Sure why not, I’m just trying to take a shower, no biggie here!!!

    • Marian Parsons

      That is a riot!!

  9. Maggie

    Beautiful, can’t wait to see the finished project.

  10. Donna Coletta

    I like the Heineken box in the background.

    • Marian Parsons

      Ha, yeah. I’m a beer girl. 🙂 Just kidding. Actually, it was from an antique store. I will say that alcohol boxes are the best for packing heavy stuff, though!

  11. Rebecca

    Love the project!

    Also love, love the boy quotes, that made me laugh out loud! I had 3 boys in a little over 4 years (I’m in the M.O.B. – mother of boys) Wish I had written more down of their hilarious words and antics.

  12. Marianne

    I love how they go together! I wish I knew if shops that sold these items. I need to look harder.

    I agree I also love your blog and get excited over your posts. The reason why is because you make something beautiful out of anything!! ❤️❤️

  13. Naomi S.

    I think Calvin’s question is so typical of the kind of things that boys think of–with complete seriousness. It sounds like something my six-year-old twin grandsons would ask. Such creative little minds they have!

    The cabinet and hutch are each very cool on their own and I’m undecided as to whether I like them together or not. One thing that bothers me a little is the “legs” on the hutch piece. They make it look like it belongs on the floor I think. But, I guess I’m just having a little trouble thinking outside the box–or hutch, as it may be! I’m sure someone, or many someones, will love i

  14. Cheryl

    I like the two together and can’t wait to see them that way!
    Boys, lol, that’s all I have!!

  15. sandi magle

    That works, but my eye says to add an apron or big chunky feet to that lower cabinet, for just a little interest on the bottom. Fun to watch all your projects come together, Sandi

  16. collene heeg

    i want you to know ,,,I’m 64 and I went thru yrs of caretaking a very sick husband with cancer…he passed in my hands 3 yrs ago,,,my grief was almost unbearable,,,,,i found your site and started reading it daily and started picking and crafting from your ideas…it took me away from grief….GOD bless you and your gift and your family,,,im clearing out a place in my basement to be able to do more….ive been coming up with some unique ideas,,,again ty collene heeg

  17. Nancy

    Wanna hear something crazy? One of my very first furniture pieces I painted with your milk paint was a dresser I owned and a random hutch top I thought might work with it. I painted it boxwood and then used your white wax on it.

    You shared it on your facebook page and I was soooo thrilled. #yearsago

    I love when two random pieces work together.


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