Blue & White Wallpaper for the 1/2 Bath

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Between January and March of 2019, we worked on giving our half bathroom a makeover.  We painted the walls in Stonington Gray (mixed at 50%), swapped out the boring mirror with a vintage one, changed out the light fixture and faucet, and added a chair rail and picture frame molding.  As a part of the foyer makeover, we also had the beautiful Montauk blue slate floors installed.  (You can find details and the source on those in THIS POST.)  I knew at the time, though, that I wanted to find a blue and white wallpaper that would take it over the top.  I just didn’t want to rush the selection.

half bathroom makeover miss mustard seed stonington gray blue montauk slate

So, I stopped there.  Having the bathroom done to this point allowed me to wait until I found just the right paper or wall treatment.  I toyed with designing my own, with hand painting, and even block printing something, but I was never 100% excited about any of the ideas I came up with.  I’ve learned that this is my process.  I have to explore a bunch of ideas in my head, order samples, test things out, browse online a lot until I hit on something that excites me enough to act on it right away.  If I put iit n a virtual shopping cart and leave it there, then that’s usually not it.  If I sort of like the idea, but not enough to actually break out the supplies and hop to it, then I need to marinate on it just a little bit more.

half bathroom makeover miss mustard seed stonington gray

A few weeks ago, I ordered a few wallpaper samples and fell in love with one of them right away…right out of the envelope.  This was the one I’ve been looking for.  It’s a pretty blue and white floral wallpaper – 51019 from the Blomstermala collection by Gallerie.  I ordered it from Select Wallpaper.

I love that the pattern has a European feel and is even similar to the scrollwork and floral designs I often handpainted on dressers.  It just feels like “me.”

blue and white galerie wallpaper blomstermala miss mustard seed

I placed the order and it came in just a few days, which was surprising since it was coming all the way from the UK!  I also ordered the paste and my mom and I installed it last week.

blue and white galerie wallpaper blomstermala miss mustard seed

I can’t wait to show it to you, but it really transformed the space into something special.

I am also planning to make a sink skirt, perhaps out of this antique German duvet cover.  I’ve been saving it in my stash for just the right project and I think it will look cute with the paper.  I wish Galerie made a fabric that matched the blue and white wallpaper, but they don’t.  (Not that I could find, anyway!)

blue and white galerie wallpaper blomstermala miss mustard seed

The windowpane plaid is a pretty nice coordinating fabric, though.  I’ll get the paper hung and then make the decision.

blue and white galerie wallpaper blomstermala miss mustard seed

The paper is unpasted, which is actually my preference.  I used to assume that would be hard to apply, but it’s actually easier and less messy.  You can find my post comparing pasted to unpasted HERE and read the riveting post I wrote comparing wallpaper pastes HERE.  Don’t read that one before bed or you might not be able to sleep, because it’s so exciting and suspenseful.

This week, we’re plowing ahead on more home projects.  My blog posts will be a week or two behind what we’re doing in realtime, but you can see what I’m up to in my Instagram Stories


  1. Dale G

    I just papered my laundry room with “paste the wall” paper. It was the easiest papering job I have ever done. I’d never heard of “paste the wall” until I ordered this paper. It called for pasting the wall as you go and recommended a specific paste to use. The paste was a concentrate in a small metallic bag. I mixed it with water in a small pail, and it lasted perfectly for the three days it took me to get the room finished. Those long sheets were a lot easier going on dry to a pasted wall. Highly recommend!

    • Mary

      I wallpapered our guest bath with “paste the wall” paper too! It was much easier (if wallpapering can be considered easy) than the old prepasted paper.
      Love this pale blue and white!

  2. Babs

    Love the blue and white…always. Powder rooms are so much fun to decorate and it’s the one room in the house that your guests are sure to visit and spend a little time…so make it special. The mix of old and new is really lovely.

  3. Patty Ryan

    Would you be willing to share some of the other wallpaper patterns you considered for this space? I love your style and get a lot of inspiration from what you share😊

  4. Cyndi

    Can’t wait for the reveal! I have loved everything in the room since you first shared it. The slop jar/trash can is to die for!!

  5. Cabrini

    Ever try peel and stick? I have been looking at that for the powder room. Don’t want to commit to a “permanent” solution because sometimes buyers don’t want to face removing paper they don’t like.

    • Marian Parsons

      I have heard mixed reviews about peel and stick. I think it really depends on the brand. If you want something that can be easily removed, I would suggest starching fabric. It just peels right off without damaging the walls.

  6. Carol

    The wallpaper is so beautiful and I don’t think you should take away from that by adding another print. I think the simplicity of the pedestal sink is so pretty making the wallpaper the star of the show!

    • Michele M

      I absolutely agree with you, Carol. Let that gorgeous amazing paper be it’s own star of the show – with possible addition of white and blue accents, not an additional print to compete with the busy pattern of the walls.

      But that’s me – I am not much of one for color or prints most of the time.

  7. judith

    I love the wallpaper and the nice white trim and woodwork. I would not use that printed fabric for the sink skirt. Sorry to be a naybob, but it will make things look WAY too busy in there. If you want a print, you might try a ticking stripe or perhaps a light blue with a very tiny medallion print or small polka dot. This combination is too competitive. Also, on my monitor, the blues don’t match, so that might be a consideration if that’s how it is in actuality. I am enjoying all of your redecorating!

  8. Lillie Solomon

    I love the wallpaper! And of Course the fabric is the perfect compliment 😊
    Lillie Solomon

  9. Jodie

    Personally, I think once you step back and see all the wall, the picture frame molding, and the flooring, the sink skirt will not look too busy at all with the wallpaper. I think it will be glorious! Can’t wait to see the reveal!

    Jodie in Oregon

  10. Jodie Felten

    Oooops! I meant to say, the door, not all the wall. sorry!

    Jodie in Oregon

  11. Jan

    Love the wallpaper but not the fabric. Seems way too busy together to me and detracts from the beauty of the wallpaper. I’d let the wallpaper be the star and skip the skirt.

    • Ann

      I agree! The fabric will be perfect in another application, but I think it’s busy and would detract from the beautiful paper, as well.

  12. Holly Binns

    The wallpaper is swoon worthy!

  13. JC

    I’m must like that too…ordering samples, needing to let things marinate over time, places stuff in carts that I don’t follow through and order. Thus, the reason my home has many rooms not quite “done.” But, then again, are we ever really “done” when we love home decorating?😉. The wall paper couldn’t be more perfect. It looks just like you! I’m excited to see the big reveal! I must say, I’m with several other ladies on the sink skirt. I would get the wall paper up and done and then tape the fabric in place and see if you love it, before cutting and sewing the skirt.
    How fun your Mom got to visit and you did this together!

  14. kristi

    Love the paper; not the fabric. What about a white matelassé. The texture would be gorgeous and soft. Wouldnt’ compete with the paper. Matelassé makes lovely, drapey skirts.

    • Carol

      Kristi, I agree with you!!
      If a skirt is necessary or desired than a white tone on tone print on the skirt could be very pretty. It would be soft without taking away from the beautiful wallpaper. But personally I’d skip it. It’s just another thing that would need washing.

  15. LaTonya

    I want that wallpaper print on towels for my kitchen! I love the vintage feel😉

  16. Graham

    I can’t believe how “you” the wallpaper is. I would have thought it was your own design. I ‘m can’t wait to see it in place.

    I’m in the less busy camp for the sink skirt (maybe bleached muslin with blue grosgrain trim?), but I’m very curious about how you will attach it to the sink. I made one for a far less curvy sink and used Velcro hot glued to the fabric and sink but the skirt still wanted to slip down. I’m ready to try it again. I’m anxious to see how you do it.

  17. Elizabeth

    Love this powder room, and I can’t wait to see it finished with the wallpaper. I have to agree with a couple of the others regarding the skirt. I think it will look way too busy. Personally, I think the pedestal sink is fine. If you want to put a skirt, go with white.

  18. Kim

    So pretty! It reminds of the Blue Onion patterned dishes! I vote YES on the sink skirt. I love to layer patterns and think it will be beautiful and add a softness to the room.

  19. SueA

    I wallpapered three rooms when I remodeled the house and used three different wallpaper pasting styles. One thing I can say without reservation DO NOT USE THE STICK-ON STYLE. It was a nightmare to get it straight and smooth it out. Fortunately it was a bathroom that only needed one roll. The prepasted and unpasted were about equal in effort. The paste the wall style was for the largest room and using a paint roller (not a brush) it went along just fine. The Mr and I did it together and we remain married.
    And I love love the wallpaper you selected. It will be lovely! Bathrooms always need to be “dressed” imho and it is surely the place to bust loose and go for “the look”, whatever you conceive it to be. I am excited to see the reveal!

  20. Mary S

    Are you for real??? Are you for hire??? That paper is just over the moon!! It is so Miss Mustardseed.. almost as if you designed it yourself. I agree with some of your other readers, I think I would pass on the skirt and let that fabulous paper be the star in the room. I can’t wait to see it all finished. YOU are amazing!!

  21. Caroline

    Love that wallpaper. I think, like others here, that the skirt will be too emphatic for the wallpaper and detract from it (although I do usually like pattern-mixing). In my mind’s eye, I see a solid white but with some thick white embroidery, like broderie anglaise, for example, to add texture and more old-fashioned charm.

  22. sandi m

    ‘I have to respectfully agree with the other comments about the fabric for the skirt. As soon as I saw the picture, I thought, “oh no”. It would be a distraction to the beautiful wallpaper print. Especially on the sink which itself is somewhat of a focal point in the room. As someone said, a subtle stripe or dot would be much more complementary.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love, love plaids, but this one just doesn’t go with the paper design.
    Can’t wait to see the finished walls!

  23. Lisa P

    This powder room will be so so pretty! Once the wallpaper is up I’m sure you’ll test the sink skirt and decide what you like. I love a sink skirt! Can’t wait to see it all put together 🙂

  24. Mary Berry

    That wallpaper is beautiful! I can’t wait to see the reveal. I have a couple of places I would love to use wallpaper in our home, but the walls are not smooth enough. Does fabric with starch work better for a situation like this, or would I need to sand the walls…(not likely…😉)

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, starched fabric will work over walls that aren’t perfectly smooth.

  25. monique

    It seems that this wall paper is popular with everyone, that includes me. In England more than anywhere, wall paper is still a very much loved decorative item. This one has the very simple pattern of a cut stencil. I may use it that way and perhaps get the wall paper sample too. The skirt? nah not really. But it is for you to try without it first and see what you prefer.

  26. Cath Scadden

    Love the wallpaper…so you! As for the sink skirting how about you go another direction. Your sink has modern lines so I understand why you want to skirt it but what if you got a new sink that fit more with your style. Always enjoy your posts!

  27. penny gharst

    Always like to read your accomplishments. Love your home. I love old and perfect and even some imperfect pieces. Am in the midst of moving to my son’s home. I travel from Greenvill, SC to 3 spots up north where the other boys are. Was unhappy about leaving my home and have to store so much and get rid of so much, but I do have a large loft that will really gorgeous when I get done.

  28. Elizabeth Peters

    I like that toilet-Can you tell me who manufactures it?

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      It is by Glacier Bay. I got it from Home Depot, but it’s been difficult to find lately! I ordered one online for a guest bath a couple of weeks ago.

  29. katieonwhidbey

    The conflict I see between the pattern of the wallpaper and the plaid of the fabric is this: the wallpaper has curvy lines that echo the mirror; the plaid has straight lines. Because the wainscotting also has straight lines, the fabric might emphasize a visual disconnect between the top half of the room and the bottom half. Like you, I like to have “tryouts” for wallpaper, fabrics, etc. In this case, I’d try out a solid fabric for the skirt, maybe with a wide border at the bottom of that plaid or of a more neutral, less eye-pulling pattern, pinning them together and draping it over the sink for a few days to see how they work together. Thanks for letting us offer our suggestions. I’m sure whatever combo you select will be right for you.

  30. Olivia

    I agree with others, no skirt. The pedestal sink is beautiful on its own. I also believe the skirt will make the room feel smaller. What ever you do, I am sure will be beautiful.

  31. Kim

    It never ceases to amaze me how many perfect-for-your-style-scheme items you find for your home. It is a beautiful cohesive dream.

  32. Anna

    This Wallpaper actualy is made by brand Midbec.

  33. Dixie

    The wallpaper is beautiful! We’re doing a blue & white tiny master bath at our vacation cabin. Everything in the house has a very rustic feel.. but this tiny bathroom is for me.. so not rustic… I wanted a feminine feel… so the blue & white with a little natural wood so it does have a little rustic feel… anyway… ive been looking at tile & wallpaper and this wallpaper just might be perfect! Thanks for the link and the beautiful design ideas!


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