our moving story | part 3

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This is a continuation of a story, so you’ll want to check out PART ONE and PART TWO before you read this post.  Or else you’ll feel like you just walked in on a conversation. I was surprisingly relaxed, waiting for the realtor to share her “you’re never going to believe this” news.  I really and truly, cross-my-heart, wanted what … Read More

our moving story | part 2

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If you missed part one of the story of how we ended up moving to Rochester, MN, you can check it out HERE. Where that post just left off, Jeff and I were in the waiting place. We did Lucketts, we prepared the studio to move, we packed the house, we had a yard sale, and we prayed that everything would fall … Read More

And the Parsons are moving to…

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…Rochester, Minnesota! I know!  What?!  Minnesota?  Yes, Minnesota!! Let me back up and tell you the entire story, because it’s a good one. First off, if you’re wondering why we’re moving, check out THIS POST and then come back here and continue reading. Back in the fall of last year, we started counting Jeff’s credits to completion.  He is working … Read More

the best view in the house

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As we’re getting ready to say a proper goodbye to the house we’ve lived in for 11 years, I want to take some time to reminisce.  A few readers shared they felt sad to see the house empty.  An empty house to me meant that packing was done, so sadness was not an emotion I was experiencing! But then again, our … Read More

sketching tips & tools

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I have had such a great couple of days of recuperating from weeks of packing. Sunday, I crashed.  My head hurt, I was congested, and I just couldn’t do much of anything.  Jeff let me sleep in.  My sister-in-law pampered me with a healthy breakfast.  And everyone gave me some time to just lay in bed and rest.  By the … Read More

DIY Moving Details

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We started saying it a few years ago…  “We will definitely hire a moving company the next time we move!” Having gone through about 7 DIY moves in our married life, we were done with gathering volunteers to load a truck.  We were ready to relish in the experience of having it all done by professionals. Or so we thought. (You can … Read More