gaining space & resourcefulness

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I said I was going to hang the postal sorter on the wall to gain some space on the table, so I did just that!  Well, I say “I”, but Jeff actually did it for me.  I did take everything down, tell him where I wanted it hung, and then put everything back, so I was a participant!  He’s just … Read More

through the lens of a camera…

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I did a proper photo shoot in my kitchen last week and there was something therapeutic about it.  It was my first “real photoshoot” where I styled everything (removed the unsightly stuff like the toaster), used a tripod, tethered the camera, etc.  There is something about taking a picture of something that makes me love it more.  Well, maybe it’s … Read More

new house tour | the basement family room

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I showed pictures of our empty basement last week when I shared plans for the boys’ playroom.  I finally got down there with my camera and took some pictures of how the spaces look now. We’ll start in the main room of the basement – the family room.  (Not to be confused with the living room upstairs.  We decided to … Read More

hang your head in shame, faucet

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The kitchen has come a long way since we moved in and, while it looks like a big overhaul, it’s really just involved paint, changing out the lights over the island, and hanging the pot rack.  The one big change we made was converting the electric stove to gas and replacing it with a beefy commercial-style range, which has been … Read More

the basement playroom

Marian ParsonsRoom Makeovers37 Comments

In my post reviewing our progress on the new home in 2017, I shared that there are rooms I haven’t showed here, yet.  In fact, I haven’t showed the entire basement!  In addition to the utility room and some storage, there is a family room, a playroom, bathroom, and a guest room down there.  It’s a walk-out basement, so even … Read More

studio tweaks

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When I moved everything into the studio, I knew that they might not stay that way.  I had an idea of how I would use the space, but that was based on the idea that the drafting table would be my primary work surface. Since I’ve been doing more painting than watercolors and drawing, I’ve been working mostly at my … Read More

nurturing habits

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In our new church, we are a part of a small group.  At first glance, it seems like a mismatched group of people.  A young couple without kids, a couple with teenagers and one child who just got married, a couple of empty-nesters with five adult kids, and us.  We’re at different stages of life and come from different backgrounds, … Read More

Top 10 posts in 2017

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We’re a week into 2018, so perhaps it’s a little late for 2017 recap and roundup posts, but I’m going to share those throughout January, mixed in with current posts.  So, today, I’m sharing the top ten most popular posts of 2017 (according to page views on Google Analytics.)  I enjoyed digging into the numbers to see what generated the … Read More