baker’s table & hutch top

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And so it begins…the shopping marathon for the Lucketts Spring Market was officially kicked off with a late-night scouring of craigslist that yielded four pieces already with a few more that we’re scheduled to pick up.  It feels good to have furniture coming into the studio again and to see a queue start to form.

Two of the pieces that were just rolled in on a dolly are these primitive beauties…


A baking table and a hutch top.

The owner sold them as a pair, but they actually weren’t made to go together and I plan to sell them separately.  I reserve the right to change my mind mid-project, but that’s the plan.

Both pieces need a good cleaning, since they’ve been sitting out on a porch, but otherwise I like the white paint with the alligator crazing.  I will repaint the sage green hutch interior, though, seal both pieces with Tough Coat, and hydrate the wood top with Hemp Oil.


I’ll also install glass in the doors to give them more of a finished look.  I can already picture it filled with ironstone.  Can’t you?


I am in love with the baking table.  The large “possum-bellied” drawers would’ve been used for flour and sugar and, despite being dirty, everything is in very nice shape.

mms-5398 mms-5397 mms-5400

The hutch doors will also need a “catch”, because they won’t stay closed.  That’s an easy fix, though, and I’ll share a post on how to do it.


That little handle just kills me.  Such a neat little detail.

More furniture finds to come!

baker’s table & hutch top

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38 Comments on “baker’s table & hutch top”

  1. Why is it that even the dirty old pieces that need help still look amazing when you photograph them? You just have the touch Marian for making treasures. Can’t wait to see all of your finds for Lucketts!

  2. Maybe you have talked about this and I missed it. How do you clean these pieces without water damage? Love your blog!

  3. I am so jealous. I need a baker’s table or even a BIG butcher block and you wouldn’t think it, but those are near impossible to come by in East Tenn!!! Congrats! I know they will be fabulous!

  4. Marian: Yes I, too love your blog and just passed the URL on to a friend.
    You really scored on these two pieces and they will be marvelous when you get through with them!
    BTW, have you ever thought of putting chicken wire in the doors? I did that on an old hutch and it looks so Farmhouse-y now. Just a thought! Best to you…

  5. The “baker’s table is actually called a Bin table because of the wonderful flour drawers underneath. Yours even has the breadboard! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on this one!

    A “following” fan in Germany!

    1. You know we lived in Germany 10 years. Marian was there for 6 of them. We love your country and it influenced both my children greatly. Where in Germany do you live. We consider ourselves 1/2 Bavarian :).

      Marian’s Mom

      1. Just found your note!
        My daughter is happily married to a US Army officer. They were stationed here in Friedburg, Hessen, 12 years ago. From here, he went on to Iraq for over a year and my daughter was left with two young babies. During that time, I came here to be with my girl and her girls! Long story short, by the time he was back and the Army closed the Base, I had met a very handsome German man. When the army left, I stayed on and eloped with him in Denmark! We have now been happily married for 10 years! Now, WE continue to follow them, Base to Base around the world. They are currently in South Korea with my four (!) grandbabies!
        Were you here with the service?

        Love it here and thanks for asking!

  6. I love your blog and your photos. You stir up great ideas in this old noggin. Would you give hints for searching on Craig’s List? Everything I find is way overpriced or already redone
    I’m sure these pieces will be stunning when you are finished with them.

    1. I agree! Would love to know what words are used to find these gems. I seem to strike out a lot on Craigslist as well.

  7. It amazes me the pieces you get on Craigslist. I never find items like that. Can’t wait to see all you gather for Lucketts.

  8. Great finds! Love them! I dream of the day when I have a place to put a primative hutch! But for now, the only place in my home that I’d normally fit one is filled with my little girls play kitchen and table. But at least they are “Miss Mustard Seed style” in miniature form?

  9. Love the bottom “Possum Belly Cabinet”. Too bad it was left outside. If you “google” the term “Possum Belly Cabinet” you’ll find plenty of examples with the curved bottom drawers.

  10. Marian, how do you go about cleaning dirty furniture like these two pieces? I’m tempted to blast them with a hose to get the loose dirt and dust off, taking care not to remove the paint. It seems to me that’d be a good step one. But I’m sure you go about it a different way, and I’m curious what that is. Care to divulge your secret?!

      1. Thanks, I was going to ask the same thing. I have a cool old door in about the same shape as your dough bin. I haven’t brought it in the house yet because it’s yucky and I wasn’t sure how to clean a chippy paint piece. I’ll look forward to your post on the cleaning process.

  11. I am just so glad that you are there to rescue so many pieces of furniture! I have really enjoyed following you for so many years! The amazing story of a mustard seed!

  12. Nice find! I cringed when you said you are painting over the green interior. I love the green!! It’s yours, though. Of course, do what you want. LOL What ever you do it will be beautiful!!

  13. I passed on one of these bread tables after looking at it for months at our local antique mall. I went back finally and it was gone. I have always regretted not buying that lovely piece. These two pieces are awesome!

  14. Sweet Deals! Re: that sage green interior – Wasabi is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017. You could mix some of your own milk paints, using that sage as a primer and achieve an outstanding interior……and yes, filled with crazed Ironstone would be delightful!

  15. I have a bakers table/ bin table just like that !! The drawer pulls are different and mine is not on casters, otherwise the same. Mine has never been painted but I’ve considered painting it for several years. I am so excited to see yours … will be an inspiration to help me decide if I’m finally going to take the plunge with my paint brush. Thank you !

  16. Just love those two antiques! I have never seen the “bin table” before! Whatever you do to finish them will be lovely, Marian!

  17. Those “possum” style drawers are great storage for large bags of snacks, whenever I get one of these it sells quickly!

  18. Hi Marian! Following you from Congo Brazzaville, in Central Africa mind you! Was following you from Algeria before, in Northern Africa. I am planning to get your products from your retailer in Belgium, as I will be travelling there in February. You are totally going global Ha! Such a fabulous faith and diligence success story! You are so inspiring! Keep following your heart, because “your heart is smart” ?
    I have a question: is tough coat good to protect against humidity? Because it is very humid where we live as it is close to the Equator.

  19. I can see them filled with Ironstone! I can totally picture it! My boyfriend just built me a tall shelf for the living room to put some of my Ironstone. We are in the process of picking out paint colors!

  20. I love that baker’s table! Those are so practical, I wish someone would make them again. I had a handyman make a baking table for me, but it doesn’t have those neat rounded bins. I gave him a large piece of butcher block and some old kitchen drawers and told to make it just the right height to knead bread or roll out pie crust. He put in a shelf on the bottom to hold large cookie sheets. He did a great job and even though it’s heavy, I’ll probably take it with me when we move. Someone out there in DIY land could make some money building these.

  21. I’ve got to get to Lockett’! My next goal is to figure out how I can get this piece back to my home here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve shipped before on my hunts so I know I can do it if I’m lucky enough to score this piece! Awesome!

  22. oh, please do share a post on adding a catch for the hutch doors, I need to do that for a hutch as well.

  23. Both the baker’s table and the hutch top would be great additions to any kitchen or dining room! Although they could use a good cleaning, they’re stunning pieces even without it. They’ll look even more stunning once they’re part of a home’s décor.

  24. Mariam- Can you send me your link on how you cleaned these and the after Picts. I inherited one just like this only just wood- I need ideas. The bins need some repair — any ideas on that? Was thinking about replacing the wood with metal and tacks…..(?)

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