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We had a beautiful sunny weekend that was warm with a cool breeze and it put me in the mood to freshen up a few things around the house.  (I would’ve loved to go on a hike or have a picnic at a playground, but the Parsons’ boys were all sick, so my “playtime” had to be around the house.)  Anyway, I don’t really decorate for the seasons, but I do like changing around accessories and decor to suit the seasons.

I was cleaning up the guest room and putting fresh sheets on the bed and decided to add an antique wedding ring quilt.  (The quilt belonged to my husband’s grandmother.)  The pretty pastel colors in the compliment what’s going on the room and add a “springy” feel.

guest room | miss mustard seed

The layered quilts were looking a little flat, so I folded a feather decker (duvet) under the gold quilt to give it some loft. When guests come, I’ll take away the antique quilt and feather decker, so the bed isn’t overly complicated to make.  It’s fun to have a pretty guest bed, but you don’t want your guests to feel like they should sleep on the floor, so they don’t mess it up!

guest room | miss mustard seed guest room | miss mustard seed guest room | miss mustard seed

The bedding is from Pine Cone Hill, except the bolster is an antique piece of red work tied onto a pillow form.

guest room | miss mustard seed

I also found the perfect stool for the upstairs bathroom.  I’ve been looking for one for a while, but haven’t found one that looks the way I want AND is sturdy.  Most of the antique stools I found were “tippy”, so they weren’t safe for the boys to use.

antique foot stool | miss mustard seed

This one has a beautiful patina, sweet shape and it is wide and sturdy.    Form and function.  Success!

antique stool | miss mustard seed

antique stool | miss mustard seed


And…I’m coming to Wisconsin May 29-30!  I did a lot of traveling when my book first came out and in the early days of the milk paint line, but it became harder to travel with everything going on personally and professionally.  It’s always fun to get out and about, meet readers and fellow furniture & antique lovers.  So when I was invited to come to Wisconsin, I decided it was time to hit the road again.

Kriste and I will be flying out to Wisconsin to hang out for a couple of days.  We’re first visiting Harvest Home in Pewaukee (505 Capitol Drive, Pewaukee, WI 53072) on Friday, May 29, for the Garden Market and a milk paint demo. 


We’ll then be at The Ironstone Nest in Sun Prairie  on Saturday, May 30th.  We have a packed day with a meet & greet, a hand painting demo and a workshop.  If you’re interested in attending the workshop, you can reserve your spot HERE.    If you’d like to attend the free hand painting demo at 12:30, you can sign up HERE.  (You don’t have to sign up for that, but it’s nice for them to know how many people are coming.)


While Laura was visiting me, we made a little promo video for the trip…

I say in the video that we’re doing a Milk Paint 101 class, but it’s actually a “Paint a Project” class.    I’m really looking forward to meeting some of you in the midwest and trying a Wisconsin cow pie!


  1. Tracy@www.bluridgevintage.com

    I really enjoyed your guest room and your husband’s grandmothers wedding ring quilt was beautiful. This is a great looking room and I would probably not want to mess it up either if I were a guest…..to beautiful. The stool was a great find and looks great.

    I was wondering if you have any trips to the North Carolina area…..near Ashevile? We would love to have you visit us.

  2. Kari from Meadowview Farm

    Well…Wisconsin it is! I live in a sweet Amish community several hours north of Sun Prairie & Pewaukee…..but know those two cities well. You will have an amazing stay! I just may have a road trip in my future!

    Love the guest room spring quilt & the ever so sweet stool!

  3. Ruth McGrath

    Have a great time in Wisconsin! Wish I could be there.

  4. Kari

    I wish I were back in Wisconsin, where I’m from, to welcome you!

  5. Teresa

    Your guest bedroom is so sweet…..I love using vintage quilts especially ones that have a family history. That little stool is so amazing especially the slightly curved legs. I have been looking for a small vintage stool for a while and cant seem to find one that is just the right size.

    I must admit I am one that loves to swap things out with each season. It drives my husband crazy! Although my furnishings and rugs are neutral, I will swap out pillows, throws and accessories with each season. Have a great trip to Wisconsin and make sure you go to one of Milwaukee’s great German restaurants!

  6. Kris

    Hooray! Glad you are coming to the great state of Wisconsin. Really looking forward to it.

  7. Quandie

    I too have a wedding ring quilt that belonged to my grandmother. I am guessing my grandmother was much older than yours though (she was born in 1898). My quilt is in pretty rough shape. But you’ve inspired me to pull it out and use it somehow. I could follow your lead and put something else on top of it. On another note, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip to Sun Prairie. It is a super charming and picturesque town. You will be busy with your camera!

  8. Catherine

    I just love your guest room so much. The gold and red are an interesting and refreshing departure from your signature blue and white. And that wedding ring quilt is gorgeous! It should be a permanent fixture.

    The picture of your bathroom reminds me – are you still planning to make a sink skirt, or are you having second thoughts after all the comments on your bathroom reveal?

  9. Tara @ Lehman lane

    Beautiful guest bed!!! I love the antique quilt:). Your bathroom looks amazing! Love that new stool!

  10. Dayna W

    We just used an antique quilt from my husband’s family in an Easter photo session outside and I’m afraid it got a little dirty. Do you know a good way to clean them? I’m afraid it will fall apart.

  11. Mary Virlee

    Hi Marian,
    I am so excited about your Wisconsin Workshops. I have followed you for over four years and have painted and refurbished antiques and collect antiques as well. I can’t wait to meet you in person and my mom and i are going to take your workshop. I can’t wait!

    Mary Virlee

  12. Becka

    Love the brass lights in the bedroom, could you share where they are from?

    • marian

      They were from Pottery Barn, but sadly aren’t available any longer.

  13. Terri M

    Absolutely love the golden yellow in the bedroom, actually love the entire look!
    Also, wouldn’t have thought to put those colors together in the bath room but love it! You give me a lot of inspiration to try new creative ways of decorating. Thank you!

  14. Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Lovely quilt and guest room, Marian. Everything is so beautifully arranged.

    Please be on the lookout for the bread board payment (mailed yesterday).



  15. mary young

    Your page today has inspired me to go upstairs and shake things up in the spring/quilt department. One question? Is that ship lap on your bedroom wall? Looks very nice. Mary

    • marian

      It’s actually MDF that I cut into strips to look like planking. That was before shiplap was cool. 🙂

      • mary m young

        Marian, How clever of you. Why don’t you in your “spare time” (lol) have a segment
        on how to do it. Guess I have watched one too many Fixer Upper shows as they find it
        a lot in Texan fixer uppers.

  16. Kathy

    your guest room is beautiful, I love to switch things around to, give everything a new look..
    as a quilter, I of course love the wedding ring quilt, I have a vintage one as well as one I made, my favorite pattern, would like to see more of yours, maybe you can pull It up higher to show more of it? anyway, beautiful room

  17. Naomi S.

    Hi, Marian. I’ve missed a week’s worth of MMS posts as I’ve been away from my computer staying at my daughter’s during and after the birth of my fourth grandson, Liam Peter. It’s been an exiting few days! But now I can’t wait to catch up with what you’ve been doing–haven’t gotten to your previous posts yet. I love vintage quilts and after seeing your wedding ring quilt, I am remembering that I have one somewhere in my house that, I believe, my grandmother made. I’m anxious to find it now and put it on a bed.

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is MDF? I love the look of wood planking on walls.

    The little stool for the boys is perfect. What a cute shape and a good size for them.

    I hope you have good traveling and also that you will have a reason to come to Michigan sometime in the not too distant future. But come to Lansing, not Detroit! Although I would come to Detroit to see you!

    • Leslie Brown

      Naomi S., MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard which is an engineered wood product. Hope this explains enough. If not, you can easily do a Google search for a more extensive definition 🙂

  18. Rose

    I love the Wedding ring Quilt, beautiful colors. It looks very nice with the gold bedding. And the red curtains go well with the gold bedding. But I’m sorry but in my opinion the red buffalo check curtains do not go with the antique quilt.. The bold color and pattern of the curtains overpower the quilt and it gets lost with everything that’s going on. I believe that something as special as the quilt should be showcase. Just my opinion, I’m still a big fan.

  19. debi

    I also have an antique wedding ring quilt that I love—the colors and fabrics look just like yours. I like the bedroom but have always thought that those wall lamps looked out of place…too large and in your face, crammed up against the angled wall. Lamps need something to ground them and the bed style doesn’t accomplish that. Just my opinion that they’d do better in the boy’s bedroom than in the guest room. I also agree with Rose about the buffalo checked red curtains. The checks overpower the bedding so much that the eye is drawn to the window and fights with that beautiful bedding. I think a softer and more subtle pattern on the window would look nicer. That’s just my opinion though.

  20. Glenda

    Oh how I would love to see you while you are in my beloved state, but alas, I will just be returning from a trip to AZ for my granddaughter’s graduation.

    I have visited The Ironstone Nest and met Laura – a lovely person and excellent shop owner – when in her area. And even though I visit DesignXchange in Pewaukee from time to time, I’ve never been to Harvest Home. I’ll have to add that to my “must visit” list.

    Enjoy your visit here!

  21. Betsy @ Happily Ever After, Etc.

    I so wish I lived in Wisconsin right now! Haha! I never seem to be in the right place for one of your milk paint classes… one day! Love your guest room, that bright cheery yellow always looks so fresh!

  22. Felt Ball Rug

    That guest room looks like the perfect getaway for a visitor. It’s fun, friendly, warm, and inviting. For more pieces that may accentuate this look and even make it a bit more cozy take a look at feltballrug.com!

  23. Ginger Marshall

    I am a long time reader & love to read your blog on my cellphone, for the most part. I noticed the change to your website recently, and read your explanation for the change to the new mobile format. Now maybe it’s just me & my very large Samsung Galaxy Note 4 screen, but I never had a problem with the desktop format, & actually prefer it to the mobile format. Is there a way to choose between the two formats, or am I stuck with the mobile one? Can you place a choice button or something on your mobile site., please?

  24. Ann Schneider

    Hello Marian! I am Ann from The Front Porch in Wisconsin (a friend of Brenda Wistl’s from Harvest Home) So excited to meet you when you visit! Ann

  25. Kim

    Love the red curtains. I think they are perfect and need a pair now. Do you mind sharing where you found them? You know you need your own show, right?


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