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I finally finished my “P” tea towel I started when I was at the beach.  I’ll take pictures as soon as I hire the “embroidery hoop ring” out of it!  I’ve had grand plans to get all sorts of cross-stitching done, but I just haven’t had the time.  I hope to get back to it, though!  I had a milk paint workshop today and even mentioned the idea of having a “stitching circle” workshop where I would provide the antique linen towels, patterns and floss and we can stitch and fellowship and, hopefully, take home a beautiful monogrammed towel.

Maybe I’ll put that on the calendar!  I did say it would be “BYOM” (bring your own magnifier)!

Anyway, today I’m sharing the patterns for the “A” and “M” stitched on the bolster pillow that’s on the bed in our master bedroom

Here is how the “A” looks on the pillow (which was made out of an antique grain sack)…

…and the pattern…

The “M” as it looks on the linen…

…and the pattern…

As I explained before, you put a stitch everywhere the square is filled in and use the natural weave of the linen fabric as a guide for the counted squares.

I share cross-stitch patterns for “B” & “I”, along with a cool border in THIS POST, if you missed it.

I also wanted to share that my home is featured in The Country Journal’s special issue publication “Country Cottage”…

It is really a beautiful magazine that I read cover-to-cover…

Apparently, I didn’t look at the back cover, though, because my mom had to point out that my family room was on the back!

Layla’s home is also featured, along with the books of a couple of my other friends, Melissa and Barb.

 I remember when it seemed like such a lofty goal to see my work on a glossy page, so it’s still a thrill when it happens.

I am teaching a BYOF workshop tomorrow, so I should have some fun makeovers to share with you next week.  I’m also itching to paint some of the furniture that’s been waiting in my stash…


  1. Kim

    Why an A and not a J??

    • marian

      That’s just how the grain sack came. This isn’t one I stitched myself. I always felt like the “AM” was a subtle “good morning”. 🙂

      • angela

        no it is for me. my initials are AMM.

  2. Deborah D

    Congratulations on the magazine article. Can’t wait to get a copy. I sure wish Mississippi was closer to you.

  3. Marlene Stephenson

    Congratulations on your magazine article. I love your bedroom it is charming and thanks for the letters. Have a great weekend.

  4. Karen Anderson

    Hey Marian! Congrats!! Also, I’m delighted that you’ve picked up this age-old handcraft and now sharing it with your fans! Back in the late 80s, a co-worker taught me how to cross stitch back and I’ve been working at it off and on ever since. I learned that I love “meticulous detail” work, so I used to excitedly block out a weekend day just to cross stitch, usually with a well-loved animated Disney Classic VHS tape playing for company! 🙂

    Here’s a suggestion. Rather than using the traditional embroidery hoop, have you considered using either a scroll frame or Q-Snap frame? Both are available at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Both frames can be sized up or down depending on your project. The bonus is that because the cloth is “rolled” onto the frame, you can tighten or advance it, but you don’t have the bother with that darn hoop crease! With a scroll frame, if, or when, your projects get bigger, you can attach the frame to either a table or floor stand to work without holding it – much easier on the wrists!

    The Q-Snap frame is much lighter because it’s made out of lightweight plastic “tubes” with a “snap” cover that holds the fabric to the frame. Though It does leave a bit of an impression, I’ve found that it’s much easier to iron, or wash out, than the hoop. Having worked with both, I prefer the scroll frame and have several pieces to build the right size to fit my project.

    Enjoy and Happy Stitching!!

  5. Marsha Kern

    I loved the article on your beautiful home when I picked up that magazine!

  6. Tracy @ The Uncoordinated Mommy

    How exciting!! I used to cross stitch. Forever ago and this gives me a reason to start again! I also have so many unfinished projects. I have been banned from buying more furniture but the longest yard sale is coming up so I think I should get a waver. 🙂

  7. Naomi S.

    Marian, I’ll add my congratulations on your magazine feature! I will be looking for that copy right away!

    I am getting a little excited about looking over my old cross-stitch books and pieces I did a long time ago–in another century! I want to see if I can see well enough to do cross-stitch anymore. It’s the kind of thing I would do in the winter, though, as I am in the yard and flower beds most of the time now. Trying to tame this too-big yard that I have been struggling with for 30 years! I know, unbelievable. But now I have a helper so I feel quite optimistic that I can conquer it this year.

    I hope you do another landscape dresser soon. I just love watching those progress and turn into such unique pieces.

  8. Nan, Odessa, DE

    Sell us a kit for 18″ for pillow or a linen pillow case to get ME going.
    X stitched years ago, would like to pick it up again.
    Any suggestion on where to buy good, comfortable magnifier?

    You always inspire me. Thanks

  9. Pamela

    What’s up with all the pop up ads?

    • marian

      Are you reading my blog on a tablet or iPad? I’ve been having some problems with the ads on that format.

  10. Abbie lawyer

    I am waiting for my issue of Country Cottage to arrive.

  11. Jenny B.

    I just read that Layla’s home (The Lettered Cottage) is also featured in this issue. Now, I know I MUST get a copy since you’re in there too! Looks like a great one! 🙂

  12. Maria A.

    I saw the magazine today when I went to the bookstore. It’s so exciting! Congratulations, you deserve it. Thank you for the pattern, it’s perfect for my fiancé and I, it’s both our first initials so I’ll be trying out your patterns for pillows on our bed. You’re awesome!

  13. Crystal Brown

    I loved the edition Country Cottage. It’s a beautiful magazine. Magazines are my guilty pleasure addiction. I could probably reno my whole house on what I’ve spent on magazines in the past few years. I’m so bad that when I’ve exhausted all the magazines from the US, I buy the ones from the UK! (don’t judge) Spotted your room on the back cover immediately.

  14. LB Calvert

    Who is the manufacturer of the beautiful wallpaper behind the bed in your incredible layout in Country Cottage?


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