A little more of the master bathroom…

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You know how it is…  Traveling, craziness, busy, not enough sleep, over stimulated, all of that stuff.  Yeah, I’m feeling it.  I just finished Haven and, instead of flying home, I flew into Richmond to help my mom with some family stuff.  So, I’m in for a couple of days of hard work before I can finally go home and crash…and then turn around and go to the Becoming Conference!  Whew!  Given all of that and the late hour at which I am writing this post, I decided to just share a few more pictures from my master bath.  That’s something I can handle when my eyes are heavy and my brain is the consistency of oatmeal.  Of course, I’ll share all of the details of the room and some of my new favorite photo tricks and all about Haven, but we’ll do that another day.

Until then, here’s a bit more of the master bath…

Miss Mustard Seed's Master Bathroom

Miss Mustard Seed's Master Bathroom

DSC_1684 (424x640)

DSC_1687 (424x640)

DSC_1691 (424x640)

Moen Weymouth Faucet in Miss Mustard Seed's Master Bathroom


  1. Shelly Powell

    Love, Love Love your new bathroom!!!! Just lovely. 🙂

  2. Deb Owen

    Lovely and serene!

  3. Jill

    It’s so beautiful Marian! A little piece of luxury to call your own. Can’t wait to see the vanity too!

  4. Teresa

    Everything looks so fresh and clean, the blue and white is gorgeous in there. Love the open shelving and how you have decorated it. Can’t wait to see the entire room. Get some sleep 🙂

  5. Shell We

    Hey long time no read. Been thinking about you & finally remembered to pop over. Love your bathroom cant wait for the deets. Tried to sub to email updates so I can keep up since reader is no more, but it says they aren’t enabled. Take care & stay fabulous. Shell

  6. Gwen, The Makerista

    You are one busy lady! I don’t know how you do it all. I went to a blog conference here in the midwest the last two days (it was local for me) and my brain is totally shot and my house is a total disaster. 🙂

    Such a beautiful space and the curtains are just lovely. Did you just put a plastic shower curtain behind each one?

  7. Amber

    Stunning! The valance hiding the curtain rod was such a good idea. Really pretty and clean.

  8. Crystal

    You sound so busy!!! Take care of yourself lady!
    Also, the finishes in this bathroom are divine, it is amazing how details like marble finishes can transform the ordinary to luxurious!

  9. Debbie

    Love the shelves! What a beautiful display.

  10. Suzan

    Oh, my stars! How beautiful and so classic!

  11. Anne Boykin

    Dear MMS, Lovely! Love the fabric, the marble, the molding, the trim, the fixtures – all perfect. You have such wonderful taste. I’m looking forward to hearing about Haven. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  12. Joan

    Hello! What a gorgeous bathroom and I LOVE how you hung the shower curtains! I have been following you for several years and finally sending a comment as you are a true inspiration in so many ways. Take care and will look forward to the photography tricks and Haven updates.

  13. Penny @ The Comforts of Home

    It is so beautiful. I am looking forward to the photo tips.

  14. Andrea

    What a gorgeous bathroom. I wouldn’t want to ever leave this space! The curtains are a very favorite of mine. I missed your sale on Joss and Main and the curtains. Will it happen again? Soon? Please?

  15. Emily

    Beautiful! I love white bathrooms. They just look so clean!

  16. Wendy M

    I LOVE your house! Can you redo mine? Lol! You will be proud…. I started my first furniture redo today! Wish me luck!

  17. Claire Bacon

    LOVE that shower curtain, care to share? OH, I know, you made it! Lol

  18. Janice

    Love the shower curtain. Would you care to share the fabric name/where you purchased it/ etc. I’d love to check and see if the pattern comes in other colors.

    • Betty Hancock

      Mydaughter would love to know about the shower curtain. are you willing to reveal your source? Thanks in advance. E-mail me please.

  19. Jan

    The cornice over the shower curtain is beautiful. Waiting to find out what the grill work look is all about. Great job!

  20. Linda

    Love the blue and white! It is so bright and cheery. The curtain fabric is my favorite. Do I remember you telling us what the pattern is a while back? I can’t find it if you did say and I would love to know, if you do not mind!

  21. Peggy Thal

    Turned out beautiful! Enjoy your new room.

  22. Lori M.

    So beautiful…just finished your book and now I am inspired to do some things around my house. Thank you for always sharing!

  23. Mary Borgsmiller

    Love love love the bathroom! Are the shelves built in. WANT that shower curtain!!!!! Great job and enjoy your trip! God bless!

  24. Jelena

    So pretty! Love the shower curtain and how the detail on the bottom of that open shelf ties in with the pattern at the base of the wall.

  25. Nancy

    Hi Marian,

    The bathroom has turned out beautifully…..but I will never understand why American bathrooms are rarely designed to use sliding glass doors instead of curtains. Not the ugly metal framed glass doors in some apartments, but ‘frameless’ glass that can look so elegant. Your curtains are beautiful, and the pelmut idea to hide the rail is inspired!! But I can’t help thinking how damp they will become when you use the shower…no matter how hard you try not to get them wet.

    In any event, may you have many hours of joyful soaking in your tub in such beautiful surroundings.



  26. ivena dehl

    I too am interested in learning what and why the grill is used around the baseboards . . . are you “hiding/embellishing” a heart source? B/c that is beautiful and creative if you are! The whole thing is clever actually. I like that you let the shelving jut out, why not?? Excited to read details! Sweet dreams!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes, it is hiding the baseboard heaters. They are hot water heaters, so there isn’t an issue with it being a fire hazard. The metal grate allows the heat to come through.

  27. Penny

    It looks really stunning.I love the pop of orange …..

    i hope you are able to get some R&R soon, it would certainly be well deserved.

    Take Care….

  28. Ellie

    It’s so pretty! I am going to the Becoming conference and I can’t wait to hear you speak!!

    xo ellie

  29. Susan

    U can always give yourself a day or two off! We would all understand & support you !

  30. Sally B

    Wow, I wouldn’t be able to do all you do…where do you get the energy?

  31. Katie

    thank you for sharing so much creativity and beauty in your home!! I am so curious to know about the beadboard on the front of the tub, what is the material and how did you do it? thank you !!!!

  32. Candie

    I absolutely love the orange flowers!!! Well done. Such a beautiful room!

  33. Dream Mom

    So pretty! A really beautiful job. Love the shower curtain and the pop of orange flowers.

  34. Mary

    Your bathroom is a joy to behold, it really is stunning!

  35. Kellene

    Love the fabric for the curtains. The shelves are decorated so pretty. Inspiring.

  36. Laurie from CA


  37. Dorthey

    WOW!!! You are one talented, energetic and fabulous woman. I’m wondering where you hide your super hero custom. I am in awe. Thanks for continuing to share and inspire. May God continue to bless and use your talents for His kingdom.



  39. kate los

    Love everything, esp. the tiles used inside the tub wall area….and that SHOWER curtain. Is it the same fabric used in your living or dining room? You have the exact same taste I do!

  40. Emily

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! You are one talented lady! Thank you for ALL the inspiration you have given me!!!

  41. Melody Wright

    Absolutely beautiful! I just love it! Can hardly wait to see more.

  42. Paula Quinn

    What a lovely room!
    Lavender soaps in that jar on the second shelf would add another punch of colour and
    create a divine contrast with that pouf of orange flowers just below.


  43. Sandra

    I love your designs and redesigns always so beautiful and delight! Can I ask you though as a blogger and now being so popular, is it mandatory that you attend the invitations to all these events? I am looking to start my own blog, but I am afraid of being overwhelmingly busy.

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Oh, no. Since starting my blog four years ago, I’ve only attended three conferences and have never gone to any of the brand-funded events (I’ve never even been invited!) You just say yes to what works for you. 🙂

  44. Brian Turner

    My wife and I are fans of your work, specifically the redesigns. We thought you did an amazing job with the bathroom and thought the built-in was a great use of space. I have a question about some of your work, would you mind shooting me a quick email? Thanks Marian.


  45. Heidi Lubich

    Marian, I have been looking at antique dressers
    To possibly turn into a vanity like you did and was wondering
    If you could post a picture of your new vanity and
    What did you place on top of the wood to protect it from


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