a harvest table, a dough bowl & succulent pumpkins

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A few of the freelance projects I worked on late this summer for HGTV.com are live now, so I wanted to share a preview and links.  I love how these turned out.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I could set tables and take pictures of them all day long.  And sometimes I do.


Harvest-inspired fall table

This one came together with so many rich layers.  Kriste and I were working on it together and I kept stopping and making high-pitched sounds of delight.



I bought those grapes because they were so beautiful, but they were delicious, too.



Click HERE for the full photo gallery and details.


fall dough-bowl centerpiece

This was another fun one that came together based on what I found when I was out shopping.  Wheat, yellow and green floral stems, figs, bittersweet…  It all came together in such a pretty and simple way.





Click HERE for more pictures and details (and even a guide to shopping the look).


I was a little stressed about making this succulent pumpkin tutorial, since it was late summer and I was sure live pumpkins wouldn’t be available.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, but God put two beautiful cinderella pumpkins in with the spaghetti squash at Wegman’s just for me.



We made a large one for the centerpiece and smaller versions out of pattypan squash.


These were super simple and I think they are real show-stoppers.  You can find the full tutorial HERE.


I’ve also written a couple of guides and curated collections in a fall theme for eBay…

simple, magazine-worthy fall decor

Fall Decor Collage

5 halloween party decorating tips

halloween party decorating tips

quick & easy pumpkin crafts

pumpkin craft Collage


One final thing…  I’ve sort of missed seeing all of your beautiful furniture finds and makeovers, so I decided to try hosting a “party” over on my facebook page.  If you have a picture or link to share, you can do so over there…


a harvest table, a dough bowl & succulent pumpkins

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14 Comments on “a harvest table, a dough bowl & succulent pumpkins”

  1. Where is the dough bowl? I have one and need inspiration besides large pinecones.
    Thanks. Mary

    1. It’s that big beautiful wooden bowl in the middle of the table with the green apples and the pinecones. Just fabulous!

  2. I did not see a dough bowl either…I have one from my husbands grandmother….did I miss something? As always……PERFECTION!!!!!!!

  3. Ok…….the Succulent squash and pumpkin? Beeeeeee-u-ti-FUL!!!!! What a brilliant idea. Simply stunning!!!!

  4. Love it all! If we could just get over sickness, you have me ready to decorate for Fall!

    With the succulent pumpkin, did you whitewash it or did it come that way? Also, how long do you think the succulent pumpkin would last with misting? I’ve never tried succulents, but this such a wonderful idea that I have to try it!

    Thank you for inspiring me everyday with your blog! (I’m also hoping to do my first milk paint furniture peice tomorrow! That is if I’m still healthy.)

  5. It all looks wonderful. I love those little patty pan squash. Did you just dig the insides out and fill with potting soil? And where do you find all those interesting succulents? They are so cool. You did a great job on all of it, Marian! (As usual.)

    And, yes, Ashley, wouldn’t it be nice to stop coughing and blowing noses and feeling anything but like setting a lovely table! This, too, will pass! Then, watch out pumpkins–you are about to grow some succulents!

  6. Really pretty ideas. I have a question…I have an old dough bowl and would like to hang it on the wall, but the curvature and weight are befuddling me. Any suggestions?

  7. I did bright orange marigolds (mums would be good) in a blue punpkin. Loved how it turned out. Love love your -wonderful!

  8. Loved the rich colors in the first table with the grapes…brought together the fall colors and your blues so nicely.

  9. Beautiful! You keep taking pictures of tables and I’ll keep right on drooling over them 🙂 And now I have lots of inspiration for my Thanksgiving table!

  10. Simply lovely – so very pretty! I love the succulent pumpkin and I would love to try it! I am wondering how the plants reacted to the hot-glue treatment and how long it stayed pretty? I would have never thought to take that approach! We used to plant up pumpkins at the flower shoppe I worked at 100 years ago – we gutted the pumpkin, waxed the inside with hot paraffin, filled them with potting soil and planted them up! So much effort, but they were lovely for at least 4-6 weeks and we could ‘plant ‘ the whole kit and kaboodle in the garden and they would thrive in their own pumpkin compost!

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