soft landscape dresser | part two

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I will fully admit that I still feel out of my depth with this whole landscape painting phase of mine.  I’m inspired by it and moderately terrified all at the same time.  I waffle between loving the piece I’m working on and wanting to put it on the burn pile.  This may be how I always feel, but I hope this internal conflict goes away as I gain some confidence and discover my style.

Or at least it isn’t so in my face!

Here’s how the piece is looking as I left it this afternoon…


If you want to know the milk paint colors I used for the base coat, you can find that info in part one.

You can see that the milk paint is chipping some, which I think will end up giving this piece a really unique look once it’s finished.  It wasn’t “the plan”, but I’ve learned that some furniture pieces like to have a greater say in how they look than others.  They’re like children.  Some are mild mannered and go-along-to-get-along while others are strong-willed and opinionated.

They’re actually a lot like adults too, come to think of it!


While I try to steer the strong-willed ones in the direction I want them to go, I’ve learned I like the results best when I don’t fight them too much.

Here’s a video showing how I painted it up to this point…

You can see that I really work and rework areas.  That’s one reason why I love paint.  I know it’s intimidating for many people, but it really is so forgiving.  So, I just brush and fiddle until it’s looking how I want it to.  I’m sure speed will come with confidence, too.

Now, I’m a little stuck.

Do I want to add trees or leave this barn as a loner on the prairie?  Do I want to add some sheep?  Hay bales?  Fencing?  A tractor?  What would your vote be?

Since I was stuck on what to do next, I decided to try on knobs, so whatever I add would work well with those.

I do this with every piece.  I try a bunch of different knob options from my hardware stash, even if I don’t think they’ll work well.  Sometimes I surprise myself and select a knob that I tried on a whim.

These are the four knobs I tried…


I immediately liked one of them.  Can you guess which one?

More to come on this piece…

soft landscape dresser | part two

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