second landscape dresser reveal

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It’s finished!  And, would you believe that it’s sold already!  Someone came to pick it up Saturday morning.  Sometimes I like to enjoy my pieces for a while, but I was really glad this one was scooped up right away.  The buyer loved it when it was just a chalked sketch and I love that she trusted my vision enough to ask to buy it before it was even finished.

Anyway, here it is…


Here is how the dresser started…



I honestly loved the wood and initially finished it with Hemp Oil to bring out that pretty grain and patina.  It didn’t sell, though, and I needed something to paint.  I kept eyeballing it and I finally gave in and painted it.  That’s just what happens when things sit around in the studio for too long!


If you’d like to see the dresser each step of the way (including videos and details on the paints I used), here are the links…

part one | painting the base coat

part two | starting the landscape

part three | finishing the landscape (painting the cows)

And here is a video showing the final steps of distressing and finishing…

I kept the white hardware I used when I refinished it the first time.  It wasn’t the original hardware on the piece, but they are antique ceramic knobs that are well suited for the era and scale of the dresser.


I was planning to finish the dresser with Antiquing Wax, but I opted to finish it with a coat of Tough Coat instead.  I liked the colors as they were and didn’t want to mute them.  The distressing knocked the newness down just enough.



The pickings were a little slim when it came to props for styling, since we’re pretty well cleared out, but I’m pleased with what I was able to pull together.  I sort of wish I was able to design an entire room around this little vignette.  That pop of gold, the bold blues balanced with peaceful greens…


The way it all came together was good for my creative soul.

Farm Dresser Collage

I have a feeling that more landscapes are in my future…

second landscape dresser reveal

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32 Comments on “second landscape dresser reveal”

  1. Adorable! I hope the buyer will share a photo of how she used it in her space.

    Marian, any luck with solving the problem with all the ads? I’m still seeing ads between all of your posted photos as well as banners and pop-ups. Started late last week. Really interferes with your beautiful design asthetic.

    1. I agree, the ads and pop-ups are so annoying! You have to struggle to find her posting (which is exactly what the advertisers want, I’m sure).

    2. Nothing happened over the holiday weekend, but I’m waiting for a response now. Unfortunately, I lost my “tech guy” and I’m just in the process of hiring a new one. I have a new blog design that will be implented and the idea is that the ads will blend in with the design better. It’s a mess right now!! Just hang in there a bit more. 🙂

  2. Does that gold chair happen to be for sale? I’m in the Harrisburg area, so I could come get it. 🙂

  3. This is amazing! You nailed primitive painting. Very jealous of you skills.
    The old wood was pretty but Empire dressers are a dime a dozen, i see one at every auction. This is something special and unique, and something no one else could have done quite like you.

  4. Yes, this is wonderful, and you needed the creative outlet. But since you just made the videos and this is fresh in your mind….How many hours did you spend working on this? Is that a good use of CEO time? Maybe the most you received was $500, and it took you at least 8 hours? You got 3 or 4 blog posts from it, but…? You got a lot of interest here, so now you can evaluate what is the best use of your time. I want you to be a mini Martha!

    1. You don’t have to be a mini Martha. You’re a mighty Marian. Just like the tiny mighty mustard seed. This is great! You did a fantastic job!

  5. Just curious, how much did you sell it for? We are moving to Ohio so we’ll be closer to you so I can hopefully buy something! I would absolutely love it if you could do a sofa and loveseat for me like the one you just sold at the market!

  6. BRAVO!!! Phenomenal and thank you so much for the video installments….I thoroughly enjoyed the transformation and final reveal!!! Marian, you have a true talent…I’m glad that you realized your Godly gift and take the time to share it with your readers?

  7. Well, I said after the second video that this was excellent marketing. Glad you sold it and if I was local I would have given your buyer competition. I really like this dresser.

  8. Yes! More landscapes, especially on dressers! Would I believe it’s already sold? I told you it would be. So happy it turned out happily for you! Can’t wait to see the next one.

  9. I knew it would sell before you started with the paintings of the barn and cows. I loved it that way too but the finished results are even better! Congrats on selling it!

  10. The dresser turned out great! But that hold chair is just hideous.

    A tip for the next time you want to paint a shrub under a tree….ask yourself if you have ever seen it appear in nature this exact way.

    Here’s a little gardening lesson: Shrubs usually need full sun. You would have to water a shrub in the environment you were painting if it were in shade because those shrubs are from tropical or semi-tropical places. IF you watered a shrub that was next to a tree trunk in an area that the tree could thrive in with only rainfall, you would have a tree that would die from root rot from too much water at a vulnerable area. (This is because it would not be adapted to all that water.) I assume farmers know this too. So covering it up with hay was the right thing to do!! Good instincts!!

    1. I’ve got dogwoods, viburnums, witchhazel, itea, azalea, Japanese yews, Annabelle hydrangea, etc all growing in the shade. One Annabelle is right against the trunk of a river birch and is thriving, in full bloom right now. Some shrubs want full sun, some want shade.

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