Do you remember our first landscape dresser?  In case you don’t (or perhaps you missed it or you’re just joining us), here is a refresher…


It was a collaboration between Kriste and I.  After working on it, along with the murals and other hand painted landscape elements we used in our booth for the Lucketts Spring Market, I felt inspired to do more.  I even bought a couple of canvases, which is pretty far out of my comfort zone!

Anyway, I was itching to do some painting and, since I didn’t have any new pieces to work on, I decided to paint the dresser that originally got a makeover just with Hemp Oil.


I have to tell you, I loved that dresser wearing just Hemp Oil, but it didn’t sell at Lucketts and it was just hanging out in the studio, so…


Yep.  That’s what happens when things hang out in the studio for too long!  Obviously, it’s not finished, yet.

Here’s a video showing the process of painting it…

A few details –

I painted directly over the Hemp Oiled wood.  We applied the Hemp Oil several weeks ago, so it has had time to cure and will not act as a resist to the paint.  I applied the paint directly, without sanding or adding the Bonding Agent.

I started at the top of the dresser with Flow Blue and blended it down into French Enamel, which is a lighter shade of blue.  If you look at a sunny, blue sky, you’ll notice that it gets lighter as it nears the horizon.  That’s the look I was hoping to achieve by blending the two colors.

For the grass, I started with Lucketts Green and blended that down into Boxwood, just to create variation and depth.

As I do with my other hand painted designs, I drew this one out with chalk.  It’s just a rough sketch that gives me an idea where everything will be placed.

mms-8935 mms-8937 mms-8936

Now, I need to paint the actual landscape, which I will do with acrylics.

I must confess, I’m a bit nervous about it (and, I’m getting pretty ambitious with cows!)

I’m not a perfectionist, but I really nitpick and second guess myself when it comes to this kind of painting.  I know I need to relax and let my art be my art and not feel self-conscious about it.

And, as I tell so many people who share their nerves with me…

It’s just paint!!!


  1. Jackie Beardsley

    I absolutely love these dressers! The sheep one made me weak in the knees and I’m looking forward to seeing this next one now with the sweet cows. It’s fun to see the process too, thank you for the video. I don’t have a place for a dresser like these in my home, but I sure wish I did! I guess I’ll just enjoy them from afar!

  2. Brenda McCulley

    There are some things in this world that just make you smile! These dressers fit in that category. I love the colors! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! I can bead, quilt, crochet, silk embroider and a few other things. However, about the only thing I can draw is stick figures! Sometimes it truly hampers things that I need to draw out and can’t. If only I could totally create with my hands what I see in my mind! I like watching your videos to see your process. Again, thanks for sharing!

  3. Jaime Costiglio

    Thank you for sharing, I’m feeling the same about a new wall mural project at my kids school (in the bathrooms) but learning to trust my gut more. You do such a beautiful job, it’s hard not to be tough on yourself but go easy!

  4. Karen from

    I love these dressers and really enjoyed watching the process! Thanks for sharing! Are you nervous about painting the cows? I have wanted to try painting a cow. I tried a rooster some years ago and it turned out well. I hope to get inspiration from you and paint a cow soon!

  5. Deanna Rabe

    This dresser was crying out for more! 🙂

    These painted mural dressers are great!

  6. Terri

    Curious why you’ll use acrylics instead of milk paint. I’ve been experimenting with your milk paint line for several months on items other than furniture. It is so versatile (how I mix) and the watercolor-wash look is beautiful! Artissimo is my favorite color, followed by Farmhouse White. Oh! Then there is the MustardSeed Yellow, and the blues and greens…! I can’t explain why, but when mixing and painting, it has the most beautiful dimension.

    • marian

      I like to use acrylics for their body and color saturation. I, too, love the depth created by milk paint and I often use it for hand painting, but I decided to use acrylics for this one. 🙂

  7. Iris

    The first one was a beauty! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  8. debi masperi

    I loved the dresser with just the hemp oil, but I’m excited to see the new finished painting on this dresser. It’s giving me ideas to share with my granddaughter, who is expecting her first child. I love that you are always experimenting with new ideas on repurposing your finds!

  9. Teresa

    Completely unrelated to this post, but did anybody pick up a 15″ grey ticking stripe stool cover at the sale that doesn’t fit or otherwise they won’t be using? I missed out on these!!

  10. Gilda Stigliano

    I knew you couldn’t leave it alone..

  11. Anne

    This is great, Marian! I just love your idea and… yes, it’s just paint! Don’t loose your mind even if you mistake somewhere! All your creations are just wonderful…
    Take care,

  12. Marlene Stephenson

    I liked the first one and am waiting with anticipation to see the second in all it’s glory.

  13. Deborah D

    It’s looking great Marion. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  14. Susan C NJ

    I would love to be able to do a baby dresser like this someday. My son + loving wife just got married a few weeks ago, so I will not be asking anytime soon.
    They look so peaceful, perfect for a baby’s room.

  15. Julie

    I am so looking forward to the finished project!! Cannot wait to see 🙂 The dresser (in my opinion) looks better already just being painted the blue and green. Love your imagination.

  16. Linda

    Oh I just love it so far…your sheep chest was so great; this one promises to be just as fabulous! I have a professional question for you–how many coats of paint for a base before you can write with chalk? I recently tried to write on a cabinet, and it just wouldn’t write–the chalk seemed too hard. This cabinet had originally 2 coats of oil-based enamel; then had been sanded a bit and repainted with 2 coats of chalk paint. It was just regular white school chalk. I must be doing something wrong!

  17. Gloria

    Mini palpitations when I opened my email!! I was one of many readers begging and pleading for a paint tutorial on how you created your landscape dresser…..a million thank you’s!!! I’m just smiling from ear to ear!!! I can’t even tell you how much I swooned over your first dresser… I had numerous dreams about it and viewed the photo every day for about 2 weeks! So, I can hardly wait for part 2 and the finished result! Marian, I’m in total awe of you, and thank you for so generously sharing your God-given talent…it sure puts a huge bright spot in my day!!!

    Mit grosse ?,

  18. Jackie B.

    Marian, these landscape pieces are so lovely. I might need to redecorate and sell some furnishings just to make room for one. Keep exploring and growing. We are growing right along with you.

  19. GS Small

    The reason I signed up for this blog, quite some time ago, was the procession of painted pieces (white on color, generally) you were showing at that time. In general, your style is not MY style, but I loved those pieces. I am happy to see more painted furniture.

  20. Cheryl

    I already love it with just the two colors on it!! Can’t wait to see the finished results!! YAY!!

  21. Cheryl

    So awesome? I’ll enjoy the transformation. Note to self, find a wheels stool to zip around on, so this ole body dosen’t take such a beating while having such fun☺️!
    PS you rock !!!

    • marian

      Yes! We have three of them at the studio and they are perfect for working on furniture. They are a real back-saver.

  22. Bettsi Ledesma

    Oh wow, Marian, those little cows are just slaying me! So cute!

  23. Naomi S.

    Goody, goody, you’re doing another landscape dresser! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I bet if you did five of them they’d sell as fast as you could finish them! They really are darling and unique. They are sort of like folk art but not exactly. They just have a whimsical style that is endearing. They are just Miss Mustard Seed Landscape Dressers. I love your landscapes, so don’t stop doing them! (At least for the present!)

  24. Julie

    Love the paint! Have you thought about just doing the white chalk, and leaving it at that? I think it’s cute and simple!

    • marian

      Ha, I do like it with just the chalk, but it would wipe off! 🙂

  25. Lynn Daniel

    I absolutely fell in LOVE with this piece! So much so that I decided I would try my hand at a similar one. The background is painted and ready for the chicken in me to start the detail work! I hope mine could be half as good, here goes!


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